Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sampler September Hannah Pepper

I have been working on my official Sampler September Sampler:  Hannah Pepper from 2002 Finelines  I started it last September and really haven't worked on it until now.  
I don't know why....wait, because I have done other projects.  

I started it on 40 count Newcastle Burch.  Wanted to use a different color that was a little darker but, I cut the piece too small.  I dipped it in some Rit Tan dye and got a pretty nice result.  I wanted it darker.  I like the more antique look.  
I'm using Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe floss and some Weeks Juniper.  Its kind of hard to get extra skeins from them.    It is very close to VMSS primitive dark avocado.  Since I started, I have changed a few colors and gone a little darker.  I made some mistakes and ripped it out and replaced it with the new and improved colors.  I'm using a combo of Prim Pumpkin and 1880 Pumpkin.  You can barely tell the difference and I need more than two skeins of floss.  I like the more muted, dark colors for this.  
I finished the Algerian eyes that border some of the verse.  
Worked on some of the leafy border below the verse too.  
This really is a lovely sampler!
Maybe after the holidays, I will alternate between this and Sarah Braizear satin stitching.  
I am done with the first page of the sampler.  
Hooray for me!

The whole shebang.
The vine does meet around the whole border.  
I just have to finish the leaves but, kind of doing that as I got
Buster was groomed this week and was sleeping so cute on the pillow, I just had to take a snap.  
Put a sweater on my little grandpa dog. 

I am sadden by Ruth Bader Ginsberg's passing.  
What a giant of a human!
Wish we had more!!

We had a beautiful weekend, sunny and in the 60's but still getting some smoke from the Western fires.  
Our Covid numbers are climbing but, still not like the big cities.  
Remember, the population of Dickinson County is 25,000
Stay safe, wear a mask!

Have a wonderful week!
Keep Stitching


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Some Finishes

I posted this a while ago Carriage House Samplings Adam & Eve Revisited. 

This was a super fun stitch and had seen someone else doing it on Instagram and was able to order it as a PDF.  I did during the height of the the quarantine.  This is done on 40 ct fabric.  

The Stitching Bee was having a frame sale.  When I called, Kendra had a red frame that was the right size.  It was pretty much an apple red but, I knew I could tone it down with a little Briwax.  I have used that on a lot of things.  It was stain and bee's wax.  I smear it on, let it sit a few hours....longer for darker and then buff it off with a cloth.  It shines up quite nice! I got it mounted on a piece of cardboard and laced up today.  

I finished Samplers Rememberd Sampler Roll and ironed it up while I was ironing the other pieces again today.  I plan on finishing this into a needle drum rather than a needle roll.  I think I would like it much better as a drum.  It will make a rather nice drum!
I finished the Love Bird Pinkeep from the Blackbird Designs Book Vintage Inspiration using the fall colored 100/3 silks from this months Silk club offering.  I did it on the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe linen club from July which was kind of a peachy hue that some people had over dyed.  I used the original color and it turned our really lovely.  The picture really doesn't show the true color. I tried.  
I wanted to be able to fit the piece into a small frame from Homespun Elegance that I have a few little pieces I swap out of it.  When  I saw the color of the floss, I knew I needed to find a little something to stitch and put into the frame.  Other than the color, the only thing I changed in the pattern was the small border around it.  I thought it might end up too big and wouldn't fit in the frame.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.   If I had done border, I would have altered that too to make sure it fit.   
I had done the first two in the nine part Farmhouse Christmas series from Little House Needleworks.  When I had seen it finished as a bell pull, I slammed on the brakes and now have started it over on one piece of linen.  Its a Weeks not on Zweigert in a Parchment I think, don't quote me on that.  I'm going to use this as my September Christmas piece.  
It rained all day yesterday but, today was a perfect day, sunny and 67.  I got a lot done!

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching