Sunday, July 28, 2019

Stash Adventure

I have been having sewing machine issues.  
I have three old machines.
 An Athena 2000 from the 1970's that was my mom's that the stitche s are loose.  
I think it really needs to be cleaned and the tensions need to be adjusted. 
The repair guy indicated it really probably can't be fixed if there is anything else wrong with it,  
It was one of  first computerized Singer.  
I have my MIL Husquavarna from the 1970's,  
Opted not to deal with it right now.  
The bobbin doesn't drop in, it goes in from the front.  
That one probably needs a good cleaning and tune up.  
I can't get it to work at all.  
The other one I took in is a New Home from the 1990's.
This is the best option and he felt it is a solid machine.  
I should hopefully get them back in two weeks. 
Arttie went with me because she knows the sewing machine guy.  

We went to Hobby Lobby.  
Arttie wanted to look for frames and I'm always up for a walk around.  
I'm always on the look out for interesting things to use to finish work.  
I found these wooden organization boxes.  
They are 9" long and 3" wide.  
I got four in black and two in grey....all they had.  
They were 50% off.
I got two of these metal trays.  
This one is the smaller one  
I thought it work well in the guest bath.  
I got the next size larger that I can display smalls in.
I couldn't resist this cup and I plan on taking it to work.  
Adorable alpaca's that make me smill which will be great on bad days.  
The colors are bighter than the picture.  
Stopped at the Stitching Bee. 
Like I really needed more stuff....of course I did.  
Rosewood Manor Hannah Bacon Sampler.  
I love the border.  
Heart in Hand Needle and Thread, very sweet!
From Brenda Gervais:  Autumn in Baltimore and Winter in Baltimore.  
I just ordered the paper mache boxes for finishing  from Amazon.  
Hobby Lobby didn't have them.  
I actually got four because I'm sure I will get Summer and Spring at some time.  
I think they would be great for display.  
Finally from Milady's Needle Elizabeth Wott Sampler 1816.
This is a really wonderful sampler with an Adam and Eve.  
Stopped at Barnes and Noble and picked up Bob's favorite magazine:  Sporting Classics.  
Use to be able to get them on the local bookstore but, that closed.  
Use to be able to get them at Shopko, closed too.  
We also had lunch at Not By Bread Alone and had a wonderful salad. 

We didn't go to too many places but, had a successful day shopping. 

Been working on Sarah  Braizear.  
This vase by the arch has been giving me fits but, I'm nearly done with it.  

 Next week I will post the whole thing but, hard to get a good picture since it is so large.  

Hope you had a great weekend.  
Too bad they go by so fast!
Have a wonderful week!

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fully Finished

All the company is gone and getting ready for work tomorrow.  
I could use another week off just to chillax and do more stitching.  
I did finish the piece I was doing from Black Bird Design Sarah's House.  
I had gotten this frame from Hobby Lobby.  
I had done something else to put in it but, I must have figured my math wrong.  
I then started looking around in my stash for something that would work.  
I think this turned out really cute.  

I stitched it on 40 count Parchment linen with the called for overdyes.  
How it looks on our mantel. 
It took me 12 days to work on it.  
I am back to working on Sarah Braizear for a while.  
I was ready to get back to her.  
It is a very large piece.  
I wasn't liking how my satin stitching was turning out.  
I think I'm working on 40 count, so when I used double the floss for coverage, it looks too thick.  
I tried something different.
First I did a cross stitch in the area where the satin stitching is to be done, then I did a satin stitch on top of the "X"
It doesn't look too thick, the stitches look straight and no white showing throw.  
I may use more thread but, I prefer the way it is turning out.  
I will show you my next post when I do another satin stitched area that can be compared.  

While Katy was home, she wanted to stop at Rainbow Yarns and Gifts.  
I did buy four skeins of Mochi.  
Mochi is no longer being made.  
I found these and thought they might come in handy to keep stuff in my stitching bag.
They have the slap bracelet pieces that make the closure.  
After the storms yesterday, we have cooled down. 
The weather was extremely pleasant today.  
Weather will get better everywhere soon so stay hydrated and cool if you can.  

Thanks for stopping.
Keep on Stitching 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Busy with Company

It has been really busy for the last few days. 
My sister and her husband flew in from Florida and rented a cottage on a lake. 
My younger sister and her family stayed with them and my other sister stayed with us.  
Katy also came to town.
Needless to say there has been a lot of action and I'm pooped. 
They are still at the cottage but, everyone else has gone home  
Last weekend the Stitching Bee had their 24th anniversary last week and so I popped.
Everything was 20% off.  
I really didn't need anything...(I don't think I ever do.)
I stocked up on supplies.  
I did see these two little projects.  
I thought I would do "Stay Bumble" for the retreat exchanged.  
Since there were no other patterns I really was looking for, I stocked up on some fabric.  
There were all 35-36 count.  
I took a second picture with the color names:  Ale, Vintage Country Mocha,  Exampler, and Mocha.
They are all fairly good size pieces so should work for a lot things.  
I saw this on Jean Farris' FB and found it online. 
It is very old but really sweet.  
I did a conversion with overdyes.  
I may switch some of the colors once I decide on a fabric.  

I picked up some other greens that were hard to tell what will look better.  
I will use them someday I'm sure.  
There is always a good use and these are prim colors.  
I have the whole week off. 
Tomorrow back to noodling around town, mostly quilt stores.  
I needed some down time to get things done around the house and pay bills.  

Hope you had a great weekend and a good week.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Fires in Canada

 lWe have had some hot weather the last week. 
Last night the low was 45 and right now its 75 and very pleasant.
The wind is blowing out of the north and we have hazy, grey day but, the sun is shining.
There are fires in Canada started by lightening and we are getting the smoke.  
It is really kind of strange.  
I think the skies would be blue if it wasn't for that.   

The fourth was good here for everyone but, Henry,  
Henry doesn't mind thunder or gun shots...he is a hunting dog.  
He really hates fireworks.  
We live in a very noisy and enthusiastic neighborhood. 
The local fireworks went on until 2 am.  
There was rain around 10 pm so everyone was delayed.  
I had to work the next morning, Bob didn't so he slept in his recliner until everything settled down, including Henry.  
It was really obnoxious!
The last few nights haven't been as bad but, we've been giving Henry Chill Pills from the Vet.  
That did help but, not completely.  
He had his thunder shirt on too,  

I finished BBD She Sights a Bird and finished off as a wooden box.  
I painted the box then finished it with Briwax.  
That stuff is the bomb. 
Its a combination of stain and bees wax.
It gets a very nice finish.  
I use it on all my boxes.  
I also made two scissor fobs from BBD Winter's Past.  
The floss is all the same.  
I'm sending it to Judy the host of the B&B we stayed at.  
I was very thankful she was as social as she was because I could have been kind of bored with all those men trying to outdo the stories.  
The second fob is for her cook who brought in a wall hanging to show me.  
I thought that  was pretty cool.  
A little close up.  
It looks a little crooked but, it isn't.
Me and my phone probably were.  
A close up of the fobs.
These were very quick. 
I think they only took me a few hours.  
I got one of my sewing machines to work long enough to stitch the sides together.  
I don't know if I talked about that.  
Another time.  

So far the diet is going well.  
Bottom line eat more veggies.  
Heavy sigh!

I started working on a section of another BBD and will post that later.  

Just a question for everyone out there. 
I watch Flosstube when I'm on my exercise bike.  
I'm looking for some good channels.  
I watch:  Kitten Stitcher, Saltbox Stitcher, Flannel Jammies (her laugh gets on my nerves.), 
Stitching from the Barn.  
Sometimes Homesteading on the Homefront but, I usually delete,  
Tried Priscilla and Chelsea but, same old stuff .
Nicole's Needlework: really like her, she gets down to business and doesn't ramble. 
Misty Purcell....she's okay but, can ramble.  
Is there anyone you can suggest I might be interested?
You know what I like...just asking.

Hope you all had a Fourth and a weekend.  
Keep on Stitching

Monday, July 1, 2019

I Hate Dieting!!!!:(

I really need to lose some weight.  
I would feel better if I lost some significant amout of weight.
Noom had a special going on:  14 day free trial and 80% off.  
I started today and I'm only 400 calories over the alotted 1200....OUCH!
I've done Weight Watches years ago and lost 60 lbs and they started you out with more calories the more you weighed and as you lost weight, the amount of calories you were alotted was decreased.  
Makes sense....I'm hungry at 1600!
I had problems with WW when my daily amount dropped to 1200-1400 cal.  
We'll see if I make it through the 14 day free trial.  

On a better note, my flowers are gorgeous.  
I have had to stay on top of watering since we really haven't had much rain.  
My peonies.  
The one below is a darker pink and just beautiful!
I think this may be a Rugosa Rose that my dad gave me years ago.  
Bob likes to hack at them which drives me crazy because they only bloom for a short time.  
They do get a yucky Japanese Beetle.  
Thinking this is Amsonia but, I'm too lazy check my garden diary.  
A ground rose, it is only about two feet high and doesn't need any protection in the winter.  
It loves to be next to the poppy.  
These two really are best buddies.  
Before I planted them next to each other, they weren't doing well.  
This is another old fashioned rose my mother in law gave me.  
They weren't doing well so Bob dug them all but they have come back on their own  
Since Ed moved out, I went downstairs to look for a box he might be missing with some kitcheny stuff but, didn't find it.  
I went into the bathroom and got a  basket of  sauna towels and brought them upstairs to wash.  
Who knows how long they have been there.  
When I got to the bottom, I found dog food.  
Probably from the mouse we had around thanksgiving.
We found the stash of dental treats a couple months ago with grapevine wreath. 
This is the table runner Aunt Helen made me with some of the fabric I gave her.  
The grey stars are made from my fabric and the rest she had in her stash. 
I absolutely love what she did!
Can you believe she'll be 91?
Its just breathtaking.  

Finally, headed into the home stretch of B     BD She Sights a Bird.  
I think I may try staining it with Walnut shells later.  
Have to decide yet.  
I don't think the blue will run.  
It was a very busy weekend...what else is new.  
We don't really have any plans for the fourth.  
Hoping it stays that way  
I have to work the day before and after so a home day would be perfect.  
I'll end up doing more chores than I'll want.  
Why do I always feel I need to do something more constructive than stitching?
Got to get over that crap!

Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching