Sunday, September 12, 2021

Just Not Enough Time

Where did the weekend go?  
All of the sudden it is 6 pm??
I have been really busy.  
Last week work was total chaos.
It was a short week to begin with, made even shorter with a trip to Milwaukee to the Eye Institute with Bob to meet with a surgeon for his cataracts.  We still don't have a date and the poor bugger can barely see by the end of the day.  
I only was at work two days because of the holiday and the day off and I don't work Thursdays.  
I had 22 of 32 hours I normally work done in two days.  
Needless to say, I'm getting too old for these shenanigans!
And just didn't have that much time to stitch either  

I thought I had the border done on What Remains is Love from BBD.  
Then I noticed I was off two stitches and that was going to bother me if I didn't fix it.  
So I spent a couple of hours ripping it all out.  
Then, Sampler September started.  
But, was Labor Day and I wanted to kit some fall stuff up.  
Laura the Serial Starter enable me on this one:  October's Party.  
The called for threads and 40 count Parchment 
Then there is Stacy Nash:  Jack's House Pinkeep with 36 count Natural Linen and
House on Pumpkin Hill Pinkeep with 36 count Weeks Twilight
This could be what I work on at the Stitching Bee Retreat.  
While I was working on this, I was watching on Youtube Abandon Nashville.  
Love the Urban exploration videos.  
Another favorite is Bros of Decay in Europe.  
Buster was snoozing on the sofa and then Bob wandered in to see what I was doing.  
He then got caught up in it. 

La D Da's Murder of Crows with called for thread and 36 count Mocha (I think)
I often forget to keep track of the fabric.  

I'll be getting from the Stitching Bee Butternut House Pinkeep from Stacy Nash

One of my clients brought me some purple potatoes and I roasted some last night.  
The before picture.  
The recipe I used  had you boil them four minutes then I wedged them, coated them in olive oil, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary. 

We grilled chicken and had a fresh salad with Romaine, tomatoes and mandarin oranges.  
I started Hannah Pepper I think two Septembers ago.  
I don't think I worked on it last September....maybe I did....I should go back and look.  
I really do love working on her and she is beautiful.  
I should be working on her beyond September but, as you can see I have a lot of stuff I want to work on in the near future.  
I may pick her back up in January....who knows.  
Got to stay away from those SAL.  
I overdyed a piece of fabric for this. 
I initially had a great piece of fabric but, cut it wrong....stoopid, stoopid, stoopid. 
The next piece wasn't grungy enough for me so I overdyed it.  

What I've been working on.  I have the pot and the greenery done since I took this photo.  

I was suppose to be off the next two weeks and we were going to drive and see my sister and her husband in NC.  Since Bob's eyes are really not doing well enough to drive unfamiliar roads, and I didn't want to drive all that distance myself, we decided to postpone the trip until later.  
I'm really disappointed!  I so wanted to go to Sassy Jacks but, is she in the new building?
I decided to work this week because it so wacky the last week and I'll take off the week after.  
I will probably be taking days off when he has his surgery because of the distance and he will need to be seen the following day.  

Well that sums it up.  
Stay safe, get vaccinated if you haven't and wear a mask indoors.  

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching


Sunday, August 29, 2021

The Bun Up-ed and Died

This morning I was making coffee and about half way through the Bun up-ed and died...OMG!
I took the basket out and started boiling water.  
The base was still working but, the water heating and dripping just stopped.  
I didn't get rid of the old Mr. Coffee when I bought the Bun when Shopko was going out of business. 
I resurrected it out of the basement and ran two pots of vinegar, two pots of water, saved the grounds from the Bun and then a fresh pot.  
Don't know that I will get another Bun, other than being fast, just not worth the money if it doesn't last any longer than a cheap coffee maker.
Just as long as we have coffee.  
Have a french press if we need to go even lower tech if the Mr. Coffee dies.  

I ordered 40 count linen from Nicholas Flamel Designs.  
I got a piece of Old Book and it is beautifully grungy.  
I think I will use it for a Gigi R design.  
Stay tuned for future shots of that.  
It is incredibly dangerous watching Brenda and the Serial Starter.  
Laura showed this Little House Needleworks October's Party.  
I ordered it from 123 Stitch and the floss I didn't have.
I have it all kitted up with some unidentified 40 ct fabric could be Parchment.  
Using the called for thread.  

If you don't follow me on IG as thehooplessstitcher, here are the latest boop pictures.  
Did you know there is a #boopablenose?

Mega Boop

Bob hung my barn quilt I made at my College Girls weekend.  
It really looks spectacular on our shed.  

Close up, such talent.  
I started using tape but, I have a steady enough hand I did better without the tape. 

Katy got me this Stacy Nash pattern and the light grey fabric for Christmas.  
I have Jack's House Pinkeep, done on Natural linen.  
I did get some darker linen looking for something for Sarah Jackson Sampler.  
I think the winner, winner chicken dinner is the one the floss tags are on, twilight something.  
It is more of a grey-blue-green linen.  The lower one is Gunmetal and a little too dark and blue.
Texted the picture to Katy and she agrees with me. 

I stared my What Remains is Love the BBD exclusive from Traditional Stitches. 
I did wait, along with everyone else, a long time.  
I have to say this is a wonderful stitch.  
If you haven't gotten one, Janice at Traditional Stitches may have a few left and then that's it. 
I don't know if it will be released in the future (I think it will).  
I'm doing it on 40 ct Weeks Straw, the called for and the called for overdye floss. 

The Stitching Bee is having the retreat this year.  
You do need to be vaccinated......Yeah!!!
Even better yet, Katy is coming with me this year.
It will be so fun to spend time with her.
We are going to have a blast, so stoked!!!

Generally a quiet weekend which is good.  
We have been running of full tilt the last couple of weekends so it was good to just puttered.  
I got alot of kitting done this weekend. 

Prayers to everyone in the path of Ida.  
Prayers to our soldier and the people of Afghanistan...what a difficult place.
Historically, not good...The British, The Soviet Union...contributed to that demise.    
Don't know the right answer there.  

Hope your weekend has been restful, stitchful and full of whatever you want.

Keep on Stitching
There is a lot of science behind the vaccine.


Sunday, August 22, 2021

So Excited!

I am so excited.  I got my Traditional Stitches BBD exculsive What Remains.  
I plan on starting it soon....maybe tonight.  
I have been working on the satin stitches on Sarah Braizear since I finished Martha Dawson.  
The floss colors of What Remains are so beautiful. 
I opted for the 40ct Weeks Straw linen.  
Yep, I think I'm starting it tonight after dinner.  
My finish of Martha Dawson 1832.  
I did change a few colors just because the floss would have been lost on the fabric.  
I made the legs on the yellow birds at the bottom darker.  
I also changed the color of some of the berries in the berry basket below the house door to a pink. 
I think this turned out great and am quite pleased with it. 

I think I've talked about my milkweed coming up in my garden.  
Well I found my first monarch caterpillar!  
I'm going to let it come up next year but, will not let it take over my garden.  

I got a package from Sassy Jacks!!
Love packages!
Its a package of 40 ct Fox and Rabbit Up in the Attic. 
I got a fat half, stocking up if things all go to hell with the Delta Virus.
This is a really nice piece of fabric for samplers.  
And a label for the back of a sampler.  

We had company this weekend and another couple over for dinner last night.  
All the guys have been friends since in college.
One of the guys is recovering from cancer surgery.    
Greg brought really beautiful home grown tomatoes and I had some leftover roasted garlic bread.  
I got some basil, and mozarella balls and made Crostini, drizzled a little Balsamic Vinegar glaze.  
It turned out great  
Grilled some chicken, pasta salad, grilled pineapple and cheesecake.  
It was a fun evening!
I think that about sums it up.  
Back to work tomorrow.  
Hopefully a quiet weekend next weekend and may just really get some stitching done.  
Hope your week and weekend were good.  

Just remember there is more science behind the vaccines than taking horse de-wormer as some news networks are advocating as a Covid cure.  (insert exploding head emoji).
Get vaccinated if you haven't already.  
Keep on Stitching 
The Hoopless Stitcher.  


Sunday, August 15, 2021

My Head is Still Spinning

We went to Milwaukee this weekend to see Katy and Steve.  
We committed to a weekend to meet his parents.  
We did a lot!
They are still unpacking and  trying to put stuff  away,
We did a lot of that kinds of stuff.  
It is overwhelming to do that and you need to be focused.  
I helped them get a lot of that done. 
Husbands don't get it either. 
Bob told Katy, when we moved into this house he only took a day off.  
Sure, right and he singlehandedly but everything away  
He only did his stuff.  
I wasn't working at the time because the kids were just turning five and you needed a secret code to find out about day care....a whole 'nother story  
I had lots of time to put things away and pretty much welcomed the task because it was something to do.  
The in-laws came for dinner on Friday evening so that morning, I made a Cherry Crisp and Katy and I got a salad made for dinner.  
We took a quick trip to IKEA....not really that quick per se but, got through the entire store in about 1.25 hours and picked up a few things.  
After that we stopped at a grocery store for a few more things.  
We then had a three o'clock appointment at David's Bridal so Katy could try on gowns.  
She had an entourage:  me, her future MIL and SIL, and two attendants.  
She tried on some lovely gowns but, the experience was kind of subpar.  
The dressing rooms are tiny.  The consultant got  more gowns but, didn't help her and the room was too tiny for another person to fit in there.  Then, there was just a wall of mirrors, no three way to see truly how the gown looks on.  And you know how there is a little dais to stand on, nope not there.  
It was definately a big box experience that left everyone underwhelmed.  
I was not anticipating a dress would be found that day.  I only anticipated we would have a better idea of what style she may like.  
It was a good place to start but, more to follow, I'm sure.  
I do have another trip planned in October.  
I may be able to go in September....again a whole 'nother story.  
I'm trying not to be crabby....hard thing at this time. 

On the way down, we stopped at the Stitching Bee.  
I really find it handy to have all the possible threads needed for a BBD design book.  
I did that for the Sewing Club and I'm doing that for Autumn Winds.
I figured I would get what I needed if possible and then order the rest. 
I picked up a few other things.  
I nearly got this BBD book a few years ago when I was at The Country Sampler in Spring Green but, didn't and Kendra had one, well actually a couple.  
I also had ordered With Thy Needle and Thread Jack O Lantern Jubilee and it was waiting.  

I got most of my thread and only needed to order four more skeins.  
I picked up a couple for Jack O Lantern that I thought I might need.  
She had also gotten some 40 count linen.  I got a piece of Flax about a fat half.  

The Brenda Gervais...very cute. 

I had been working on Martha Dawson but, its on 40 ct and I figured it would be too difficult while we were there.  I took Willing Hands and finished a leaf, the flower and the bird on the potted plant and that was it.  
I think I'm kind of tired to do much today, maybe will get some done tonight on Martha Dawson.  

I also got my August Prim Colors from Color and Cotton.  
The picture doesn't do it justice.  
Its sitting on my piece of Flax.  

The last thing to show you is the round box I picked up at IKEA .  It is not quite 10" by 4"
It was in the market place area by some unfinished sewing boxes that fold up.  
It was $20 and I figure I will find something that will fit on it.  

I think it will finish up nicely.  

Not much else going on here.  The Covid numbers are creeping up compared to June.  Such a dilemma there too.  My little stitching group, two of us are vaccinated, two are not and the nots want to meet.  

I hope you have had a good week and an even better weekend.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Willing Hands

I didn't do BBDweekendSAL last weekend even though Sunday was the first.  
I was confused and figured it would be better to wait until this weekend, more time.  
I'm working on Willing Hands from the Sewing Club book.  
I have absolutely fallen in love with the border and the color Classic Colorworks Camouflage.
It may be my new favorite green!
Martha Dawson 1832 progress.  I have a little bit of the border left to go.
Once I'm done with that, there are a few motifs and her name, place and date.  
I may do the lettering after the border is done and save the more fun motifs for the end.  

If you click on the following picture and enlarge the center you will see my hummingbird visitor.  
I plant the petunia's and the baskets of Caliabrachoa are favorites of the hummingbirds.  

We have had a lot of smoke from the Canadian wild fires.  
I took the picture of the sun as it was coming up .
It was pretty incredible

I've been working on gathering floss for the BBD Winds of Autumn.  I have a few of the pieces in kits from when I was participating in a Dyeing to Stitch Club.  
I need to track those all down.
I am waiting for Casting a Spell to come.  
I decided I would do that as smalls rather than getting the box.  I just don't have a place to hang a box like that.  I'm super amped about this and think it will be a really fun project.  
I'm stopping at the Stitching Bee on Thursday to hopefully get the floss I'm missing.  What I can't get, I'll order from somewhere.  
We will be heading to Milwaukee for the weekend to see Katy and Steve.  We are meeting Steve's parents, sister and brother in law.  We are looking forward to meeting them.  

Hope your week and weekend have been fun and productive.  
Preaching moment:  If you haven't gotten vaccinated, please do so, you don't know who's life you may be saving....could be yours.
Keep on Stitching



Sunday, August 1, 2021

One Year Closer to Retirement

 I am officially one year closer to retirement as it is my birthday and I am 62. I can hardly believe it.  It has been a busy day.  On the phone with family, and my son came over so I haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked too such  as fertilizing my flowers.  It was a very nice day.  

I finished Littlehouse Needleworks Farm House Christmas.  Other than the border kind of was annoying, just hard to see while stitching, this was a very fun stitch!  I am extremely happy with how it turned out.  

Nine parts, broken into parts of three.  
I even ironed it before I snapped the pics.  

I dyed the fabric myself. 
Don't remember the recipe but, I call it Portobello
It was my college girls weekend.
Jan brought a really great project for us to each work on
It is a 2'x2' wood board she primed and measured the squares.
A lot of work on her part.    
We had to  painted it.  
It turned out great!
I want to get a can of spray protectorant before hanging on the back yard shed.

While doing a little shopping, there aren't the shops in the small area that there use to be.  
The coffee shop/gift shop is still open and found an excellent replacement for my poor broken mug.
Coffee tastes pretty good in it.  

Mary Beth brought a cherry crumble.  
I had a jar of Trader Joe's Morello cherries,  
Got the recipe and made one when I got home....the following day.  

I have resumed working on HATS Martha Dawson 1837 and am nearly done with the border...
I have a few more motifs and then her name at the bottom.  

I am getting ready for the BBDSAL weekend that I'll start next weekend.  
I was quite happy to work on Martha.  
I'm going to start She Works with Willing Hands.  
I have the box.  
I ordered it after I got the book.  

Been trying to pick an alternative to Weeks Dolphin and Seraphim (?) Eucalyptus and going crazy ordering all kinds of weird fabric.  
Tin Roof is a little dark on the left but, a definate possibility.  
Gun Metal on the right is too dark.
One more color I didn't post is Bramble and that might be the winner.  

I have decided since I'm over 60, living in an area where the Covid rates are going up and only 52% of my fellow citizens are vaccinated, to resume wearing a mask when I am in doors.  
I so totally don't want to get Covid, I have a wedding to help plan with my daughter.
Walking through the grocery store and maybe three other people had masks on, that wasn't most likely the people who aren't vaccinated.  
I don't believe the unvaccinated are wearing masks as they should.  

Stay safe my friends and keep on stitching

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Working on Finishing a Few Things Among Other Things

I have been working on LIttle House Needleworks Farm House Christmas.  
I have recently finished Part 6 Pinewood Far and Part 7 Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.  
The hardest part is the white border.
I've been working on the last part border, then the fun can begin.  
I have started this project three times.
First as smalls but, then I saw it done as a bell pull and decided that was spectacular.
Then I started it as a bell pull but, the fabric was too light and the white completely disappeared 
So, I mixed up some dye a little darker than natural linen and the white shows up well but, CC Pebble Beach did not so I changed it to a VMSS Cocoa, a medium bown which is working quite well.   
I often use my refrigerator to hang the pieces on to photograph.  
The first 7 parts 
Once I have the borders done, the fun part really doesn't take long.  
I broke my favorite coffee cup Sunday cleaning it out to use again.  
I got it at the Stitching Bee at least 15 years ago.  It has served me well and I shall miss it.  
To me it was the perfect cup.  I like my coffee hot and it held the right amount, usually drinking it all before it got too cold.  
I will get over it.  
I joined the Color and Cotton Floss Club, Primitive Neutrals.  
How pretty are those colors!
I will have to figure out where to store these.  

I am really looking forward to trying them out on the right piece.  

That sums it up.  
Things have slowed down at work for a little bit.  
I don't anticipate it will last for long.
I have been busy doing continuing education and trying to get my FSA account straightened out
The other thing I have been up to is trying to strip some laundry to get pink residual dye out of my white shirts that bled from a shirt of Bob's..  
The timer just went off so I'm going to finish that. 

One more thing, I have a new guilty pleasure:  Youtube Channel Bros of  Decay.  
I think the main guy is from Belgium?
They climb into abandoned houses in Europe and he makes up stories, doesn't exactly get thing right such as a classic hinged sewing table a "tool box for the man" but, found buttons inside.  
Nonetheless, it is interesting to see what the inhabitants just walked away from or died.  
Have a great week 
Keep on Stitching
Get vaccinated!