Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Doggone Polar Vortex

It has been really cold here.
Yesterday morning when I got up it was -24  
The high was 6.  
This morning, Bob got up before me and it was -13.
When I got up about 40 minutes later, it dropped to -18.
The high was 1.
It is suppose to be very cold all week.  
Wednesday the high will be -3.  
It's that doggone Polar Vortex.  
We take the cranks off the casement windows so the shades will shut all the way, helping to keep the cold at bay but, today the mechanism was frosted up.  
If you ask me, that's cold!

I've been working on a scarf from Ravelry called The Hitchhiker.  
It uses a skein of sock yarn.  
The skein used in the pattern was larger than the one I used.  
I added some other very similar sock yarn to it.  
It was a simple knit but, fun.  

Been working diligently on BBD Christmas Bells are Ringing.  
I'm headed into the home stretch.  
After this, I may work on Sarah Brazier for a little while.  
I've been doing the SAL but, won't finish in their time frame.  

Then my favorite subject.  
He's got a little static cling going on.  
Didn't finish this until today, Tuesday. 
My phone doesn't send it to my google photos right away. 
I have a bunch of pics to be deleted but, if I hit that button, pictures disappear from the blog. 
What's up with that?

Everyone stay warm, stay home if you can and craft!
Keep on Stitching. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

It's Gonna Be a Cold One

Its been cold, we aren't the only ones.  
Its 8 pm and -3 but, feels like -13 and will be -12 tonight.  
It was sunny all day which was good.  
I didn't leave the house.  
I set up a jigsaw puzzle on the dining table. 
When I was a kid, my dad would set up a puzzle after Christmas.  
I picked up a puzzle while Christmas shopping.  
I figured it was a good way to get our butts out of chairs.  
I have been obsessed and nearly have the border done.  
Bob and Ed both helped but, some pieces in.  

I have gotten some stitching done since last posting.  
I should have taken a picture of my knitting project.
Oh well, next time.  
I really am loving this BBD design.  
I am done with the alphabets and just have the motifs.  
Go me!!
Was watching the talking heads this morning.  
Buster was on my lap, snooziing.
He doesn't like to have his picture taken but I got a Shih Tzu selfie.  
He's sleeping on the couch right now, snoring.  
So trying to decide if I want to commit to Farmgirl's Nine Project Challenge.
The only thing is I have no idea how to get Instagram to work.
It can't be that difficult.  
I do have an account, just never use it.  
I could also post daily updates etc.  
How hard can it be?!
But, its been fun thinking about what I would do.
I have Autumn at Hawkrun to finish along with Sarah Brazier.
I would have to throw in a couple of small ones otherwise I would never finish.  

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  
Stay warm and dry.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 13, 2019

So Many Patterns, So Little Time

There are so many patterns I want to do and just not enough time.
I’m working on Blackbird Design Merry Christmas. 
I’m loving the stitch!
It took me a while to get the border to meet but, I got it. 
I honestly don’t know what’s the right way to do this...border first or last. 
Probably doesn’t really matter. 
Generally I like to start in the middle and work out from there.

Next in the cue is BBD Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring. 
The border is great on that one!
I saw a Gigi R design that I need to order.  
Then there is all the stuff I have in my stash. 
As I have lamented before, part of it is the acquisition.
Trying a new process this year.
I like to meal plan so I can get what I need when grocery shopping.  
I got a rather large planner from a local realtor and thought I would keep track of what I cook from week to week.  
Nothing like being anal...but, I find we always eat the same thing or the family suggests the same things.
I even noted where the recipe can be located.  
You can probably find an app for this but, I think I like the hard copy.  
Tried two new recipes this weekend:  chicken and dumpling from a Taste of Home Soup cookbook
And Beef and Cheese Manicotti from Everyday Italian by Giada DeLaurentis.
The soup was great and the Manicotti smells pretty amazing!

Just a busy weekend on the whole.  
Winter, winter, winter.  
Hope you had a great weekend!
Heard there is a lot of Flu out there.
Wash your hands....best defense!
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Waiting for Snow

We are suppose to have a big snow storm starting tonight to tomorrow,
It was gorgeous Friday and Saturday.
Sunny and highs in the 40"s
Four to eight inches of snow are predicted tonight to tomorrow morning then changing to rain in the afternoon.  
Talk about a mess!
I posted this picture, the top of the BBD Merry Christmas.  
I finished the section that goes around.
The colors are wonderful!
I tried to get a close up section.
You think I could get this to turn to the right orientation.  
I have tried and it just won't turn....the bugger!
Started the next BBD Christmas Bells are Ringing.
The colors are the same as this one.  
It really isn't very Christmas-y looking
I have only the very beginning of the border done and it took some doing but, I got it to finally meet.

Was ready to kick the dear husband in the butt.  
We have a family\ wedding to go to in February.  
I am short and fat.
I don't look good in a dress since I have such bad legs, like my dad's, varicose veins, spider veins, it looks like a flippin atlas :(
I bough a pair of palazzo pants a while ago.  
The last wedding we went too two years ago, they didn't fit.
Since then I have lost weight (hooray for me a whole size) so now they fit  
I got a top from an online site called North Style.  
I have bought clothes from them before and found a nice flowey top that is also chiffon.
I think it looks pretty good together.  
Do you think I got a "Thats nice" from the husband?'
I got, "I really don't know much about that stuff."  
My daughter assures me I look good and put together.  
I think I should  fine, I'm h hoping he just doesn't understand the pants are perfectly acceptable.  

We took the Christmas decorations all down.
I'm always so sad when we take them down.  
It is really a passing of time.  

Hope your weekend was pleasant and productive.  
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching.