Monday, April 27, 2020


Well, Stash is starting to come in.  First I got my latest monthly stalment from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  It's called Vintage Sampler and looks to be close to a nicely mottled DMC 841-842,
It is a wonderful addition to the fabric stash!  I love it.  
 I also got the rest of my Market stash from the Stitching Bee.  OMG BBD Sewing Club is so wonderful!  There is not dud in the group! It is a definate must!
I also got All Joys for Thine and that pattern is phenomenal!
 I now have all of Jenny Bean for the Parlour from Shakespeare's Peddler.  I the fabric and thread, although probably not enough.  I figure I will buy the rest as I need it. 
 Along with the patterns from the Bee, one of the other participants of the Christmas Ornament Challenge sent us some 2020 charms.  I will use them on some of the ornaments when I finally finish them. 
 I have been steadily working on Sarah Braizear even though so many things are pulling me this way and that.  Since I took this picture, the larger crown left of the top third of the tree heirloom gold is completed. 
 Every day getting a little closer.  It is an impressive piece and will be gorgeous when its done. Pictures are never going to do it justice because it is just so big!
Hope everything is well in your neck of the woods.  We are healthy here and hope to stay that way.  I just don't think it has hit our area yet.  The few cases had been travel related.  I'm concerned as the snow birds return home and people travel into the area to go to their cottages, is when we will see some community spread. 

Have more goodies coming in the mail.  Got to keep those brick and mortars in business. 

Keep on Stitching!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Waiting For Happy Mail

I have been waiting for happy mail.  I still am waiting for the rest of my Nashville Market stash:  BBD The Sewing Club, All Joys for Thine and the last two Jenny Bean For the Parlour.  I ordered Theresa Kogut Pet All the Dogs and the thread from 123 Stitch.  They must be closed or working very limited.  I got the acknowledgement of the order but not that it has shipped.  Still waiting for my fabric of the month from VMSS.  I know she can only ship out in small groups at a time because the mailman picks it up.  

I have downloaded PDF.  Kathy Barrick Adam & Eve Revisited.  I saw this on someone's FB and just fell in love with this.  It is so stinkin' quirky and I love Adam and Eve's.  That is toward the top of my new starts list. I have it all kitted up and will do on Newcastle Linen Woodland with called for DMC.  

Katy sent me a text this weekend about Sarah Spencer from HATS. One of the Little Gems series (you know where this is leading). She is very sweet and after thinking about it for a few days, I downloaded it.  I think there are only seven colors so I may breakdown and order the Soie 100/3 silks.  It shouldn't break the bank. I'm going to think about that for a few more days.  
Yep, I saw the Checkerbourd house on FB and really liked it.  I'm just so sure about the grass.  It is pretty quirky. I will probably do it that way.....LOL not in the silks.  
And then, since I was getting the first two, I might as well get the third one.  I have seen this one on FB too and thought she was very sweet.  Satisfied my need for stash....bad, very bad.  But, life has been in such an uproar and nothing makes sense and my schedule is just whacked...need I justify it anymore?
I took the picture of Sarah Braizear and actually have that vase of flowers done and nearly have the other completed on the other side.  Before I start working on the Adam & Eve, I will try and finish the bottom panel.  
Sweet, loveable Henry Ford.  He was just gazing at me yesterday after I scared the Jeeps out of him when my pattern fell on a metal LoRan plate. 
Can't have a picture of Henry without one of Buster.  This is a rare picture of his face so close.  He doesn't usually like to have his picture took.  His hair is the perfect length right now.  I had him really shaved down just before the Stay at Home order kicked in to effect.  

Its a crazy world we live in and crazy times. 

We are all well and living in a low incident area.  I am hoping it will stay that way.  I hope everyone is in a  similar situation. 

Stay safe, stay healthy.  Wash your hands and don't touch your face and.....
Keep Stitching

Monday, April 13, 2020

General Update

I have been picking up hours screening people at entrances.  Two hours shifts are easy.  I have been picking up extra shifts in a 5 or 6 hours.  Not so easy.  The good thing is, people are staying home.  The bad thing is those 5 or 6 hours can drag.  There is only so much looking at my phone I can do.  I have a tendency to read too much news but, starting to get away from that.  I have download Kindle on to my phone but, it hasn't synced up to my Ipad so I don't have the books on there like I do on my pad.  I digress.  I have been knitted dishcloths for a few reasons, its cotton yarn so when I'm done, will just throw them in in the washing machine.  The needles are larger, size 7, easy to knit with them while wearing gloves and I found an easy pattern that I don't have to repeatedly check.  I finished my first dishcloth on Saturday.  I do like the colors of this yarn.  It is bold!  Usually sock are my go to projects but, that's wool yarn and not as easy to sanitize when done.  I'm pretty happy with the dishcloths.  
Finished my April ornament from Prairie Schooler Snowy Nights.  I'm planning on doing all of them.  There are eight and then I have another Prairie Schooler to finish off the year.
I also finished Chocolate Bunny.  I was going to finally finish it but, got busy doing other things.  Bob has been off work since Christmas, being semi retired.  I have been working (up until now).  He was still wearing a lot of shirts (until the last two months) that need ironing.  I figured he was perfectly capable of ironing seven shirts since he really hadn't been doing a whole heck of a lot since Christmas.  I got tired of seeing the laundry basket moving around the house.  I ironed the stupid things.
We also had a snow storm last night.  Saturday was 60, this morning 6-7 inches and we got off easy.  About 4 miles north of us had 13 inches.  The wind has been really blowing too!  We had some drifting e specially on the patio where the dogs go out.  Last weekend, Bob put the patio table on the patio.  I thought it was a crazy thing to do since we always get a spring storm.  It really is his fault we got that snow 😜. I would much prefer the snow over tornadoes!  Bob is out of town now, back to work considered an essential worker, surveying a road construction project.  Ed came over the clean out the driveway.  I shoveled the patio and started some Potato Soup.  Ed and I love Potato Soup!  I sent some home with him since he wasn't hungry.  I have enough for a lunch or two.
I have gone back to Sarah Brazear for a little while.  I do want to finish her since she is so lovely but,  I don't know if I can stick with her to finish her right now.  There are so many things I want to work on and FlossTube does not help!  I will work on her for the next week or two and I can get a lot done.  

And then there was Easter.  I had planned on making some Ham, Cheesy Potatoes and Asparagus but, Bob had a six hour drive to Traverse City.  I wanted him to be ahead of the storm.  We have delayed the dinner for a week or two.  I was able to watch a really lovely Easter Mass from the Cathedral in Green Bay.  The Archbishop did a great homily! 

Hope the weather in your neck of the woods wasn't too severe.  
Stay healthy and engaged.  Wash your hands and don't touch your face!
Keep on Stitching

Monday, April 6, 2020

Look What I Found

I was looking for some elastic for Arttie to use for masks when I came across my first cross stitch piece.  Please don't ask for the designer, that information is no longer available.  It was on Aida cloth and DMC.  Never framed it because, I didn't have enough fabric at the top border to frame it in 1982.  It will just live in the box I found it in. 

I just finished my April ornament for the Stitching Bee Ornament challenge.  It is the fourth from Prairie Schooler Snowy Nights.  Very quick and fun.  Took me two days.  I don't spend enough time stitching.  
So call me a liar, saying I don't stitch enough.  I also finished Jane Marshall from HATS.  I just love how this turned out.  I have to see if I have a frame that it will fit in. 

I worked in my intials and the year I did this in a open spot over one.  I though it fit in there pretty good. 

Now just trying to figure out what to do next.  I could go back to Sarah Braizear, start the Chocolate Bunny from the last edition of Punchneedle and Prim Stitching magazine or a freebie I got with an order from Shakespeare's Peddler, a Majorie Massey that was really cute and would make a great needlebook.  Such decision's.  I have a bazillion other things I would like to start especially since I watch some floss tube.  

Hope you are healthy and safe.  Keep practicing social distancing, hand hygiene and don't touch your face.  Believe me, it is very difficult to practice social distancing in the grocery store.  Just how long does it take to pick out a can of beans?  

And you can also follow me at #hooplessstitcher on  Instagram .

Keep on Stitching