Monday, August 27, 2018


I didn't post last week because I was busy with my sister being here for a vacation.  
I took the week off too.  
I can finally post what I gave her for her birthday.  
La-D-Da A Stitcher's Garden.  
I initially thought it said A Sister's Garden...oops!
I still love the way it turned out.  
I used Threads from Victorian Motto Sampler.  
I had to adjust the alphabet to get a second "M" in there for her initials.
She uses both her maiden and married name.  

I’m making headway on the border of Sarah  but, it is a project.
I have also signed up for the "Tis the Season" SAL  
I decided to use overdyes rather than order the Victorian Motto Sampler Threads.  
I like her threads but, sometimes I don't feel like they are gradated enough.  
I really like the antique look and want to achieve that.  

One of the things we did, while my sister was here was go to Fayette Historical State Park.
It was a harbor town on Lake Michigan where from 1867 to 1892 Iron Ore was turned into Pig Iron to be shipped.
Many of the building have been restored or are in the processed of being of restored.
The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful!
Here is a site:  Fayette Website
Some of my pictures
 The furnaces from the second floor of the Superintendent's House

 The company store
 The high building is the Superintendent's house from the furnaces
 Some of the main buildings
Looking at Lake Michigan.
The weather was perfect that humidity and 75.  
It was a great time!

Hope your week was good.  
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Getting Framed

I have been a busy bee.
I had the frame parts and put them together for Margaret Cottam.
I just have to lace it up.  
I have had a terrible time trying to get it straight.  
I adjusted it a little more after I took this picture.  
 Alone in the Garden also has to be laced up.  
This frame was an aqua that I took briwax to and darkened it up.  
Blackbird Design uses a lot of Briwax
I love Briwax!
Bob and I went to Green Bay yesterday.
I hung out there for a while.  
I wanted to pick up some floss (which is coming up)
I picked up this BBD which is really a cool book.
The sewing boxes are really nifty.  
 I also got the 2018 Prairie School Annual Santa.  
Don't know why the picture didn't show up.
I wanted to convert threads for BBD Tis the Season from
Silk/DMC to overdyes. 
I'm really happy with the choices.  
There is a SAL mentions on Flosstube Flannel Jammies Farm.                     
 I also saw on another Floss Tube channel The Saltbox Stitcher an sampler she stitched.  
If you watch that one, it is the one right behind her. 
Its an old pattern from Words of Praise Called the Guidance Sampler.  
It was from the 1980's and all blended DMC colors
I converted it to overdyes too.  
 I think it will turn out really cool.  
I also got fabric for both pieces.
My start on Hands Across the Sea Sarah Braizeau 1829
Working on the border which is tricky because the count changes with the flower vine.  
The Stitching Bee retreat enrollment is closed.  
She is trying to keep the number to between 50-55. 
People get to visit and meet each other better.  

Looking forward to it.  

Hope you had a great weekend
I must say I did.  
Have a great week
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Android Annie Fixed My I Phone

I have had a problem with my I Phone since I updated it in May or June.
It is an I Phone 6 and I figured it was Apples way of getting me to buy a new phone.
I don't want to buy a new phone and I definitely don't want to buy one from Verizon.
Sidetrack:  I got this one through Best Buy on line when the I Phone  7 was about to come out.
I went to the Verizon store and asked if they could match Best Buy...$100.
No, it was $200 and what I needed to understand is the BB phone was an inferior phone.
According to the salesman, Apple batches the phones which means Verizon gets the prime phone and  everyone else gets inferior phones with Walmart getting the bottom of the barrel.
What cock and bull, and I told the salesman I would take my chances.  
I haven't had any problem with it since the upgrade.  
I tried resetting the settings and sounds.  
The only time the phone rang was when someone in my favorites called.  
It would not notify me there was a text either.
It was driving me crazy.  
Asked my tech son if he had any idea.  
He messed around in the settings.  No luck.
So my smart ass husband Bob asked his phone.  
He has an Android, so whatever her name is he asked, "Why doesn't an I Phone ring."
The answer was, "Most the time the privacy button is on."
Sure enough, the damn privacy button WAS ON!!
Turned it off, works great!
I have never turned that on, it must have happened with an update.  

I thought I would be done with Margaret Cottam today but, got busy with an online Con Ed and went to see my Aunt.  
I did finish Alone in the Garden and thought I would have it framed.  
Like I said.....
Turned out cute.  
Just love it and it was so much fun!! 

New Garage Sale Mystery on Hallmark Movies and Mystery  is almost on so, going to wrap this up.  
Hope your weekend wasn't too hot, stormy, flooding or smoked filled.  
Have a great week.
Keep on Stitching