Sunday, October 18, 2020

Love the Crazy Pumpkins!

Was straightening out the ssumed ewing room when I found this Stacy Nash Halloween Pinkeep.  I should have resumed working on Autumn at Hawk Run, and I will once I finish this.  I can't resist a crazy pumpkin.  
I also finished off some pinkeeps from last year, finally.  I sewed them on the machine on Wednesday while I waited to hear from the surgeon about Bob's rotator cuff surgery.  I wasn't able to wait at the hospital due to Covid 19 visitor restrictions.  I didn't want to do anything too noisy for fear I wouldn't hear the phone ring.  The surgery went well and he is doing pretty good.  The pain generally seems manageable.  
The Christmas Ornaments are from Chessie and Me.  
Pumpkins and Bittersweet from Scarlet House.  I did really enjoy this stitch.  
We had our first snow on Saturday morning.  It was melted by super time...good thing.  
I talked about Prairie Schooler piece I did to frame and hang at the cabin when its built.  I can't rember the name of the pattern.  I love the first one, so amusing.  

That about sums it up.  Not looking forward to work tomorrow since it is going to be crazy and stressful, changing to a new documentation system and have to do a re-eval on everyone.  Now I just heard, the operation system has been down since yesterday morning.  YIKES!  Should prove to be an interesting day.  

I think I need to stitch now.  Watching the Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix.  I love creepy stuff and this fits the bill.  

Hope you have had a wonderful, safe weekend!  
Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and socially distance.  I miss shopping at craft stores.  I haven't been to one since June.  Good thing there is the internet!

Keep on Stitching  

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Schoolgirl Sampler Club

 I got my Schoolgirl Sampler Club piece on Friday.  I don't think there has been a clinker in the group and the latest is simply my opinion.  Its on my immediate radar once I do some things first.  I love everything about this piece, the fabric, colors and of course the pattern.  

Aren't these threads yummy! There is fabric for both pieces:  the sampler and the Merry Christmas pillow.  It may be a small drum.  
I think it will be a fairly quick stitch.  Like I said, a few things I want to work on before I go to this.  
One of those things is the Farmhouse Christmas from Little House.  I'm going to start over yet again.  First I was going to do them individually, then a bell pull after I saw one finished that way.  I started that on Parchment but, decided you couldn't see white thread enough.  I had more of the Parchment and not really crazy about the fabric...not Zweigert based.  I have a large piece of natural linen and that would really work but, its a full yard and I don't want to cut into that.  Lying in bed this morning, I decided I would start over and dye the fabric.  I was dying fabric at 645 this morning.  I have the two pieces next to each other.  The dyed piece looks pretty close to natural linen.  I'm stitching this for the Stitching Bee ornatment SAL.  I will go back to do the barn later.  I want to get Horsin' Around done first.  
My Japanese Maples are lovely now.  I love these trees and the gnarly trunks.  The bigger one always turns a little later.  
It has been a wonderfully sunny weekend and a high of 58-59.  We got the last of the yardwork done.  Bob is having his left rotator cuff repaired on Wednesday.  I'm sure there will be some ranting in the next few weeks.  I going to try to be good. 

That about sums it up.  The weekend really goes by too fast.  Back to work tomorrow.  To top everything off, I get to start learning a new documentation system this week.  We go totally live next Monday.  No stress here.  

Finally, going to try and vote early this week.  After the foiled attempt to kidnap Governor Whitmer, I don't want to deal with intimidation at the polling place.  They will be there.  They were in 2016.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Masks, sanitize, social distance.  

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Adventuring and A Skunk

Just trying to catch up.  
My mother in law is 91 and gradually failing.  
Bob's brother has been trying to come and see her since April but, rescheduling because of Covid.  
He and his wife decided to come now because, well, you know.  
We just got the news yesterday, the first employee has tested positive.  
It was nice to have them come.
They got to see Ann at a window and used telephones.  
Sometimes I'm not so good with birthdays I stitched a Little House Needleworks piece and finished it off as a little tuck pillow she can place in a bowl of gourds or other fallish decor.  
Steve works for Sulky and sent me a large set of the floss so I used that to stitch the piece.  
I love how it turned out.  
Since they couldn't spend a lot of time with Ann, and she doesn't really converse much, we had some free time.  We went to an apple orchard and picked up apples, cinnamon rolls and an apple pie.  I had just recently heard about a winery about 30 minutes from here.  We decided to check it out.  
What a little gem!!  Its an estate winery meaning they grow the grapes they use for their wines.  Again another cloudy weekend but, no rain.  
We tasted some reds and whites.  I generally prefer whites especially chardonnay.  But, I preferred their reds.  After the tasting I had a glass of red.  Cinnamon rolls go well with red wine. 
Smitty, the winery dog.  He is a Spinone Italiano.  He had the biggest feet and was just a lover.

They were harvesting the St. Pepin's the following day.  We did snitch a grape to try.  They were so good!  I have never tried a wine grape.  The reds had already been harvested but, there were still some on the vines so got to try one of those too.  
The trees around the vines were starting to change too, closer to Lake Michigan so the temperatures tend to be more temperate than where the trout stream is.  
Some milk weed.  Not all the acreage is growing grapes.  The winery is for sale since the owner is having health issues.  I hope someone buys it.  
Wondering what this is.  Have never seen this.  
It was warm enough to bring our wine outside, eat the cinnamon rolls and talk to Smitty.  

It was a really pleasant afternoon.  Headed home with a few bottles to drink that night. 
The night before they came, I let the dogs outside.  Bob had gone to the pharmacy.  I went out to move a plant under the eaves to try and keep it safe from frost that was expected.  When I got out, I could smell a skunk.  Checked out Buster and he was good.  Henry on the other hand, not so good.  And what to do.  I couldn't leave him in the backyard since I didn't know where the skunk was and I couldn't put him the garage since Bob was going to be home shortly.  I stuck him in the laundry room and got the supplies together to clean up Henry.  I don't think he took a full hit.  I think the skunk was on the otherside of the fence but, he was still really stinky.  We got him cleaned up with hydrogren peroxide and Dawn (forgot the baking powder).  Now, my right  hamstring is flared up from bending over to spray the carpets....several times....since he rubbed his head on the carpet.  Its the enzymatic cleaner for dog accidents.  Boy was this an accident.  All is good now.  Bob put up a motion detector light to hopefully scare the rascally skunks away.  

 Whew!  All caught up now.  

Keep on Stitching!
Masks, hand sanitize, and six feet or more!

Color Walk with Bob

Got Google Photo working.  The key is letting Google Photos access the photos on your camera.  DUH!

Two weeks ago, Bob and I took a ride to our property where we hope to build a little cabin someday.  Its on a trout stream.  Bob loves to flyfish.  I do not but, stitching would keep me busy.  Years ago, I did a Prairie Schooler for a cabin....can't remember the name but definately cabin art.  Maybe I'll post it.  Haven't framed them.  

The colors were spectacular.  It was too bad the sun wasn't shining but, it was a warm day.  The scent was amazing in the woods.  So, just some scenery.  Click on them to make them bigger.  All taken in Northern Wisconsin.  

Staghorn Sumac is just a scrubby tree but, turns a great red in the fall.  

The Sugar Maples are what turn red.  Some years the red is even more breathtaking.  

A beaver on our property was busy the last few days felling a tree.  I have never seen this before.  So cool!
Brule Creek through the trees.  It is a very bubbly creek.  
The water has been so high.  We've had a lot of rain the last few weeks. 
Bob keeps a path cut and had just cut the grass the day before.  We went to pick up his four wheeler.  There won't be too many days and he has his left rotator cuff repaired.  He'll go out this weekend and winterize his shed and bring home some of his stuff. 
Another path to a wildlife veiwing area.  There were no swans today.  
Fall is my favorite season.  It just never lasts long enough.  

Don't know what theres are but, they were in the path.  They look like miniture pine trees.  
The viewing area.  There is a deck out onto the lake.  It was slippery from rain and moss.  
Just a cool tree stump.  

I finished the first section of over one on Hannah Pepper.  I usually don't use a hoop but, I read it helped open the holes to see.  I think it did help.  
I really hate to put her away after  Sampler September.  I may go back to her and Mary Braizear after the holidays unless something else shiny crosses my path.  
Highly likely.  
Glad I got my pictures working with google photos.  

Hope your fall has been colorful.  
Keep on Stitching
Wear your masks, wash your hands and social distance.
Have a great Friday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Problems With My Photos

 I don't really know whats going on with my Google Photos.  I just can't get it to go from my phone to Google photos and subsequently my blog.  Please see me on Instragram thehooplessstitcher.  
If I ever get this figured out, I'll be back.  

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Masked

Keep Stitching