Monday, May 27, 2013

Mystery Color

I finished organizing my floss.  I have two boxes with Gentle Arts, one of Weeks and a half box of Crescent Colors that could spread out a little.  The Weeks really needs a second box.  I also ran out of bags.  I didn't get all the Crescent Colors in bags.  I need to organize each letter but, that can wait until a rainy day.  I trimmed a little off the width of 4x6 dividers which works very well.  The height was better than the 3x5's 
 In the process of getting this done, I found a Weeks that I have no idea what color it is.  Some dog had chewed off the color name.  I have been trying to figure out what it is.  The website isn't too helpful since often the colors don't photograph well.  It isn't Sea Foam, too green.  It is bluer than Guacamole and too light to be Artichoke.
 I will probably take it with me the next time I go to a brick and mortar store to compare with the colors.
 I just recently joined the Samplermakers forum.  As I was perusing the posts, one of the members had posted a picture of a picnic basket she had made into a sewing kit.  I thought that was an inspiring idea.  On Saturday, Bob and I went and looked at a piece of property on a trout stream about an hour away.  After we got done there, (and it really is a nice piece of land, hopefully we can negotiate a good price) we went to Eagle River, poked around the antique/junk shops and then had lunch.  I found an old picnic basket in reasonable good shape.  It would be perfect for as a sewing basket.

 It has a very lovely walnut finish on it.  After I cleaned it with a little Murphy's Oil Soap and a soft brush, it looked pretty good.  There is still some varnish on the sides.  The top is a little rough but, I plan on covering that with a piece of stitching when I find the right thing.  I could probably Briwax the top and it would look good as new.  The bottom corner is a little cracked but, really isn't an issue.
There is a mark on the inside from the Shelton Basket Company.  I think it was probably made around 1940.  Here is a Link to Shelton Basket.  The strip inside the lid is elastic to hold utensils.  I can make a cloth liner when I'm ready to finish it.  It only cost me $15, they marked it down $3 when I went to pay for it.  They were having a sale.   
 I also saw on the forum, using tins to cover with stitching.  These are aluminum spice jars that would make great pin holders and I could cover these.  I hated to buy a cool old tin and cover it.  These should work out great.
I finished Prairie Schooler June.  I just need to stitch it up and it will be ready to hang for the month on my china cabinet knob.  

I have started the larger Prairie Schooler June.  I'm moving a long well.  
Thanks for the wonderful comments.  I enjoy hearing from you.  Hope you have had a great weekend.  The weather has been perfect (finally!).  I plan on moving some Coral Bells once it gets shady in the backyard.  They are being overrun by a rose bush and its shoots.  

Thanks for stopping.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing how you finish your stitching basket.

  2. You scored big on the basket--looking forward to seeing you transform it into a sewing basket

  3. You've been busy!! Great basket ~ looking forward to seeing the transformation.

  4. The sewing basket sounds like a really neat idea. Please post a pic if you begin to finish it.

  5. Good job on the floss organization! Beats my system of just throwing them all in a bag. :) Hope things work out on the property - sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the end result on the basket. Lovely stitching on the PS piece!

  6. Congratulations on finishing the PS, it's lovely.

    Nice find with the basket, looking forward to seeing the end result

  7. Great job organizing your floss, Monica.
    The basket is a real find. I'm looking forward to seeing it all fixed up for your sewing.

    Glad to see that the "psychotic bird" is finished.
    Enjoy stitching your new PS start.