Sunday, August 25, 2019

Don’t Think I Will Make It

I don't know that I'm going to finish the Stitch Nine Challenge.  
My projgects are way too large.
If I do this again, I will pick much smaller projects.
It is getting close to Christmas and I need to get started on gifts.  
There just isn't enough time in the day for stitching.  
I got the thread I need for presents and then I couldn't find the ones I had put aside that I had.  
I tore up my sewing room and baskets by ny stitching chair looking for it.  
After looking in places two or three times, I sat down being aggravated.  
I looked across the room and had the bag pinned to the bulletin board.  

I got the second installment of the Girls ABC Sampler Club from Country Sampler in Spring Green.  
I haven't even started on the first one.  
It  came packaged so cute.  
Love the pattern from Samplers Not Forgotten.  
The threads are beautiful and its on 36 count Navy Bean.  
Who doesn't love a red house?!
I'm going to really enjoy this one.  

I did finish the La D Da Tiny Sampler.  
I think I will finish this as a pinkeep.  
I am nearly done with the other vase on the side holding up the arch.  
I may work on the deer next that is in the center of the area.  
I think that will be the best.  
I was out watering with Miracle Grow and snapped a picture of my Black Eyed Susans.  
These are the best they have ever been.  
I have been listening to a Pod cast that Arttie told me about and then Katy told me she had listened to it and loved it. 
It is called The Black Tapes and has a paranormal bent to it.  
Lots of plot twists and turns.
I have been really enjoying it.  
I listened to it while I was looking for my supplies and then when I watered.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I can't believe how fast the summer has gone.  
I am starting to think about fall and bought some fall scented candles.  
I wish the fall colors lasted longer than they do.  

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching   !

Monday, August 19, 2019

Girls Weekend

I really didn't take any pictures take is year of College girls weekend.  
Everyone else was taking pictures so I just didn't think I needed to take more. 
Shopping, talking, eating not much drinking....all getting too old for those shenanigans.  
We did have an interesting dinner on Saturday.  
We went to the Big Easel in Wabeno, WI
Wabeno is a tiny, tiny town but must have an artist colony.  
Sideline:  There is a bar called the bottoms up where the Old Style beer sign in front is hung upside down..."bottoms up."
There have these dinners a couple times a month with a theme and you need reservations.
The last one was a New Orleans theme.  
This week was Beef and Reef.
We started with a Lobster Bisque, then Kobe sliders with boubon carmelized onions.
Then there was Garlic Butter Cream Langostino Lobster with Pasta.  
Then there was Dungeness Crab with drawn butter.
Followed by Steak au Poiver, Roman Beans with a Teriyaki reduction and Bistro Potatoes.
Macaroons for dessert. 
There was a violinist entertaining
It was delicious

We shared our large table with a group of three.  
The lady had gone to Woodstock and we talked about that.
Fun evening. 

I worked on my Little Sampler from La D Da.  
I am nearly finished.  
Maybe I will finish it this weekend. 
Some updates of  Sarah Braizear.  

Getting ready to start the other support of the arch.  

Not the best lighting.  
It was a lovely weekend and special to get together with old friends. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Back to work tomorrow. 
I took today off to recover and catch up.  
I am suffering from a massive amount of bug bites.  
Either I had gotten attacked loading my car up to come home or they got in while I was packing up the car.  
I am miserable!
Got a new tube of Cortizone with Aloe vera.  
Still itching!  UGH!!

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Boys

We all went to the groomers on Thursday.  
I had a cut and color.  
The Boys got all trimmed up and bathed.  
I really like their groomer.  
The last groomer couldn't deal with Henry and I was never sure if she was mad at me for some reason  
I fired her after she cancelled an appointment for Buster with no reason.  
Because I was never sure what kind of a mood she was in.  
The new groomer does a wonderful job and seems like she really likes the dogs.  
Henry looks super fantastic. 
He has beautiful eyes. 
I especially like Buster with short ears and his fluffy tail!
Henry loves the bears.  
This morning I was able to catch a snap of him protecting the bear.  
He often sleeps this way but, when I got take a picture, he jumps up.  
Finished a tree and started on a bird on Sarah.  Thinks are moving swell.  
I really don't think its going to be finished for some time. 
I'm getting an itch to start something completely different.  
I am also waiting for supplies for the Christmas project.  
This really is a monumental project.  
I always swear I'm never working on anything this large.  

Next weekend is the college girls weekend.  
Working on collecting projects to share.  
They kind of are a craft challenged group.  
Jan will bring a project or two for everyone.  
Next year I will probably just no worry about it.  
It is a lot of time and money.  
I spend $90 on stuff for projects. 
I would much prefer to spend it on cross stitch....LOL

Beautiful weekend here and got a lot done.  
Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Update on Sarah

I have been diligently working on Sarah Braizear.
It is a large piece incase you didn't know. 
I'm working on that section above the arch support on the left  
I'm nearly done with the peacock and then below that are some flowers.  
I still have all the satin stitching around the border but, saving that for last.  
The peacock, working on his legs and then the satin stitch in the tail. 
It is difficult to see the light floss on the fabric.  
Had to show a close up of the vase holding the arch because I think it looks spectacular!

My sewing machines are fixed and went to pick them up yesterday.  
The Singer Athena will die when the bobbin winder bites the dust.  
The bobbin is wound in the bobbin case and the repair guy warned me this is the first thing to happen.  
If it does, it is not repairable.  
The New Home is a champ and will work for a long time.  
I brought a little project so Bob could walk around Cabelas. 
It is one of my Stitch 9 challenge projects.
It is a freebie from La D Da called Tiny Sampler.  
I think when I ordered something, it was sent to me.  
It is a great travel project.  

It breaks my heart to have more mass shootings.  
This needs to be addressed as a nation.  
I believe in gun control, background checks and resources for mental health.  
Adversarial commentary doesn't help the situation.  
White suppremists, terrorists are not "Fine people."

Have a peaceful, safe week!