Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Mother Drives Me Crazy

As you have read in my posts it has been terrifically cold. 
When it is this cold your car has a tendency not to want to start if it isn't consistently used.
Yesterday, my 86 y/o mother has a beauty shop appointment and her car won't start.
She calls the garage and the wrecker comes and starts her car.  
They tell her to let it run for 45 minutes (so the battery charges) before she could turn it off.
She got to her hair appointment.
It started just fine after that and she got home.
She can't figure out why it didn't start.  
When I stopped and saw her on Sunday, I asked if she needed anything from the grocery store.
It was very snowy and windy and the temperature was going to drop.  
She said she was fine until Wednesday when she was going to go out, get her hair done and stop at the store.
So when she asked me the question "Why didn't my car start?"
I responded, "Because you have started it since Friday or Saturday:  4 or 5 days."
She now has been arguing with me that she had gone out before Wednesday.  
Today, being concerned about her car, she started it.
She has an automatic start button on her key.
Those only turn the car on 10 or 15 minutes to warm up the car then it shuts off.
She couldn't figure out why the car didn't run for 45 minutes like she wanted it too. 
"It just shut off."
I explained to her what I just stated above and she argued with me.  
She is making me crazy!

I have posted the latest update on Prairie Schooler February.  
The needle has been moving pretty fast.

It was much warmer today but, that has come to mean snow.
We got 5-6 inches.  
Then the temperature is going to drop.  
It won't be quite as cold but, it is still going to be pretty frigid, a high tomorrow of 13.

Hooray, as always tomorrow is Friday. 
One of the things I would like to accomplish this weekend is dye a little piece of fabric for the Primitive Hare Freebie Link Here.
This is a wonderful little piece just in time for Valentine's Day.
I will do it in some redish, pinkish overdye.

Hope your week has been wonderful.
Thank you to everyone who stops and takes the time to comment.  
Have a great weekend...we are all getting cabin fever in this neck of the woods. 
I may need to bake some cookies even though Bob will complain if I do...
Who in their right mind complains about homemade cookies?
Keep on stitching

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First Smalls SAL Finish

Here is my first Smalls SAL sponsored by Stitching Lotus.  
Here is the website so check it out.  
I had saw this freebie on the Threadwork Primitives Website.  
I do really enjoy Nan's patterns.  

Here is the link to the website.  

 I did it in floss from Vicky at Victorian Motto and Sampler Shoppe:  
1795 Ocean Waves
1795 Best Olive Green and
GAST Adobe
I finished it using an old aluminum spice jar I got at an antique/junque store in Eagle River, WI
I figure this would make a really great container for (TaDa) Pins!

Stop by tomorrow and see the Prairie Schooler update.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Glasses...Yippee and Cartwheels!

I'm so excited about my new glasses.  
You have to look close but, embedded in the lenses are little magnets.  
I think you can see them better on my boosters...the lenses without the frames.  
When I'm doing close work:  computer, stitching or removing stitches out of hands I see GREAT!
It has majorly cut back on the eye and neck strain when working on the computer.
With my progressive lenses I have had to tilt my head back to see the screen.  
I do paperwork on a computer all day.  
Now I don't have to keep my head tilted back.  
In general I'm seeing better out of the new glasses from an update correction and do a lot of close stuff without the boosters.
Stitching is much more enjoyable with the booster.  
I have sunglasses that click on too.  
I can still watch TV with them on.  
When I'm stitching I mostly listen anyway.  
If I'm more interested in TV they just pop off.  
I'm cruising on Prairie Schooler February.  
I love Prairie Schooler.  
 Alternate winkly picture.  
 I have also been working on a pair of socks for Bob.  
Its knitting up looking like camo.
The yarn is a very yummy alpaca blend.  
All the schools in the area are closed tomorrow because the high will by -7 and the windchill will be -25 to -48.  That is way too stinking cold.  I wish I had the day off tomorrow.  I could really use a day to stitch.  The weekends are just way too filled with chores and errands that I don't get nearly as much time to stitch as I would like.....Oh well, (heavy sigh)

I am glad I'm not part of Stitching from the Stash SAL.  I broke down and ordered Valentine Truffles from Shepherds Bush, the fabric and the floss.  That would have put me over the $25 limit.

One last thing.  I caught a minute of Dr. Oz last week and he was talking about home remedies.  And most opportune, he was talking about digestion issues.  My daughter with the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has a terrible time with her stomach so my ears perked up.  She saw the doctor last week for issues.  He recommended Ginger Tea.  Of course, I stopped at the local supermarket and found some.  I did have to try it before I sent it off to her at college.  I got Lemon-Ginger by Stash Tea (That must have been an omen dontcha think.)  I love the stuff!  I picked up some this weekend for me when I went grocery shopping.

Thanks for the great comments.  I missed the Grow your Blog party this weekend (second heavy sigh).
Hope everyone had a great time and not suffering from a bloggy hangover.  Stay warm where you are and if you heat with propane may your tank stay full!!!!

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Crabby

I'm having one of those crabby days. 
Work has just been way too much work.
Usually, I really love my job but, it has just been way too much work.
Everyone has been crabby and that's okay.
Well you know how that works.  
It is way too cold too!
Right now it is -12, UGH!
I'm tired of having to warm up my car so it moves.
I know there are parts of the country where they have been dumped on.
But, I have a serious case of cabin fever. 
I should have warned you all I was having a pity party so you could have worn your party hat.  
 Racegoer dons a fancy ahead of day two
Oh maybe this.
A woman wearing a fancy hat at the Royal Ascot horse race meeting
I have finished my small for the SAL and have to post it on January 29th.
I have started Prairie Schooler February.
 A little closer.  
Good News:  I did get my new glasses today.  
I am liking them.  
I'm anxious to see if the boosters help reduce my eye fatigue and make close up work easier.
In-other-words, computer and stitching.
The only bad thing was there was only one clip on.
I don't know what got messed up but the sunglass clip on wasn't there.  
Oh well...
Glad its Friday.
I'm ready for a weekend.
Hope You had a good week.
Thanks for all the great comments
Keep on stitching,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Okay, I Need Some Help

I don't know what I'm doing wrong or maybe just what I'm doing.
I have tried several times to get the button from the Smalls SAL on my blog.
I have tried to get the Samplemakers button too....without success.
I use blogger, so if anyone has the system down....I could use some help.  
I like to think I'm an intelligent person but, this has me flummoxed!!!

I think I have the numbers done and have started on the alphabets.  
 Different angle and the flash.  
I think the color is better. 
 Close up of the numbers and alphabet.  
I wasn't sure the walnut would come through on the pictures. 
 I am going be taking a break from it for a while. 
I did start my small today, finally.
I don't want to show you that just that but I'm about a quarter done. 
It is 65x47 stitches.  
I'm trying to keep them under a 100x100.
It was a free chart.
Then I decided I hadn't done a Prairie Schooler in sometime.
I have done many of the months.  
I think I have January, February and December left to do.  
I have the February one ready to go.
I think I'm going to do the groundhog as a single piece as a little hanger for the china cabinet. 
 That could be my February small.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
My has been very fine.  
Did help my mom get some quilt fabric at Joann's
A throw for Ed, a table runner and set of placemats for the family that shovels her drive and I bought fabric for a table runner and set of placemats for her to make for me.  
Have a super week.  
Thanks for stopping and the wonderful comments.
Keep on Stitching.

Addendum:  Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a stupendous valentine giveaway HERE
I usually post this as a link on the sidebar but that isn't working either.
I think Blogger is loosing it. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Slipping, Fishtailing and Stitching

We have had more snow.
Bob has had to blow snow twice this week and it needs to be done again.
The roads were very slippery this afternoon when I came home.
I don't mind the little fishtailing when turning corners.
I don't like it when the antilock brakes nearly don't get you to stop before the cross traffic.
I have been always able to stop.  
There is that surprised look on my face often.  

I am nearly done with two side of borders on my Stacy Nash.
I think I will have enough Piney Woods, the green but, I may get some more.

I'm anxious to start the alphabet and numbers.
I have more motifs to do too.  
 I wanted you to see a close up of the squirrel in the tree.  
He is very cute. 
I am super glad it is friday tomorrow.  
I am so ready for the weekend.
It has been a long busy week at work.  
We are short a therapist so, I'm working extra hours.
Had to be at a business afterhours function on Tuesday and a going away party on Wednesday.
Good to be home tonight.  
Hope you have had a great week.
Thanks for the comments!
Hope we all get some good stitchy time in!
Keep on stitching.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

8:30 Dessert Time

Just waiting until 8:30.
Dessert time!
All those apples I peeled, cut, dipped in salt water and froze in October, I used some for Apple Crisp.
When the kids were home and Desperate Housewives was on, it was a Sunday night ritual.
We would ask Ed when to have dessert.
He always said 8:30.
Now they are at college and we still occasionally have dessert.
I ask the husband, "Bob, what time should we have dessert?"
Oh Wow!  He says 8:30.
Imagine that!
I suppose it will always be 8:30.

It was a very normal weekend and Sunday.
Very busy but normal.
Last Sunday, I drove to Milwaukee to my sister's with my 86 year old mom.
Her cousin had died very unexpectantly.
She was determined to go.  So I took her.
As far as funerals go it was very nice.  
She was 84 and had been more like an aunt when we were growing up.
She and her family were the nearest family we had growing up in Milwaukee.  
She was an amazing woman.
She was incredibly involved in the church, community and family.  
It was a whirlwind trip during brutally cold weather.  
Fortunately, my car has a heating block, so when we got to my sister's we plugged it in.
It started like a champ the next morning.  

Of course, since the weather has been warming up....that usually means....yep
We had about four inches when we woke up yesterday.  
It was enough to have to snowblow.
Especially at the bottom of the driveway since the snowplow dumps at the bottom of our drive.
Some pictures of the snow.
First ones I have posted.  
 The trees were beautifully frosted.  
 It hasn't been that cold
 We have a burning bush just outside our bedroom window.  
 It has small red berries on it this year.  
 You can see them a little better here. 
 I thought I would show you how I keep my projects rolled up.
You know I am the hoopless stitcher...I don't use hoops or frames.  
When I work on a large piece, I just roll it up.
 I have made some progress on the border.  
I am ready to take a break 'cuz it is a bit monotonous.  
I have started working on the tree above the girl. 
 Did get all the chores done and did some work in my sewing room, straightening things up.
I was going through some smalls patterns to get ready for the SAL.
That is some good incentive to get some of those projects done.  
Thanks for the wonderful comments. 
I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
It makes my day.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week.
Keep on stitching

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Incredibly Cold

It has been incredibly cold here.
It was -25 this morning at 7 am and didn't break 0 until about 11 o'clock.
I think there have been places colder but, that is pretty doggone cold.
Fortunately, the dog didn't get stuck in the cold
Schools were closed for two days and there was a two delay today.
I don't think there was a school open in the U.P. Monday or Tuesday.
It did get to a high of 15 today.
I think the polar vortex may be done for now.
You know what means....SNOW!
It doesn't sound too bad though 2-5 inches.  

I am awfully glad that the holidays are over and hopefully back to normal.
I think the older I get the more I prefer the status quo.
I must be getting old and boring.  

I am getting ready for the Smalls SAL.
These are the supplies for the first project.  
I don't know that I will get all twelve projects ready as I have seen.
I may get a few in the queue on the ready.  
 GAST Adobe
Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Hand dyed floss:
 1795 Ocean Waves and 1795 Best Olive Green.
You will just have to wait until the post.
I am using the aluminum spice container to finish it.
I had picked the container up at a antique store in Eagle River, WI.

I have been making slow and steady progress on the Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.
It is slow going.

That pretty much sums it up.  
Trying to clear the debris from the holidays and the last year. 
Thanks for the wonderful comments you send my way.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Keep on stitching.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Slow But Sure It Is Going Away

Sadly enough, the Christmas decorations are going away.
We didn't decorate the tree until Katy got home.
It will come done tomorrow.
I have put away the Christmas stitching. the Santa's, the Snowmen and checked the Christmas cards.
My card list is really dwindling.
Cards just about must me a thing of the past.  

I have been working on the Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm  
 This is really a lovely piece, but slow going. 
 It is rather large.
 I have a feeling two skeins of Piney Woods isn't going to be enough.  
It has been brutally cold.
The morning low was -23.
The coldest spot in the UP was about 50 miles west of here and it was -31.
Tomorrow is suppose to be around 20 but windy.  
I plan on getting the grocery shopping done then.
It is suppose to be extremely cold on Monday.
The high -8.  
I had on long underwear today!
I had to stop and get gas today. 
The first gas station I went to if you wanted to pay at the pump you had to enter your zipcode.
My fingers were so cold and my brains froze I couldn't get it straight.
You then had to see the cashier who informed me I could pump but, had to pay inside.
I bagged it because I didn't want to walk across the parking lot again.
I went to a different gas station.  

Hope it isn't too cold or snowy where you are.
Stay warm and stitchy