Monday, May 31, 2021

Rhubarb Baking Fool and Stash Alert!!

We had to move our Rhubarb this spring becasuse it wasn't getting  enough sun.  
When I first planted it, there was plenty of sun in that area but, as the trees grew, it was too shady.  
Rhubarb needs full sun.  
Because it has been moved, it needs to be left alone and not harvested.  
Friends have given me Rhubarb which is awesome and I LOVE Rhubarb!
I got enough for a pie a few weeks ago.  
I got enough this weekend to make a pie, and two cakes.  I'm bringing one tomorrow to work.
This pie I put in the freezer to shar with company in a few weeks.  

Bob and I had a little piece this afternoon.  
Got to try it to make sure it was okay.  

Stash has been rolling in.  
I was able to get a copy of Caroline Amelia Trowell, another whimsical reproduction sampler.  
I think this will be a very fun stitch.  
I almost don't believe its a reproduction sampler.  
I love this Scarlott House Sampler.  
I want to do some of the motifs as smalls for the Brenda SAL.  
I think I have nearly all the thread.  
I think I have some CC Blackbird coming from Hobby House that was on back order, well you know that lead to a half  of yard of fabric.  I couldn't waste the shipping!

This was the Sampler of the Month for March from the Attic, Lucy Kerby 1805.  
From March....I know supply chain.  
I got the fabric and called for silk.  
She is well worth the wait.  
It is a glorious sampler!

The silks and fabric are totally beautiful!

I also got the two colors of silk for the Smith Sampler that had been on back order for several months.  
Now the time to start all these.  

I have been working on Little Deeds from Scarlett House.  
I have the alphabet and verse done and started yesterday on the super fun parts.  
I do enjoy all the letters as long as I don't mess it up and stitch two E's or something.  
How cute is that crown?  
This has been an enjoyable stitch and I am nearly done.  
This weekend is going to be the Blackbird Weekend SAL and I'm back to Rose Hips and Ivy from the Sewing Club book.  

Back to work tomorrow.  
It was a busy weekend.  
We got petunias and marigolds for the pots this weekend.  
I had to clean all the dirt from last year out.  The dirt had been in the pots for years and were very weedy last year and I couldn't get rid of them. 
Solution:  replace all the dirt.  
It was a lot of work, moving dirt and planting flowers  
It will be beautiful in a month.  

Hope you had a great weekend.  
Thank you to all the Service Men and Women.  
My father was in the Navy during WWII.  

Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching  


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Whirlwind Trip and Just Pooped

Katy and her fiance have been working on their new house.  
They just started being able to get in on Wednesday.  
It is an absolutely adorable house. 
It was built in 1938 and the previous owners left the original blueprint they found, the realtor booklet from when they bought in and a lovely note about how much they loved the house.  
Katy has been cleaning but, I was amazed at how clean it was.  
Bob and I took a quick trip to see it.....about 400 miles round trip in one day.  
There is too much going on at our house that we could only really go for the day.  
Bob had gotten a free lawnmower so we brought that with us.  
Its a very nice residential area with a lot of young families.  
It is just what you need in a first home.   
There is a lot original charm, interesting archways, a cedar closet and a linen closet.  
I wish my house had a linen closet.  
They have plenty of room for two home offices.  
She will use a second floor bedroom and he will use the finished area of the basement.  
Now the hard part is getting furniture, there is such a long lag time for furniture at this time.  
They started repainting the bedrooms.  The lower level looks good.  
The bedroom closets are small but, I think they could be structured.  
The master has a walk in closet but, that was not what is was on the 1938 blueprint.  
The window over the front door is the closet but, in 1938 it was  a sewing room...can't you picture it.?

Making progress on Scarlett House Little Deeds.  
I got a notice that Caroline Amelia Trowell was back in stock so I ordered it and added Scarllet House Sampler Motifs and I have a package coming from the Attic.  I know what I'm hoping is in it but, not sure what really is in it.  I'm sure I will let you know.  
I posted this on Instagram and made it my new background on FB.  
My Sand Cherry bush is blooming and I just adore these delicate flowers.  
They really are a pretty shade of pink!

It has been another very busy week at work and I'm sure it will be very busy this week.  
With the quick trip yesterday, I have spent the day doing laundry but, have managed to get a little stitching it.  
Meatloaf for dinner tonight with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  
I really do like meatloaf.  

Hope you had a grand week and the weather is good where you are.  
I do wish more people around here were getting vaccinated.  
I think our vaccination rate in the county is about 41%.  
Come on people, not that hard.  

Have a great week 
Keep on Stitching


Thursday, May 20, 2021

What Was I Thinking?

Fabric is finally coming in and what was I thinking ?
The one on the left is Seraphim Bees Knees - a winner
Next the green is Edinbugh Agave--What was I thinking?
The one on the Right is Edinbugh Wren- a winner

The one below not above is Vintage Country Mocha
I don't know what I'm going to use that green for....what was I thinking?
I may end up grunging it a little, who knows.  
Maybe the right pattern will come around and BOOM! It's perfect.  
Just never know.  
I also got some 40 count, Seraphim 40 ct Tobias and Weeks 40 ct Cocoa, both winners.  
So the question again "What was I thinking about the Agave."

Some of the flosses I got for projects or to substitute in a project.  
Can't always get  the exact color so I have taken to subbing colors I think may work.  
Took a drive to Green Bay last Saturday with my son just to get out of town for a few hours.  
I stopped at the stitching Bee because I had a copy of  WTN&T Hannah Ann Wallace waiting for me from the expo.  
After the Bee, I dropped him off at Barnes and Noble and I went to Hobby Lobby with a list of frame sizes and a few other things I missed the last time I was at one.  
He was thrilled to be able to spend time at a bookstore.  We lost our bookstore probably five years ago.  
We had lunch at Panera and stopped at an organic food store and headed home. 
It was great to spend time with him, talking all the way there and back.  
Haven't had quality time like that in a long time.  
Picked up Sweet Summer, Come all the Blackbirds you know and  La-D-Da a
Murder of the name.  I think it will be a super fun stitch.   

Finally, our Sand Cherry bush is blooming and I love it!
The leaves are a burgundy and the flowers are such a pretty pink!

 Things have been hectic around here and busy at work.  I am basically doing five days work in four days.  I love having my Thursday's off and don't really want to work it but, wonder at times if its worth it.  We just need more help in every area.  

Really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and an extra day off.  I'm sure it will be jammed packed with gardening.  

Been working on Scarlet House Little Deeds and will have an update on Sunday, hopefully.  

Have a great end to your week.  Stay safe!  Even though I, Bob and the kids are fully vaccinated, don't know how I feel about being out in public without a mask.  

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day and Other Stuff

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's or anyone who does motherly things for people!
I've been working pretty diligently on Martha Dawson and I think I'm way ahead in the SAL.  
I started the chimney's and the top of the roof.  
I figure I'm nearyly two thirds done.  

Close up of the serpent.  

She is a lovely sampler

The BBD I started last week, I'm going to work on the first weekend of the month with that SAL.
I decided to start Little Deeds from Scarlet House for Mother's Day.  
I'm using 36 count Confederate Grey, not a Zwiegert base.  
I think I have all the called for threads except Classic Coloworks Snowball.  I'm using Weeks Whitewash instead and it will be perfect.  It is as bright a white as Snowball.  
I wanted to start a smallish sampler.  
I thought about starting Tom Foolery or Esther Benson 1739 but, that is another big one.  
I've been seeing this alot on social media.   

We moved our Rhubarb plants this spring.
The spot we initially planted them was full sun but, as the trees have grown it is now too shady.
Because we moved them, we can't use them this year. 
One of my co-workers brought me some rhubard from her garden.  
I made a rhubarb pie for dessert today.  
We ate at one and Ed was able to come for dinner.  
Rhubarb pie is one of our favorites  
 I personally love anything with rhubarb in it!!!

I was riding my exercise bike one night last week.  
Buster's bed is next to it and blocked so Henry can't get at him and pester.  
I placed his blanket on him and he fell fast asleep, long after I was done and took a shower.  

They were tyring to help bake the pie and both looked at the camera when I called .  
That usually doesn't happen.  

Overall, I had a good day.  Katy called and we talked for a long time and I pressed Martha so I could take a good picture.  I cut the fabric for Little Deeds and pulled the thread.  Had to work on figuring out what our expenses are a month.  We met with one of our financial planners to see how we are doing for retirement.  Bob is pretty much retired and trying to figure out when I can retire, when to start drawing Social Security etc.  It is nerve racking but, I think we will be fine.  

Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was good, now back to the old salt mines tomorrow and its going to be a very busy week.  

Stay safe and Keep Stitching



Monday, May 3, 2021

Bob was at his little trout stream camp this weekend.  
I decided to take a trip to Hobby Lobby about 50 minutes from here.  
I also have wanted to check out the Aldi's.  
I spent the trip there talking to my sister.  
We can talk a long time, that got me all the way there and then a few minutes parked in the parking lot.  
I wanted to look for frames.  
If I had everything I do professionally framed, I would go broke.  
I would rather spend money on supplies.  
So many frames are conventional, standard size.
I look at the plaques they have and measure everything.  
 A lot of them were on sale this weekend. 
This was prophetic that it would be the same size for Pet All The Dogs.
I just took a hammer and knocked on the plaque section and it pretty much popped out.
There were some wire fastners I needed to pull out with a plyers.  
I was then a basic black frame, nothing fancey but, it worked really well.  

This was a standard frame a little too much in the height but, I like it.  
The blue was perferct for me.  
Pretty much matched the blue in the zigzag beneath the houses.  
I don't usually frame with glass, even when done professionally.  
When I first started having pieceds framed, I had them glassed.  
I personally don't like the way glass looks on stitched pieces.  
I feel, the glare off the glass detracts from the stitching.  

I also found a plaque that worked well for Ann Pierce Drown.  
The wood color was the same as the plaque next to it.  
I wanted it a little darker.  
I took out the old Briwax and darkened it up and buffed it a little while later.  
Again, just a simple frame but, seems to be perfect for the little marking sampler.  

I would have liked it if it was just a little smaller but, it was less than $10.  
Now, just to find places to hang them.  
I watch Brenda and the Serial Starter on Flosstube, they are one of my favorites.  
This weekend, they started #bbdweekendsal.  
I think it is going to be the first weekend of the month.  
Wow, are people on that one.  
I started Rose Hips and Ivy from the Sewing Club book.  
I think the fabric was Light Exsemplaire with the called for threads.  
I had kitted this up about six weeks ago.
I don't know that I will finish it as a needle drum.  

Here is how far I got.  
I thought I would be further but, got started on the framing and was too tired last night to stitch more.  
I got caught up watching last weeks and this weeks episode of Atlantic Crossing on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.  
Brenda and Laura are very entertaining, knowledgeable and enabling.  
Unfortunately, Brenda is having some health issues and they have asked for prayers.  
She is on my rosary list now.  

It was a beautiful weekend here.  
I know there has been some pretty bad weather all over.  
We were pretty fortunate and it start raining until late yesterday afternoon.  
Hope you had a good weekend filled with stitchy joy.  
Thanks for stopping and as always, stay safe, wear a mask, get a vaccine if you can....just want herd immunity 😊

Have a wonderful week.
Back to Martha Dawson  
Keep on Stitching.