Sunday, April 28, 2013

YooHoo It is Finally Spring!!

We finally have Spring!  We have been very busy around the house. After we ran errands,  we did some spring cleaning yesterday.  We did the tops of the cabinets where the decorative stuff is...baskets, large decorative platters and etc.  And we used special cleaner on the front of them.  I had done the insides after we nailed the mouse.  Then we cleaned windows, inside and out and cleaned the screens.  While I did laundry and ironing today, Bob did some raking and pruning some trees.  We did go to Home Depot and got the beginnings of things we will need, a new pruner. Miracle Grow and a few packets of seeds...especially Basil.  Since it was 70 degrees today, we have had the windows open  We sat outside while grilling chicken.  The rest of the week, well you know, lots of rain in the forecast but, at least the temperatures are suppose to be seasonal.

Because of all the work we have been doing, I haven't stitched much.  I did start Homespun Elegance Scenes of Spring.  I couldn't decide what picture to post without or with flash, I posted both.
 I do enjoy doing these.  I have done several similar pieces, the "Bringing In" and I have done the Scenes of Autum.  I even pressed it a little while I was doing ironing so it would show up nice for the blog.
 When we in La Cross, we found a new bead store Bedazzle.  It was a lovely little shop with kits.  I picked this kit up along with the beads to make an awesome Kumihimo bracelet in blues.  The beads were awesome, Lamp glass, blown, silver spacers and two sizes of Bronzite.  The pictures really don't do it justice.
 I tried it on a different background and that seemed to help.
I did not get the last two projects really finished.  It was too nice outside not to get the winter cleaned away.
If I have time this week, I'll get them done.  I do have stitching group at my house on Wednesday.  That will slow some things down a little.  It really is only a little zipping up with the sewing machine.

I did see a new stitching challenge the 2013 Ladies Prim Society on Faye's Carolina Stitcher.  I may decide to participate in it.  I saw the first and second project in the Society and they really appeal to me.

Funny story, I made pancakes for breakfast this morning.  I always make a small one for Buster because he loves pancakes.  He broke the record today.  The first pancake I made him, he carried around for about 4 hours.  Today, we thought he ate it right away.  When we came home from Home Depot and visiting my mom, he pulled it out of the couch...5 hours.  He has been carrying it around and leaving it here and there.  He finally ate it 14 hours after we gave it to him.  While Bob has been doing yard work, he has found multiple Milk Bones in the backyard from the winter.  If he knew how to did a whole, I think he would be burying a lot of these treats. He is a very goofy dog.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  Thank you for the fun comments.  You guys are awesome!  Have a great week and .....Keep on Stitching

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Surprise We Woke Up Too This Morning

We woke up this morning to an inche and a half of snow.  It doesn't sound like much but, it is April 25th.  It is suppose to be 70 on Sunday.  Hopefully the weather man isn't lying!
 It was a wet heavy snow that really stuck to everything

 It really was kind of pretty but, I would prefer flowers
 Sort of looks like everything was frosted!

I started and finished this Shepherd's Bush.  Oh crap!  I just noticed I forgot the words 
"Come Home."
 I better get that stitched on.  
 I also finished my little May robin.  Oh crap!  I just noticed I forget to stitch May at the bottom of that one too.  I must be really loosing it.  I'm just in a hurry to finish so I can really finish them.  I'll get the words stitched in tonight.  I don't have to do much with dinner since I have stew in the slow cooker.  

I hope you aren't laughing too much at me right now.  Better to catch the boo-boos before the machine work needs to be done.  

Thanks for all the great comments!  I love hearing them!  Thanks for stopping by.  
Hope you have a great weekend.  I got kitchen cabinets to clean.  I am going to make some time to stitch.  Make sure you do too!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Not Tulips but, I do Have Something Growing

I have greatly enjoyed all the lovely pictures of Spring flowers in the blogs I follow.  I don't have any tulips or  daffodils in my garden.  And with the weather the way it has been it could be July before we see spring flowers.  The first thing that always comes up is my Rhubarb.  The Strawberry Rhubarb is the first.  
 The regular is usually not too far behind.  
I just love Rhubarb.  I have a majestic patch!
 The update on my PS Robin for May.  
 My acquisitions from Mainstreet Stitchery and Frame Shoppe in LaCrosse.  
I think is a good addition to my 4th of July collection
 There was something about this Prairie Moon that grabbed me.  

 Another Chessie and Me and there are sheep on it.  

 I plan to finish this Shepherds Bush as a pincushion for  the basket with other SB smalls
 It was packaged so cute.  Everthing is there except the scissors.  
 Then the odds and ends.  
A free PS card, some chenille to add to the stash for finishing, Wisper thread to use on LHN Virtue sheep, a bird button for the Homespun Elegance Scenes of Spring, and a ruler for the basket.  
Welcome new followers!  I'm so glad you have joined my blog!  Thanks also for the wonderful comments!  I enjoy them so.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Mine has been very what else is new?  Sometimes, it is easier to be at work.

Have a great week.
Keep on Stitching!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Went in for a $2 Needle and Walked Out With....

When one is knitting cables, one needs a cable needle.  I had a favorite one.  It was a hook.  I like them because the stitches don't slide off.  I put in my knitting basket.  I heard it land.  I can't find it.  I have looked everywhere for it.  I have another one but, I don't like it as much.  It is a different style.  I have looked for the kind I like a couple of places but, I had not been successful.  I went to Rainbow Knits, where the alpacas are to get a new cable needle.  They had several of the kind I don't like.  I asked the clerk and she said there was something in a different spot she thought was for felting.  Lo and behold it was the kind I like and half priced.  It was only a $1.05 what a deal.  
On the left-the one I don't like
On the right-the one I do like! 

 A yarn store is dangerous and I looked around a little...big mistake.  I found this yarn that is knitted together for the intended project.  I saw a sample and it was gorgeous.  I have big plans for this!
 Then I got some alpaca sock yarn.  My kids love socks made out of it.  My son is especially found of it.  The color is called Hydranga.  I think it looks like faded jeans and would be ok for guy.  

I have finished the house in Holly Berry Farm Christmas
I started May from Prairie Schooler Sping and Fall,  In case you can't guess, it is a robin.  

I shouldn't complain since parts of Michigan is flooding.  Picture of the radar.  Some interesting things:
we are on the cusp of 2-4 and 3-7 inches of snow.  The pennisula that projects in to Lake Superior will get between 8 and 18 inches.  Can you believe that!  It should make for an icky commute tomorrow.  Radar
I had some great responses from my last post about my box.  I loved hearing about your family members who used the boxes.  Many grandfathers used them ofr lunch boxes.  I can completely see that.  I don't think the one I got looks like it has been used.  You can read more about it  HERE.  It is so much fun to get a conversation going about this.

Thanks for stopping and thanks for the great comments.
Hope it is spring where you are.  I think we will end up transitioning back to winter.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, April 14, 2013

WOW! What a Weekend!

We went to La Crosse to see Katy this weekend.  The roads were lousy for the first hour on the way there.  The further we went the better they got.  We had fun with her and her girlfriends.  I will have a later post about the stitching finds.  

We went out to dinner with a whole bunch of girls.  We were going to go to a Pizza place downtown called Pizza Amore.  They make a gluten free crust so Katy was very interested.  They wouldn't be able to seat us for an hour so we had to walk around.  It wasn't exactly nice there yesterday.  It only got to about 35 degrees and was raw.  There really wasn't much open other than bars and restaurants.  We didn't think we should be taking 18-20 y/olds into bars.  (Responsible parents)  We found a coffee place and got some drinks there.  They were hot too!  It was a very interesting coffee place.  Amazing how many people are in those places plugged in and focused on usually not one but two screens.  All the buildings are beautifully old with gorgeous tin ceilings.  

One of the posters on the wall.  I love these old posters from the 1920's.
 The pizza was great.  They had interesting combinations.  Two of the girls had the chicken caeser pizza, one had a Gyros, another a Margarita and a Seafood. Bob had a Roman Ruin: sausage, pepperoni, chorizo, artichokes, broccoli (he never eats broccoli) and I had the Thai Curry Peanut Pizza with chicken.  They were all individual sized and awesome.  I don't think there was a bad one in the bunch.
 Katy and her group of girl friends.  They are all so amazing.  
 Big Daddy Bob ready to pay the bill.  Hooray for fathers!  Way cool interior.  

Before dinner, Bob, Katy and I had gone shopping of course.  While we were in  Cross Stitchery and Mainstreet Framing, Bob took a walk down the street and found an Antique Mall.  We met him and took a walk around.  I always keep an eye out for things that look stitching related.  I found this box.  I sort of fell in love with it. I walked away from it several times.  Then I asked the proprietors if there was wiggle room in the price and there was.  That did it, it had to come home with me.  

 The little things on the end are actually latches and when you pull on one side the top will come off.  It was marked as a Handmade Swedish box.  

 I had seen the wooden box for the BBD Bee Hive pattern.  It was $155.  This box was less than that and just as interesting maybe more so.  You will see lots of pictures of it.  I am going to try and research but, if anyone out there has seen something like it, please let me know.
 I think the side and top is maple.  It is quite irregular so, I think it was hand made and with hand tools.
 The grain on the outside is just gorgeous.  It is kind of ripply in areas but in a good way.  Not like it was damaged.
 Lacing on the outside and inside to hold it together.  I'm sure there was some glue involved but, no evidence.

 The notches cut out for the latches look hand chiseled and sanded in the solid top.  There may have been a small repair or something helping to hold the handle on.  I don't care.  I think it is a really cool piece.
 A few more pictures 
 The sides have that Shaker look but, different.  
It was an even more horrible trip home today.  It started with ice in LaCrosse for the first two hours.  It was snow all the way past Wausau to Antigo.  It was still snowing the last two hours on the road but, it had started later and the roads were only wet.  The front end of my car.  There was ice on the sides too but that fell off after we slammed doors.  It was worse when we stopped for gas.  Every time we stopped we knocked ice off the lights. A trip that normally takes 5 1/2 hours took nearly 8!

We counted 10 cars in ditches, one wreck truck with trailer vs car and four roll-overs.  Thankfully, Bob is a very good Yooper driver.  He is sitting in the sauna right now trying to un-knot himself.  
We did have an great time.  More snow tonight, another inch.  I don't think the stuff will ever melt.  
Thanks for stopping!  Thanks for the great comments! and Welcome new members.  I will show my latest acquisitions in the future.  Nothing monumental but, cute.  

Keep on Stitching

Friday, April 12, 2013


Wow this is a record for me, two blogs within 24 hours

I wish I had taken before pictures yesterday.  We had some grass yesterday, about a third of our yard.  Today, we are yet again buried under snow.  So far, since last night we have gotten about four inches and should get another two to four.  We are suppose to go to LaCrosse to see Katy.  I think we will still go.  We are just going to leave a little later.  
Buster close to the house but, once he gets out a little ways,

 the snow is just below his belly.  

 Plows have gone through.  I'm sure there is close to ten inches at the bottom of the driveway.  We always get a pile since we are the first driveway after they turn at the corner.  It all gets dumped in our driveway.  It is wet and heavy.  That means the snow blower will have trouble.

School has been cancelled today throughout much of the U.P.
Hope the weather is better where you are.