Sunday, December 27, 2020

What a Whirlwind It Has Been!

It has been a very busy few weeks.  
Katy was home, having quarantined two weeks before coming home.  She works remotely so she was able to do that.  She even worked a few days while she was home.  It was so good to have her home!
The week flew by way too fast.  
My Aunt Helen is a baking fiend and gifted us:  Cinnamon Rolls, Butterhorns and Cardamon Bread.  
The woman is a 92 year old dynamo!
I sent her a Cranberry Orange bread and made her a scissor fob for a new pair of embroidery scissors, picked up self adhesive silicone circles to put on her quilting rulers to cut fabric and a Swedish Dishcloth that work awesome on ceramic top ranges.  
This is from the winter issue of Prim Stitching and Punch Needle magazine.  Katy made the bit of bling attached on the bottome.  

The latest update on Red and Green Carnartion Sampler from Samplers Remember from Country Sampler Schoolgirl Stitching Group.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  

Had a Christmas Day Start, Teresa Kogut Pet All the Dogs.  Using the called for thread and Winter's Brew 36 count linen.  I should be working on this more.  But, I have been so busy.  There is just alot I wanted to do.  Last weekend was baking, two batches of cookies I brought to my helpers who got my Dreambox in the house.  Then I made a double batch of Cranberry Orange bread.  

How can you not love this piece?  
Red house, great border and dogs.  (There is an option for cats)

Katy left yesterday thus, I was able to work on the cabinet  I have a lot of stuff to jam into this thing, not just stitchy stuff, fabric and paper craft stuff.  
After the first attempt of organizing, decided I would like it better changing things around.  I had quilt fabric on both sides of the center and thread was on the right hand side, which is just a little difficult to get to.  Subsequently, I decided to switch things around.  

I moved all the paper craft to the right side:  paper, cards, stamps, punches and adhesives.  

I moved all the overdyes to the center along with sewing machine thread I use all the time:  white, tan and beiges for crosstitch finishing.  Since I took this picture, I put in another shelf under the three drawers and can get two 12x12 bins.  

The left side has the  quilt fabric, more spools of threat, DMC on bobbins.  I'm keeping my DMC on bobbins, scissors and buttons.  I figured what I use  the most often and that would be floss.  I was able to move a few things around in the closet organizer too.  That, has a way to go but, will get better too.  I may see if I can get more shelves to insert if I need it.  

Katy and her boyfriend did a day trip to Spring Green and went to house on the rock and she just so happened to stop at the Country Sampler.  She got some of my Christmas present there.  Some  ribbon for finishing, not sure what it is called.  I think it may be a crushed rayon.  

She got me Stacy Nash House On Pumpkin Hill Pinkeep.  I have Jack's House Pinkeep which is nearly a companion piece.  She also got some fabric, which I really like Dixie Sampler Gertrude's Gray.  I think it will work really well!
It will be another busy three day work week.  New Year's weekend isn't going to be as busy around here.  New  Year's is usually more low key, which I'm all for.  

I hope you had a happy and safe Christmas.  
Mine was just amazing.  Ed came for dinner too.  He also works from home.  
That was it but, it was perfect!

Have a wonderful week!
Wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.  
Better days are coming.  
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

It Came My Create Room Box, Came!

I was suppose to go on a stitching cruise this past summer with Jean Farish and a group of stitchers.  
Needless to say it was cancelled.  I got all but the deposit back.  I am not so sure I want to go through all the planning and anxiety.  Instead, I decided to use some of the money to get a Dreambox.  

I have a really hard time trying to keep the sewing room tidy.  This is a bit of an exageration, I was in the midst of wrapping Christmas presents however, it often looks close to this.  

I got the noticed last week that the box had shipped.  
It is a really big box and weighs 700 pounds.  
I wanted to get everything I could out of the sewing room.  
The sleeper sofa and an armchair is in there.  The chair moved in the sewing room when the recliner came up from the rec room when Bob had his rotator cuff tear.  I may keep it in there and get a slip cover.  
I moved most of the stuff my self and then Ed came over and helped me get the sliders under the sofa and a cabinet.  

The box came Friday afternoon.  Bob, Ed and the driver got it in the garage.  The heaviest single piece weighed 163#.  I paid extra to have the unit partially assembled.  The three large sections were assembled.  I would just need to connect them and place the innerds in it.  
Did I say it was a really BIG box.  
I'm short 5'3" and chunky.  The box makes me look good. 
Ed and my friend Arttie's husband came to get the parts in the house.  
Everything is on wheels.  Once in the house, we could roll it to the sewing rooms.  
Bob was able to get the parts put together.  

Forty bins came as standard but, I didn't think that was going to be enough.  
You know that as a stitcher, there are a lot of small parts.  
Stacks of bins in the kitchen.  

I have been diligently working on getting the parts inserted and arrange my stash.  
I plan on having more than stitchy stuff in the cabinet.
I have fabric for finishing but, it will be easier to find than on the shelf in the closet  
I plan on getting my scrapbooking paper and other paper projects in there too.  Stuff is all over the house right now and I have to look for it too much.  

Got a way to go but, made a lot of progress.  
I wont' have much time this week since it is going to be a busy, rough week at work. 
We are finally transitioning to the new EMR.  UGH!! 

There is a narrow strip for narrow bins that will be perfect for the Au Ver a Soie 100/3
Each bin should hold 32 spools.  
I also have to get my sewing thread arranged, the two lower 12x12 bins below the fabric.

Buster had to keep an eye on me all afternoon.  
By last night, we were both pooped.  

 My Red and Green Carnation Sampler  
I have made some more progress since this picture was taken just didn't have time to take more pictures.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend  
Got to go finish dinner.  
Keep stitching!


Sunday, December 6, 2020

Just Could Not Find It

I started working on Samplers Remembered Red and Green Carnation Sampler.  
My border did not line up by one thread.  I looked and looked and couldn't find the error.  
I decided to  "Screw it!"  I will just do a one thread X and not worry about it.  I am not going to frog and do it again.  I have already done it and I just don't care.  No one will know except anyone who reads this blog.  

My progress thus far.  
My refrigerator is my easel and I post a lot of things on it because I don't get too many shaddors.  
You can't see the colors very well.  

                                                                     I went in for a close up.

Usually on Saturday morning I make muffins.  
I decided to make a coffee cake.  
I have my Mom's old, I mean really old, Betty Crocker Cook Book.  
My younger sister and I went with my Dad who drove, to the Boston Store in Milwaukee and got it for her for Christmas probably 1964-1965.  
This has been a well loved and well used.  
I could kick myself in the pants....I could have bought another one last night on Ebay for $16.
It is gone and the cheapest is $40.....Katy will just to wait until I'm dead or demented to get it.  
This was such a simple recipe.  Made the Steusel filled recipe and it was perfect!
I am going to try some of the other variations soon and maybe even experiment.  
The page fell out so, on the easel.  
We all thought it was such a joke growing up....The Betty Cooker Crock Book but, these a tried and true recipes.  
If you have one, hang on to it.  
Just checked Amazon and $98!
After we put a dent in it.
Ed came over and we decorated the tree yesterday.  
We always have a great time doing this.  
Dancing to Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas.  
The Boys were pooped trying to keep up.
Buster stood amid the totes looking confused. 
Sharing the couch.  
One more thing.
A little center piece with some smalls.  
Plum Street and Homespun Elegance.  
You can look back to see the pattern names....dinner is almost ready
Maybe a Chessie and Me and WTN&T
Hope you are healthy.  
Stay safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands.  
Dinner is ready.....gotta go!
Until next time....Keep on Stitching

Oh BTW, my mom made the table runner years ago...such a treasure.