Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Nearly 10 inches of snow and it is nearly done snowing but, now the wind will blow it all around. I was a wimp and decided that I would call in today. My knee has been really hurting, so another excuse not to tromp around and make it more sore or fall and really get hurt. The roads have been really slippery and a truck went down the hill in front of our house sideways. Another good reason to stay home. Bob did go to work. He's nuts anyway. So some pictures:

If you go back to some earlier posts of the first storm we had in December you can see the difference in the amount of snow this storm dumped on us. It is higher than a 14# shih tzu's head.  He won't go past the covered porch until Bob snowblows a path.   
 The raised bed in the back yard.  The fence is four feet high

The same planter to the right at the beginning of December.  It pretty much looked like this before this storm 
 Bob's tire tracks when he left.  It is going over several inches.  The car compacted a few inches.

Across the street the first time the snow plow went through.  About 2 feet of snow.  Below after the plow went through again.  Now it is three feet. 
Blowing around

more tracks

Taking out the garbage

 The bush in front of the porch.  The stuff is really heavy.  Will have to clean that off too so it doesn't break. 

I have been drinking coffee, watching old movies, watching the snow, watching the forecast...I think it is nearly done and stitching.  Working on With Thy Needle and Thread March Word Play.
Going to bake some cookies and finish the closet organization....and....probably take a nap

Dontcha love snow days?  ****Update from the 6 o'clock news.....16 inches!**** another good reason not to drive today. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Supply Space

I have a closet in the finished room in the basement I have kept my stitching/knitting/craft supplies in for the last ten+ years.  Since my knee has been behaving badly, need for a total knee replacement and the difficulty going down and up stairs, I have been moving some of the more important things upstairs. Looks like a disaster.  I should get rid of things, like old magazines and patterns I have used or will never used.  I did donate alot of things, aida cloth, patterns, thread, needles, yarn etc. to the convent.  We have some cloistered nuns not too far away and I figured they would put it to good use.

 I cleaned out one side of Ed's closet of its Legos to put cross stitch supplies in.  I picked up some of the rubbermaid rolling carts but, it wasn't enough.  This weekend Bob and I went to Home Depot to get shelves. 

It is still a work in progress.  It needs to get done before friday night, because Ed will be home for Spring break.  This room one day will be my sewing room,  So, I am just only slightly jumping the gun. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mystery is unveiled

I finally finished the Mystery Sampler, pressed, mounted it on a board and is now framed.  I think I am going to hang it in our bedroom over the bedside table.  When I get that done, I'm sure I will post a picture.       The walls are green so it should look good in there. 

 I should really try and take fancier pictures of pieces, laying down and skimming over the top but, that would probably mean I would have to buy a better camera.  It would entail having to learn how to work it and spending more money which, incase you haven't figured out, I would much rather spend on thread, fabric and patterns.  My friend Arttie, who should join my blog, says my pictures turn out just fine!  Thanks Arttie!

My scissor fob was looking rather shabby so in the meantime I made a new one.  It is just some of the motifs from Black Bird Design A Stitchers Journey.  I am poised to do more from that.  I picked up some of the supplies you need like wooden boxes from Hobby Lobby.  The pin cushions in the book are all stuffed with the crushed walnut shells.  I looked at the local Pet Supplies Plus last week for Lizard Litter but, couldn't find any.  I went back today and did find some called Lizard Dessert Sand.  I had already gotten some.  Good to know I can get it local.  My husband asked, "how much of that stuff do you need."  I replied, "don't know but, good to know its there."  Stimulating dinnertime conversation at our house.....what you talk about now that the kids are in college. 
I used the crushed walnuts to stuff the fob.  I don't think I would do that again but, it was worth the experimentation.  I do like the weight of it.

The back side is just an "M" and a partial border.  The buttons are from the many tins I rescued from the in-law house clean out extravaganza this summer.  You can never have too many buttons. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Endings and Beginnings and places inbetween

I finally finished the Mystery Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I was going to press it and get it on a board but, just didn't get to it today....well not yet at least.  Kind of got busy talking one of the kids down.  She has her first History paper which I'm really not sure if it could be called a history paper or more of an exercise to see if the students know basic paper writing skills, like quoting, citing, thesis and all that jazz.  She really does know how to do that but, here is the kicker.  Her computer got a most incredible virus that wiped everything out on her computer.  She took it to the Geek Squad yesterday and they said 3-4 days.  That means having to use the ones in the library.  She takes all her history notes on her computer because it is easier for her.  Not the kicker yet.  She backs everything up on  a Passport.  Here is the kicker....all the files on the Passport were corrupted too.  Everything is gone.  Good news, they called and they were done fixing it.  So she has hopped on a bus and back to Best Buys. 

Shakey view of the finish: 
 Next thing I plan to start after I make a new scissors fob, which shouldn't take long but, won't post until it is done.  This is March Word Play from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I have been looking at these a debating about them.  We were at the Stitching Bee and picked it up.  Doing it in a different color material.  I don't think it will make that much difference.  The pattern calls for rusty bells and pins but will finish it different.  Just not going to order that. 

Also found some more Prairie Schooler to add to the collection.  I will do all these some day.  You see, in the not too distant future I will need to have my knee replaced and will need something to do, that is straight forward.  I think these will fit the bill.  Usually the counting is simple.  I think all I need is March, June and July and I will have them all. 

And I am this far on the second sock since friday night.  I don't think I will finish it off until Katy gets home and can try on the other one to see if it fits.  I don't want to have undo two.  It sort of fit me.  I do have a bigger foot. 
Keep on stitching. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One sock down, One to go. And stuff is done!!! Hooray for Me!

I have the first of Katy's socks done.  I did get the second started while dinner was cooking.  It looks short but, it measures right.  Does she really have that short a foot?  I had her measure it and let me know.  If it isn't right then I guess its her fault.  LOL
 I was very busy today.  I cleaned because we want to go on a road trip on Saturday.  Did some laundry.  I also washed Busters bed.  He has been scratching alot lately.  We aren't sure if it was the shampoo they used at the groomers or he has fleas from the bunnies under the shed.  We Frontlined him too.  I checked him out and I didn't see any vermin.  Hopefully it is just some dry skin or something to that effect. 

I also ran errands.  Had to stop at the bead store because Katy won a gift certificate.  I was to either pick it up or spend it.  I had to spend it but, she is now in the drawing for the $25 certificate.  Hope she wins it.

I finally got these mounted on boards.  I will switch them around every month.  Prairie Schooler of course.  I saw that one is going on Ebay for at least $29.  That was the bidding the last time I checked.  Its an OOP and I may have that one.  Someday I may have amassed a fortune. 
 and November.  I am especially partial to her turkeys. 

Lastly, a little late but, Happy Valentines Day. 
Shepherds Bush.  I did it on small count so I could make just a little hanging trifle. 

Tra La, Tra La
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Socks, More Socks and Mystery Sampler

Been a pretty busy weekend.  Bob had the Winter Carnival at church.  I didn't work it because terrazza floor is killer on the knee.  Instead, I made 2 dozen cupcakes for the cake walk and four and a half pounds of sloppy joe.  While he was there I cleaned and later saturday afternoon I had a birthday party.  My great aunt turned 102 on Ground Hogs day.  We had a little party at the nursing home. 

I haven't had much time to do needle work.  Here are the updates. 
Finished Ed's socks.  I thought the best thing would be to sort of model them.  I'm not much of a model. 

 Started Katy's socks.  This is Paca-ped Frog and Piggy.  I love this.  The colors are awesome.

 This was the picture of the Mystery Sampler from yesterday.  I started another bird today. 
I find it difficult to work on two projects at once.  To me its about finishing things.  I do have a stack of things that need to be mounted for framing.  They are ironed.  Just got to get them on the boards. 

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