Sunday, January 25, 2015

Drawn Thread Nearly Finished

Just cruisin' on Drawn Thread B My Valentine.  
I have a little on the bottom left square then one more row.  
I love doing these.
Each square is a small triumph!
Tried another spot to take pictures and this appears to be the best yet.
I did it in my sewing room with all the lights on especially the pseudo Ott.  
These colors came out pretty true.  
Did a little shopping yesterday with my friend Arttie.  
She is making a quilt top for me, a throw for the bottom of the bed.
It will then give my mom something to hand quilt. 
We went to the quilt store and picked out fabric. 
We went to the yarn store too.  
I got a book of hats/scarves/mittens etc, a pattern for baby/kid sweater and sock yarn.
The sweater pattern has owls around the yoke of the sweater that are just a variation of a cable stitch.  If I don't get the pattern now, while I can, when I want one, I won't be able to get one.  
Downton Abbey tonight but, also Sons of Liberty starts on the History Channel so dvr'ing that one to watch later.  
Hope you have had a great weekend.
It was pretty good here.  The weather was really nice the last few days but, cold today, 10 degrees right now. 
I hope you ladies on the East Coast have projects ready and head lamps in case the power goes out and you can keep stitching.  
Stay safe!
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Trying a Different Picture Taking Location

I have started working on Drawn Thread B My Valentine.  
I don't have the thread  the pattern called for so, I'm improvising.  
I have had to take some of the stitching out but, I'm pretty pleased with how it is turning out.  
 So many time, my pictures look too yellow.  
I thought I would try taking the pictures in my laundry room where there is florescent light.  
There is some shadow but, the colors look a little more true but. kind of dark.  
What I probably need is a better camera but, I do only do this for fun.  
 I was showing someone some pictures of finished projects.  
I wasn't on my home computer so I Googled my blog site. 
I found out that some of my pictures have been pinned on Pinetrest.
Now I feel like a celebrity.  
Decided I needed a little extra cuteness to this blog and I was able to get a fairly good picture of Buster before he turned his he did on the second picture I took.  Henry Ford was too much of a wild child and wouldn't sit still.  Typical!

Came back to this spot.  We saw the Imitation Game this weekend.  I highly recommend it.  I want to see American Sniper.  Maybe next weekend.

Just hanging into January.  Should have started sorting patterns but, watched the football game instead.  I don't normally watch football but, Green Bay was in the Championship.  Oh well...there is always next year.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Have a great week.  Thanks for stopping and the great comments.

Keep on Stitching.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Christmas Sampler is Complete and I Even Ironed It

So many time I post pictures of my finishes without being ironed because I just want to post.
I ironed it this time so it would look especially nice.  
Now I have to frame it.  
That might wait a little while.
I do have a frame that fits it.

 I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  
I love the colors.  
It will make a lovely addition to my Christmas pieces.  
I wanted to do more this year but, it will have to wait.
I plan on starting Drawn Thread B Is For Valentine.
I'm not doing it in the Needle Point Silk as the pattern used.
I matched DMC.  Once I did that, the colors looked an awful lot like Splendor Silk I have.  
I am going to use that instead. 
I can't remember what I used it for in the first place.  
It also called for some Dinky Dyes but, I think I will just blend the needle.  

While cooking today, I thought I would try making a Balsamic Vinegar reduction, just for the heck of it.  
Having never made one before, I Googled it.  
One of the sites it directed me to, I did.
I think I have to try making the Teriyaki Bowls with the Teriyaki Chicken in the slowcooker. 

Hope your week has been going smoothly. 
This week hasn't been too bad but, I have some really crazy nuts busy days at work. :(
Have a fabulous weekend!
Thanks for stopping and great comments.
(I am going to organize by designer and make a master list)
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still Plugging Along

I am still plugging along on my Lizzie Kate.
It's nearly done but, I just don't seem to have a lot of time to work on it. 
Work, dogs, moms, cold know the drill.  
I had to rip out one of the trees cuz it was slightly off.  
 This picture is more true to color.  
Worked on some little projects.  I want to organize my charts better.  Posted on Prim Stitchers.
Do I organize by designer or by subject.  I can see the advantage of doing either.  I think I'm leaning more towards subject.

I finished one of Ed's socks and have stitches on a needle.  I want to get a few rows done tonight.

In the winter doldrums and its been cold.  It has actually warmed up a bit today and got to 19.
Suppose to be 30 next weekend.  Wouldn't be surprised if that means more snow.

Where do the weekends go?
Have a wonderful week!
Thanks for taking the time to send me little comments.  I do enjoy them

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Waiting For My Camera to Charge and Downton Abbey

Yep, kind of dead in the water waiting for the camera battery to charge.
We had a very good New Year's.  We got together with friends on New Year's Eve and then had the Mom's for dinner on New Year's Day.
New Year's Eve was Hor's d'oevers.  I brought Jalapeno Popper Dip.  I got the recipe from someone I work with.  It is's the recipe. It does pack a bit of a kick.  

Jalapeno Popper Dip

2 8 oz pkgs of cream cheese room temp.
1 c. mayonaise
1 4 oz can diced mild green chilis
1 4 oz can diced jalapeno peppers drained
1 c. fresh grated parmesan (not the stuff in the green can...ewww)
1/3 c. grated cheddar cheese
bread crumb no idea how much, I just sprinkled over the top
jalapeno pepper slices

Preheat oven to 350.
Mix together the cream cheese and mayo...I did it with my mixer.  Add the peppers and cheeses.  Spread in an oven proof pan, a pyrex pie plate will do nicely.   Sprinkle the bread crumbs on top and artfully (haha) arrange the sliced jalapenos.  Bake for 30 minutes or until bubbly.  Serve with taco chips or cracker of choice.  I guarantee someone will ask you for the recipe.

We are headed for another deep freeze or Polar vortex.  It started out at 16 this morning at 7 am.  It is now -6 and dropping.

I really thought I would be done with my Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler but, the holidays, kids, and work slowed my down.  I had several other Christmas pieces I wanted to do.  Maybe I should work on nothing but, Christmas stuff this year.  Nooooo, I'm chomping at the bit to start my Eye on the Sparrow.
I'm on the final section.  I am also working on two pairs of socks.  

Got to go...getting close to Downton Abbey.  
Happy New Year!
Thanks for stopping.
Keep on Stitching