Sunday, July 29, 2018

Nearly Done

I am nearly done with La-D-Da's Alone in the Garden.  
The flowers on the sides of Adam and Eve in the pattern had a symbol that wasn't listed in the color key.  
I checked the La-D-Da website but, it wasn't listed there.  
I sent an email to Lori Markovic the designer and got a prompt response.  
I use the same color as the trunk of the tree, a blue grey:  DMC 535 but I'm using GAST Soot. 
I think this pattern is just so cute.
I have to fill in the ends of the tree: apples? the flowers, my initials and year

Once this is done, I'm back to Margaret or as have come to know her as Maggie.  

Finished watching Longmire on Netflix and if you are looking for summer replacement TV that was really good.  
Now we are watching Wallander from BBC.  Kevin Brannaugh is in it and I really like him as an actor.  A  good older movie he was in with Emma Thompson (his wife at the time) is Dead Again.  
And if you like creepy, which Bob doesn't care for is Requiem, another British series.  
I love a good ghost story.  

Other than that, just been a busy weekend with chores and volunteering at a water station for a 5K.  

Ready to stitch until bedtime. 
Hope your weekend was wonderful.  
I am now getting my comments sent to my email....HOORAY!

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Project Updates

I had my college girls weekend.  
Last year we couldn't make it work.  
This year we got the cabin Saturday to Monday.
I left on Sunday because I have missed too much work and we a short staffed because of a maternity leave.  
I was glad I did come home on Sunday.  
I was pooped.  
I am feeling better but, worked  and was just tired.  
I was glad I went but, like I said, glad to get home.  

My start on La-D-Da Alone in the Garden.
I'm doing it in overdyes and loving it.  
I really like working in overdyes and convert pieces when I can.  

 My progress on Margaret Cottom.  
I am really enjoying this one too!
I should be starting on Hands Across the Sea Sarah Braizear SAL.  
Then I saw on Flannel Jammies Farm Flosstube the Blackbird Designs Tis the Season SAL.
I think I may do that too.
Like a I really have time for all that...wishful thinking.  
I got the Home for the Holidays Book
Their books are always really great.  
There are directions on how finish paper mache boxes and they turn out looking like antique tin boxes.  
I may have to make a few to use for mounting projects.  

Got to go and get some stitching done.  
Have a great rest of your week
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thirty Years!

We are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary today.  
With my parents, God bless them  
We were living in Nashville and it was 110 degrees the day we got married.  
It was so hot, you couldn't stand on black top with your shoes on!
He understands my cross stitch obsession....has from the beginning.
What a guy!
Hope the next thirty are as wonderful!
Have my thread and fabric 40 count Flax Newcastle for Sarah Braizear 1829
Just have to make the leap.
Trying to decide if I should start with some of the border or in the middle.  
Usually I start in the middle but, it may be better to start in a corner.  
People are doing it both ways.
While I was noodling around in the sewing room last week, deciding to put all the kitted projects together, I found this.  
I always say this but, I just love this and may have to start it much sooner than later.  
Next weekend is the annual girls weekend.
Usually we scrapbook and have other craft projects but,  MaryBeth kind of put the cabash on the scrap booking by deciding to have a collage of the pictures made.
I enjoy the scrap booking but, its okay.  
I don't know if Jan is going to bring a project or not.  
I have one to share but, I figure, I just might make this my weekend project.  
I will get it started a little before I go.  
They are planning on staying to Monday but, I can't with the time I missed and a maternity leave.  
I was going to do it in the DMC called for.
But, I pulled some overdyes using a conversion list and have decided to do it in Weeks Sanquine, and Tiger's Eye,  GAST:  Country Redwood, Harvest Basket, Soot and Walnut.  
It should be fun and quick.  
Adam and Eves are one of the things I collect.  
I have been working on La D Da Margaret Cottam and making progress.  
I love doing this!

I love Penzey Spices and follow Bill Penzey on FB.  
I just got the free set, just had to pay for shipping.  
Their spices/herbs and blends are just so wonderful and there are a lot of salt-free options.
Since the health issues started, I think salt adversely effects me.  
Trying to make a conscious effort to be reduced salt.  
Watching the labels and choosing less sodium options and substituting  with the blends, I think will help.  
The salsa/pico seasoning is salt free too.  
The pin says "Embrace Hope" , I'm all about that.  
There were also some suggestion cards on using the seasoning.  
Going back to work tomorrow.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week.  
Keep on Stitching.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Cape Has “P” On It

First, Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  
Blogger use to shoot them to my email, but, not happening anymore. I am feeling better and now just waiting to hear from physician offices.  
I have been off work this week and working on exercising, building up my endurance and gradually weaning off the prednisone.  
It is quite the medication.  
It has really helped but, comes with some side effects.  
You don't sleep much on this stuff, it has gotten better since I dropped to 20 mg.  
It does really wire you up during the day.
I feel superhuman, my cape has a big ole "P" on it.  
I have been getting stitched pieces finished.  

Finished everything but the strawberry from the Summer Schoolhouse Samplers from
With Thy Needle and Thread.
Just absolutely love these pieces!
My Joanne Fabrics box turned out great too.  
My husband did a great job chalk painting it for me.  

Framed Chessie and Me Angels O'er This House (I think)
It was sitting in the closet and I had a frame it would fit into.  
I had redone the initials because the charted floss blended too much with the grass.  
My first attempt at pin drum.
Its a little lopsided but, my friend Arttie says, "It's primitive."
It is Acorn House from Heartstring Samplery.  
Not sure I'm, going to do more of these...finishing is well....
Framed Painted Threads Sampler from Threadwork Primitives.  
I saw it, had to buy it, and Kendra had it at the Bee when I stopped and immediately started stitching it.  
I don't know why it grabbed me so!
I have been working on Margaret Cottam Sampler that was a three piece project, maybe a mystery?
I am nearly done with the border.
Can't wait to get started on the guts.  
I am part of the SAL for Sarah Braizear 1829 from Hands Across the Sea Samplers.  
I finally got the rest of the over dyes yesterday in the mail.  
I am doing it on 40 count Flax.  
It is monumental but, very cool.  
Not sure I will get it done in the time frame but, will give it the old college try.  
So many patterns, so little time. 

I have been following a few Floss Tube channels. 
I really like the Saltbox Stitcher and Primitive Stitcher.  
I also like Vonna Pfeiffer's channel.  
I should have watched the turtorial on pin drums....maybe before, do I dare say it, attempt another one.  
I have kind of a hard time with the silly ones that laugh and joke for an hour.  
I must be too serious.  
I ride my exercise bike and watch these.  

That about wraps it up.  
I assure you, I am feeling better and thank you again for the kind words and prayers.  

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Henry Hates Fireworks

I'm glad the Fourth is over and so is Henry, well at least for now.  
Henry really hates fireworks.  
The thunder shirt didn't work so great this year.
I'm sure there will be more kaboom tonight into the weekend.  
I had to stay up with him until after midnight last night.  
He had to pee in the worst way but, every time I opened the door, fireworks went off.  
I am really hoping for his sake and mine, it is quiet tonight.  

I haven't been feeling very well lately....since Memorial Day.  
Been short of breath, achy, chilled and non stop headache.  
Last Thursday, my breathing got so bad, I took myself to the ED and was admitted.
Trying to figure out what is going on.  
My lungs had fluid in them but, my white blood count was normal.  
Was still put on an antibiotic and solid dose of steroids for the inflammation.
I tested positive for Rheumatoid factor so I will be seeing a Rheumatologist and I will need to see a Pulmonologist.  
I spent a couple of days in the hospital and have been home all week.  
I go back to see my doctor tomorrow and start get all the balls rolling.  
I had more blood work done earlier in the week and have a Pulmonary Function Test on Monday.  
Not talking about asthma.  
Just got to wait and go through all the tests....waiting is the worst part. 
In the meantime, trying to build up my endurance level

Finally, yesterday, I had some ambition to decorate for the Fourth.  
I love my Uncle Sam.  
Hung a few pictures too.  

I have been finishing my Summer Schoolhouse Lessons.
Expect to see them the next post.  
Well maybe, everything but the strawberry.  
I used the fabric for the leaves I had used on the backs of the pillows but, really hated the way it turned out.  
While I was up with Henry, I took it all apart and ordered some wool on line.
Now I have to wait for that to come but, I will post before then.  

Hope you had a good Fourth.  
Rest assured, I am feeling much better than a week ago!

Keep on Stitching