Sunday, May 12, 2013

Time to Reorganize

Went shopping yesterday with the Stitching girls.  Before going, I was sorting through the over-dyes to see what I need for projects.  It is way too complicated to go through the thread.  I thought I had a good system.  Initially, I had used hanging file folders, color coated by brand:  Red:  GAST, Yellow Weeks and Blue Crescent Colors.  I had a strip of velcro hook on the folder and a piece of loop on the card for the thread.  I could stick it in alphabet order.  Became too complicated and just didn't keep up with it.  It is a mess.
 I picked up four photo boxes and around two hundred floss bags.  I think the bags should fit two across in the box.  My friend Patty was amazed I bought four boxes.  "You really have that much thread?"  I replied, "Oh yeah.  I use it.  But, sometimes I just buy a color because it is pretty."  I hope four boxes will be enough.   I'm really hopping that I will only need three, and one extra.  
I got all but one of the colors I needed.  I may just substitute it with something close.  I also found small pieces of 32 count Lambswool that will work well for the  Prairie Schooler monthly smalls for the seasons.  They were a dollar a piece.  
 Kendra had gotten some new patterns I really need more but, alas no will power.  This is a new designer for me.  I love Halloween patterns and I really love psychotic pumpkins and I think now a psychotic cat has gotten my attention.  
       Isn't he cute?  I may have to do a small to hang from a knob handle during the season.
 I think I have grown fond of crows too, just like the sheep.  Years ago it was cows.  I think that may be future post about how taste changes.  
 Finally, the designs from France  have been getting my attention lately.  How can you go wrong with sheep in the picture. There is a website called the French Needle with fun patterns, scarves and other little interesting things.  See  More French Stuff
Hope you had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was very nice but, hectic.  Ed was home and cooked me breakfast.  He is moving into an apartment so it was good practice.  Bob was cooking breakfast at the church.  I really don't like to go to those.  I would just as soon have a bowl of cheerios.  We then had the grandmothers for dinner.  But, did all kinds of chores in-between.  Since I played yesterday, I had to do chores today.  Tomorrow, back to work.

It will probably be a short post week.  I will be out of town for a Hand Therapy Conference.  I have to keep up with continuing education credits to keep my hand therapy certification.

Have a great week.  Oh, BTW we had snow yesterday.  Fortunately no accumulation.  It is very chilly today, more like March than May.

Keep on Stitching


  1. Please let me know how your thread organization works. Looking for a new system to manage the overdyes

  2. Wonderful purchases!!!! Ad, like others, I am always looking to improve on my organizing!!!! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog previously... The ladies prim society has been so nice and I really did enjoy the challenge also! Let me know if you'd like yours finished as I did mine....

  3. I was interested to see how you organized your threads, mine are in a mixed up box of Weeks and Crescents all thrown together. Glad you had a nice Mothers Day.

  4. I'd love to see a picture of how you organize your threads in the boxes. I've been trying to come up with a solution, but nothing yet. I love the new patterns you bought. The Halloween on especially.

  5. Oh my... I went to the website that I order my patterns from and checked out Barbara Anna Designs... she has sooooooo many good ones! Thanks for helping to fill up my stash! lol! Happy stitching to you!

  6. Great charts!! Love that Barbara Ann Design, very cute... My floss is stored in a shoe box, but recently I put like brands in floss bags... Makes is so much easier to find something.

    Hopefully you have some time to relax this week after a busy weekend :)