Sunday, June 13, 2021

Flowers are Blooming

There is a lot blooming in my garden this week. 
My roses are so pretty.  
Unfortunately, they only bloom for a short time.  
I have another rose that blooms for a lot of the summer.  
My Russian Sage is blooming.  
Last year, I had a lone milkweed grow.  
This year there are a few more.  
Milkweed is one of the Monarch Butterfly's favorite food. 
I'm hoping that I will see some caterpillars.  

The peonies are just starting to bloom.  
They are my absolute favorite garden flower.  
I need to move them in the fall because, the spot is too shady.  
They like full sun just like the rhubarb.  
I plan on moving them in the back to the south side of the shed.  
The poppies are blooming too, my the milkweed. 
The rose that blooms a long time is next to the poppies.  
They are great friends and have been very happy next to each other.  
The poppy really didn't take off until I planted the rose next to it.  

I have been working on my sister's birthday present.
This is the little bit of progress I made prior to the BBD SAL weekend.  
I finished the stitching part of the gift so, will be back working on this tonight  

I was putting stuff away in the sewing room and picked up a frame in a basket and blopped it on the Samplers Remembered Sampler Roll but, honestly, I didn't like the finish.  
I have made rolls, that wasn't the issue.  
I just was too much on a roll and you really didn't get the full effect.  
I much prefer it to be framed. 

 Stopped to eat dinner and then brought some to Ed and work.  
There was a storm moving in and we got home about 2 minutes before it started. 
Took my hanging basket down and Bob went to dump a garden cart and put it in the shed.  
Then all heck broke loose, pouring rain and hail about the size between a pea and a marble.  
It's done now but, may pick up some more.   

We have a busy weekend next week, lots of family stuff going on.  

Have a great week, get some stitching in.  
Stay safe and healthy  
Washing hands is super important, all kinds of other viruses out there and since we are getting away from masks.....well you know.  
Keep on Stitching!


  1. Your garden is really looking pretty. I love the peonies too. I have three bushes all different. That is strange about the rose and the poppies!! I mean it isn't like the plants should have an opinion! Lovely stitching, I love the one that is suppose to be a roll. I agree you would miss too much if it was a roll.

  2. Your garden and the blooms are looking incredible. Glad you were able to get some things taken care of outside before the storm let loose.

  3. You have some pretty glowers, love those Poppies!
    Great gift for your sister, & I like that piece framed, a roll would be too big to show it all off.
    We need rain here badly, the lawns are turning brown.
    Have a great week!

  4. Both samplers are so pretty and yes the Samplers Remembered looks so much nicer framed. Lovely blooms in your garden too!