Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas....and more

Merry Christmas Everyone.
Thought I would post a few of my favorite Santa ornaments.  

Love the bottle brush tree he carries.  
 Carrying his sacks of gifts.  
Making progress on the Cinnamon Sticks Santa.  
I thought the fur on his collar was floss but its Wisper in a color I don't have.
I should make due but I like the lighter brown.  
Just waiting for it to come along with a few skeins of Classic Colorworks for a different project.  
Finally, I wanted to show you the picture of the Duffers I knitted and felted for the stitching group Christmas presents.  
They may have turned out a little big but, they can be felted down some more.  
If they had been too small, I would have been out of luck.  

Hope you all have a most wonderful Christmas!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Through the Woods

I finished Through the Woods today and I mean I FINISHED it!  
I was sewing some other things for work so I found some backing fabric and finished it too. 
 I found some rusty bells at Joann's. 
I wish they had some smaller ones.  
I have tried rusting bells but, they didn't turn out. 
I know I can order some.  
Maybe I will try again this winter.  
I think he turned out uber cute.  

I started working on Homespun Elegance Cinnamon Santa XVIII
I thought I had all the fibers but, his collar is a brown Wisper.
Needless to say, I had to place an order for it and I ordered the thread for Plum Street Samplers Merry One.  
I have wanted that since it came out as a kit but sold out fast.  
I may continue Christmas stitches through January.  
I am also working on a pair of socks for Katy and started a scarf for myself.

The stitching group Christmas party is this week so I should be able to post what I made them all after that. 

Hope you have had a good weekend.  
I mostly hibernated, crafting and watching Hallmark Christmas movies,  since it snowed yesterday and was a high of 5 today.
It is now -7....yikes!
Suppose to warm up mid week.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It has been pretty dog gone cold in the UP.  
That polar vortex :(
I think the windchill was at least -15 all day.  
Suppose to be cold tomorrow and then snow.
I decided to run my errands and grocery shop today so I can hibernate this weekend.  
Made and awesome dinner tonight from the Paula Dean One Dish Meals that came out this fall.  
It is Wine Braised Chicken with Bacon and Mushrooms.  
 I think says how everyone felt about it.,, seconds and thirds.  
 Progress is being made on the piece from Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching magazine.  
I have a little to do then I will move on to another Homespun Elegance Santa.  
 Felted wool clogs for Ed and decided to give them to him now before Christmas.  
I really wanted to see how they fit...and they are perfect.  

My daughter has started an Etsy store that has beautiful hand knitted accessories and jewelry.  
Please check it out.
Here is the Link:  The Covert Knitter
She also has a blog by the same name:  The Covert Knitter
Thanks for checking it out.  

Really looking forward to hibernating this weekend. 
I want to start a scarf for myself, work on the latest pair of socks and cross stitch of course.  
Hope the weather isn't too brutal where you are.  

Have a great weekend!
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Finishes and Starts.

I really finished my Brenda Gervais Winterberry Cabin.  
I was taking down autumn stitches and this was the frame from on of them.  
I pop pieces in and out of frames and the size looked pretty good. 
Saved a few bucks and I don't keep the seasonal things hanging all the time.  

 Top without the flash
Bottom with the flash
 Started a pair of felted clogs for my son.
It is big enough to be a sleeping bag for Buster.  
It will really felt down.  
Have to do the cuff then knit a second bottom.  
It takes a little time but really is a quick knit.  
 Started  Through The Woods Ornament in the Christmas Edition of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching by Barbara Ana.  
It is extremely cute if you haven't seen the magazine.  
I will keep you posted.  
Finally, everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed tomorrow from 10:30 to 2:00 CST for my daughter Katy.  She has a job interview for a lab position that she really wants.  Hopefully they will pay enough to live on too!  She is super excited.  She has sent out hundreds of online applications and has had a few telephone interviews but, this one has her really excited.  Please say a prayer or send positive energy her way.

Hope you had a great weekend.
I have to say mine was pretty good.  
Keep on Stitching. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

It Doesn't Look Like A Lot of Progress But, Its That Time of the Year.

It doesn't look like I have made a lot of progress but, I have been working on Super Top Secret projects for Christmas and can't post them yet.  
I am headed into the home stretch with said projects and should be able to stitch.
I miss working on this and have other Christmas projects in the hopper.  

I had a great weekend since it was a four day-er with Thanksgiving.  
The turkey was awesome as was the stuffing.  
I could just eat stuffing!
Did a little black Friday shopping but, nothing too crazy.  
We go about 11 am and go out for lunch and hit smaller places.  
Got more stuff for the Giving Tree at Church than for family.  

My daughter has started an Etsy Store that I will be posting links to once she gives them to me.  

Back to work.
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  
Have a great week. 
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I Have Project Amnesia

I have been working on Christmas present projects and do you think I could remember how to do it?
I took a class late summer and I haven't picked it up since, thinking I would remember.
After watching tutorials and consulting with an expert I think I am on my way.  
It took me hours and hours and ate into nap time.....NAP TIME!!!!
Oh well, what do you do.....
I will post the pictures in the future.  

I have been making progress on Christmas at Winterberry Cabin and it is turning out great!
I am probably half way done.  
I simply adore this Santa!

It was blowing, I mean BLOWING and Snowing yesterday, a good day to drink a little red wine.
I stopped and picked up some Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Savignon that was aged in Boubon Barrels.  Let me tell you it is a game changer.  It adds a different layer of taste.  I have to say it is incredible and if you like red wine, it is a must to taste!

Finally, just trying to change things up a little at dinner time from Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.
I roasted a chicken and roasted winter root veggies:  carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and a couple of redskins and we had Rana Portabello mushroom and cheese raviolis.  
Definitely a home run!

That about sums it up.  
Getting ready for Thanksgiving.
Hope you had a great weekend
Keep on Stitching.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Stitching Bee Retreat

As always, we had a great time.  
It started Friday afternoon.  You can get there as early as one to start stitching in the conference room but, we don't usually get there till actual check in time.  
Where we live, we are limited in shopping.  
Sewing supplies from Walmart or a quilt store.  
Nicest place to buy clothes....JCP and its a small one.  
Major shopping is at least 90+ minutes away.
When you get the chance to go someplace bigger, you take full advantage of it. 
We left at 8:30 and did massive shopping in Green Bay.  
First stop was the Stitching Bee for the specialty supplies we needed.  
I needed some over-dyes for a few projects and I picked up some Dames of the Needle dyed pom-pom for finishing.  
We stopped at a quilt store that Arttie is partial too and I picked up a few fat quarters, again for finishing projects.  
Next stop was Joanne's and was that place crazy!
In addition to about 80 skeins of DMC..Autumn in Hawkrun (silk is fabulous but, just too expensive)
I bought supplies to make a red sweater ugly for work.  
The lights will light up.  
 After lunch, we went to the mall.
I just needed some Bath and Body works and Yankee Candle and I had coupons.  
Finally we got to the Landmark Resort and stitching!!
It is so great to see the friends I have made over the last few years.  

On Saturday we head to Sturgeon Bay to The Spin yarn store and Barn Door Quilters.  
Picked up some great yarn....this for Katy
 Some blue chunky yarn she is going to make a scarf for me.   
I think I like the one in the foreground and it is a little softer since it has a little silk in it.  
I also picked up a little yarn holder because I want to start making mittens.  
I also got some self stripping sock yarn.  
I'm working on some socks now with some and it is sooo much fun.
Socks seem to go faster.  
Two of the retreat attendees brought prizes for everyone.  
Arttie made the little tissue holders....I knew she was up to something.  
Everyone got a denim pocket.
It is to put your cell phone in and hang off the charger while charging.  
It served a dual purpose, every pair of pockets had a different fabric bow that matched its twin.  
We then had to find the person who had the matching pocket and get to know them.  
There are goody bags and door prizes 
 There is a little store she sets up and picked up some cute things.  
I love the Stacy Nash snowman
A Homespun Elegance ornament.  
 Another Homespun Elegance pattern and a needle threader.  
I couldn't resist the little dog.  
 I finished Bountiful Blessings on Friday night.  
I need to just "finish" it...maybe this weekend.  
 I started Brenda Gervais Christmas at Winterberry Cabin.  
The Santa is extremely handsome!
The bad thing about Retreat is the weekend goes way too fast and the next thing you know is you have to go home.  
We are thinking about going on Thursday and stay in GB and get the shopping done so we do have more time for stitching. 
I took off today so I could catch up on the weekend things that needed to get done.  
I'm really glad I did that.  

Now I have to get down to business and get going on Christmas presents.  
I have some simple things lined up that won't take too long...once I get going.  

I am already looking forward to next year's retreat.  

Hope you had a great weekend and will have a fantastic week.  
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Halloween Finish

Getting ready for the Stitching Bee Retreat.  
JoAnn has DMC on sale 3 for .99 so stocking up.  
Will buy some other stuff to make a sweater ugly for might just be a load of bells to drive everyone crazy.  I I that thought that ugly sweaters would be the rage, I would have kept mine.  
Finished my Halloween stitch.  
The ghosts get kind of lost in the picture.  
 Started working on Threadwork Primitive's Bountiful Blessings.  
I got it as a kit from Prim Stitcher's Society but, she has just come out with the pattern. 
Again the picture doesn't do it justice.  
The fabric is 32 count Irish Cream with the dmc floss but, it looks so much warmer in person.  
I love it.  
Only been working on it for two days.  
 My buddy Buster sleeping on the junk on my sewing room couch.  
Katy has taken over my room and I'm not happy about it. 
She has started an Etsy shop and has been taking pictures in there. 
It isn't that big of room and has a card table right in the middle, chairs, stools, jewelry etc.
I can barely walk in there to try and get my stuff done.  
 Sleeping on a pattern while I iron the Halloween piece.  
My lists are made.  
My projects are ready. 
Just got to pack my clothes.  

Hope you have a great weekend!
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Such Decisions!

The Stitching Bee Retreat in Door County is coming up and I am trying to decide what projects to bring with me.  
It is a different type of retreat than some of the spectacular ones I have seen posted but, it is still incredibly fun.  
No structured projects...just bring your own.  
It is just fun to be with likeminded and somewhat crazy individuals.  
Here are the projects I have it narrowed down to.  
Everything is kitted up.
Christmas is for the most part on the docket.  
I may start this one as soon as I finish with the Halloween...almost done will post the finish.  
I think this one may be the winner.  I Love this one!
Margaret Cottom from La-D-Da a few years ago.  I liked it so much I bought the pattern twice.  
Will probably try and sell it on a website.  

The last of the leaves on our trees.  
When the sun hits them the effect in my living room is amazing.  
Two Maple trees, totally different.  
I will miss the color which will be gone very soon.  

Our Burning Bush.  
These are the best bushes in the fall. 
The red is spectacular!
Hope you have been having a good week. 
I have made it my mission on my FB to take the Ick out of Politicks by posting as many pictures of puppies, kitties, babies as I can.  
Have a great weekend
Keep on Stitching 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Spectacular giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe but my iPad didn't like the link.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Won't Be Done By Halloween

It is progressing nicely but, I'm afraid I won't have it finished by Halloween.  
No way would I have it framed.  
The ghosts are done and am now working on the bat.  
It has been a lot of fun.  
Starting to think about what I'm going to take on stitching retreat in two weeks. 
Yippee!  Two weeks. 
Will start going through stuff.  
Maybe I will do something Christmas-y

Figured I would also include Henry Ford.  
I try to take pictures of Buster but he either won't look, will get up and walk away or just turn his back.  
Kind of a snotty little shih tzu.  

Hope you have been having a wonderful week. 
Are you tired of the campaign yet?  
I am, ready for it to be done. 
I will vote.  
All this crap isn't going to discourage me. 

Keep on Stitching. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween Stitch Update.

Just a quick post to show the progress on Tonight is Halloween.  
It is slow progress since I had to knit another clog I made last winter/spring.  
Henry Ford chewed a chunk out of it and it couldn't be repaired.  
I had enough yarn left so I knitted another one.
It just has to be felted.  
Plan on starting some Christmas presents soon but, won't be able to post.  
Surprise you know!

Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Monday, October 10, 2016

Henry Ford Update

By popular demand and lots of questions, I figured it was just easier to post a blog response.  
He had thirteen quills removed from the side of his mouth and inside his mouth.  
Quills will work their way in deeper but, we did a good job keeping him calm until the vet could remove them all.  
They had to knock him out. 
He came home stoned and whining.  
He wasn't in any pain since they dosed him up.  
After Buster had his dental work done, the vet told us that some dogs whine when coming off anesthesia.  That didn't happen to Buster cuz that Shih Tzu is as tough as nails.  
Henry whined and was confused until about 930.  
He settled down finally and slept until this morning.  
He's as if nothing happened, eating,drinking, chewing on Buster and chunks of wood.  
Henry is back to his charming, sassy self!

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Henry Ford 0 Porcupine 1

We have a very unhappy Henry Ford tonight.  
It was a good day hunting.  
Two good flushes and then the boys got a grouse.
Called the Vet and they went and had to quills pulled out under anesthesia since most of them were in his mouth.  
13 quills and $460 later, we have a dog that is still a hot mess.  
He just wants to be outside but, it is too cold and he needs to be kept warm.  
He's walking sideways and crying.  
He will be fine but, may never look at a porcupine the same every again.  

The craft sale didn't go so well.  I didn't sell any of my pinkeeps there.  
Katy didn't have a very good sale either.  
That's okay, I was at a class for work.  

I have an update on Tonight is Halloween.  
 Working on my first tomb stone.  
This is a fun stitch!!
Hope your weekend has been better than Henry's.  
I think he may have finally settle down.  

Have a wonderful week.. 
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Night

I finished my five pinkeeps.  
I took them to my stitching group last night and my friend Patty bought one so I can't show it to you.  
Not a great picture but they are nearly ready to go.  
I just need to put a price tag on them.  
They are super stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  
 I am cruising on Tonight is Halloween.
I am nearly done with the lettering.  
I have a couple of little bats stitched too.  
I am really liking the splochy fabric.  
It was a busy day off from work.  
Had a Mass this morning for my Mom.
Went to Walmart after because early is the best time to go there.  
Had a pile of errands to run and we got the house cleaned so it doesn't have to be done this weekend.
I also got tomorrows dinner ready....White Chile....yum!!!

Talked to my sister in Boca Raton and the hurricane isn't too bad there.  
Prayers go out to everyone in the path of the Hurricane.  
The crazy thing about it is it might swoop around and hit them again.  

Hope you have been having a good week.  
Got to get back to ABC's Thursday night.  
Good to stitch by.

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halloween Stitching

I finished Midnight Jack from the latest Issue of Prim Stitching and Punch Needle.  
I changed it to all overdyes:  Black Crow, Loden and Fragrant Cloves.  
I did order the charms used in the pattern from Fallen Angel Charms.  
I was at the Stitching Bee last Saturday and got Kathy Barricks...
 I saw this on her blog and I love tombstones on patterns along with black pumpkins.  
I tried to get the fabric when I got the pattern but, she didn't have any.  
I am doing it on 40 ct as the pattern but, I did some dying on the Explaire that I had.  
The spray bottle left it a little splonchy but, I kind of like it.  
 It was an incredible busy week, 
Monday:  Bob's Aunt's funeral
Tuesday:  4 hour meeting after work
Wednesday:  normal
Thursday:  Took MIL it an eye appt. in Green Bay
She has wet Macular Degeneration and had an injection in her eye. OUCH!
The eye is numbed but, still OUCH!!

Should be a calmer week but, I have a continuing ed program next Saturday.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!!