Saturday, August 30, 2014

Henry Ford in Fast Motion

Hard to take pictures of a speeding puppy.  
Hopefully, tomorrow we will be able to get some still shots.

Its been a long day.  Buster doesn't know what to make of this speeding intruder.
He was very good on the four hour ride home.  Once he fussed and we stopped, got gas and he did his duty, both one and two...Good Dog, Henry Ford.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ravens and Crows

I finished Ravens and Crows a freebie from Lori Brechlin at Notforgotten Farm.
Now, I just have to decide how to finish it.  
I think it will be a pinkeep.  
I need to get something to finish it; some ric rac or something.  

Saturday, we pick up the new puppy.  
The next post will, I'm sure, heavily ladden in puppy pictures.  
I'm hoping Buster's little Shih Tzu nose isn't out of joint!

Hooray for Friday!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 24, 2014

To Market, To Market, Giggety Gig

The weather has finally cleared for today at least. 
It has been like a swimming pool outside for the last week, cloudy and damp.
I suppose that is what it's like in Washington State during the winter.  
The humidity has finally dropped.  
Yesterday, I went to the Farmers Market.  
I figure local produce is coming into market.  
Here is all I got:   
Red skin potatoes and fingerling potatoes, an acorn squash, green beans, cucumber, Jewish Rye bread, cinnamon bread, strawberry rhubarb jam, Maple caramel corn and frozen gluten free pizza crust.  
 Our next door neighbor is a single lady.  Her garage door has been open for 36 hours and her car hasn't move.  Bob said after he cut the grass, "Maybe we better check and make sure she isn't dead."  I got my key just in case.  We went over and rang the doorbell.  She answered.  Hooray, she isn't dead.  She is a nice neighbor.

I have been working on my Ravens and Crows.  Not sure how I'm going to finish it:  frame or pinkeep?
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Next weekend we pick up the new puppy.  We did some puppy shopping today:  collar, new small crate, food and milk bones.  We are old hat with this so probably won't be excited until the ride to get him.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping and love the comments.

Keep on stitching

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cable TV....Don't Get Me Started!

I know in the rest of the country, you all have had to have a digital box on every TV to get reception.
We just had to convert to that.  But and its a big BUT, we can't get free TV here unless you have a 100 ft antenna.  I'm not kidding and there are city ordinances against antenna that are greater than 30 ft.  You see the problem is iron ore.  We are in the Menomonee Iron Range.  The only way to get reception is through cable or satellite TV.  This past tuesday, if you don't have a cable box on every TV you don't get reception.  You can get satellite TV at a great rate for the first year then they gouge you the second so it is a wash.  We would use free TV if we could and Netflix or Hulu the rest but, not happening.  They are charging us $6.99 a box.  We would even buy a box if we could but you can't do that either.  Cable should be considered a utility and regulated.  We have only one cable option if you ask me that constitutes a monopoly.

Can you tell I'm irritated?  

And they hype it as all HDTV.  You know what, the TV in our living room still has a tube... nothing high def about it!

I finished With Thy Needle and Thread Sewing Bird.  Three more to go.  I ranted and raved about cable because the HD channel listing ended up in the background of this picture

 I started on a freebie From Notforgotten Farm:  Ravens and Crows.  I love this pattern.
I'm doing it on 36 ct Light Pear with GAST Black Crown.  The only problem and it really isn't much of a problem is that there really isn't a grid to the download.  I have the grid lines that occur between every 10 stitches but nothing inbetween.  I think I can handle it.
On the up side, we are picking up the new puppy in about a week.
We are getting another German Wirehaired Pointer.
Will post pictures when we get him and I'm sure many blog entries.  
Hope you week has been good.
It has been a humid and dreary week here.  
Thanks for stopping and commenting.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Driving Buster Nuts

I couldn't get any closer but, if you look in the center of the picture, is one of two bunnies living under the shed and driving Buster crazy.  
I tried to get closer but, it scooted under the shed.
Buster tries really hard to catch it.
They are way too quick for him.  

I am working on With Thy Needle and Thread Sewing Bird.
There is more contrast in the picture than I thought.  
Had lunch with Ed yesterday in Marquette.
Did some shopping:  groceries for him and dmc from Michaels for me.
We spent the day with him which meant not much stitching time.
I did do some knitting on the drive there.  

Today was just busy catching up with all the things that didn't get done yesterday.
We did do the cleaning on friday night after work so I didn't have to do that today.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
Have a great week.
Thanks for the great comments.
I love hearing from you.  
Keep on Stitching 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Celebrate the Champagne Moments

Last weekend was my college girls weekend.  
I almost didn't think I was going to make it because of everything I had been through at work and with my mom.  
I made it a day after everyone else got there.  
It is always a good weekend full of talk, wine, projects and food.  
It was Rummage-a-Rama in the Wabeno area.
We found some awesome things.  
Here is our booty artfully exhibited on the front porch of the cabin.  
 We take so many pictures that a few years ago we started scrap booking to archive our exploits.  
We have pictures dating back to the college days.  
Its a lot of fun to see how different everyone's is with the same pictures and much of the same supplies.  
 I brought beads for bracelets.
This should be a good picture for next year.
 We had seen something like this last year at an arts and craft show.
We had found rusty metal pieces from Mary Beth's husband's stash of crap.
I donated the fishing line and Jan brought the bling we hot glued to the line then attached to the metal.  
 The main quote this weekend was, "Celebrate the Champagne Moments."  Mickey brought an Italian sparkling wine called Proseco, really tasty!
You know we really forget about doing things like that.  
Everyone should have a bottle on hand for those times.  
 I finished my Freedom House Button Sampler.  
I thought I would have been done with it a month ago but, time has just been racing by. 
I started working on Christmas presents.  
I will probably post because no one will really know what I'm going to do with it.  
I'm blogging and listening to Hozier.  
I think I'm becoming a huge fan.
After I get done with this I will have to find out more about him.
Love his voice.

Haven't had much time to blog either.  
Hope your week has been smooth sailing.
Mine has not...oh well.

Keep on stitching

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Always On The Lookout

I am always on the look out for things I can use to display or cover with stitching projects.
Katy and I went to West's Rangers Station yesterday.
It is an old Forest Rangers Station that sells stuff. 
Can't say they are antiques but, it is stuff.  
I picked up this old wooden bread bowl.  
I have coveted some of the ones I have seen on other blogs.
 I cleaned everything with Murphy's Oil Soap.
Great display for washing machine.  LOL
 This is a small cedar box, tourist rememberance from Eagle River, WI.
It's about 4"x6".
Can't you picture a little something on top?

 I think it would be perfect for scissors.  
 I think this must be an old cigar box.  
It is in really good shape. 
 I didn't measure it but, I think it is about 6"x10".
It has a nice flat top, perfect for a stitched piece.  
 I have not had a lot of time to stitch.
The company left on Friday and we went bumming yesterday.
I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning.
The next two weekends may be really busy too.  
The summer has flown by.  
I did finish the socks.
I have been working on Freedom House Button Sampler by Homespun Elegance.  
Hope you had a good weekend and had some stitching time.  
Thanks for the great comments. 
My sister loved the basket.
It was a huge surprise especially, since it was sent in a rather large box. 
Have a wonderful week and 
Keep on Stitching.