Sunday, June 24, 2018

Now I’m in the Home Stretch

I'm really in the home stretch now with WTN&T Summer Schoolhouse  Lesson.
I thought I had one more but then I realized...
What goes on the Hornbook I bought?  
I finished the first part of the fourth lesson.  
This part went very fast, finished in a couple of days.  
It will be a strawberry pinkeep.  
I will have learn how to make those.  
I still have to learn how to make a pin drum.  
(I probably need a week to finish projects.)
This is the last part, the piece that goes on the hornbook.  
Of course I have to finish frogging the stem  right of the "C"
Used the wrong color.  
Bob's brother and his wife are visiting the area and rented a cottage on a nearby lake. 
It is a sweet little cottage.
They were hoping the kids would come with them when they made the reservation in November.
But, you know  how adult children are...BUSY!!!
We had them and my mother-in-law for lunch.  
I'm sure I have mentioned this before. lunch just works better.  
We had ham and cheese sliders, pasta salad, fresh fruit and a tomato/basil/mozarella salad 
and homemade Rhubarb pie that was perfect, if  I must say so!!

Otherwise a busy weekend, as usual and not enough time to stitch.
Is there ever enough time to stitch?
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great week and 
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Update on Summer Schoolhouse Lesson #4

It has been a wild weather weekend!
We have had gully washer storms:  Friday, Saturday and tonight.  
There has been flooding in the western part of the UP in Ironwood and streets are being washed away in Keweenaw County.  
Michigan Tech University is there .  
Its been amazing.  

Image result for keweenaw
I finished my sister's  birthday present.  
I just have to frame it.
Once she opens it, I will post a picture.  
I have gone back to WTN&T  Summer Schoolhouse 
I think there is just the strawberry to finish after this.  
I think I have had a virus for the last couple of weeks that has knocked the stuffing right out of me.  
Haven't had too much ambition until today,  
I finally got around to baking not one but two Rhubarb Cakes.  
I'm taking one to work tomorrow for a treat.

I was reading Samplers and Santa's Blog and she is having the same issues with Blogger as I am with the comments not going to email.   
Blogger must have done something.  

All in all it was a pretty good weekend!
Hope you  had  good weekend too.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I Am Digging Netflix’s Lost In Space

Being a kid in the 60's, I grew up watching the cheesy Lost in Space  
I thought it was pretty cheesy then.
Definately not as cool as Star Trek.
When  I heard Netflix had re-done the show, I thought "Yeah right."
But, I'm really digging this show!
I love the robot, Will isn't an obnoxious kid and Penny is hysterical.  
I really hope it gets picked up for more seasons.  

Can't show you what I'm working on because it is my sister's birthday present.  
I will post it after she gets it.  
This much I will tell you, I'm using Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.  
I have stuff to show you though.  
Yarn I picked up at Rainbow Yarn and Gifts  
It is absolutely gorgeous and I have a pattern picked out, but, when I was taking pictures, 
I couldn't find the book to show you.  
It is Baby Alpaca and Tencel.  
The color is called Atlantis.  
Its going to be a lacy scarf/stole
Got some Dixie Sampler Hand dyed fabric:  French Vanilla and Ocean Waves in 32 count.  
I usually don't buy a lot of color other than neutrals but, the blue kind of spoke to me.  
It really is a beautiful color.  
I'm sure I will find something to stitch on it.  
Ramping up for Sarah Braisear.
I have 40 count Flax Linen and will be doing in over-dyes.  
I am waiting to get the remainder of the floss from the Bee.  

Look how off these two Old Hickorys are.  
I think I have enough of each dye lot so no worries.  
Piney Woods:  the one on the left is more green
The one on the bottom is more brown.  
I will have to see what it is for before I decide which one to actually use.  
I have been trying to resist Floss tube but, broke down and have been watching a few.
I have to say Flannel Jammies Farm episode where she interviews Pat Ryan on samplers was very interesting.  
The link will take you to the episode.  
I also have been watching Priscillia and Chelsea, The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch

I'm hoping comments are being forwarded to my gmail account since I'm not getting them on my other email....whats up with that?  
I usually like to respond to comments.
If I don't respond promptly, its because I'm going back to the original post and will comment  

Well that about wraps it up.  
Hope you are having a great weekend.  
Bob is fishing tonight so I splurged and had fast food.  
I usually avoid it but, it is a guilty pleasure that I infrequently imbibe in.  
I suppose that stuff could kill you.  LOL.  
Have a fabulous week.  

Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Some New Stash!

Went to Green Bay shopping yesterday.  
I figured I would have Bob drop me off at the Stitching Bee and sent him to Fleet Farm.
Fleet Farm has just about everything:  clothing, camping, farming, home goods and bull sperm.
Had to throw that in there.  
He wanders and wears me out to follow him around and he walks in circles, double backs etc.
I need some floss for Sarah Braizear and figured I would have my latest Farmhouse Christmas patterns...someday will get those started.  
And I just wanted to hang out and get some stitching done.
While Kendra was cutting fabric for a customer a High School age guy came in holding a piece of paper with DMC 902 written in magic marker.  
He looked kind of scared to be there.  
I found the floss for him since I really know the store and rang up the transaction.  
It was so cute!

My Farmhouse Christmas patterns.   
Picked up WTN&T Berry Days  at Thistle Down Farms and La-D-Da Fetish No. 2 Elizabeth Longley
Started working on my sister's birthday present and been working on  WTN&T  Summer Schoolhouse Samplers part 4.  
Once they are all done, I will finish them off and display them.  
I have a box I picked up from Joann Fabrics that I think I will chalk paint.
It says "Kissing Balls" and I don't want to keep that part.  
I tried sanding it off but, it wouldn't budge.  
Chalk paint and then distressing it will work well.  
I needed some knitting needles so went to Joann's yesterday too and found some really cute Washi Tape that will work well embellishing note cards.  
We probably shopped our last time at Younkers yesterday too.  
All the BonTon stores are closing which means in Wisconsin Boston Store and Younkers.
Where am I going to shop.  
Our local JCP closed a year ago.
There is a Macy's in Appleton and Kohls but, I never find anything at Kohls I like being middle age and over weight and Macy's to me is just Meh.  
Its going to be a dilemma. 
I don't know about you but, I have to try stuff on to see if it will fit.  
You know skinny pants just don't look good on short, chunky people.  
Why do designers and clothing manufacturers think we all want that?
Heavy sigh.

Had a great weekend after a very long three weeks at work.  
Hope your weekend was wonderful. 
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching