Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stitching at Cabela's

  I have been trying to move pictures from my cell phone to my laptop since Thursday.  I don't know what has been going on but, it just hasn't been working no matter which way I try.  I have shut things down and rebooted them.  I think one of the problems is my phone is just too old.  I have an IPhone 4.  I need to get a new phone.  I want to get an IPhone 6 and be able to download the stitching app.

Well onward!
On our way to LaCrosse last weekend, Bob needed to pick up a few things.
He has a turkey permit.  That of course, means some new gear:  decoys, calls and a seat to keep his butt dry.  
I have learned a long time ago there is nothing I dislike more that having to follow him around the store five or six times.  
I take a project to work on. 
This is Stacy Nash:  Country Sampler Early Alphabet Pinkeep I won from 
Cabela's has some lovely chairs by the fireplace at the front door.
I just settle myself in and get comfortable with a project.    
All kinds of taxidermed critters, pheasants on the mantel
 A little further away and up higher is a male and female moose.  
Every once and a while a live one will wander into town creating quite a ruckus.
 Later, once we got to LaCrosse, Katy came to the hotel and we went out for dinner at Buzzard Billies a cajun/creole place that was very good.
After dinner she took us to one of her favorite places called the Casino Bar.
The specialty is Russian's:  white ones, black ones and all different kids with different ingredients
aka liquors.  
Love the sign tho and had to take a picture of that.  
 The day before we left, Henry Ford was sunning himself in the back yard for the morning while I cleaned.  Had some toys around him.

Don't expect too much from me in the next few weeks.
My MIL is now moving to the same assisted living my mom is at.
We have her move to deal with now.
After that is the rummage sale at my mom's, sisters are coming to help with that. 
And getting rid of any big furniture left from the MIL
Hopefully by June 1 everything will settle down a little.  

Just hope I can sneak away and stitch a little.

In the meantime, my house is a disaster.

Have a great weekend
Thanks for stopping and the great comments you send me

Keep on stitching

Monday, April 20, 2015

Like I Really Needed More Stash

We went to Lacrosse this weekend to see Katy and bring home some of her stuff before the end of the semester and she goes to North Carolina for BioPhysics studies.  
I got to go to Cross Stitchery and Main Street Framing.
I picked up some fabric and the NPI silk for an old Kathy Barrick  A Stitcher's Prayer
I have already stitched it once with different colors and I wasn't happy with the results but, I love the pattern.  

 There are some really great smalls in this BBD book.  I have stitched several pieces from an earlier book.  I love the button box.
 This Stacy Nash really caught my eye and the store owner so convienently pointed out that she had the velvet for the lining.  Naturally, that had to come home with me.
 I just buy the Dames of the Needle hand dyed pom-pom when I see it because it is just so perfect to finish needle keeps.
Since it has sheep, I had to pick up Shepherds Sampler by Brenda Gervais.  
So, when am I going to finish all this stuff.  

We then took a little roadtrip to Viroqua, WI about 30 minutes away from Lacrosse.  
Katy had been there with a friend a month or two ago and found a really great yarn store called Ewetopia.
She hand dyes/paints her yarn.  
I found some hand dyed alpaca lace weight and would like to make a shawl.
The pattern calls for 1170 yards and the skein was 1240.  
Hopefully the clerk and I aren't wrong about this.   
If nothing else I can always make a scarf.  LOL.  
I should get to my stitching.  It has been a long day and I need some centering.  
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

His Eye on the Sparrow Update.

I'm back on His Eye is on the Sparrow.
I've made some progress on the area over the large bird.  
 I'm working on another peacock next the the goose and gosling.
I have said this in other posts that I feel like I'm making progress as I complete each motif.   
I did win a drawing from Samplers and Santas.  It is Stacy Nash Country Sampler Early Alphabet Pinkeep.  The intention is to (haha) stitch it forward.  In other words, when I'm done I will hold a drawing.  Stay tuned, it will probably be the next thing I work on once I spend a little time with Sparrow.

We had six inches of snow thursday night/friday morning.  The roads were very much a nightmare, the worse all winter.  It had rained all day so there was a lot of water on the roads.  It turned to ice. Like I said the roads were horrible. It was in the 60's yesterday and 70 today so, most of, if not all the snow has melted.  That is the great thing about snow storms this time of the year.  It melts really fast.
Looking forward to next week weekend and going to LaCrosse to see Katy. That also means a trip to the cross stitch store there.  Love that place.

Hope you had a great weekend and your weather was good.  Back to work.
Have a wonderful week and may your needles stay sharp.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some Finishes

I finished Spring Hare.  
I'm pretty happy with the GAST Rhubarb for the letters and a hint of color in his bow tie.  
 Just need to frame him.  
 I also couldn't resist, I had to start Sweetheart Sewing Tin from Milady's Needle.
And I finished it.
Now I have to "finish" it.
Henry Ford had his first haircut at the groomers.  
He wasn't the best do but, he will get better. 
We have lots of work to do with him to get him to behave better.   
Bob has been suffering from a progressively worsening cough since January.  
I suggested he call the doctor on Monday to have it checked out.
He didn't have an opening until Tuesday, so he took that one. 
I thought he might have walking pneumonia or something.  
The doctor listened to his lungs, took an xray and those were fine.  
He thinks it may be a side effect of a high blood pressure medication he started in December.  
He is off of it and will start something new in two weeks. 
In the meantime, since he was coughing so hard the bed was shaking so much I went and slept in Katy's room .
Buster had to come with me.  
Needless to say, a little dog can be a big bed hog and I haven't slept too much.  
His cough is getting better so, maybe I can sleep in my own bed tonight!.  

Hope your week has been going well and you have a wonderful weekend.  
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Couldn't Resist

Took a road trip today with some of the stitching group.  We were missing one but, it is always so difficult to get folks coordinated.  I have been dying to get the to the Stitching Bee to see the new things from the Nashville Market.  
So here is the stash.  
I really like GAST Rhubarb so I got some not "New"
Can't see it so great but, I got a microfiber cloth with sampler motif and a new needle minder one of my fav's, a Sheep.
 Thistles Button Box this is a new designer from Belgium.  Primitive Stitchin Tisket Tasket Primitive Pillow tuck.
 BBD Down in the Valley and Plum Street Samplers Serial Bowl Collection Sampler Lesson.  This came as a kit with the fibers but, you select your own fabric.  I had ordered this prior to Market.
 Don't know if this is new but, it is very cute, BBD My Friends House #8 Abecedarian Series.
 Heartstring Samplings Stitcher's Resolution.  I love the saying on this:  1.  When in doubt buy more linen and thread 2.  Stitch all day and absolutely no housework allow 3.  Always start a new project before the last one is finished requiring a return to number 1.  Too cute!
 This was in the new pile and I thought I had seen this before.  Not only have I seen it, I already bought it a while ago.  This may have to be a give away.  Stay tuned in the future....
 This is a little kit in a tin by Milady's Needle.  Thread, fabric a wooden needle tube.  I absolutely fell in love with this.  Kendra had three and was thinking she made a mistake getting these.  So not a mistake as far as I'm concerned.  The thread colors are gorgeous!  Can't wait to do this.  It may have to move up to the top of my list.
I don't know when I will have time to do all this but, does that really matter.  
We also went to a new quilt store.  It was a happy fabric place.  Some very cute fabric.
Hobby Lobby and then the Mall.  
We were home for dinner.  

Hope your week has been going well.  It was a beautiful Spring Day.  
We may get snow on Easter, so much for an Easter bonnet.  May be Easter mucklucks will be the key.  

Keep on Stitching