Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rhubarb Stickywicket

With the help of Bob, we got the Coral Bells moved.  In the spot where they were, they were about to be over run by some roses.  We moved them on the other side of the Potentilla.  I'm sure they will be happier there.  Then Bob (uninstructed to do so) decided to dig up some of the new rose plants that were too close to the house...and the ones that weren't so close.  Who knows what will happen now.  The Coral Bells are thriving.  
 We have a Crab Apple tree that really hasn't been doing all the well.  It was professionally planted about 8 years ago.  It wasn't the tree we had picked out and payed for.  We also had two Maples planted at the same time in the front of the house.  When we came home from work that day, we found an apple tree in the backyard where a light pink Crab Apple was suppose to be.  We had to call the garden center that put them in to come back with the right tree.  It still wasn't the right tree but, we kept it.  It hasn't been a very good tree.  It leans way too much and has been kind of weedy, not full like I want it to be.  
This spring, I told Bob to cut the top half off.  He thought I had lost it.  I usually tell him not to trim things.  He does have a tendency to overdo it and cut too much.  He actually wanted to pull it out.  I didn't want that because it was pretty healthy.  He cut the top half off and it has never looked so good.  The flowers this year have been spectacular.  They also smell really good!
 We saw this bird bath a few years ago.  A local lady takes interesting leaves and uses them as a form.  This is a rhubarb leaf.  The glaze on it is really pretty.  I got a smaller one for my sister that year too.  Lately, the robins have really been taking advantage of it in the later afternoon and it really cute.  I have been trying to change the water daily to there is fresh water.  Buster likes to chase the birds away.  

                    My lilacs actually fared better than I thought and have been the best in years.
 In the same bed that the Coral Bells moved to is also home to the Sand Cherry bush.  This needs to be trimmed up a little but, I may do it myself after it is done flowering.  I love the pink flowers on this bush.
 I have been cruising on my Prairie Schooler June.  Sorry it is so wrinkly but, I scrunch it while stitching since I don't use a hoop.
 I love the peacock on the roof of the house.  
I did pick up some wave petunias and marigolds today for my patio pots.  I also got a phenomenal hanging basket.  I went with some yellow and deep purple.  Katy fell in love with some snap dragons.  We picked up a few of those for a pot.  We also got two cherry trees we are going to plant on the south side of the house.  It better not shade my rhubarb.  Speaking again of rhubarb, my wonderful husband will tell people (especially church ladies) who ask, "Oh sure you can pick the rhubarb."  So when the church secretary called this morning to see if we would be greeters this Sunday and oh BTW how's the rhubarb?  I cringe!!!  I do share my rhubarb...with select people and I pick it.  I only have two plants.    I don't want someone coming and picking it because I am careful not picking too much or too thin in an area. Not everyone is careful or picks it the right way.  There is a right way.  I don't ever pick it clean either.   These plants are at least 30 years old.  They were at my parents who got them from my great aunt, who just died at the age of 104.   I will give her some rhubarb but, it really isn't ready yet.

Looking forward to the weekend.  Going to get mulch this weekend. (Doing the mulch happy dance.) We are also going on a road trip Sunday to see Ed and his new apartment.  He bought some chicken last weekend but, didn't cook it yet.  I think he may be nervous about doing it.  We will probably pick up a couple of shallow pans for him while we are there.

Thank you for the great comments.  My basket is really cool.  I just have to find the right thing for the top.
FYI, if you haven't seen...Norden Craft has been doing a daily giveaway of signed patterns.  I don't know how long they will be doing it but here is the Facebook Norden Crafts Link.  Today's winners have been picked but, there is always tomorrow.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Your crabapple tree is beautiful! Must be men - my husband has a tendency to want to cut too much also. :) Your Prairie Schooler piece is looking good!

  2. Beautiful post. I especially love the rhubarb leaf/birdbath.
    I can almost smell the lilacs. It seems like only a very short time ago I was reading your posts about being snowed in!

    Lovely stitches ♥