Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Surprise

Our son Ed called this morning to chat.  He was driving around.  About an hour later he came walking in the door.  He decided to take a road trip to see his old parents.  Just as he was walking in, I was getting ready to go to the Rainbow Yarn.  I told him he was coming with me, we would pick up subs, see Grandma and then go grocery shopping.  He said, "Really, Mom, Really?"  In that tone that only a 19 year old can do.  I told him he was going to love it.  "Really, Mom, Really?"  Well he did.  

 You see, Rainbow Yarns is also an Alpaca farm.  They have several Alpacas.  These are the girls.  They are much shyer than the boys.  You can sort of get an idea of how the trees are changing.
 Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy.  I don't know how this happened.
 This little girl was by the fence when we started walking toward it.  She got up and walked away.  She is a beautiful color.
 This is Colby.  He's a boy and one of the friendliest ones.  He will go to some of the shows around the area.  The only thing is you can't pet the heads.  They are very sweet and really cool animals.
 A little closer up.
 We were able to go into the pen and Ed got to feed some kibble to Colby.  I have a picture from Ed's I-  phone but, it is sideways so I won't post it.
 This one came closer when there was food involved.  He had really interesting head hair.  It was like really large pom poms.
 I think the brown one is M80.  He has been father to a lot of babies.  He gets studded out.  Another lady in the yarn store had brought pictures of some of the his shired   babies her Alpaca had.
 Some of sock yarn I bought today.  Its Paca Ped...alpaca, wool and nylon.  It makes the most gorgeous socks
 The blue is called Deep Seas, the Green is called Green Gator and the pink is Kaleidosock.  The colors are beautiful.  I may have to get them on the needles so I can work on them to break up the cross stitch.  Same pic but, no flash.
What a great surprise.  When it was all said and down, Ed said, "Who knew you could have so much fun at a yarn shop."

Welcome new members.  I'm so glad you have joined.  I hope you all have a good surprise this weekend.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Exchange

I finished the cross stitching on my ornament for the Thanksgiving exchange.  It is Prairie Schooler Acorns.  There is another one I plan on doing for my self.  I may have to do this one again for my smalls collection.  I think the little pilgrims are quiet quaint.  I have to work on finishing it off.  I have machine work to do.  I have other projects I have machine work to do on.  I'll probably do it this weekend since I got my house cleaned !  Hooray for me.  I have also been painting boxes for some  Christmas gifts.  I wanted to get those done so I can Briwax them this weekend while the weather is still nice and I can do it outside.  The stuff is a little stinky.  
 I have started Plum Street Samplers Grim Gourds.  I like Grumpy Pumpkins better.  I changed the threads to Weeks Works.  It was charted for either NPI silks or DMC.  I would love to but, have pretty much decided not to spend the money on silks.  I guess I'm drawing the line.  Although the NPI aren't as expensive as the Belle Soie silks, I still think is quite a bit of money and if the project calls for a lot of colors it adds up.  You can start to see the face of the first grim gourd.  I am chewing through the Onyx thread.
 I do check the projects offered by the Inspired Needle for 2012 Year of Smalls.  I have only bought the ones I like rather than getting them all.  I have tried automatic ships, and I want to see what the project is before committing myself.    I really wasn't too crazy about the September pattern.  Sunflowers and Acorns  was August.  I love the orange thread.  It's GAST Tomato.  Absolutely great color.  The picture doesn't do  it justice.
 The October project is from With Thy Needle and Thread called Autumn Splendor.  I thought about getting this one last year when it first came out but, I didn't.  I decided not to wait longer and decided to get it now.  I still really like this one so, that must mean it is meant to be.  
 Again, this picture doesn't do it justice.  This is GAST brick path and a varigated Redish-greyish-greenish if you know what I mean.
 Just the other colors for the project.  The colors are really great together.  I have been painting a wooden pencil type box to finish this once it is stitched.  There is a lovely pincushion pattern as part of the chart pack that I may be doing.
 This should be a really speedy project.  Calls for antique buttons.  I should be able to dig some out of the button tins I have.
This whole blogging thing makes me work a little faster on projects so I have something to blog about.  I do have to work on some top secret things...the reason why I am painting a bunch of boxes today.  You know I had a paint brush sitting on the counter while I was mixing some paint colors in a jar.  Do you think I can find that stupid thing.  I don't know where I put it down.  I took off a label.  Stuck the label to the newspaper but, have no idea where I put the brush.  It was either pixies or me losing my mind.

As always, a big WELCOME to the new comers and I am so glad you have joined me.  I love the comments you all send.  I had some really wonderful ones after the last posting with the smalls.
Keep on stitching and have a really great day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Blogging Gods Were Against Me

Yesterday, the blogging gods were just against me.  I was all set ready to get down to business.  I took about two pictures, shut off the camera when I decided wanted to take another one.  Turned the camera back on and poof the battery went from 2/3 charged to no charge and would not take another picture.  Had to pop the battery in the charger.  When it was recharged, I wanted to get on line and NO internet.  I thought, "Oh no, not this again!"  We had been having connection problems a month or two ago.  When Bob got home from the office and a few errands, I broke the news to him.  He informed me he thought it was the area internet not us.  The pay-at-pump wasn't working, inside the gas station was bucky and the pharmacy computers weren't happy either.  I just turned the whole thing off last night, shut off all the computers and rebooted this morning.  Things are much improved.  

The final pic of the Mystery Sampler framed and hanging.  I do most of my own framing and you know, I just can't seem to get things exactly straight.  I guess that just adds to the charm.  LOL
I finished the accompanying smalls on Saturday.  So it was time to finish those off.  The backing material is varigated oranges with spider webs and little black spiders on them.  I have seen on other blogs the great ways people have been finishing off smalls with the complimentary fabric on the front below the design or next to it with the ric've seen 'em.  Thought about it but, further thought it would make the small too big.  Maybe another times.  
 I decided to give it a little omph with some tassels.  I had enough black perle cotton and some 729 perle cotton to wrap around the tassel to jazz it up even more.  The first one, I put the tassels on each top corner.  Its okay but, the rest I put them both on one side and much prefer it.
 I think the tassels on the same side looks a bit jaunty.
 The 729 perle cotton nearly matches the Tobacco linen.
 The trio with one cattywumpus tassel on Spooky.  It must have jumped when I took the picture.
I am now working on my piece for the Thanksgiving exchange.  I have to finish boxing up the Halloween exchange so I can send it off tomorrow.  The mailing deadline is September 30.

Thanks for stopping and welcome new members.  I do love all the great comments you send me.  It makes the blogging all that much more fun.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Envelope is Ready and the Winner is...

I have the envelope ready, all I need is an address.  My mother-in-law drew the name after she got back from walking Buster.  It was very scientific

And the winner is...Devon

 You know from past posts, I just loved the little punkin-headed cat.  I made a thread keep.  so that is helping to hold the thread together.
I made one for myself.  I thought the polka-dots was whimsical enough for it.  

 I am nearly done with the third small from the pattern.  I just need to do the bottom motif.  It is taking no time.  I will finish these off this weekend.  I'll post it then.
Thanks everyone for participating.  Welcome new members.  I do appreciate the wonderful comments.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Hop: My Favorites

My initial response was, "My favorite is the one I'm working on."
But....if I had to narrow it down, I have to say I love Prairie Schooler and this particular series.  I don't know what this one is called but there is also Havest Time and Home for the Holiday.  
 They all fit in the same frame.  I just rotate them around according to the season.  They fit very snuggly on a wall next to my china cabinet.

Truly, my favorite is the project I'm currently working on.  There have been very few things I haven't enjoyed doing.  Now that Moose is another will never be finished.
Check out the other blogs here.  If this link doesn't work then...this is my third attempt.

Thanks for stopping.  Keep on Stitching!

Monday, September 17, 2012

TUSAL and Progress

I don't want to miss the TUSAL.  The jar is looking good.  If I packed it down it would look as full.  But, that's okay.  It's just fun seeing it fill up.  
 Can't let a perfectly good post go without another picture.  Progress from last night on the second small from the L*K project.  This one you get a much better idea of the color of the fabric.
Thanks for stopping and all the lovely comments.  It is cold and rainy, as the weatherman said it would be.  I broke down and turned on the heat just to take the damp out of the house.
Keep on stitching Stitching, stay warm and dry.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adventures and Halloween Smalls

It may be the last hoorah today.  The temperature was 80.  Tomorrow rainy and a high of 58.  After church, breakfast and errands that didn't get done yesterday, Bob and I went to A&W for Chili Cheese Dogs and Root Beer.  It could close any time now and it was a good thing to do today since it really was a summery day before it gets blustery.  

Too bad you can't really see the color of the fabric for these.  It is on Tobacco colored linen, a medium mustardy orange I had in my stash.  These are the companion pieces to the L*K Mystery sampler.  I'll get these done in no time.  I'm on number two and only have one to go.  

 With no color changes, it goes very fast.  You can see the little bat on the one below.  The word on this is Haunted.  The third is Scary.  I'll just finish them off as pin cushion pillow for a basket.
Yesterday, I had quite the adventure.  I was thinking about taking my son Ed out for lunch.  That involves about an 85-90 mile trip.  Really, no big deal.  When I talked to him on Thursday, it sounded like he had plans for the weekend so, I never mentioned it to him.  I then got a phone call from him on Friday, asking if I wouldn't help him out.  He locked his car keys in his car and didn't have a spare.  Of course, no problem, he added, "Then mom we can go out for lunch and I'll do what ever you want to do."   Oh boy, I got him now.

I was about 10 miles from home when the Low tire pressure went on.  It is a pretty desolate trip to NMU.  I stopped at a gas station called my husband to see if I should try filling the tires with air.  They didn't look bad.  He thought it was just the sensor going off.  He suggested when I got to town, to stop at the Ford dealer and have them check it out.  It was a very stressful ride the rest of the way.  I stopped at the dealer and they checked the tire pressure.  The left rear tire was about 10# too low.  He checked it out, found a nail and fixed the hole in about 20 minutes.  I was very appreciative and on my way.

After lunch,  I had Ed walk around Ben Franklin looking for fabric to finish projects. He did say he would do anything.   As we walked around he explained fantasy football to me.    Even though it sounded Chinese to me, it was fun to be with him.  Made it home without the light going back on.

Hope you have a great week.  Welcome new members.  Glad you all take a peek at whats going on.  Keep on Stitching

Thursday, September 13, 2012


***WARNING*** make sure you read this entire blog post!

 Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!  I finished the Lizzie*Kate Mystery Sampler and it turned out very cute.  Now I just have to find a frame.  I am hoping I have one.  I may but, it may be the wrong size.  It would be great if it is the right size because it is black.  I wanted to get this post done first.  

I have been messing around with floss for the last two hours.  I needed to see what was in my stash before I ordered floss that I'm lacking from 123-stitch.  They are very speedy with their orders.  I usually order floss and fabric from them because I have it within a few days.
I still love that goofy pumpkin headed cat.  I have special plans for him on another project.

So now that you have seen the finished project; here's where it gets really exciting....or at least I think it is really exciting.
I have decided to have a drawing for this L*K Mystery Sampler Pattern and thread.  This has been one of the hot patterns of the season.  I have ordered some new skeins that there wasn't enough left after completing the project so there will be enough for the winner to stitch the pattern.  I am also including the beads.  You will need to provide the fabric,  the two black star buttons and a key and star charm.  I used those.

1.  You need to be a member of this blog.  If you have been lurking around, afraid to join, now is your chance.  I told you a couple of posts ago I was going to do something to entice you.
2.  You need to leave a comment after THIS POST.  Make sure you mention your name.
3.  You have until September 20th... to get your entry in.  There will be only one winner.

If you're interested don't waste time.
Thanks for stopping by.  
Keep on stitching

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Satin Stitches and a Laying Tool

I'm working on the satin stitches around the border of the L*K Mystery Sampler.  Usually I railroad.  I usually railroad my cross stitches just because I think they look better.  Since I'm doing so many I thought I would break out my laying tool.  

I think I got this one at a needlework show.  I bought it because it was pretty.  It has a little bow and a bee on the dangly thing at the top.  You can't see it great.  Sorry, my camera only works so good close up.
I bought this one at a stitching retreat I went to with my stitching buddy Arttie, years ago.  It was sponsored by Garden of Stitches in Appleton,WI, which has since closed. The retreat was at a Lutheran Retreat House in Green Lake, WI.  It was a blast!  I digress.  I really haven't an opportunity to truly use it.  Now, I do.   
It is really laying the thread nice and flat with the satin stitches.  Like a said in the previous post satin stitches aren't my favorite.  I think out of the speciality stitches I like the way the Queen stitch looks it just takes so stinking long to do.  
Now this picture actually turned out pretty cool, if I must say.  You can see how the laying tool just slides on the thumb.  It really is easy to use.  Best satin stitches I've ever done.

Thanks for stopping.  Welcome new member and welcome back everyone else.  I love to hear the comments from everyone and sometimes I even answer back.  
Keep on Stitching and have a great tomorrow

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I do Love a Fall Stitch

Welcome new members!  I'm glad you've joined me.  Welcome to everyone who is already a member and those who visit but, don't join.  Maybe someday I will be able to entice you to join.

 I have been working diligently on L*K Mystery Sampler.  It seems like this last section is taking forever but, I think it is my favorite one yet.  I may have done the candy corn at the bottom in a different order of colors however, I decided to leave it be.  I find the pumpkin-headed cat is very amusing.
 The cadet blue and bullfrog thread beneath the house was suppose to be satin stitched.  In the instructions it says you can do what you feel like.  I felt like doing regular cross stitch because it just lays better, especially where there is longer areas.  I will do the satin stitch around the border where it is called for.  I think this would be good as an individual piece.
 A recap of the other sections.
 I do like the little toothy pumpkin in the top section.  The acorns would make a lovely border in the future.
 As a sneak ornament stitched up for the exchange.  It isn't stuffed or embellished yet in this picture.  It is all done and I'm ready to box everything up to go.  I won't send it on until the end of the month.  I don't want it to get there too soon.  I changed the DMC to Crescent Colors.

Since I am nearly done with the Mystery Sampler, I am just wondering what to do with the pattern....
Thanks for stopping and all the lovely comments.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mystery Sampler Working on Part Three

Welcome everyone!  Thanks for stopping and thanks for the great comments.  I truly appreciate them.

What a beautiful day!  The heat and the humidity finally broke yesterday.  I actually felt like working around the house today.  I was just going to sit on my fanny but, one thing led to another.  It started with I figured I needed to vacuum...well a little later the whole house has been cleaned.  I even picked up Katy's room, threw some stuff out, got a bag ready for St. Vinny's and but school stuff from last year away.  Now, I don't have to do this on Saturday and can have some fun.  It is great to get this stuff done when everyone is out of the house.

Been working on Part 3 of the L*K Mystery Sampler.  Sorry about the wrinkles.
 I just love how it is turning out.  Its fun to do it in bits and pieces.
 It really is a quick fun stitch.  I finished filling in the house and adding on the sunflowers to the stalk since I took the pictures.  I'll post again soon since I am making such great headway.  I think I'm going to do the smalls on some tobacco colored fabric I have in the stash.  It is an orange color and the stitching is done in Kohl.
There is a great breeze blowing in the house.  I am glad to turn of the AC.  Glad we have it, but, always glad to not have to use it.

Thanks again for stopping.  Keep on Stitching!