Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm Pooped!

It was a very nice today, finally.  
I think we got to 47 and Buster was happy.  
He 86'ed the sweater earlier this week.  
Now, he sits in snowbanks. 
 Or lays in the snowbank waiting for something to happen .  
 I was hoping that I would have finished the border on Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm  
I'm close.
Upper right section
 Some close ups of sections.  
It is a rather large piece.  
Right middle section. 
 Lower right section
 Lower left section
Combination of the left upper and middle since there really isn't much there yet.  
It is the alphabet and the "Merry Christmas".
 We have spent alot of the weekend getting rid of stuff.  
It is amazing how fast things accumulate.  
We took a car load to St. Vincent's yesterday.  
I'm working on more.  
My sofa is suppose to be in on April 4.  
Don't have the delivery date yet.  
Had to get the bed out of the room and vacuum.  
 I may rearrange the furniture after it is delivered.  
Eventually, I hope Ed takes the dresser.  
I may move it again.  
Yesterday, I was at my mom's.  
She likes to quilt but, struggle with the tops. 
She is going to be 87 in May and I'm afraid her visual perceptual skills aren't like they use to be.  
Her memory is a little iffy too.  
My aunt, her sister has been cutting and sewing the tops for her thankfully.  
She can still do the hand quilting.  
I helped pin the table runner and placemats yesterday.  
Hope your weekend went well .
The weather was really great!
Even took my car to the car wash. 
Thanks for stopping and leaving great comments. 
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Egg Finish Smalls SAL

Finished Homespun Elegance Easter Eggs III for my Smalls SAL.
It was the only stitching I did last night after cracking a molar and breaking off a chunk.  
 I dyed the chenille in walnut shell dye.  
I need to find a better basket to put them in for Easter.  
Did phase one of a new crown today. 
It will be better stitching tonight.  
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a Tease

I finished my  Smalls for the SAL.
I will post the final product on March 26, when I think they are due.  
I have the chenille drying that I just dyed to finish the edges.  
 I got more of the border done.  
Near the light post will be deer.
I plan on doing those next and then I will be done with two of the pages of the pattern.  
Katy went back to school today.  
I think she could have used another week off.
I don't think she'll be home this summer.
She plans on staying in LaCrosse this summer working.
Ed hasn't been home for a summer since he started college.  
We really are the empty-nesters.  
Saw a commercial this morning for lawn fertilizer and the comment was something like,
"Spring has your number."
I don't think Spring has even our area code.
We never got to 30 degrees this weekend.  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend with at least a hint of Spring. 
Thanks for the lovely comments.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day of Spring!

How wonderful!  The first day of spring!
Don't these pictures look spring-like
We still have 18-20 inches of snow. 
Yesterday, we had to go to Milwaukee for a doctor's appointment.  
It was a ride from hell until we were about 80 miles south of home.  
It had snow and was snowing so the roads kind of were crummy.
Once we got to the doctor's office,  I had to stop.  
 You can't see the legs of the chimnea.  
 Bob put more shelves in the Ed/Sewing room closet.
I have my photo boxes with my over-dyed floss in.  
The DMC on bobbins are in the plastic boxes.  
Behind the basket, is the drawers with silk floss and perle cottons.  
The black box is a wooden shaker box for the Blackbird Design boxes.  
 My mom, Katy and I went to the yarn store/alpaca farm today.  
My mom wanted to get her something for her birthday.
Katy figured something from the yarn store would be a good thing.  
She found a book with hat, gloves, scarf patterns would be a good thing.
I had a gift card from Christmas and thought I would look for some solid colored wool sock yarn.  
I have lots of bits from socks that I could use for heels and toes.  
Here's what I got.  
 I thought while I was inbetween projects, I would work on my Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm for a few days.  
I reckon that is it for now.  
Since we did the trip to Milwaukee in one day:  left the house at 7 am and got home 7 pm and drove 7 1/ to 8 hours, I took today off.  It is too hard to try and work after a day like that.  
You know, I'm not getting any younger.  
Hope you have a great week!
Thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment. 
I do enjoy hearing from you.  
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easter Eggs are Totally Finished.

I finished the Drawn Thread Easter Eggs as I said I would, as a bell pull.  
I have done several things as bellpulls because, ta-da, I can rotate things.  
I rotate things on the walls, in and out of frames.
I especially like to be able to rotate in and out of frames.  

I finished a sock this weekend and started the second one of the green socks.
Those are for Bob and kind of camo-looking.  

Otherwise just another busy weekend.  
Katy got home on Friday.  
Tonight she requested Roast Beef.
"The school says they can't make meat Gluten-free."
Isn't meat naturally Gluten-free?
Tomorrow night we are making Chinese that she should be able to replicate when she goes back to school.
Chinese food is one of those things she misses the most.
It needs to be simple for a college kid to get the ingredients and make.
We have Gluten-free soy and teriyaki sauces, 5 spice and frozen stir fry veggies.  
It should be interesting.  

I hope you had a great weekend.  
It was a very good weekend but, just sped by.
Thanks for stopping and making the great comments that you do.
Hope you week is good and productive.
Keep on Stitching. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Socks and College and Updates

I made these socks for Ed a while ago.  
They're alpaca and he loves them.
Since it has been so cold, he's been wearing them a lot because they are warm.
He was wearing them to work at Micro Repair and his friends asked him if he was wearing socks. 
He told them that they are "the most awesome socks made by his mom."
It then started, everyone now wants a pair of "Momma G" socks.
The night he first came home for spring break, he got a text message from his friend "Poops."
"Ed see if you can score me a pair of Momma G socks."
Poops is a girl who Ed describes as the character in New Girl that Zoey Deschanel plays.  
Fortunately I had a pair of socks that would fit her.
She is now a huge fan of Momma G socks.  
Too bad I don't knit faster.  
Ed brought his socks home to see if I could fix them.  
It was a hole in the side.
I have never fixed a sock before.
I figured the best way was to pick up stitches, knit two rows and then to a kitchener stitch.  
I just got the list of classes from the local yarn store and that is part of a class. 
I'm so proud of myself for figuring that one out.  

I finished the Drawn Thread Easter.
Stitches, beads, buttons and all.  
 Close ups in sections.  

 I'm going to finish it off as a bellpull.  

 Onward to the next project:  Homespun Elegance:  Spring Eggs III.
Katy is going to home tomorrow for her spring break.  
We are very excited about that.  
I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend. 
It has been a very busy what else is new.
Hope the week has treated you well and you will have a good weekend. 
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings.....Why???

I get the idea of Daylight Savings.  
What I don't get is Why it has to be so stinkin' soon.
I get up at 6:10 and it will be dark again.  
Why couldn't they wait a couple more weeks or a month so then when we spring ahead its light?  

Now that Ed comes home for such a short period of time, it is really time to start working on that room.  
I have been telling him since his junior year of high school, "Once you stop coming home for any length of time, that room is going to mine."
It is the warmest bedroom in the house.  
I actually started taking it over two years ago when I had my knee replacement and he didn't come home for the summer. 
I had Bob put in shelves on the side of the closet he really wasn't using.  
Now, he put more shelves on the other side.  
I have ordered a sleeper sofa to put in there and get rid of the twin bed.  
He told me he didn't like it anyway.
I took him to the furniture store when he was home for the day (he only gave us one full day of spring break the turd!) to show him what was going in there.  
Once this happens then, I'm going to save for a big screen TV for the living room and console.
Once that happens then I can move the TV armoir that is in the living room now to the sewing room.  
I can't get rid of that because it was a project my dad and I worked on 22 years ago.  
This is the fabric swatch for the sofa.  
It is going to be something!

 I got the Valentine Trifles and the Primitive Hare sewn up, stuffed, ribboned and bejeweled.  
 I broke down and used the silk ribbon I had stashed away.  
 They turned out cute. 
 Now, its time to put them away.

 I'll keep them out for a little while longer.
 Going to town on the Drawn Thread Easter Eggs.  
 This has been a super quick stitch. 
 I have about six more sections to finish but, it goes fast.
Then, I need to stitch on the buttons and beads.
I'm going to finish it as a bell pull. 
It is finally starting to warm up here.
We don't want it to warm up too much or too soon.
With all the snow there would be flooding.  
The banks have to go down some because Buster went over the top of the fence yesterday.
He found another spot he could climb over.  
Sneaky little bugger.  
Hope your weekend has been fun and productive. 
Thanks for stopping and taking the time for the wonderful comments. 
Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just Didn't Get it All Done

I was really hoping to have all my little Valentine smalls finished.  
I got as far as the machine work.  
The dilemma I'm having is with the Shepherds Bush Valentine Trifles. 
They like to finish the edges with a ribbon that of course you can't buy anywhere.  
I think it is rayon.  
Back in the day when I was doing silk ribbon embroidery I had bought some rayon ribbon that didn't work at all.  
It was too sticky and would catch the needle unlike the silk.
I was hoping I still had it but, I haven't found it must be gone.  
I may break down and use silk but, I may want to do silk ribbon embroidery again and can you still get silk ribbon?
Therefore, I am still pondering how I'm going to trick these babies out.  

Went to church this morning and the Gospel reading was Matthew 6:24-34 and wouldn't you know some of the verses sounded familiar.
"Hey I cross stitched that!"
I did this back in June 2012 and today I finally framed it...Silver Creek Samplers
Honestly, when I took the picture it looked straight!
 The Drawn Thread Easter Eggs moving along well.  
I love this!
I love specialty stitches
Bob put up some more shelves in the closet of Ed's/my sewing room. 
He's going to be home this week.
I think I'm going to take him to the furniture store to try out a sleeper sofa since that is what is replacing his bed.  
I do have permission.  

I am ready to hunker down for the Oscars.
Got to get this banged out before the red carpet is down.
Do you find these "correspondents" silly.  
How many times can the one guy ask what the couples do for a date night?  
Oh well, I guess they have to fill air space.  
At least get people who know what designers the stars are wearing.  
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  

Going to -15 tonight, just wanted to keep you updated. 
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