Sunday, January 28, 2018

What’s In The Queue

Feels like there is a lot going on.
I have so many things I want to do, I think my head will explode.
I have Christmas 2018 projects planned and kind of ready to go, just need to cut the fabric.  
I'm going great guns on the second Winter Sampler.  
I did have to rip out "lengthens so the cold strengthens" because I was off five stitches and then the border was not going to be right,  
I always do the border kind of later, not always the best idea but, I have done the border first and come up cattywampus too.  
I am working on the sun in the upper box.       
My fabric for La-d-da Margaret Cottam  
I have two copies of this. 
I may try selling it on Samplers Through Time on Facebook.
I need to think about getting rid of patterns I have done....except the Prairie Schoolers. 
I will probably never part with the Schoolers!
To see the whole three part pattern: Margaret Cottam Link
I bought this on Samplers Through Time last week and fell in love with it.  
Ann Smith 1767 from the Scarlet Letter.  
I have a thing for Adam and Eve Samplers. 
What really grabbed me were the little lions in the bottom corners.  
The border is just so gorgeous too!
And don't get me started on the palm trees!

This picture won't go the right way and I did it twice.  
Just to show the floss and doing on 36 count Confederate Grey linen.

Had to post my art on the side of the shed after last weeks snow storm.  
He just looked so cool and usually I'm oblivious to good photo ops.  
He is my favorite yard art after the whirly-gig but, that is put away for the winter.  

Couldn't resist my reclining Buster.  
He likes to sleep on the pillow, so does Henry.
Henry thinks he is the size of Buster however:  a 16# dog in a 58# dog body.  

Hope you had a great weekend.  
Mine was pretty good. 

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Done Finishing But Still Not My Favorite Thing

I have been working on some finishes this weekend.
I still have a pile sitting on my sewing table. 
Not my favorite thing to do but, I do like the end results.
I finished my infinite scarf...just in time for the snow storm.  
It takes a long time to block:  pin, steam, wait to dry, move and repeat.  
It turned out nice and should be very warm.  
 I finished my Hands on Design Winter Thyme.
It is tilted a little funny in the picture.
On to the next project, I think the second Winter Sampler from Prairie Schooler.

Now waiting to see how much snow we get with the incoming snow storm.
The Weather Channel is predicting 5-8 and Accuweather 4-8.
We will see what happens.  

Hope the weather is good where you are and you have had a great weekend. 
Keep on Stitching

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Weather Has Been Wretched

I know the weather has been absolutely horrible in much of the country.  
We had a January thaw the early part of last week.
Thursday it started raining and it poured.  
Then the temperature began to drop and then things began to freeze.
The roads then got very bad.  
In anticipation of the weather, the schools were closed all day.  
The temperatures have stayed very cold. 
The highs the last few days have not gotten above 10. 
It was -16 this morning

I had a bad case of cabin fever and originally Bob was going burn brush but, it was too cold.
Instead we took a road trip to Green Bay to do some shopping and go out for lunch.  
Stopped at the Stitching Bee and picked up some sweet little patterns.  

I finished the first of the Prairie Schooler Winter Sampler.
I always love her verses.  

I sarted a new project I got about a year ago from Hands on Design called Winter Thyme.  
I really fell in love with this little needle keep
I think it will be very fun to work on.

Took a cute picture of Henry sleeping on my lap quilt last night.  
Bob and I went to see The Post this afternoon.  
Really and excellent movie and the importance of the First Amendment.
I highly recommend it.  

Hope you have had a warm and safe weekend. 
He have a great week.
Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mr. Fluffy

Buster had a bath today.  
He was pretty stinky and also needed an clean sweater so, good time for a bath.
It also hit 25 degrees today.  
Did it before laundry then I could was all the towels. 
He  looks very handsome and is very soft.  
On retreat, I picked up three skeins of Rowan Thick and Thin to make a scarf for to go with my winter coat.  
I got a little over four rows out of one skein, not much yardage  
I have some beige in an alpaca yarn that will go with it.
I'm going to start over and use that for the ribbing and then mix it in.  
I also have some navy blue mohair I'm going to use too.  
It should make an interesting scarf  
Update on my Prairie Schooler Winter Sampler  
The snow flakes at the bottom are done.
Once the trees along the side are done, there is the word Winter and three more snowflakes at the top and then I should be done.  
I love the saying  
Thanks to everyone about the Uffindell Sister Samplers.  
I went to the Hands Across the Seas website and marked on a wish list.  
I hope she monitors that and gets the idea that more people want it.  

Had a good weekend. 
Got some extra housecleaning down with my husband and son's help.  
Hope your weekend was spectacular.  
We have a warm up this week but, that will bring us ice on Wednesday.... :(

Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I am always a day late and a dollar short,
I just recently saw again Uffindell Sisters Samplers from Hands Across the Seas on another blog.
I tried to get a copy and it hasn't been released that long ago and no copies to be had.  
I'm on a waiting list if there are any left but, I'm not optimitic.  
Same thing happened with With Thy Needle and Thread Ort Basket kit.  
I got to stop hesitating or pay more attention to when things first come out.  

I framed this piece over the weekend and hung it today after taking town Christmas pieces.  

The tree also came down today along with all the Christmas decorations.  
I'm always a little sad when the tree comes down.  
It feels like  such a passage of time.  
Now to figure out what to put in place. 
I will just leave things a little bare until Saturday.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
I had a pretty laid back weekend.  
It has been pretty frigid so much as a matter of fact, I have not left the house since Saturday
I have barely stuck my nose out the door.  
It was -14 yesterday morning and -7 this morning.  
It got to be about a high of 7 today.  
I stitched some today and worked on getting my Christmas stitches finished but, other things got in the way.  
Bob was working on my new computer and getting my email and Quicken up and running.
Then it was time to make Lasagna for dinner.   

Progress on Prairie Schooler Winter Samplers.  
Can't really say there is much of anything else new around here other than the crazy cold weather  

Hope you had a good weekend,
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year
Keep on Stitching