Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Working on Finishing a Few Things Among Other Things

I have been working on LIttle House Needleworks Farm House Christmas.  
I have recently finished Part 6 Pinewood Far and Part 7 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.  
The hardest part is the white border.
I've been working on the last part border, then the fun can begin.  
I have started this project three times.
First as smalls but, then I saw it done as a bell pull and decided that was spectacular.
Then I started it as a bell pull but, the fabric was too light and the white completely disappeared 
So, I mixed up some dye a little darker than natural linen and the white shows up well but, CC Pebble Beach did not so I changed it to a VMSS Cocoa, a medium bown which is working quite well.   
I often use my refrigerator to hang the pieces on to photograph.  
The first 7 parts 
Once I have the borders done, the fun part really doesn't take long.  
I broke my favorite coffee cup Sunday cleaning it out to use again.  
I got it at the Stitching Bee at least 15 years ago.  It has served me well and I shall miss it.  
To me it was the perfect cup.  I like my coffee hot and it held the right amount, usually drinking it all before it got too cold.  
I will get over it.  
I joined the Color and Cotton Floss Club, Primitive Neutrals.  
How pretty are those colors!
I will have to figure out where to store these.  

I am really looking forward to trying them out on the right piece.  

That sums it up.  
Things have slowed down at work for a little bit.  
I don't anticipate it will last for long.
I have been busy doing continuing education and trying to get my FSA account straightened out
The other thing I have been up to is trying to strip some laundry to get pink residual dye out of my white shirts that bled from a shirt of Bob's..  
The timer just went off so I'm going to finish that. 

One more thing, I have a new guilty pleasure:  Youtube Channel Bros of  Decay.  
I think the main guy is from Belgium?
They climb into abandoned houses in Europe and he makes up stories, doesn't exactly get thing right such as a classic hinged sewing table a "tool box for the man" but, found buttons inside.  
Nonetheless, it is interesting to see what the inhabitants just walked away from or died.  
Have a great week 
Keep on Stitching
Get vaccinated!



  1. That`s a wonderful idea to make as a bell pull. Blessings and happy stitching.

  2. Those designs make a wonderful bell pull! I have seen some great ends for bell pulls but never seem to have the idea to stitch one! Sorry about the coffee cup!

  3. That's a pretty bellpull,
    Love that coffee cup & flosses.

  4. Your Farmhouse Christmas is looking good, Monica! I hope you enjoy stitching with the threads from Colour & Cotton. The Moonlight skein is gorgeous. Sorry your cup broke!

  5. Gorilla Glue will work; hoe you didn't throw the cup away

  6. I am in love with how you have arranged your Farmhouse Christmas. I can not wait to see how you FFO it. So sorry about your favorite mug. Have a lovely rest of the week and happy stitching.

  7. Love your Farmhouse Christmas. I have had wanting to do the same on my “future” stitching list for some time. ☹️ Sorry about your mug.

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