Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eating Dinner By Myself and It's Okay

This will be a no picture post cuz I haven't yet mastered pictures with the iPad.  Maybe someday.  I think you need to do something like Photo Bucket.

I am about two hundred miles from my laptop at the Wisconsin Hand Experience becoming up-to-date with the latest in the world of hand therapy.  They changed the venue this year.  In the past it was at the Sheraton, close to a mall.  The first night I do my own thing.  I would usually shop and eat mall food.  This year we are at the Crowne Plaza.  Closet things outside of the hotel is a McDonalds amNd a sketchy steaks house.  So, I'm eating at the hotel restaurant by myself, having a glass of wine and blogging.  I did have a very good burger with wasbi sauce and caramalized onions, yum!  Everyone in here, except two guys at the bar are going to the conference, including the presenters.  When you go to things like this they should have a dinner board so people can meet and have company.  Although, I really don't feel like small talk.  I'm tired: busy weekends, busy work, a four hour drive and five and a half hours of conference work.  Let me tell you the physician talking about ultra sound imaging was as dry as a popcorn fart!

Last night I actually got started sorting the over dye floss.  I had done prep work.  I decided to get the floss bags to stand up straight with a file card.  I have no idea how many I got ready but, it was a pile.  I think now believes I have floss.  I pretty much got through A-H in the GAST.  I have lots of work yet.  I'm thinking four boxes isn't going to be enough. I may have to use s shoebox for a while.  I got dividers at Wally World for a 4x6 card and cut them so they were about 4x5. High enough to see them over the bag and narrow enought to fit two across, if that makes sense.  I will post a picture this weekend.

If you haven't seen yet there is an awesome giveaway at Victorian Motto and Sampler Shoppep,  you need to check it out....Gorgeous!

Glad you stopped.  Please pardon any weirdness but the iPad autocorrect and sometimes we don't agree.  Thanks for all the great comments!
Keep on stitching


  1. I can't wait to see your new system. I have all my overdyes in baggies but in a box ( I don't have as many as you do,) I think I need to buy more.


  2. I'm glad you have your stitchy-ness with you, Monica. I HATE conferences although I usually come back with new and helpful info.
    Yep, I agree....speakers can be all over the place. Most are dry and boring and some are way over the top. I think the anesthesia has gotten to 'em one way or the other!

    Good luck with your floss organizing. I did mine a few summers ago and am so glad I did. I even went so far as to list the colors (GAST, Weeks, Crescent, Belle) on my computer. How type A is that??? Seriously, it works because I can see what I have or don't without dragging the box out. It's also a help stash shopping because I can print it out and know what I have/ need /want.

    Hope your weekend goes well. Have a safe trip back home.