Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wishing for Spring

Happy Easter 
I thought this was a rather adorable bunny.  

We had a very yummy dinner at my Aunt's.   The best thing is always when someone else cooks.  She did nearly have a nervous breakdown on Friday when she was trying to make the cheese cake and the oven was far from cooperative. It is anew oven and there is something wrong with the thermostat.  Of course being a holiday weekend you can't get anyone to fix it.  I did bring her a thermometer to check the temperature in the oven.  

I have been making a little progress on the Hollyberry Farm.  I'm not pushing it.  I do have until Christmas to finish this.
I have been working a little more On my Prairie Schooler April small since it is April tomorrow.

I also finished the front of Katy's sweater this morning after church.  I have started the ribbing on the first sleeve.  Often I knit both sleeves at the same time but, I decided I wouldn't with this sweater.  It gets too heavy and my fingers get more sore than they use to.
It really is a fun pattern to knit.  There is enough going on to keep it interesting but, not too much that you really have to concentrate on it hard/  

March is definitely going out like a lion this weekend.  The weather was absolutely horrible yesterday.  My mom had to come to town to go to H&R Block to get her taxes done.  The weather was okay not great when she got here.  We were in there about 40 minutes.  When we came out, there was an inch of very wet, heavy snow.   As soon as I got her car brushed off, it could have been brushed off again.  The roads were incredibly slippery.  She lives about 8-10 miles away and I drove her home because the roads were so bad.  Maybe this is the reason I had the loan Impala for as long as I did.  She has an Impala so, I was use to driving it in really bad conditions.  It isn't anything like my Escape in the snow.  Bob then met me at her house and we went to the movies and saw Olympus Has Fallen.  It was a good shoot em up movie.  

We are all hoping the Easter Bunny gets some spring moving into the area.  I would be happy if we just didn't have any more snow and the temperature stayed at least in the forties...just the average.  I don't think I'm asking for much.  

Thanks for stopping.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  I love to hear from you.  
Hope you had a great weekend and your week goes well.  I know I have a very busy week ahead of me.  I hope I can stay awake in the evening long enough to do a little stitching.  
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Can Say Thaw for Now

For the time being, we can say thaw.  It really has been a beautiful day.  The sun has been shining and right now the temperature is 46.  It will be sometime before the snow all melts.  We have about  two feet in the backyard.  Where Bob clears paths for Buster, there are patches of grass showing.  Yea!  Grass!!!  Never fear, Winter isn't over yet.  By Sunday, snow and Monday a high of 29.  It just won't give up.  

I have been multi-tasking.  I have been working on April from Prairie Schooler Spring and Fall.  I changed the color of the rabbits.  I thought the original color 3781 was a little too dark so I changed it to 3862.  
 Then there is Christmas at Holly Berry Farm.  The house is really taking shape.  It seems wrong to be working on Christmas things.  I may diddle on this for a while in drips and draps.  It is a large piece.  (When I saw this post on my blog reader this pic was missing...agh!)

I hope you don't think this is too macabre (it really isn't).  Tuesday was my great-aunt's funeral.  She was 103 years old.  We had celebrated that birthday on February 2.  She had been living in a nursing home and really was pretty sharp up until the last year.  She was a pistol!  She did have some great stories:  stills, skimmerettes and snake skins.  That may have to be a post of its own.  I do digress.  Anyway, one of her nieces had ordered a blanket of roses for on top of the casket.  Apparently, this is done in bigger cities.  The number of roses for the years the departed had been alive.  One hundred and three may have been too much.  The purpose then is to have everyone, on the out take a roses as a remembrance.  It was a relatively small funeral since her contemporaries preceded her in death.  My cousin encouraged us to take more.  These roses are absolutely gorgeous and opening beautifully.  I have been enjoying them.  
 They are really lovely.  Still have the Valentine smalls out because I don't have anything spring yet.  I do need to work on more.  I have picked up some springy backing fabric.  My needle just can't move fast enough.
It has been a busy day including a sock emergency.  Patty from my stitching group is learning how to knit socks and was having just a little difficulty decoding the instructions.  Some of these sock designers just make it too complicated.  Got her through it and she will be fine.  Those double pointed needles can be buggers until you get the hang of them.  Had a little problem with some stitches falling off the end of a needle.  Recovered it nicely.

Hope it is spring where you are and it stays around here for a while.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas at Hollyberry Farm Update

Not a very picture intensive blog today.  Not too much to report.  I was so excited after the stash enhancement that this post sort of palls to it.  I have been chugging along.  I did start a Prairie Schooler on Wednesday at Stitching Group.  This fabric is dark and sometimes hard to work on when I'm not in my chair.  Lots of blocks of color.  

We have had a pretty exciting weekend.  We went and saw Ed yesterday and had dinner with him. Since their breaks didn't overlap, it was the only opportunity they had to see each other...Ed and Katy that is.  

We were able to stop at one of  Katy's favorite bead store.  She picked up some very cute things.  I  bought some charms to use on stitching projects.  She does have a commission.  She is working on an Etsy shop but, college does get in the way.  She will be home this summer so hopefully, she will get it up and running.    I did get some beads to make a Kumihimo bracelet in summer colors:  red, orange and yellow.  

We also stopped at Michael's and I found some round boxes in various sizes.  One should fit the BBD Beehive pattern.  Amanda at Samplers Silks and Linens had heard they boxes in the pattern are around $100.  Ouch!  I think I can make the ones from Michael's work.  The boxes in the pattern are gorgeous, handmade shaker boxes.  I'm sure they are worth every penny but...I have to really think that one over.  Who knows, it could be a birthday gift to myself.  

Katy went back to school.  The homestead is kind of quiet today.  Probably is a good thing since I'm exhausted from all the recent activity.  Got some of the essential chores done but, the cleaning will just have to wait until Thursday.  The dust isn't going anywhere.  

Hope you have a restful, stitchy weekend.  Thanks for stopping.  
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Twisted Obsession

Got to go shopping today with my twenty year old daughter....we went birthday shopping but, I think I got more for myself.  So, why do we work?  I did get her what she wanted...a pair of Sperry shoes and they are uber cute.

The first stop is always the Stitching Bee.  OMG!!!!  So much new stuff from the Nashville Show. I don't know about you but, there was some incredible designs this year.  Kendra had a great selection and I went nuts.  
This is a limited edition Lizzie*Kate.  It came with the fabric, beads and a small pink flower button.      It will be a fun, quick stitch.  
I had this Stacy Nash on order and I picked it up today.  I just love the horse.  I have become a Stacy Nash fan.  I have been working on my Hollyberry Farm.  Nearly done with the roof.
This was quite charming and you know I have grown quite fond of sheep recently.  It calls for GAST wool.  Will have to check into it.  I'm sure I could use overdyes just as easy.
This BBD Honeybee Hill was on my "MUST HAVE" list.  It threw itself at me today.  I may have to order the box to finish it off with because I just love it!
A close up of the top.  They do such a fantastic job.  

I had been eyeballing the Drawn Thread patterns since I saw them.  I figure I can do them as bell pulls and that would be a cute way to finish them. They are 46x141 (or so.  I'm too lazy to double check.)
                               With a close up of this one. You might have to click on it
The Easter one.  These will be So much fun!!

Finally, I had to buy some thread that I needed for upcoming projects.  I am worried about having enough Piney Woods and Straw Bonnet for the SN Hollyberry Farms.  If I don't use it for that, I'm sure I will use it for something.  The colors look amazing on my table runner.
While visiting with Kendra today, we were discussing the LHN Virtues.  She hasn't done the second one yet but, she had the BRILLIANT idea (and I mean BRILLIANT) to use Whisper Thread to make the sheep fluffy.  I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH!!!!  I plan on doing that with the remainder of the sheep.  I am toying with the idea of frogging and redoing the ones I have done.    Probably won't with all the other stuff I have to do.  BRILLIANT!!

Hope you had as great a day as I had!  Remember I roasted carrots and parsnips?  I did it again tonight but added a twist.  I peeled some unripe pears and added them to the mix.  It WAS a hit.  Even put some in Buster's dinner and he chowed man, just chowed!  HAPPY BUSTER.

Still no spring but got some new spring shoes and shirts.
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I had my Corned Beef.  I love that stuff.  I especially like it with Horseradish.  

Everything is always wrinkled so please bear with me.  I don't iron until the piece is done. 
I got started on Christmas on Hollyberry Farm.  It is a large piece.  I may work on it in drips and drabs.  
 Here is a little bit closer up shot of the flowers and urn.  I have started working on the roof of the house since I took these pictures.

Looked at the forecast and we have another winter weather advisory...another four inches of wet, heavy snow.  We are all suffering from snow fatigue around here.  The highs the last two days were only around 28.  At least it was sunny so between chipping away at it and the sun warming the concrete on the driveway, the ice on it has diminished greatly.  Well, what do you do?  I guess I will just have to stitch more to wile away the hours.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope it is springtime where you are.  It will be someday here before I know it.  
Keep on Stitching
Monica.....oh and thanks so much for the great comments.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did Anyone Say Pi?

Welcome new Followers!  I'm so pleased and excited you have joined me!

Now, I would have used the symbol in my title for Pi but, I have no idea how I would have done it.  
In honor of International Pi Day, I made a Pistachio Pie for Bob.  He already had a piece for lunch. 

 I have really been going to town on LHN Virtues Love.  I just have a little border left to do and then sew on the button.  I think I will be starting on Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  Katy got that for me for Christmas and I want to get a start on it.

 I may start multi-tasking too....I am still working on Katy's sweater.  I can't knit much more than a half hour a day or so.  Trying to protect finger joints.  I have  Prairie Schooler Books 90 and 91 Spring Fall and Summer Winter.  They are smalls that sort of go along with the Months.  I was looking around Ebay again and saw them there but, hey those aren't OOP so why not order from 123 stitch and not have to battle a auction.  Just an observation... a lot of times what you see on Ebay can still be ordered.  I only try for the OOP ones.
 Buster had a spa day today.  She had to trim his beard and 'stach close because of something sticky in there....eye boogers?
I am trying a new recipe tonight for Baked Barley.  One of my clients was telling me about it and it sounded good.  I found a recipe on All Recipes.  If I like it and it turns out good, I will post it on the next blog.

Super excited!  Katy is coming home for Spring Break tomorrow.  Ed was home last week.  I think he may come home for a weekend just don't know which one.

I don't know if you saw this on FB but  CHECK IT OUT.  Hurry, it won't last long.  Don't exactly understand how it works but, hopefully I did it right.

Thanks for stopping and all the wonderful comments.  We may be getting more snow (can it be possible).  Temperatures are about 10 degrees below normal and the night time lows are around 0.  It was 0 at 7 am today....UGH!!!!  We are all tired of winter.  The only good thing is maybe it will raise the water tables.

Keep on Stitching.  And enjoy some Pi

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yet Another 6 to 9 Inches Predicted

We have another winter storm warning which I think is worse than a watch.  A good indication is that the alert box is red and not orange.  The snow is suppose to start around 1 am.  That should make going to work tomorrow another experience.  

All the hand stitching is now done on Strawberry Hill.  Here is the top of the box.  Everything has been pressed and is now ready to be finished.  I will eventually get to it.  I may have to experiment with paint colors before I pick something.  I may try pink because then I will Briwax over it.  
This is the pin keep
 Finally, the Huswife.  The curve in the fabric is from yours truly not being able to cut a straight line.  
 I am nearly done with Eden's Lament and it has been very fun.  I just have the finish the upper left quadrant and then on to the words.  I could finish it tonight.  Then I think I will move on to the second LHN Virtues.
 We still have a lot of ice on the driveway.  Bob has probably put 10# of salt to try and speed up the melt but, it is really thick.  He has been gradually chipping away at it.  It will make for troublesome blowing tomorrow if we get that much snow.
 Eventually, I know it will go away.  Heavy sigh!
Ed went back to college today.  Katy will be home on Friday.  We are really looking forward to seeing her.  I think Ed will come for a day or two when she is home.  He really isn't too far.  Sent him back with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

 Last night I roasted carrots and parsnips for dinner.  If you haven't tried this you really should.

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
Peel Carrots and Parsnips. (for the 3 of use I used 5 medium carrots and 3 medium parsnips)
Cut into 2 inch chunks on a diagonal to make them look pretty.  If they are thick then slice them in half
Coat with olive oil, salt and pepper
Place on baking sheet, one layer
Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes or until done.  (fork tender)

Even Ed ate the parsnips.  They are like a very mild carrot.  Everything tastes better than if you boil them.  I may cook carrots this way all the time.  It is incredibly easy.

Hope you have had a great stitching weekend.  Hope the weather has been good where you are.
Thanks for stopping and the great comments.  It makes it special to hear from you.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edens Lament

I finished my Strawberry Hill.  I'm going to iron it this weekend so watch for the post.  I am ready for spring.  We had more snow flurries the last few days.  The good thing is that it really hasn't been sticking.    
I want to stitch some springy stuff.  I got this kit at the Stitching Bee stitching retreat this past fall.  It is Edens Lament.  I think the flowers and the colors are very springy.
I have a good start.  I just love the colors.  I always love their designs.  They are usually so dainty.  

The wording around the border is "A girl, A snake. A rosy bite, A boy, A leaf, A hasty flight."  I have another  little pin keep:  A Flock.  The colors are similar....and there are sheep.  

 I got in the mail today my second LHN Virtue
Some of the colors are the same as the first one.  I love continuity!
 More sheep.  I just love the sheep.
Had the Stitching group over last night and made a Rum Cake.  Rum Cake is amazing!  It was a hit!
Thanks for stopping and the wonderful comments. I really enjoy hearing from you.
Keep on Stitching

Monday, March 4, 2013

So, I Lied.

I kind of thought I would be done by now.  Alas, I am not.  I am making head way.  I have to put the beak and legs on the left side bird, finish some greenery above it and then the top border....then I will be done.  
 I took the pictures at about 6:45 this morning.  It was bright and sunny so there were too many shadows.  Like I said, it was bright and sunny and -4 degrees.  Ouch, that hurt.  It was 34 above when I left work.  That was definately an improvement.

Close up of the top of the piece.  I do have a little more to do.  It will all go into the finishing basket.  I have a box I need to paint and Briwax.  To use for the sewing box.  I will probably then keep it by my sewing machine with supplies in it.
The bottom half of the piece, close-up
Today is the twins birthday.  They are 20 years old.  They aren't teenagers any more.  Hard to believe.  I remember when they did turn thirteen.  Some monumental birthdays during those years.  No body even submitted a birthday list.  I think Ed was just glad he was home for Spring Break.  Katy will be home on the 15th.  I'm hoping she has a snow day tomorrow.  When I talked to her tonight, we talked about how to get a snow day.  I don't know where this came from but, here's what you do:  you put a bucket of ice in the toilet and wear your pajamas backwards to bed.  I wonder if she will get her dorm to do it.  LaCrosse is expecting 7-11 inches of snow.  Ed had a couple of days off two weeks ago when they had a blizzard in Marquette.  We just have about 2 inches of ice on our driveway from the little bits we had.  

If you are looking for a great giveaway, check out Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Her new colors are divine.  Have you got anything picked out from the Nashville Show.  I have a few favorites.  

Thanks for stopping and all the great comments.  I love hearing from you.  
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