Monday, October 28, 2019

2019 Stitching Bee Retreat

Arttie and I went to the 2019 Stitching Bee Retreat this past weekend
It was at Rowleys Bay Resort, can click on the link with the name.  
It is really something else.  
Arttie feels like she is stepping into the Inn in White Christmas.  
It is a quirky place....I love it!
Our room had two queens and a table and chairs.
The beds were very comfortable.  
Needs some decorating help but, that honestly is part of the charm.  
We actually stayed in Green Bay on Thursday night to get the Mall shopping done:  
Joann Fabric and Yankee Candle.  

We stopped and did some shopping on the way to the Resort.  
The first place we stopped was the Silver Thimble:  Quilt and Yarn.
There was also a shop hop going on this weekend so we got some deals.  
They had some wool pieces for penny quilts but, it would work great for finishing some pin pillows and they were only 60 cents a square.  

I picked up some yarn too.  
I found a really cool shawl pattern to use the Berroco Sesame.
The base of the yarn is blue but, then a variety of other colors:  green, turqoise, orange, peach, red and purple.  
Picture of the shawl.  
I think it will be fun and it might be a great thing to bring on the cruise.
I have no idea if it will be hot or cool or what but, will go with anything.  
I started working on The Scarlett House Pumpkins and Bittersweet.  
I started it at Stitching Group on Wednesday.  
This is how far I got.  
I plan to make a pin keep out of it.  
There was a smalls exchange and I thought I had taken pictures of it and I forgot.  
I must have just been too excited about retreat.  
 Finished it as a top to a wooden playing card box.  
I put a small pincushion on the inside and a bee's waxer in the shape of a bee.  

This is what I drew.  
It was very nicely stitched and finished.  
Also in the picture is a small pincushion and a scissor fob that is measured out in inches   
These patterns came in the door prize bags.  
More goodies in the door prize bag, including some handmade cards.  
There are always a get to know  you game.  
These patterns were in a folder.  
There was a sticker on the back of the folder and then you had to find your partner and talk to that person for a few minutes.  
Its always interesting. 
These items were in the greeting bag.  
A Prairie Schooler card, a thread holder from Fern Ridge. 
Arttie made everyone a laynard and the Blue Pompom with eyes is called a Little Fit.  
There was a little poem explaining it but in the nutshell, if you aggravated, you can throw a Little Fit.  It maybe something good to make my co-workers.  
Kendra always has a store set up with patterns, kits, tools etc  
I pickedup Sally Stansfield from  Hands Across the Sea
L. Genders 1875 from Brenda Gervais....a red sampler.  
Following the rules from Brenda and the Serial Starter.  
 A pincussion kit from Samplers Remembered.  
It was a great weekend.  
We sat with a different group of ladies this year.  
We always try to do that.  
They were so much fun.  
May just have to sit with them next year.  
They are a stitching group called the Loose Ends.  

I took today off to catch up on laundry and sleep.  
Looking forward to next year.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Some more surprises coming.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Short Post

Just a short post before retreat.  
I didn't work on Hannah Pepper this weekend.  
I spent much of Saturday doing yard work, getting ready for winter. 
Sunday was church, visit MIL, laundry and working on my exchange project.  
I really wanted to get through the Saltboxes.  
First, a Buster pic because he was so totally adorable!
His favorite spot is on the back of the courch.
iI had to put the other back cushion in the front closet.  
If I leave it on the couch, Henry sits on it, emmulating Buster.  
I'm doing these on 28 count Laguna over one.  
I'm also playing around with the colors as I feel like it.  
I've been working on my exchange stitch project for retreat.
I will post it before too long but, I want to do it after its completely done.  
It looks great!
I needed some craft paint and didn't want to go to Walmart.  
I went to the Ace Hardware to get paint, sandpaper, a plug for the laundry room tub and batteries.
I found these trays at the hardware store .
They will be great for finishing.  
I am getting so excited for retreat.  
Just Arttie and I are going this year. 
Patty decided not to go this year and instead visiting her son and family in Tennessee.  
It's just great to be able to get away for the weekend and not to have make dinner.  
Tomorrow night, while the guys are watching the Mayans, I'm going to finish getting my projects kitted up.  
I like to bring projects I got from The Bee.  
I usually bring enough to last a year of retreats!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Have a fabulous week!
Keep on Stitching

Monday, October 14, 2019

I'm A Cool Kid

Last weekend, Bob asked me about going to Green Bay this past weekend.  
The weather was suppose to be bad.
I think he felt guilty because he's been bird hunting, spending time at his camp and starting to plan deer season.  
I told him, I'm always up for a shopping trip.
On Monday, he looked at the forecast again and said maybe he would go bird hunting on Saturday.
Then Tuesday, he was back talking about Green Bay  
Ed was over for dinner.  I invited him to tell his father stop toying with my emotions.  
We went.
One of the places I wanted to go was Best Buy.
My Iphone 6 is five years old and I only paid $100,  
With the last IOS update, my battery was being abused and needed to be charged every 20-24 hours. 
My battery life hadn't changed, still operating at 87%.
I didn't want to get a phone from Verizon.  
Our Verizon store is horrible!
They work on commission so, they lie, cheat and steal .
When I asked them about the cost of a 6 was $200 and I told them I could order one from Best Buy, he proceeded to tell me, "Best Buy gets an inferior phone."
I told him I would take a chance on a $100 phone.  
Since I got such an inexpensive phone the last time, I would get the brand new, shiny Iphone 11....not the 11 Pro, figuring it would last me until I have to a Cricket.  
Best Buy got me all tricked out.  
I spent Saturday night updating everything and finding password or changing them.  
I like Iphones because there really isn't much of a learning curve.  

No trip to Green Bay goes without a stop at the Stitching Bee.
I have two pieces I brought for framing:  BBD The Bells on  Christmas Day and 
 Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring. 
Katy has already asked me if she could have  Merrily.  
I told her once she has a place for it, its hers.  
I needed some floss to work on the BBD Pumpkin Farm.  
Bob left me to my own devices while he went to Fleet Farm, always dangerous.  
I picked up Scarlet House Pumpkin and Bittersweet and the floss.  
I found this.  
I thought it might be fun to bring to retreat and I may use the same floss in Pumpkin and Bittersweet.  
The pattern calls for DMC but, the colors would be beautiful in the overdyes.  
I have started watching Brenda and the Serial Starter.  
They have rules such as always have a red sampler going or always buy a BBD when you see it.  
So, I did.  
This is a very cool pattern book, several projects.   
Because, I spent time working on my phone, I didn't get too much progress done on Hannah.  
After I took the picture I finished another bird on a branch to the right of the large flower completed.  
I have been working the Saltboxes by Plum Street Samplers.  
I am doing them on laguna over one. 
I can't tell you what I'm going to do with them but, it will be fabulous!

That about sums it up and now Buster is barking at me for something so gotta go!
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching!!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hannah Pepper Update and More

I have been working on a lot of things.  
I may decide to post pictures of what I'm working on for stitching Christmas.  
I think Arttie is the only one from my group who reads my blog.  
I have the vine around the border done and going to work on this by page.  
I have been working on her on the weekends and enjoying it immensely.  
Working on 40 count linen is a little slower going but loving the results.  
Have decorated for Autumn rather than Halloween this crazy Jack O'Lanterns.  
I decopaged this pumpkins last year.  
I found a larger paper mache one at JoAnn's so may do that one in the near future.  
Looking at this picture and it looks way out of proportion.
The center pumpkin is ten inches high.  
Love my Prarie Sampler Fall  Samplers.  
Working on this for the Stitching Bee retreat exchange.  
Not sure how I will finally finish it yet. 
I have a few ideas.  
I just have to finish the left wing and two legs.
Maybe an hour left.  
The weekend just got away from me and the next thing I knew it was Monday morning.
The weather has been really nice all week, mid 60's
Tomorrow, it will all change....rainy and cold.
I don't know if we will have snow.
I hope we don't but, it has been know to happen.  
The week has flown by.  
Ready to welcome a new weekend.  

Hope you had a great week!
Thanks for stopping!
Keep on Stitching!
Two weeks till retreat....happy dance!
Love exclamation marks.