Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Working on Finishing a Few Things Among Other Things

I have been working on LIttle House Needleworks Farm House Christmas.  
I have recently finished Part 6 Pinewood Far and Part 7 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.  
The hardest part is the white border.
I've been working on the last part border, then the fun can begin.  
I have started this project three times.
First as smalls but, then I saw it done as a bell pull and decided that was spectacular.
Then I started it as a bell pull but, the fabric was too light and the white completely disappeared 
So, I mixed up some dye a little darker than natural linen and the white shows up well but, CC Pebble Beach did not so I changed it to a VMSS Cocoa, a medium bown which is working quite well.   
I often use my refrigerator to hang the pieces on to photograph.  
The first 7 parts 
Once I have the borders done, the fun part really doesn't take long.  
I broke my favorite coffee cup Sunday cleaning it out to use again.  
I got it at the Stitching Bee at least 15 years ago.  It has served me well and I shall miss it.  
To me it was the perfect cup.  I like my coffee hot and it held the right amount, usually drinking it all before it got too cold.  
I will get over it.  
I joined the Color and Cotton Floss Club, Primitive Neutrals.  
How pretty are those colors!
I will have to figure out where to store these.  

I am really looking forward to trying them out on the right piece.  

That sums it up.  
Things have slowed down at work for a little bit.  
I don't anticipate it will last for long.
I have been busy doing continuing education and trying to get my FSA account straightened out
The other thing I have been up to is trying to strip some laundry to get pink residual dye out of my white shirts that bled from a shirt of Bob's..  
The timer just went off so I'm going to finish that. 

One more thing, I have a new guilty pleasure:  Youtube Channel Bros of  Decay.  
I think the main guy is from Belgium?
They climb into abandoned houses in Europe and he makes up stories, doesn't exactly get thing right such as a classic hinged sewing table a "tool box for the man" but, found buttons inside.  
Nonetheless, it is interesting to see what the inhabitants just walked away from or died.  
Have a great week 
Keep on Stitching
Get vaccinated!


Sunday, July 18, 2021

Super Quick

 I wanted to post my finish of part 7 of Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas Cock-a-doodle-do but I’m about 50 stitches short of finishing so, it will wait.  Exciting news is I won one of the Hannah Greenwood Sampler from Our Sampler Years, Yesterday’s Needlework for Today.  Just a screen shot. So exciting. More to come later this week.   

Have a great week!  If you haven’t doe it yet, get the Covid vaccine. It hurts less than Shingrex vaccine.  I got the first one on Friday!  Really looking forward to the second one (not).  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Lots To Talk About

Starting with a story.
Buster is 12 years old, getting up there and having a few little issues.  
His vision is not what it use to be.  
I call them cataracts the vet said he has cloudy lenses.....isn't that what a cataract is?
Anyway....he also is a little arthritic.  
I was cleaning yesterday and he went under the bed in the guest room away from the noise and in a cool dark place to take a snooze while all the action is going on.  
I was done cleaning, and Bob was outside doing yardwork but, taking a break.  
I took out some water and took a break with him.  
Henry knew we were on the front porch and could see us from his vantage point on the couch.
Buster came out of the bedroom , barking looking for me.  I called him through the open window but, wasn't able to find me.  
He though I was in the basement and went down there.  He started barking even more.  
I didn't know he went down there but, went inside to reassure him.  
He was at the bottom of the stair and it was darker down there.  I stood at the top of the stairs and encouraged him.  If he gets a running start, he can get up the stairs.  
He was SOOO excited to see me....crazy little nugget!
Got to give Henry equal time.  
Buster often sleeps on this pillow and fits.  
Henry often sleeps on this pillow and really doesn't fit.  
Bob had an Opthamologist appointment in Green Bay.  
His eye pressures have been too high and his local Optometrist was concerned and referred him.
I worked in the morning, came home had lunch and then we hopped in the car.  
His appointment was at 3:30 but, we had plenty of time to stop at The Stitching Bee.  
I really didn't need anything but, always can find something.  
I don't have the two BBD and since Barb's passing followed the rule from Brenda and Laura...Buy all the Blackbird.  
I'm not so sure I will search for the other two in the series but, most got this for the two smalls.  

See how cute these smalls are and perfect for fall.  
I think even the house and the pumpkins in the larger piece would be totally adorable. 
I have already done Tribute to Abigail in the Sweet Land of Liberty.  
It was a subscription in a group from Dyeing to Stitch a few years ago.  

Kendra got some new linen and I bought a fat half.  
It is from R & R 36 count Vintage Home.  
Some Lady Dot hand dyed Pompom Toast color
I picked up a variety of overdyes in colors I know I use but, also some blues that are just so pretty.  

I finished Blackbird Designs Rose Hips and Ivy.  
I stitched beyond the BBD weekend SAL in honor of Barb Adams.  
I left the "B" in the piece and put my initials in the bottom left corner.  
I tried something a little different.  
The spacing is not what it should probably be, I had to make it fit.  
I made my middle initial smaller by doing it over one rather than two.  
Overall, pleased with the result.  

Decided to do a little Christmas in July and picked up Farmhouse Christmas by Little House Needleworks.  I'm on part 6.  I stitched the first three sections three times.  I first did them individually then saw it done like a bell pull and fell in love with it.  
Istarted it on fabric that was just too light and the white got completely lost.  
Dyed some fabric a little darker almost like a darker natural color and its looking pretty good.  
Changed one color, Pebble Beach to more of a brown and it is really working for me.  
I don't know how many sections I will do now, but a nice break from sampler/sampler type pieces.  

It has been absolutely perfect summer weather the last four days.  Even had the AC off for a few days.  
Really enjoying season 2 of the Crown.  
Don't know why I stopped.  
Finished Firefly Lane and that was really good. 
The third season of  Virgin River started and hold on to your hats, there is way too much stuff happening.  

So on the soap box.  If you haven't gotten vaccinated, I recommend it with the Delta variant. The statistics are 99.5% of the people dying from Covid are unvaccinated.  
I don't know about you but, I have way too much stitching to do and don't want to be out of  comission.  
Polio affected 15,000 people a year until the vaccine was developed and distributed.  People lined up for that.  
US deaths 606,000 in the US and 4 million worldwide. 
 Our world has changed, All for one and none for all.  
Don't let the politician's deter you.  

Keep on Stitching. 


Monday, July 5, 2021

The War Zone Known as the Fourth

The Fourth of July is not one of my favorite holidays for a few reasons.
First, my dad died on the Fourth in 2006.  He was a very good father and I miss him.  
He always had good advice and words of wisdom. The one thing he would say if you were feeling intimidated by someone was, "Just remember, he puts his pants on one leg at a time."  That has served me well.  
Another reason why I'm not crazy about the Fourth is our neighborhood sounds like a war zone with the amount of fireworks going off.  They can light stuff off the day before and the day after.  I think things may be okay tonight since most people are back to work tomorrow.  They can light them until midnight.  I haven't gotten to bed the last two nights till after midnight, lots later than I usually stay up.  
We also have to give Henry drugs to keep him calm because he gets very agitated by it all.  
Fortunately, it doesn't bother Buster. 
The only good thing is having the day off and that almost didn't happen.   

I've been working on Martha Dawson up until this weekend 
She is really comint along.  I have a few motifs and the bottom section of the border and then I'm done. 
Was going to pull some potential starts and take pictures but, didn't get around to it
Since it is the Black Bird Design SAL, I've been working on Rose Hips and Ivy from the Sewing Club book.  It is a super fun stitch and I'm loving the way it is turning out.  
In the book, its finished as a drum but, I think I may frame it but, not exactly sure.  
Not really sure if I'm a fan of drums.  

I will probably go back to Martha Dawson tomorrow.  
After that, I may work on a  Little House Christmas  piece.  
I would like to get it finished before Christmas.  

We've been watching Firefly Lane on Netflix and I can recommend it.  
It has been very entertaining.  

Back to work tomorrow and the Fireworks are popping now!  UGH!!!!

Hope you had a good weekend.  
I'm so tired of the whole thing.  
I'm still encouraging vaccinations.  

Keep on Stitching