Sunday, August 30, 2015

His Eye on the Sparrow

I saw Ed yesterday and we talked about life, the future, getting things done and overall stuff.
He'll be graduating at the end of the semester and needs to start working on that before graduation.  
Its scary stuff!
And I loaded his refrigerator up.  
It was a fun day!!

Been plugging away at my His Eye is on the Sparrow.  
I'm nearly done with the bottom section.  
I usually frame my pieces but, because this one is so large, I'll have it professionally done.
Better start saving for that.

It really is such a cool piece.  It is taking a long time.  I still have the top section and then the border left to do.  I may have to put it aside for a while and work on my Lizzie Kate Mystery sampler.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  There is too much work and not enough stitching time.  I've been going like a bat out of hell all week.  Even Thursday, my day off I worked like a maniac.  The insanity needs to stop!  Yeah, right.

Have a wonderful week.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Phone

I went to Verizon, my carrier to see what kind of a deal they would make on an IPhone 6.  I knew I could get one from Best Buy for $99.  Nope, $199 at Verizon and they proceeded to tell me that I would get a much better IPhone from them then Best Buy.  I figured I would take my chance and get it from Best Buy.  I wanted the IPhone because of the app XStitch to inventory my stash.

I've been working on figuring out the new phone.  It isn't too different.
 Katy at the yarn store feeding the alpaca's.  I picked up a new book, Making Shaws with Sock Yarn
We made bracelets last night.  My cousin's wife has breast cancer.  She is going through chemo right now so I thought I would make her a bracelet.  The dangly by the clasp is removable with a lobster claw clasp and says "Believe" and "Hope".  I could have gone pink but, she wears alot of earth tones.  I will have to get it off in the mail, hopefully to brighten her day.  

It has been a really crazy month with Mom.  July was an overnight stay for chest pain.  Her nitro was just old.  Did you know that stuff only lasts a few months?  Then, last weekend it was a flare up of her COPD and she was in the hospital for five days.  I was suppose to go on my college girls weekend but, had to stay home instead.  I wouldn't have had a good time and there was no one else to take care of it.  She is back at the assisted living and doing fine.  She is confused and needs to do a nebulizer treatment four times a day but, doesn't get it right.  Either she does 1 or 2 or since she got home and is a little shook up, did 3 this morning by 10 am.  They are now going to supervise her.  

Can't believe how the summer has flown by.  Katy has been home since August 1 but, getting ready to leave to go back to school.  I'm glad she has been home because she has been an immense help through this.  

Have a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Will You Do When You Can't Cross Stitch Anymore?

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I'm going to do when I can't cross stitch any more.  I've been watching my mom struggle with quilting.  Quilting was her passion.  She is still doing the hand quilting but, we have the keep the projects small:  hot pads, placemats and table runners.

I thought maybe punch needle.  I bought a cheap punch needle to try and see if I might like it.  I got fabric too.  Haven't tried it yet.  It looks like it just sucks up the thread and may be kind of monotonous.  That might be okay when my eyes and memory aren't so good.

While in North Carolina, we went to Chapel Hill Needlepoint.  My sister does needlepoint.  I looked around and found a little piece thinking, this could be the thing for when I get old, can't see the linen and have no memory.  I really like it but, it is pricey.  Why I started cross stitch back in the day, because it was cheap....chuckling to myself.
Maybe if I'm lucky, I won't have a problem stitching or maybe I should do what Gladys did. 
When I was in high school, I was a bed maker at a nursing home. There was a little old lady, Gladys who worked on the printed cross stitch pillow cases and dresser scarves.  She had the kind of glasses that really magnify your eyes.  She worked with a darning needle and crochet thread.  When she got mad at you, she would poke you with the darning needle.  Maybe I'll be like Gladys.  

Headed on a road trip to The Stitching Bee today with Katy.  

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Epic Fail

I figured "no sweat man" when the Secret SAL started on Prim Stitcher's 
Just had to have the freebie from With Thy Needle and Thread done by August 1.  
I had all the stuff pulled together to finish the piece. 
I knew how I was going to finish it.  
I had found chenille through Victorian Motto and Sampler Shoppe.
It is stitched on 32 count over one for a pinkeep.  
It's August 2, and as you can see, I'm still working on the border and it isn't "finished."
Epic Fail...oh well....the world won't come to an end.  
The flowers in the garden are looking good.  

 This looks more like a weed.
 Love Balloon flowers!

 This looks more like a flower.
 He prefers to sit on the lower peninsula rather than the upper peninsula.  
Maybe he fits!
Everyone was home this weekend which was very fun!
Thanks for stopping
Have a wonderful week!
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