Sunday, November 26, 2017

Do You Want Some Cheese With That Wine?

Things have been just not going my way the last few weeks...thus haven't posted.
I'm going to whine a little, maybe I need some cheese to go with that.  
Had the Stitching Bee retreat two weeks ago and had a really great time!
We went to Green Bay the night before to get some extra shopping in.  
But, I'm fat and have bad knees.  
My knee replacement knee always lets me know it is there and doesn't like stairs.
We stayed at a hotel that didn't have an elevator so had to haul my suitcase and gear up stairs to the second floor.  
The stairs weren't that bad, they weren't steep.  
Didn't run into stair issues until the retreat venue.
Our condo was on a floor that when you got to a part in the hall there were 4 very steep stairs we had to go up and down every time we left the room.
The floor the conference room was on had the same thing.  
I wasn't the only one struggling.  
Where is whine is going is, my knee has been messed up every since.  
I doesn't help that there is no way to not be on it.  

After we got home, I came down with a virus.  
I thought that maybe I had the influenza flu...body aches, low grade fever but, not really sick enough.
Started Monday afternoon and by Friday I was starting to feel better.  
Saturday was a whole different ball game.  
Sunday at the walk-in clinic thinking I have pneumonia...tight chest, fever back, fatigued, headache, generally feeling like poop again.    
The NP started my on a Z pac. 
Finally starting to feel better.  

Some of my yarn buys:  
Almost feels like an alpaca mohair.  

Rowan Thick and Thin and some self stripping sock yarn.  

My little spot at the retreat table.  
I was working on WTN&T Schoolhouse Sampler Series
I have put it aside for Christmas projects.  
Back of my car packed ready to head home.  
Arttie and my stuff.
Patty's stuff in the back seat since she got dropped off first.  
Finished a FREEBIE from Plum Street Samplers, last year. 
I changed the colors from DMC to overdyes. 
Did it on some linen Arttie got this summer at a sell out.  
It is not a true even weave, 30 ct going one way and 32 the other.  
I dyed the fabric with some very diluted Tan Rit dye.  
Coffee would have worked too.  
Finished an infinite scarf out of Mini Mochi and Mohair.  
It turned out much better than the picture.  
Too bad Crystal Palace isn't making the Mochi's anymore.  
Finally, working on Merry Christmas from WTN&T.
It is on 28 count over over one.  
Have Santa's suit nearly done.  
We did have a very nice Thanksgiving.  
Katy was able to come home and had friday off as a holiday too.  
We did some small shopping on Friday and big box on Saturday for Christmas decorations
Needs some new lights and picked up some nice pine cone garland.  
Ed had Thanksgiving off too so they got to spend time together.  
He normally works 4 to midnight and sleeps until noon.  
He is going to stay with her next weekend and do some exploring.  

I am feeling better. the knee....well, trying to work on getting that better.  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
Have a great week.
Keep on Stitching.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Autumn Band Sampler

Went bumming yesterday with Arttie and her step daughter.  
We first went to a craft show and I did some Christmas shopping.  
Next stop was Rainbow Yarn and Gifts.  
Sophie the yarn store dog has her spot....she is the sweetest thing.
Did some Christmas shopping there too.  

Finished the Prairie Schooler Autumn Band Samplers and framed them.  
I have more PS samplers that will fit in these frames so they will be used for other seasons.  
I pop a lot of things in and out of frames especially the seasonal pieces.  

And finally, I got my pumpkins done this week.  
This is before the jute twine was glued on the handles.  
I changed my mind a couple of times with the fabric.  
I am really happy with the ultimate selection.  
Just has been a busy, crafty weekend.  
Hope you had a great weekend. 

Keep on Stitching.....Dinner is ready.