Sunday, January 23, 2022

Can’t Stop

I have been working on WIPS and have decided I need to just finished Emily Harben 1824 from 
Whilst Iris Naps.  
I'm stitching her in black silk and just love it!
It really wasn't a black samper but looked like it on the website.  The border had a square that might have been a bud but, is just a light yellow square.  I wasn't too keen on that.  I thought a honeysuckle flower but, it would have been too large for the spot.  I have a copy of Brenda Keyes Ultimate Sampler Motif Source book and found a leaf that would fit and be fitting for the sampler.  I have her name to stitch and then the crowns and that should go quick.  Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be done by the end of the month.  
Close up of the leaf, sweet and simple.  I think it works rather well. 

I have gotten some stash.  Not pictured are the silks I'm collecting to do HATS Giant Pear and Rose.  I have frame my dad made that is nearly the right size but, just a little short so I may alter the sides or may do on 46 count so the 100/3 silk would be perfect.  I am missing three colors but, I think I may be able to work around it.  

Got my Schoolgirl Sampler Club kit from County Sampler.  It is going to be called something else next hear.  I do love this kit and it looks like it will be fun.  Scarlett House is always fun and always a great presentation!  

This came from Kendra at the Stitching Bee.  It is a Heart in Hand and came with the fabric and embellishment buttons.  I just have to find the floss in the stash.  Lots of colors but, looks like I only need a small amount.  

Close up fabric and buttons.  

Then I got my monthly club fabric and thread from Color and Cotton.  
Really wonderful fabric and floss.  They haven't disappointed yet.  
I also joined the Crazy Annie fabric club but haven't gotten that yet.  I may contact them and see if I can change the thread count.  I am a little apprehensive about this club because it is set up like the VMSS and they send you an invoice way before you ever see fabric.  I am not going to let it go too far and if I don't see the fabric, I am out of that club.  

We are moving along on the bathroom remodel.   The house is in pretty much disarray and driving us crazy.  Poor Henry just doesn't know where to sleep until we put his bed in the living room.  Nothing bothers Buster.
I had some difficulty opening a page to post on,  Fortunately there was an old draft I didn't use, so I was able to post on it.  If this continues to be an issue, I may not continue to blog and turn to Instagram.  We will see, it may just be a minor glitch.    

That about sums it up.  I want to get back to stitching and watching PBS All Creatures Great and Small.  

Have a great week, get vaccinated or boosted and stay safe.  Our positivity rate is over 30%, lots of sickness and I am hoping we can stave it off!!
Keep on Stitching



  1. It's a pretty black sampler.
    You received some great stash!
    We got our booster last week.
    Stay warm, & have a wonderful week!

  2. Your sampler is looking fabulous. What super goodies you have received! Have a good week, Monica!

  3. Love your linen from the club. On their waiting list. And the sampler you are finishing, love the changes.

  4. I absolutely love All Creatures Great and Small! What a great program! Now to stitching. That black sampler is really looking so pretty. I have done a navy blue one but never a black!I have decided not to do Crazy Annie's linen club again. I have paid all the invoices and am very confused on when I get the linen. I know there have been problems getting many things but it has just been too erratic. The linen is very nice however. Have a great week> Sorry poor Henry is confused. Remodeling is enough to make any creature including me confused!!

  5. I love the little border on the black sampler. Well done! It is perfect in scale, etc. You got some great stash. yes, to All Creatures Great and Small! I just love English TV and Masterpiece…..I used to think Masterpiece Theater was for old fogies…..umm, I guess I’m there. Blogger continues to be a nuisance. I recently reloaded Google Chrome and fingers crossed, no issues yet. Stay safe, stay healthy