Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm in the Home Stretch

I have been diligently working on the Huswif from Strawberry Hill but...isn't there always a but?  I have been pooped.  Consequently, I work for ten minutes and fall asleep.  
These are the previous parts to the set.  This will go on the cover of the box.
 This is the  pinkeep.  
 I will be starting on the motif that is common on all the pieces.  It is pretty the same on top as the pinkeep.

 I was noodling around on Ebay, again.  How many times do I have to say I love Prairie Schooler.  I found this on Ebay.  It is pattern no. 11.  I have never seen this one.  I really didn't think I would win it.  I only set my maximum bid at $8.00 and got it for $7.01.  It is in very good shape.  I really like the colors.  They are kind of muted.  The fabric called for is Linaida... I have never heard of that one.  When I do this, it most likely will be on linen anyway.  Once I started working on linen, I have never gone back.
 I think you get a better idea.  I haven't been too impressed with her latest patterns.  They just seem so stark and severe.
I am anxiously waiting for the new Homespun Elegance patterns to come out.  I plan on getting Scenes of Spring.  I have done Scenes of Autumn.  I need to get Scenes of Summer.  They will fit in the same frame and I can then interchange them for the season.  They are quick, fun stitches.  The Nashville Market is this weekend (I think) so things will be available.  I am anxious to get the next installment of the LHN Virtues.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I hope to get some serious stitching done.  Kids start coming home for spring break.  Ed will be home tomorrow.  Katy will be home in two weeks.  It will be good to see them.  I have been stocking up on everyone's favorite foods.  Since Katy is gluten intolerant, I have picked up GF flour to bake with.  Monday they turn 20.  Where has the time gone?

Thank you for the wonderful comments.  I'm glad you enjoyed my Milwaukee pictures.  Who thought Milwaukee could be so exciting.  Compared to the U.P., it is New!  Thanks for stopping.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Stay at the Pfister

We stayed at the Pfister Hotel.  It was built in 1893 and is absolutely gorgeous. The main marble throughout the hotel is a red cream colored veining.  It is the bathroom vanity, edging cream colored marble, pillars and the grand staircases.  
Our room was quite comfortable.  The beds were very comfortable.  Bob was a little worried about staying here.  You see, The Pfister is allegedly haunted.  When the Milwaukee Brewer's book a hotel for their opponents, they book The Pfister for that reason.  Several times players have been found sleeping on the lobby sofas.  We had no spectral visitors.  Bob was safe.  Check out about the haunting Here
Just another view.  I always do that.  

Our window was overlooking Lake Michigan.  

I should have gotten closer so you wouldn't see the window panes.  
This is the old Wisconsin Gas Company Building.  The flame is lit every night.  The color indicates the weather.  Later that night it was blue which means good weather. It was a beautiful night to walk.
This is the front lobby.  The ceiling has a fantastic mural.  
You can get a better view of the cherubs.  I just love old buildings. 
There is a grand gallery.  The artwork is all original oil paintings from the time it was built.  

Bob figures this one would look good in his future hunting camp.  
I just loved this one.  
The cases contained historic items from the early days of The Pfister.  

China and silver from the opening.  

From the grand gallery, you can see the Lobby Lounge fireplace.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry.  
A very handsome lion at the bottom of the red marble grand staircase.  Wouldn't you love this in a garden?
We had cocktails with college friends in the Lobby Lounge.  There had been a pianist playing at the grand piano.  We watched all kinds of people walking in that night.  It was very interesting since the  clothing was definately out of the ordinary.  One women had frizzy blond hair and was wearing black and white striped pants, a white tuxedo tails coat and a white top hat.  As we were walking out to go to dinner, there were people dressed similarly standing by the elevator doors directing people.  I asked one young lady, what was going on?  She informed me it was the Glam Rock Ball.  The Glam Rock Ball was the fundraiser for the Milwaukee Ballet.  The tickets were $350 a head.  We really should have sneaked a peek.  I betcha she was a ballerina.  
Later when we had a night cap in the same area, a young couple sat on the sofa across from us.  They were dressed nicely and the woman was wearing a white veil.  Jan and Micky tried to get me to ask what was going on.  I already had found out about the Glam Rock Ball, so Jan asked.  They were going to get married in August but, when they found out the bride's mother would not possibly going to be alive in August, they got married that day.  It was a small, intimate wedding for immediate family.  They were spending their wedding night at The Pfister.  They had been upgraded to the Presidential Suite.  They were still going to have a reception in August.

We live in a small town where honestly the sidewalks roll up at 8 pm.  It was so much fun to be someplace where things are just starting to happen at 10 pm.  There really always is a story when you are in the city.  Lots of the platform shoes and skinny jeans.

I promise the next post will be stitchy.  We really did enjoy our stay there.
Thanks for stopping.  Welcome new members and my good ole followers.  I love the comments and appreciate the time it takes to send me something.  Have a great week.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Has Been Too Long

This winter just seems to be dragging.  I had decided on Monday that we needed a quick little get-a-way.  It couldn't be too far and having something other than winter sports.  I decided we were going to go to Milwaukee.  It is less than 4 hours away.  Takes a tank of gas to get there.  There are museums.  And, I have college friends there.  It sounded like a good place to go.  I booked a night at the Pfister Hotel.  I will have a separate post about that in a day or so.  The Milwaukee Public Museum has always been a favorite of ours.  There is also a special exhibit right now and I ordered tickets for that which also included the general admission.  National Geographics Real Pirates was there.  Here is some information about that since you couldn't take pictures in there.  We got there about two hours before our time to go into it.  

We walked around until then.  I should have taken this picture a little different.  It is the skeleton of a whale.  
 One of my all time favorites is The Streets of Old Milwaukee.  It is a slice of life at the turn of the century Milwaukee.  There are familar Milwaukee names and landmarks.  Things have changed a little over the years.  There use to be a telephone booth that you could listen in on a party call.
 The old lady is rocking and listening to the Victrola.
 You always have to look up.  You can climb the stairs and look into the windows.  It really appeals to the Voyeur in me.
 Mader's is still a Milwaukee landmark and known for their amazing German Cuisine.
 Not a great couple of pictures but, my little camera is only so good.
 Had to take a picture of a sampler.  I doubt it is authentic but, one never knows.
 The apothecary is full of thinks and just amazing.
When you leave the Streets of Old Milwaukee, you transition into the European Village.  There are rooms from thirty different European countries that represent the different cultures that make up Milwaukee.
 I had to take a picture of the beautiful needle work in this cabin.  Unfortunately I can't remember which country.
 Much of the museum is made up of dioramas from the history of Milwaukee.  Early frontier days of Solomon Juneau's trading post, one of the first in the beginning.

This exhibit use to do more when I was a kid.  Everyone was looking for the button that would make the rattlesnake rattle but, alas, I believe it is just wore out.  It is still amazing.

 Just being goofy at the dinosaur area.  We are a constant source of embarrassment to our children.

 I can't be left undone.
There was Samson.  I overhead some young parents tell their children, "Oh look at the gorilla."
I said,,"That's no gorilla.  That's Samson."  He was a huge draw at the Milwaukee County Zoo during the 1960's until his death in 1981.  There is more about Samson.  One of the volunteers overhead me and added to the conversation.  I think the family thought we were nuts.  It was fun!
Real Pirates was interesting.  There were actors re-enacting rolls but, I thought it would be more.  Maybe they are just getting bored.  

Like I said.  Another post will be following regarding the Pfister Hotel.  I think it is a very cool historic hotel.  
Didn't get too much stitching done but, had a really fun weekend.  

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Monumental Day

It was a monumental day!
I finished my LHN Virtues Hope and I ironed it before I took a picture.  I think that is a first.  All I have to do is attach the button.  That little sheep is just the cutest!  

I can't wait to get the next one!  I think I may finish them all as the pinkeeps and attach a loop so I can hang them from the handle of my china hutch.  Speaking of china hutches, apparently it has become the rage to take the top off of them.  I like my top!  The reason I got a hutch in the first place was to have a place to store my china and crystal so why on earth would I want to take the top off and just have the bottom?  I think this is the same question as why do stores think chunky people (I being one) look good in skinny jeans.  The only ones who look good in skinny jeans are the ones who are TRULY SKINNY!
 I started the last piece of the Strawberry Hill Set From With Thy Needle and Thread.  It is the Huswife.  I think I'm going to have fun with this!  I'm already starting to think about the fabric for the finishing.  The instructions called for a Whitman sampler box but, I have a wooden one from Hobby Lobby that is practically the same size and will be much easier to paint and Briwax!!!!!

I think I will be using the fabric I used for the Valentine smalls I did.  I have some homespun I can use to compliment it for the pinkeep in the huswife.  I will definitely post pics when it is done.  

 Another monumental occurrence!  I was noodling around on Ebay last weekend looking for an issue of Fine Lines I need to finish a set with when I found this....2002-03 Hannah Pepper Sampler. I had seen it  on Shakespeare's Peddler Blog maybe a year ago and Theresa was doing it.  I thought "How Cool!  Hey I subscribed to it for a while.  I wonder if I had that one?"  Nope, nada, didn't and looked for it then.     I found the complete set on Ebay, starting bid $20 or buy it for $24, so I bought it.  It came today, free shipping.  
 I think before I do it, I will have to do something small and then dye it afterwards with the walnut shell dye to antique it.  I like the soft, muted tones of thread and the stained fabric.  Note to experiment.
 I have this vision of a wall of samplers in my sewing room, once it officially becomes a sewing room
The final issue gives instruction in how to paint the frame.  I will have to do that.  

Another monumental occurrence today, was I was able to upgrade my phone.  So I got an IPhone Siri.  I would rather spend the cash on stash than some bimbo talking to me.  That would probably just make my smart phone smarter than me.  Who needs an inferiority complex?

So Bob came home for lunch to go to the Verizon store with me.  I had no plans for dinner.  I asked him what he wanted.  He usually has no clue.  He then said, "I know you probably wouldn't like this but, my mom use to make this stuff called goulash.  It had ground beef and elbow macaroni and tomatoes in it."  So I thought about it and my mom use to make something like it but, it had potatoes in it and ketchup.  

Monica's Goulash
1# ground chuck                    1 c. diced carrots                    medium onion chopped    
 2 stalks celery chopped.       1 tsp. Montreal Steak Grillmates. 
Brown meat with the veggies.  I covered it and then let it simmer about 10 minutes until the carrots were tender.
Add one can of diced tomatoes
1 cup ketchup
1 tsp dried mustard
Salt and pepper to taste.  A little water if you need it.
Cook half a box of elbow macaroni
Mix together and place in a 2 quart casserole.
Top with a cup of grated cheese.  I had some mozzarella and cheddar in the fridge.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  (don't need much time since it is already warm)  

It turned out pretty good....better than his mom's.  Never had much food she cooked...can count on one hand how many times she invited us for dinner.  Oh well, (heavy sigh)  She still is around now she rarely cooks 
After the fact.  Not the greatest picture but, you get the idea.  Beats hamburger helper!
 He had to have some bread to sop up the juice
I believe it will make mighty fine leftovers.

That is about all for now.  This is a lengthy entry.  Thanks for stopping.  Check back later in the weekend or Monday.  Have an adventure planned.  Mid winter doldrums don-cha-know.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boy! It Was Cold This Morning!!!!

I got up this morning about 7 am to get ready for 8:00 Mass.  We were greeter this morning.  I checked the weather and the temperature was -18.  I don't know about you but, that IS really cold.  I put my long underwear on.  It was cold opening the door for people at church.  It is 20 degrees now.  Something is wrong when you think 20 degrees is warmer.

Have been busy all day.  I made an apple crisp for dinner.  It is like having apple pie without the pie crust.  I love this Fiestaware dish my son got me for Christmas.  It works great for apple crisp.  

 I have been working on my LHN Virtue:  Hope.  I just love the sheep.  I am really looking forward to the remainder of the year.
Sandra from Homespun Elegance has a new design coming out.  You can see it, Scenes of Spring  Here. I did the Scenes of Autumn some time ago.  I have a frame that they fit in so, I will have to expand my collection when it comes out.  I have just the spot for it.   I have done several of her designs and enjoy working on them.
I finished the back of the sweater today.  I will probably work on getting the front on the needles tomorrow night.  I really just want to work on my sheep.

I did finally got my car back and it does look great.  They even detailed the inside of the car.  It smells new.

Hope you all have been having a great weekend.  I'm so glad you stopped by.  Thanks for the wonderful comments.

Keep on Stitching!