Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just Going to Town

I think I am in the home stretch of Faith of the heart.  
I have to add the bird and the remainder of the flowers and foliage in the right urn, space borders, the words  "for" and "fly" and viola!  Done!
Bob and I did a quick trip to Green Bay for shopping last weekend.  
I knew I would have some stitching time in Cabela's so I kitted up a freebie from Nickyscreations.
I used some floss from Victorian Motto and Sampler Shoppe for the flag, and the sheep's face.  The black was a GAST and the ecru was plain old DMC.
Done on a scrap of natural linen....I think 32 count. 
I tried to see if I had some star buttons but, the ones I had were just too big and looked ridiculous once I had them sewn on.  
I could swear I have some mother of pearl star buttons but, do you think I can find them.  
I don't know what I'm thinking half the time when I put things away.  
I found the round mother of pearl buttons I got at the same time.  
Heavy sigh!
I think I'm just going to stitch it up as a hanging ornament and put it on a handle somewhere.  
Maybe some gold felt stars, if I can cut them small enough and one on the back just to spiff it up.

I have ordered the latest mystery stitch from Brenda Gervais through the Stitching Bee, the Summer School House Lessons in Abecedarian.  
I bought a few of the flosses for it last weekend, ones I am running low.  
I think I have most of them including Flatfish which is kitted up in another one of her designs.  

It is not too hot today, a little humid, thunderstorms in the forecast this afternoon.  
I could turn on the AC but, we spend most of the year with the windows closed and the birds are singing so beautifully I'm going to endure the sogginess.  
Flood warning in the area for the Menominee River until 1 pm but, if we get more rain, and there is rain in the forecast for the next several days, I don't thinks the warning will go away anytime soon.  

I have Thursdays off.   
Have to run to the grocery store for a few things, trying to figure out dinner, the cleaning is done so I think I will stitch the afternoon away!

Hope you have a great day!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Faith of the Heart Update

I've been diligently working on Faith of the Heart by Brenda Gervais.  
Love this pattern.  
I can't say I am enamored with Valdani Floss.  
I find it falls apart and does not stand up to a little frogging.  
Had a busy weekend and went to a Bridal Shower for a co-worker.  
The food was great!  Love quiches.  

We had very hot weather yesterday and severe storms today.  
I would say that there is about a third of the area without power.  
Lots of downed trees and tree branches.  
Fortunately, we didn't lose power.
There is Downton Abbey and stitching in the future tonight!

There is another fabulous give away at Victorian motto sampler shoppe.
The colors are just lovely and tribute to sisters.
I have three.

Hope you had a great weekend
Have a wonderful week...stay cool, dry and hydrated for much of the country.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Give Away

A new Give Away at:
The colors are amazing. I really hope I win them.
I'm just a booger!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'm So Confused

I'm so confused.
All of the sudden I've gone from +300 views a day to maybe 60.
What's up with that?
Oh well....

Bob's brother and his wife were here this weekend.
We had a great time!
About a year ago, we bought a piece of property on a trout stream. 
We went to show it to them.
After we poked around for a while, we went to Eagle River for lunch.
When we got to town, the Main Street was blocked off for a craft show.
It was a really great day for a craft show, they were predicting rain.  
I got some great stuff.

I figured Bob could get my b'day present.
This yard art spins in the most calming manner that is just way cool!

The bucket is an old maple syrup bucket.
If the syrup is going to be shipped out of the state' then a tube system must be used.
The buckets have been re-purposed n a very appealing way.  They were only$20 so I got a second one I'm going to a bridal shower in a few weeks and I could use it as part of the gift.
I plan on buying things like cocktail napkins and plates etc. 
To add to more confusion, I started this post on Monday on my IPad.
Its great to import the pictures from my google account but, there are times it just doesn't work well for typing the actual post.
I just realized that when I started a new post, I forgot to finish this one on my laptop.  
Good thing tomorrow is Friday.  
Onward I go, to finish this post and finish the other one I started today.

Hope you are having a good week.
Keep on Stitching.

Complete Finishes

I finished projects.
I apologize if the pictures aren't exactly straight,
 I used antiqued buttons and jute twine from the garden shed.
I have got to get more twine.
I was going to put the bells along the bottom but, decided I wanted something a little different. 
I also thought about putting chenile around it but, decided I was going to be lazy.
This was the last finish I did and I just lost steam.
Love the antique buttons!
Always a little tricky to attach ric rac.  
I appliqued the wool leaf on the back just as the directions indicated. 
The little acorn charm was just the finishing touch. 

I have no idea where the fabric came from around the edge but, it looked good with the sweet, little ornament.                    
Now, I started With Thy Needle and Thread:  Faith of the Heart.  
I have a little of the main house done, really not much to look at just yet.

Started watching the Netflix Documentary series The Keepers.
You need a strong stomach to watch it but, it is excellent!

So all the posts are now done.
Have a terrific weekend.
Thunderstorms on Saturday, hoping Sunday will be nice.
Keep on Stitching.