Sunday, June 6, 2021

Blackbird Designs SAL Weekend

Been working on Blackbird Designs Rose Hips and Ivy
I have finished the vines and leaves around the bird on the berry basket, the small red bird and the 
new basket with the flower stem.
I will get some more done tonight after supper but, then it will be too late to post.  
I'll post it on my IG Hooplessstitcher account.  
I am really enjoying this stitch  
I was busy  (so what else it new) this weekend.  
I have a cousin who passed away from Covid 19 around Christmas.  
The funeral will be in two weeks but, her husband wanted it to be more of a celebration so, he is also planning an family reunion with her brothers.  
There has been alot of texting and phoning with family members to help communitcate things.  
My sister and her husband will be staying with us as will Katy and Steve.  
I was trying to straighten up the sewing room, a never ending job.  
When my mother in law moved to the nursing home, this was hangin in her Assisted living apartment. 

I stitched this for her as a Christmas present probably 1988 or 1989.  I brought it home and stuck it in 
sewing room.  While I was cleaning, I sent the picture to Katy thinking it may go well on a small wall in her dining room or possibly her office.  The dining room is blue and her office is a light terra cotta.  
It was done on Aida before I knew about linen or even considered attempting. 
I was waiting for some CC Blackbird from Hobby House and got the notice they had it in  I decided I didn't want the $3.20 postage to go to waste so I ordered a fat quarter of Fiber on a Whim Parchment.  
It has a green undertone.  
I'm not sure I like it, good thing  I only got a fat quarter but, I may end up liking it.  
It will be good for something I'm sure.  

Just before the BBD weekend SAL, I finished the flower basket on Little Deeds.  
I will mostly like finish this before returning to work on Martha Dawson for June.  
I only have the motifs on the bottom to finish.  

It has been very hot the last two days, well into the 90's.  
Thank goodness for central air!
Hope you had a splendid weekend.  
Keep praying we get to 75-80% vaccination!
Keep on Stitching 



  1. Very pretty projects.
    It's very hot here also, I hope it cools down some.
    Have a great week!

  2. Little Deeds is looking awesome. Love that basket. Your BBD piece is looking good. Hot and humid here as well; so very thankful for the A/C. Have a wonderful week.

  3. The flower basket is lovely. All your projects are lovely.

  4. Sorry to hear about your MIL! I hope she is doing better. I love that BBD. I feel like I know about heat after spending a week in Cincinnati visiting family. It was our first trip since both being fully vaccinated! It was hot and the cicadas were awful!