Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finishing Supplies Came!

I ordered some supplies from Country Stitches, Brenda Gervais' shop.  I got the ticking for With Thy Needle and Thread House of Blues and Browns.  I got brown ticking and blue ticking.  I think the pattern calls for the blue but, I'm sure I will find uses for the brown ticking.  

 I also got some mother of pearl buttons, stars and hearts.  I think I will find multiple uses for this too.

 And, then I thought I could use the walnut ink crystals to dye fabric.  I think the House of Blues and Browns calls to dye the piece when you are done.
Since, I have started following blogs and blogging, I have been inspired by some of the fantastic finishes people are doing.  I was amazed when I went to the retreat how many of the ladies were intriqued that I finish my own pieces.  They were in awe (for lack of a better word) I knew how to sew.  My mother made me take summer school the summer between 8th grade and Freshman year to learn how to sew and type.  It was most wise of her but, at the time I thought it was most annoying.  She said, "You need to learn how to sew.  You'll always be able sew clothes or things for the house.  And, I'm not typing your term papers."  Both skills have served me well.  It is so much easier to blog since I know how to type.  It has become cheaper to buy clothes than to sew them.   I also think, I probably remember how to do a flatfeld seam.  That's the name of the seam on the side of Levis.  That would be a good trivia questions.

The next part is for my family but, the rest of you can read on.  My cross stitch wish list in case anyone is looking for something for Christmas.
Plum Street Samplers:  Gobble  and  Give  the threads are listed with the patterns
Stacy Nash Primitives:  Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  This one is brand new and a stunner!
With Thy Needle and Thread:  Francis Poole Reproduction Sampler.  This is brand new too.  There are threads to stitch with too.
A guy can always use 32 count Lambswool Linen or 40 ct. Vintage Light Examplar Linen.  or 35 count R & R Reproduction Linen - Mink.
Prairie Schooler: Prairie Stars or Pins and Needles  or Prairies Year Round 

That should give you something to ponder.

Welcome new members!  I'm so glad you joined.  I awfully glad everyone stops by for a peak.  I always enjoy the comments.

Keep on stitching.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Firsts Addendum

One more First.  I decided to post a new one rather than editing my other post from tonight.

I was awarded this from Cathy at Crafty Cat.  A super BIG THANK YOU! Cathy you are a "crafty cat"

So now I need to pick 5 blogs with under 200 followers:   I follow and pick

1.  Koehler Kreations

2.  Samplers, Silks and Linens

3.  A Work in Progress

4.  A Stitchers Ramblings

5.  Crossed Stitches

The problem is...I have more than five favorites.  All the blogs I subscribe to are my favorite blogs.
Now the Rules are:  

1. You must publically thank the person who awarded it to you.
2. Paste the Liebster Award on your blog
3. Pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave them each a comment on their blogs letting them know of their honor.

I have been having such fun blogging that when my Picasa was overloaded I had no problem having to get a subscription but, I think thanks to Bev at Kainga Happenings  I think I got it figured out.   Just joined Bev.  

Now if I could figure out how to change my font......think I got it pretty close


We have had some firsts.  

First I installed Picasa to help manage my pictures but, I found I hate it so I just uninstalled it and didn't mess up my computer (fingers crossed, I hope).

We had our first snow and it has stuck.  It has been really cold too.  I am now in my winter coat.  Buster does love the snow. He has been very pesty wanting to be in and out, in and out.  Wish we had a revolving door.
 Then I finished my First Christmas Ornament.  I want to do a few more.  I plan on doing the Plum Street Sampler and Primitive Hare for sure.  I may have to the Shepherd's Bush too, if I have time.  I have some Christmas presents to work on too.  Those are top secret so I can show those until after the fact.
I think I am still recovering from all the hub-bub of Thanksgiving.  It sure was fun having the kids home but, exhausting.  I think my bloggy brain is still foggy.

Thanks for all the lovely comments.  I'm so glad you all stop and visit.
Keep on Stitching.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Pictures for the Previous Blog

I have the pictures downloaded.  I have used up all my free space.  Imagine that!  Used all the free space.  My smart allack (who knows how to spell it?) son says, "why don't you learn desk top publishing and create your own website."  I say,  "sure I will you betcha, not.  I'll pay the $2.49 a month."

I got a new table cloth from Williams Sonoma.  I fell in love with this pattern.  I really think I could use this all year.  It is my colors.   
 Here is the picture update for The Blue House ornament in the 2012 JCS.  
Well, now we should have plenty of pictures!  Hooray for that.

Thanks for stopping!
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Here I am trying to post some pictures on my blog and the blogging gods are just against me.  It says I have to create a Picasa Web Album since my current album is full.  I tried do this and it just locks up and won't let me do anything.  OH POOH!  It is sort of a Black Friday.  

Did do a little shopping this morning.  Nothing much, I don't get into the mass chaos at the big box stores.  Instead, I went to a little local home decorating store and picked up some new garland for the fireplace mantel.  The old stuff really didn't look like pine greens other than the color.  This is very sparkly.  Once I get it decorated and figure out what to do about my photos, I'll post a picture. 

I did make a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving.  Since, Katy is gluten intolerant I had done the trial crust with the Honey Nut Chex and a pudding pie.  I worked out rather well.  The only thing I needed to do different after I had made it, was to run it through the food processor a little longer to make the crumb finer.  I did that with the cheesecake crust and it was perfect.  It was a little more crumbly but, the recipe for the crust included with the overall recipe called for no sugar.  Next time, I would add sugar, not because it needed sugar but, I think the sugar helps hold it together.  I also made some gluten free stuffing.  I made the meat, onions, celery and apples the way I always do.  The night before I had toasted some gluten-free bread in the oven.  Broke up the bread the next day for bread crumbs and mixed into the meat.  I also added some poultry seasoning and chicken broth.    It turned out ok.  The consistency is a little different than regular bread crumbs.  It tasted pretty good.  Lesson learned:  keep the bread more like croutons.  It might hold together a little better.  

We did see the new James Bond movie:  Skyfall.  It was really good.  I don't think I have seen a James Bond movie in the theater since Roger Moore was Bond.....that's a long time!

Thanks for all the really comments on the last blog entry.  I'm so glad you take the time to leave a little note.  Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chenille Happy

I have been very busy sewing chenille on the pin keeps to finally finish them.  It started yesterday, sewing the fabric that I bought on Thursday at the quilt store.  At last a picture that looks like the true color.  I did go with the darker brown fabric.  The green nearly matches the green in the stitching:  DMC 935.  It really does go well together.  Last night I dyed the chenille with Tan Rit Dye according to BBD directions in  A Stitcher's Journey.  That ended up pretty much matching the lighter brown in the fabric.  

Here they are together in a little Longerberger basket I have had for a long time.  It is just the right size for this sort of thing.  The sides aren't too high either.  I have tried other baskets but, they are too deep.

I also finished off this Halloween Ornament.  I used the same fabric.  I was on a roll.  I didn't look to bad with this one either.  The chenille finished of the edges nicely.  

I actually did this Homespun Elegance last year but, didn't have red chenille to finish it.  I got the chenille quite sometime ago but, never got around to it.
Then there is the crazy Shih Tzu.  Dogs seem to love pancakes.  Buster greatly enjoys them.  Bob gave him a chunk of a pancake.  It looked like he has different lips.  At one point, it made him look like he was smiling.  He carried it around for about 4 hours before he finally ate. it.  He'll take it outside with him, leave it there until he is ready to come in.  He all of the sudden will remember it, run back out the door and get it.  He'll do the same thing with his dog biscuits.  It really is very comical.  I have never seen anything like it.  We have had two big dogs and they nearly took your fingers off while you were giving them the biscuit.  
Been busy getting ready for the kids to come home.  Changed sheets yesterday, vacuumed and dusted to prepare their rooms.  Have stocked up and food.  Katy particularly has requested Honey Nut Chex and bacon.  Apparently, bacon is virtually absent from the cafeteria.  I have really stocked up on the Chex.  I want to make a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving.  Katy is Gluten intolerant.  I figure I could use the Chex to make the crumb crust.  I have tried it today to see if it will work and made a chocolate pudding pie.  It seems to have turned out and isn't falling apart.    I just made the pudding filling and put it in the refrigerator.
I don't know how much I will be posting this week with all the activity but, I'm gonna try.
Thanks for stopping and all the great comments.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking for Fabric for Finishing

I went to my mom's to have dinner with her tonight.  There is a very nice quilt store in her little town that I like to stop at to pick up fabric for finishing projects.  The fabric is always a lovely quality and I can usually find something that will work.  Walmart has fabric but, it just isn't very nice.  When you spend a lot of time stitching something, it deserves something nice to finish it off with.

I'm always on the lookout for a nice pink.  This one is very nice.  I'm sure I will find a use for it
 This is from an new line from Moda called Metropolitan Fare.  I love stars.  One is blue and the other is an orangey tan
 This is from the same line from Moda.  It is really a darker brown.  The color looks more true in the next few pictures.  I'm leaning more towards this one to finish the Prairie Schooler Acorns.  I'm planning on working on them this weekend once I get the kids rooms ready for their return.
 You decide which one looks better.  But, like I said I think I'm leaning toward the darker one.
 Love the turkey Mr. Pilgrim is holding.
 Finishing off number four then I think I will be moving on to Christmas pieces

I have plans for this piece to use to finish off a Christmas present.  Can't show you what it will be finishing because it is super top secret.  
Glad tomorrow is friday.  As always, I am looking forward to the weekend.  I am especially looking forward to seeing the kids.  Katy will be home Tuesday.  Ed maybe Tuesday but, if he's tired after work it could be Wednesday morning.  And then, Katy's BF will be here on Tuesday waiting for her.  He got to pick dinner.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping and all the wonderful comments
Keep on Stitching

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Retreat Goodies and TUSAL

I just didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the Retreat.  I have been to another Retreat many years ago where we had projects they provided and some lessons they taught.  Before that, I had gone to the Love of Needlework Show and taken classes there.  Those by the way were awesome.  It was too bad when they stopped.  I took a great needleroll class from Lori Birmingham.  I also learned how to do some silk ribbon work and I tried tatting.  I could never get the hang of that.  Brilliant thought ****betcha Youtube****
Moving right along.  We received a project bag with a Victorian Sampler kit Wisconsin,  JBW Designs Garden Wisdom, Needlepoint Silks (the same colors as my first dresser scarf), a magnet pad, a package of little nail files and a green mouse.  The silks and the mouse seemed like kismet to me as did the Lizzie Kate snippet.  

I had just seen this on another blog...can't remember which one but, thought this was really cute.  "I should get that one."  Wouldn't you know it was in my project bag.  I really was meant to be at this retreat.  The other Lizzie Kate in the pic above was the prize I won on Saturday night with the Hurricane Name that Tune.  I got the piano version of New York State of Mind.  Once I figured out I had to stand up to get picked, I did okay.  I was also a little dense with the theme.  Eventually I caught on to that one too.  Duh!
 Kendra had a little store open in another smaller conference room.  She had brought a few things that I have been considering adding to my stash.  I really love this Shepherd's Bush Eden's Lament Pin Cushion.  The saying around the edge is, "A girl, a snake, a rosy bite, a boy, a leaf, a hasty flight."  It is springy, so it will be fun to do after the holidays in the dark of winter.
 I saw another Retreater working on this and fell in love with the saying and the colors of the thread, "Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love," Mother Theresa
 Finally, one of my more recent favorite designers.  I really had only become familar with her about a year ago and have become quite a fan.  I love the birds and the little houses.
Another fun thing was I met a fellow blogger.  Melanie, see her blog HERE.  She is the Queen of Mirabilia.  A very impressive amount of stitching pieces.  I probably do as much stitching in one year what she does on one piece!

Lest I forget, today is also TUSAL day.  I thought rather than showing my accumulation thus far, I would show my ORTS I saved from the retreat.  Don't they look elegant on the Lennox butter dish?

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  I love the comments you all send.  It really makes my day.
Hope you are having a good week.  Today, the sun was finally shining after the gloomy, wet and yes snowy weather we have been having.
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Did Miss My Recliner but Had a Superb Time!

I got home just as it was starting to rain. We are suppose to get a half an inch or so.

 What a beautiful place!  The retreat was at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor, WI.  The rooms weren't really rooms but condominiums.   There was a kitchenette fully equiped.  Next year, I plan to bring breakfast stuff.  Even though there was a continental breakfast, it wasn't worth the walk to the building to get it.  The room had everything, including a coffee maker with coffee and a toaster.

 The furniture was very comfortable.  The couch was perfect for a saturday afternoon nap when the eyes got tired and the new knee started squawking.
  I had a lake view.  Unfortunately, on Friday, it was overcast.  You can see the lake.  There was a small balcony.
 The grounds were very lovely.  I'm sure it is very beautiful in the summer.  I think the golf course was behind the trees.

 The sun came out Saturday afternoon after I did a little horizontal time on the couch.

 A little blurry but, the breakfast room.  This was in the main office building with the pool and the workout room.
 The main sitting room in the Harbor Building.  Again, quite comfortable and cozy.

A really nice fireplace.  Some of the larger Condos had fireplaces and lofts in them.

Sunday, the weather was really nice but, going to become rainy as the day went on.  Another view of Lake Michigan.

 There were about 50 ladies at the retreat.  It was amazing what everyone was working on.  There were several knitters and crocheters in the group.  One lady did a lovely wool applique piece.  
 The stitching room was across from my room.  The light was great!  I brought my Ott light but, didn't need it.
 I finished this Prairie Schooler Acorn.  When we went around and introduced ourselves, Kate, who I was sitting next too, gave me some crap for this...."But its a cornacopia."  I swore I really wasn't nuts.

 Met some really great people.  Everyone was very friendly.  I was adopted by Kate, Mama and Sue.  I should have taken a picture of the Carrington Bar and Grill on the resort.  We had dinner their both nights, a buffet.  Buffets can be a little iffy but, this was really good.  The food was hot and delish!

On Saturday, a group of us went to the Village Cafe.  I had a wonderful wrap with smoked turkey, Monteray Jack cheese, honey mustard dressing and dried cherries.  It had to have dried cherries, we were in Door County ya know.  We did a little shopping after lunch and I picked up some ornaments for the kids and a new Santa for my collection.

It was a lot of fun.  I am a little pooped today.  I plan on a little nap in my RECLINER once I find my dog.  He's at grandma's.  I think he'll be glad to see me.

I'm looking forward to doing this again.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  Welcome new members.  I'm so glad everyone stops to check things out.  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Ready for the Stitching Retreat

I'm getting ready to go on a Stitching Retreat tomorrow.  It is sponsored by The Stitching Bee, one of my favorite stores.  It also is the closest one to me only a 100 miles a way.  The retreat is going to be at the Landmark Inn and Resort in Egg Harbor, WI, (Door County).  I know Kendra the owner of the store and a few other people a little.  I'm going on my own.  I tried to talk the stitching group into going but, no one was interested.  I am an adventurous type and will go anyway.

I have been getting things ready.  I really don't know what to expect.  I have been to other retreats where they provided projects but, I don't know what will happen at this one.  I am getting projects ready to take with me.  I have two ornaments from the JCS Ornament Issue:  Plum Street Samplers.  I substituted some colors because I didn't have the ones used.  The colors will go well and are really quite similar.  

 I also have the Little House Needleworks kitted up.  Again, I substituted some of the thread because of availability of my stash.  I think they will all work out well.
I have a Blackbird Design ready to go too.  There are also more Prairie School Acorns.   Here is the progress on the Pilgrims.  I have a little left on the man and then I do the lady.  
I am looking forward to the weekend.  I am nearly ready getting things at home done so when I do get home on Sunday, I don't have a lot to do.   I'm sure I will have some stories to blog about when I do get back.