Sunday, June 28, 2020

College Girls Weekend 2020

If you follow my blog, every summer my girl friends from college and I try to get together for a weekend.  We usually go to Mary Beth's family cabin but, it was spoken for the weekend that all worked for us.  We found someplace different to go to.  We tried to do a VRBO but, by the time you can get everyone on the same page, the rentals get snapped up.  I remembered a convention center in Green Lake, WI: Green Lake Convention Center.  Arttie and I had gone to a stitching retreat there several years ago with the Garden of Stitches in Appleton.  Jan and I checked into it and we found a cabin that met our needs: Albert IV.  It worked pretty well.  We did need to bring our own linens, initially it would have been provided but, because of Covid 19, we had to bring sheet and towels.  Everything else was there.  

We took a ride around the grounds.  The deep roads are pretty rustic and the area is woodsy.  It really is a lovely area.  We were driving by and saw this guy hunting from a tree perch.  Not sure what kind of hawk it is.  
There are five of these prayer towers on the grounds.  We didn't get out to check them out.  I think they are kind of creepy.  One was kind of boarded up.  During our drive, we went past three of them. 
The view from the front window.  
The living room.  We usually spend the weekend, crafting, eating, drinking a little wine and shopping.  This weekend shopping wasn't much in the picture.  Only a few shops were open and we were busy until 430, so bagged it.  

We scrap book the pictures from the previous year.  We do other projects.  Jan saw this one and we made little books using Post It pads.  We used card stock type scrap booking paper and jazzed them up.  Or as I like to refer to it as "festooning them".  We stamped and paper artted them up.  
On the way, I stopped in Green Bay at the Stitching Bee.  First time there since the beginning of March before everything was shut down.  I kind of figured all hell was going to break loose when I starting hearing all the news coming out of China in the early weeks.  Picked up BBD, Come into My Garden.  Out of all the patterns I've gotten, besides the Sewing Club, I think this one is my favorite.

I thought this Annie Beeze was really cute.  I may change some of the colors, don't know yet. 
I had Kendra order this La-D-Da for me.  I just love this one.  Got the floss and picked up some fabric.  40 count Goldfinch.  Don't remember what brand. 
She also had the Prairie Schooler Santa for me. 
I finished my Margorie Massey piece, and fully finished it.  The inside.  I found my Stocklette scissor by Klemcott (hooray for me!)
I used the red house on the scissor fob and stuffed it with walnut shells and batting.  Used wool on the inside of the needle book and attached a loop and ring to hook the scissor to  I really like the way it turned out. 

Got my latest fabric from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  It's called Harvest and is a light pinky gold.  Can't tell by the picture.  I put it next to some white paper. 
Some flowers in my garden.  They're blue.  I have a thing about blue flowers.  Not sure what they are.  I may have them written down somewhere but that would mean I have  to get out of my chair. 
The satin stitching on Sarah Braizear.  I'm afraid I'm going to run out of the thread before I'm done and GAST is still difficult to get.  I'm in no hurry.  I'll probably just order from 123 Stitch. 
This came in the mail from Country Sampler in Spring Green.  It is latest in the ABC School Girls Club.  It's Shakespeare's Peddler Dolly Frank's Five Lion Sampler.  The colors are subdue and right up my alley.  
I found this one on a De-stashing FB page.  Perseverance Sampler from Chessie and Me.  I think there maybe a lot of satin stitches.  I'm not going to do them.  Well at least not all of them. 
Finally, I started Adam and Eve Revisited by Kathy Barrick.  I have a fondness for Adam and Eve's and this one fits the bill. I got the serpent done but, it doesn't look like much yet.  

This is a long one.  Going to wrap it up.  Hope you had a wonderful and healthy weekend. 
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Sunday, June 14, 2020

I signed up for the BBD exclusive United We Stand  from Homespun Needlework, Cross Stitch and Samplers through Quilters Station.  What a little box of goodness.  The pattern, thread, linen and finishing fabric and a wooden thread pallet.  Packaged very nicely to boot!
It is a stunning chart.  You may still be able to snag one of your own .  They have a Facebook site. 
I debated whether to order Coming To America from Brenda Gervais.  I missed the cut off with the Stitching Bee.  Once I read all the information, I could just order the pattern and box.  I'm not sure if I'm in love with it but, it was quite economical to just order the box and pattern. 

We ventured out of comfort zone this weekend.  I have only been to work, Walgreens, the Grocery store and Church.  We don't have a lot of shopping around here.  I honestly don't care for Walmart.  I prefer Target or Meijer's.  Bob and I went to Escanaba and went to Menard's, Joann Fabrics (which closed today😢  )  Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight and Meijer's.  Actually Bob when to Harbor Freight while I was in Hobby Lobby.  I surprised the better mask compliance at Menard's and Hobby Lobby. 

I have my College Girls weekend in two weeks and stocked up on some craft supplies.  We always scrap book the previous year's pictures.  Jan is bringing post it books to decorate for gifts.  I got a box of blank note cards and book mark blanks.  I may use some DMC and make tassels to put on the book marks and maybe some modpodge to seal them.  I found two pretty cool stamps; a sun and Eiffel tower.
I have been seeing people making their own thread drops.  I have some tags I have bought but needed a smaller size hole punch than the one inch I initially tried.  I found a half inch that is perfect and also a punch to make a tag.  I got two sheets of roughly equivalent tag board to make tags.  It will probably dull my punch but you can sharpen them with aluminum foil or so it said.  I can use a conventional paper punch for the top hole. 
The colors of the cards I bought.  I also got a new pad of scrapbooking paper that goes well with the cards.  I have some washi tape that will work too. 
I stopped at Joann's for the shopping bags that work great for taking my gear to work.  I can wipe them down with cleaner and paper towels or if available wipes.   I also picked up  two large ones for shopping.  We were going to go to a real restaurant but, the one we had picked out didn't open till three.  We went through the McDonald's drive thru and went to the park on Lake Michigan and ate there. 
I finished BBD Holly Hocks Were Always There in the Sewing Club book.  It is so pretty.  I just love it!  I have to buckle down and work on finally finishing off a stack of stuff.  I didn't pick any screening hours on Tuesday.  When I initially signed up there were no openings available.  As people have been returning to their regular jobs, openings have happened.  I'm getting busier so decided I really don't need to pick up more hours.  I have a really busy day tomorrow covering all the bases since my co-worker is taking the day off.  I am taking a week vacation in July, one of the weeks I would have been in the UK but, the trip was cancelled. 
I have started on a little Marjorie Massey complimentary pattern from the Kitten Stitcher.  Its a house, with two sheep in the foreground and some motifs in the sky.  I plan to make a needle book out of it.  It should be the perfect size, nice and small to tuck into my tray by my chair. 
I think I bought about $70 in annuals to plant in my pots.  The pots were overrun with weeds from last year so I investigated if I could plant after using Round up.  The web site said I could after 24 hours.  I waited a few days.  I think it has killed about 2/3's of the plants so far.   I'm hoping a few pots will make it.  I don't think I will replace them.  Just chalk it up to experience. 

Otherwise it was a beautiful weekend and got a lot done.  Hope your weekend was good.  Stay healthy and safe. 
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Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Little of This and a Little of That

I got a little stash this week....more to come...LOL.  
I'm trying to find my groove with reproduction samplers. I've decided I like Adam and Eve and older samplers.  I do also like the houses.  Just trying to stay focused.  This is Mary Ann Frane and I got the kit from Sassy Jacks.  It's her design from Sassafras Samplers.  The fabric is 40 count Corn Tassel.  I dipping my toes in the silk thread, trying out a bit of the different threads to see if I have a preference.  
I had heard from The Kitten Stitcher that Dovo was filing bankruptcy but, not going out of business.  Around the same time Brenda and Laura, the Serial Stitcher, highly recommended Dovo as the best scissors.  I decided it was time to get a pair.  I ordered them from the Silver Needle in Tulsa.  I know they have a good selection.  It was time to order a pair.  I didn't go crazy.  I got a super sweet three inch pair.  The point on them is just amazing.  I made a mistake on the piece I'm working on and snipped the thread to take out a few stitches and work the ends under with my Dololly.  Just incase you don't know what a Dololly is, here it is.  
My Dovo's.  I did last year buy a small pair of Klemcott scissors at Stitching Bits and Bobs in Kalamazoo, MI.  I was going to take them on my cancelled cruise but, I can't find them.....ANYWHERE!  I have no idea what happened to them.  I am guessing, I accidently threw them out when I got rid of the bag?  These Dovo's will not take the place of my Stork Scissors Bob bought me when we were first dating.  Those will always be my favorite.  
They still work perfectly.💖  
I have made more progress on BBD The Hollyhocks Were Always There.  The colors are so beautiful on this.  I think Weeks Cinnabar may be my new favorite color. 
While talking to Katy, I finished off this.   Its a With Thy Needle and Thread and the Lone Elm box.  It was from a few years ago called I Rest Thy Needle. 
I put some batting under the mounted stitched piece to lift it up. I have trim up the fuzz.    I used three layers of quilt batting.  I

 My Weigela is blooming and I just love these.  I have one in my backyard garden and two in the front yard bed.  The ones in the front will bloom again later in the summer.  They are a lighter pink with a green/white varigated leaf. 
 Henry was on point Friday night at a chipmunk hole in the back bed.  He c on it for an hour.  Don't know if he actually found a chippy but, hope springs eternal in a dog's heart.
I have been picking up fewer shift screening as Rehab gets busier  Thank goodness.  It is a horrible job.  The pandemic isn't over, far from it but, people are crabby about wearing masks.  PEOPLE GET OVER IT!!!!  It's a hospital and medical office building.  There are some really sick people coming in for kidney dialysis, chemo treatments, see the oncologist etc.  They are oblivious and angry when you ask them to please wear a mask.  They look at you like you're from Mars.  Did you just crawl out from under a rock?  Sorry, I rant!!

Hope you had a wonderful week.  Please wear a mask if you can.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

First, Some Flowers 🌺

I did some gardening this weekend.  I planted some of my pots.  I got a hanging basket last weekend and I love these.  They are Calibrachoa and look like a mini petunia.  The Hummingbirds love them too.  
Blossoms on the apple tree.  These trees really only produce every other year.  They aren't very good apples for anything:  eating, baking etc.  I haven't tried apple sauce.  I may have to this year. 
Some little Marigolds that I will plant sometime this week.  I plant annuals in pots.  My beds have perennials, so other than weed and feed them, I don't do much. 
I have started the satin stitching on Sarah Braizear.  Did a little.  It isn't very exciting.  There was some satin stitching that needed to be done on some of the flowers in the border.  I decided to do a regular cross stitch because it was going to be too long of a satin stitch and had potential to either be too loose or too tight.  No one will very know the difference. 
I got the satin stitching done the bower over the crazy eyed stag.  I will eventually get it done.  Like I said, it just isn't that much fun or exciting.  I would probably opt out of satin stitching in the future. 
Started Hollyhocks Were Always There by Blackbird Design in the Sewing Club Book.  Sorry for the wrinkles.  Winkles, I think are my photographic I do love this one.  It is going to turn out really pretty.  Doing it with the called for threads on Legacy but 40 count rather than 32 count. 

The weather has been crazy, as usual.  It was pretty nice this weekend, little cool but, mid 60's and got to about 70 yesterday.  Today, it was only a high of 64 and rainy.  Tomorrow the high is going to be 91, nearly a 30 degree difference!  That's insane!!

Just trying to keep things normal in a spiraling out of control world.  The riots are unbelievable.  Haven't seen anything like it since the race riots of '68.  I was a little kid but, it left such an impression on me.  That was a crazy summer too.  I don't think all the Covid stuff has helped in this situation. 

Hope you are working on something fun and love.  Its amazing how grounding stitching can be.  Thanks for stopping.

Keep on Stitching.