Sunday, April 28, 2019

School Girl Sampler Club

First, the picture of the Pineberry Lane Kit I got at Country Sampler.
Even Bob said he liked it...I was amazed.  
I think he liked the funky little squirrels.  
I have been a member of Prim Stitchers from Dyeing to Stitch.  
They discontinued the club this year and started some others.  
There was one year I wasn't too crazy about the offering but, overall it was a fun club.  
I saw on line somewhere that Country Sampler was starting the School Girl Sampler club and thought I would try something different.  
It was then I heard about the Second Story which is the apartment they rent.  
I liked the list of designers they are offering.  
Look how it cute it came.  
Its from Theresa Veretter at Shakespeare's Peddler:  Marie Phinney 1832

The floss is gorgeous and its on 36 count Straw from Weeks.  
It is going to be stunning.  
I have the border done on Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring.  
There are a few little birds along the bottom  
Sorry so winkled....I stitch in hand.  
I finished the first row of  alphabet.  
I tried to get some time into stitching this weekend  

I really love this pattern  
I have really enjoyed it all  
This is one I'm doing for the 9 Stitch Challenge  
I've been watching floss tubes on Maynia.
Primitive Stitcher is going to have 27 starts.
OMG...who does one get it all done?
I don't know if I get 27 done the whole year.  
I wish I could get that many done then maybe I would get through my stash before I die.  

That really sums it up for now.  
Hope you had a good weekend.  
We missed the snow that hit Milwaukee and Chicago.  
Have a fabulous week and thanks for stopping.  
Keep on Stitching.  

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Now The Stash!

It doesn't look like much but, I felt like I spent money with reckless abandon.  
The interesting thing about the Country Sampler was that many of the patterns were kitted up.  
Genius if  you ask me, turning a $20 pattern into a +$50 kit.  
They also must do a brisk online ordering presence too because there were often 10-15 copies of a pattern.  
The set up of floss was weird.  
I'm use to floss on a turn style or wall. 
They had limited space so the colors were on a small ring and then on a large ring.  
It made for looking for floss a little difficult but, possible.  
I think this will be a super fun stitch when  I get to it.  
There are so many fun little motifs all over.  
It came with 40 count linen.  
Another one from Shakespeare's Peddler:  Elizabeth Milner 1848
I got a Pineberry Lane that was kitted with the overdyes and linen.  
(The picture won't load.)
I had a basket and placed it on one of the display beds.
Another shopper asked where I had found it.  
I helped her find another pattern and they kitted it up for her.   
I found this box and pattern tucked in a corner.  
Their stitcher often finishes the piece by overdyeing it with walnut shells.  
She uses a paint brush and brushes it on.  
That makes it look more antique.  
I'm only concerned with bleeding thread.  
I know you can rinse out thread.   
I've done that in the past and the reds turn to a pink.  
I think I will do a little experimenting with some other options.  

There is also a needle book.  
I just fell in love with this and bought the Lone Elm box and the floss.  
It was done on 36 count.  
I have plenty of that and smaller pieces will work. 
I think I will have to get this going sooner than later.  
Firefly Fiber in Beaver Dam
The Large skeins are a worsted weight from Blue Sky fibers 
The green is a Mad Tosh just because I loved the color and a self striping sock yarn
From The Fiber:  Skeins of Bamboo Blossom for cowls.  
Blackcat hand painted sock yarn.  
A pattern book from Firefly with several great projects.
It will fit into the pocket of the knitting bag.  
Now an update on Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring.
I think the border may not be 100% on the money but, it is pretty doggone close.  
I have to finish the leaves on the bottom and then I can start on the flowers.    

I am enjoying this stitch!
Katy was home this weekend.  
It was wonderful having her home.  
This afternoon we saw La Llorona and if you like scary movies this would fit the bill. 
There was an older couple ad the guy walked out about halfway and waited for his wife in the front lobby.  
It was pretty intense but, highly entertaining.  
Back to work tomorrow....but I could always use another day.  
Hope you had a Happy Easter!
Have a wonderful week. 
Keep on Stitching!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Road Trip

Arttie, Patty and I decided we were ready for a road trip.  
We talked about going to Stitchville but, I had looked up Country Sampler in Spring Green WI.
I was looking for a new stitch club to join and had seen the Schoolgirl Sampler Club they started somewhere....can't remember.  
I had been a Prim Stitcher from Dyeing to Stitch but, they discontinued the club.  
I thought I would try this one.  
Anyway, saw they have an apartment above the store they rent, $75 per person, per night, two night minimum...we went for it.  
We went this past weekend.  
Of course, Thursday it snowed five inches and then sleety rain on top of that.  
The local roads the next day were horrible but, the highway was fine. a little slushy at first but, eventually the roads were perfect.  
We had done research for places to stop along the way.  
It was about a 4 hr 40 minute drive to Spring Green.....but really took us eight hours.  
First stop was Fibre, a yarn store in Neenah. 
Victoria, is the young, passionate owner. 
It is a little tiny store but, packed full of wonderful yarns and gadgets.  
She looks for more local/regional indy dyers 

The brown turd looking thing is really local alpaca and to the left in the blue basket is yarn spun by a local highschool girl.  
In the next post, I'll show the treasures.  
We got back on the highway and stopped in Beaver Dam.
We had lunch before we stopped to shop.
Got to keep up ones strength!
Katy had told me about this shop, Firefly Fibers. 
She said it is on the Southern Wisconsin Yarn Shop Hop.  
Totally different personality.  
The women were young but, laid back.  
Great yarn:  Julie Asselin, Madeline Tosh, Lopi....full color lines in various weights.  
Got some yarn here too but, will post next time.  
We got to Country Sampler about 4:30 and did a quick walk around the shop just to scope it out.  
All the pictures I took, I forgot to take pictures of the  store.  

We got the keys to the apartment.  
It sleeps seven has two bathrooms and is totally set up for quilters.
There are sewing machines, ironing boards, irons, cutting boards, rotary cutters and tables.
Kitchen with all the gadgets.  

The Work area

The Sitting area
One of the bedrooms
Arttie calling the hubby
Bathroom with wool applique cute is that.  
Another bed room with two twins

Look how deep the window are.  
View of the bookstore!
The third bedroom, two twins.  
Sewing machines stashed in a closet.  
That just amazed us all!
The laundry room.  
I'm telling you, I could live there.  

Once we got the car unpacked, we parked it in the lot across the street and were able to walk everywhere the rest of the weekend.  
There were restaurants and shops within easy walking distance.  

The weather the rest of the weekend was grey and cool but, manageable.  
It gave us a good reason to stitch when we weren't shopping.  
The next post will be about all the stash I purchased.  

It was a wonderful weekend....alot of fun!
Hope your weekend was good. 
Thanks for stopping and have a great week.  
Keep on Stitching.  

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Keeper of the Floss

I was stitching yesterday morning watching The Postman Always Rings Twice with Lana Turner and John Garfield.  What a great moving!
I had my floss on the arm of the couch and Buster rested his chin on it.  
Had to take a picture.  

Had to take a picture of his little paw when he rolled over.  
He has the cutest, softest feet!

Bob wanted to take a little road trip yesterday.  
I really didn't want to go because it was a VERY busy week at work since my co-worker was on vacation.  
Anyway, we went to Iron River and had lunch at George Young's Golf Course.  
Had a really delicious hamburger.  
Then we went to an Antique/junk store.  
It was more junk store than antiques but, didn't see anything I needed. 
We stopped across the street for a coffee at Contrast Coffee.  
They opened one here  just two months ago.  
I have fallen in love with their Magic Mocha.
It was some spices, primarily cayenne pepper .  
It is amazing.  
I got a double chocolate muffin for dessert.  
I brought a little stitching with me because adjacent to it is a fly fishing shop.  
The door to Dark Waters Fishing.  
He got a new fly rod and reel, smaller for his trout stream.  
I started working on Homespun Elegance:  There is a Graden with Victorian  Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.  
It is a super sweet spring design and a lot of fun to stitch.  
The only problem is I forgot to stitch the tail.  
It is suppose to done with french knots.  
I have no idea why I forgot the tail but, honestly he looks pretty cute without it.  
Hi have no intention of adding a tail now.  
Not when the back has been all laced up.  
He is just going to have to go tail=less. 
Started on BBD Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring.  
Not enough done to show you yet.  

Call the Midwife is back on with a new season.  
I love this show, so does Bob.  

Hope your weekend was spectacular.  
We may be getting another snow storm this week.  
Much of the snow is melted....this is the last thing I want!
May your week be uneventful!
Keep on Stitching!