Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Stitcher of the Month and BOY! Is There a Story!!

Before you get too excited, I volunteered to be September Stitcher of the Month at the Stitching Bee.
Since September is nearly over, I figured I needed to go see it before it was October. 
And I took them all home.
She has Halloween pieced up too.  
I have posted all these on the blog.   
Threadwork Primitives Autumn Heart (don't know if thats the name)
and Painted Threads
Prairie Schooler Autumn Leaves
La-d-da Alone in the Garden
Stacy Nash Christmas at Winterberry Farm
BBD Tender Hearts 3 and 4.
The amazing thing, is I dyed the fabric myself using brown Rit Dye.  
If you only use a little bit, it comes out pink rather than brown.  
Prairie Schooler Autumn Band Samplers, Hocus Pocus.
Plum Street Samplers Cinnamon Stars (One of my all time favorites)
Lizzy Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler I think, the one with the pumpkin headed cat and a crazy looking jack o'lantern button,  
Bob is a bird hunter and Henry Ford is a bird dog.
It's bird season, so yesterday I went to Green Bay and they went hunting.  
They went to an area in Iron County where it is designated hunting in the National Forest.  
The Forestry Department and DNR advertise it that way on a map.  
There is a walking lane, couldn't drive a car down it and its grassy but, mowed.
They were getting close to a marshy area near a little lake when Bob noticed wolves.  
Henry was kind of oblivious but, would have gone up to them if he had seen them first.
He would have been their dinner. 
Bob grabbed him by the collar.
Usually he has a small leash in his vest pocket but, it was missing.  
There were five wolves, a pack and very menacing.  
They were after Henry Ford.  
Bob put his shot gun down and took out his pistol.  
He fired the ground just before them to try and scare them away.  
Three took off but, then backed around, two stood their ground threatening Bob and our dog.  
Bob had Henry by the collar bent over walking a half mile back to his truck.  
The wolves followed him all the way.  
Fortunately, Bob and Henry Ford made it home safe.  
Bob is still a little shook up.  
Not sure when they will go bird hunting today. 
He talked to a DNR officer today who referred to the wolves as the West Iron County pack.
Still just creeps me out!

Hope your weekend was wolf-free
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Busy Weekend

Before I forget, Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has a lovely give away of Christmas Floss!
If you are looking for a good read, I highly recommend this one.  
First time British Author.  
Parallel story lines that converge at the end.  
Now I'm reading Fear by Bob Woodward.  
I have a feeling this will be interesting.  
I got it from my sister who also recommends a book called Black Money.  
My sister, my daughter and her boyfriend were here for my Aunt's birthday party.
It was great getting together with family for something besides a funeral.  
It was a wonderful party and the food was great!
Its always great when you don't have to cook.

Took Autumn at Hawk Run again.  
I have six more spots to finish.
I'm not sure how long I will work on it.  
It is a really big piece and lots of stitches.  

Before the party yesterday, we went to the cemetery to visit the graves.  
On the way home, we stopped at the yarn store and I picked up some yarn.  
Not exactly sure what I'm going to make out of it but, it spoke to me.  
I really need to finish a pair of socks.  
I'm at the heel, so really in the home stretch.  
Just have to buckle down.....LOL
Its always great to have company but, I was ready to see everyone leave and get back to normal...
Katy, don't take it personal. 
I think the dogs are really happy that things are quiet.  

Hope you had a great weekend!
Have a stupendous week!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Completion

I finished my BBD Tis the Season for the SAL.
I have to say this was an enjoyable stitch.  
I am really happy with the way it turned out with my color choices and tweaking them.  
I think I'm going to but Sarah Braizear on hold for a little while  
I really want to work on some Autumn stitching.  
I may just pull out Autumn at Hawk Run  
Not going to happen until after I finish my Sister Stitchers for the retreat.  
Here is the Sister Stitcher Link
I am kind of altering it a little because of the way I want to finish it.  
I had a vision!
When I get it done I will most certainly post. 

The weather has been unseasonably warm.
Its been in the 80's and should be in the 60's.  
We still have our a/c on.  UGH!!

This coming weekend is my Aunt's 90th birthday.  
She is still pretty amazing.  
She quilts and bakes bread on a weekly basis.  
Her bread is amazing.  
Last year she baked and froze 70 fresh apple pies.  
It will be fun to have a reason other than a funeral for a get together.  

Hope all you in the south have been safe and dry.  
Its amazing how much it can rain!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Mine was pretty good.  
Have a wonderful week. 
Keep on Stitching. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Let Me Complain About Hallmark Channel

I decided I might complain about Hallmark Channel.  
That have got to mix it up better.  
It is the same old stuff.
They need to dig a little deeper in their archive  and show something other the same stuff.
How many times can they show the same two  Bridal Boot Camp movies?  

Okay I'm done.  

Not a good picture but an update on my Tis the Season.  
You should know by now I don't press anything until I'm done.  
I did do some color changes from the initial thread selection picture.  
I swapped out Desert Mesquite for Forest Glade.  
Desert Mesquite looked too blue

  I am making good progress on it.  

Arttie and I had a craft supply rummage sale this weekend.  
Lets just say it was less than stellar.  
I only sold $30, hardly worth my time but, got rid of a few things.
Have thought about trying to sell old patterns on FB sites but, I don't know that it is worth it.  
Jury is still out. 

That sums it up.  
Going to watch Ozark on Netflix.  
Hope you had a great weekend.  
Have a wonderful week.  
Keep on Stitching

Monday, September 3, 2018

My ‘Tis the Season Colors

I had a question about what colors I was using for Tis the Season.
This was the initial lineup but, since I started Stitching it, I changed some of the colors.  The colors in the parentheses are the pattern colors
Classic Colorworks:  Bamboo (Vanilla Pudding)  Desert Mesquite (Tortoise Shell) Sassy Brass (Pumpkin Carriage), Wild Berries (Poison Apples) need 2 skeins
GAST:  Deep Forest (Moss)  Avocado (Attic Tea)  Grecian Gold (Scarecrow) Sable (Mudpie)
Keep on Stitching 

Tis the Season SAL Update

 Was going to post a different picture but, it comes up sideways even after adjusting.
Post just fine in Facebook, so what’s up with that?
I’m using a combination of overdyes. 
A lot of people ordered the thread pack from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.
I considered it but prefer the varigation with some of the other.
It is a lot of fun!
I have only temporarily put aside Sarah Braizear but have made progress while waiting to start ‘Tis the Season on Saturday.

Otherwise a pretty sedate weekend.
Good thing, busy week ahead with work and appointments.  

Hope you had a good, long weekend.
Every weekend should be three days!
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching