Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow Storms, Projects and Henry Ford

We had a snow storm yesterday and got about six inches.  
It was a beautiful snow and was really coming down all morning.  

 I really don't mind snow and it wasn't very cold.  
 Alot of the snow from earlier had melted.  
We did have a few inches for a white Christmas.
 It had pretty much ended by lunch time.  
Just so happened to have gotten a few good pictures of Henry Ford.
 Kind of has his cheeks sucked in.  

It is difficult to get a picture of him sitting still.
Usually, all the pictures are more like this.
 I have been ticking away at last years Stacy Nash, stitching it on the Homespun.
 Finally, got it all stitched. 
I had bought the wrong interfacing.
I also had gotten some Stitch Witchery.
They have re-fomulated that since the last time I bought and it doesn't work worth shit. 
So, I threw it out. 
It is in the frame and on the wall.  
I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
It will be hanging all year in the sewing room. 
 This is the aftermath of the storm yesterday.
It is much colder but the sky is such a gorgeous blue, I had to take a few snaps. 
 It is suppose to be a cold week. 
When it is cold, you can bank on the sun shining and a clear blue sky.  
 The snow is still sticking to the trees until the wind kicks up.  
 I really thought I would be done with this  by now but, I've been busy with the holidays and working on socks to send back with kids.  I don't know that that will happen either but, I'm really trying. 
 Katy had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  She had a dental check-up on Tuesday and the dentist told her it was time.  The oral surgeons are here two days a week.  She was on the cancellation list and we were hoping it would get done before she returned to school.  It was a  Christmas miracle and it got done on Friday.  I've been making her mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.  Today was the worst day.  I'm hoping she will be on the upswing tomorrow.  We are praying for no dry sockets.

Hope your Christmas went well....ours did...No fights, no falls, no forays...hooray!

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See you in the new year.

Keep on stitching.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Gifts for the Stitching Group

I have wanted to find a pattern for project bags after seeing such splendid specimens on Faye's blog the Carolina Stitcher.  I knew that I could do a stitching bag for the Stitching Group as a Christmas present.
I got a Heart and Hand pattern that had the finishing instructions. 
Instead of the stitched pattern that came with it, I stitched With Thy Needle and Thread Sewing Bird.  
I picked up the fabric at the local quilt store.  It's a Civil War reproduction and I thought it would go well with the stitched piece.  
I should have taken a picture of the inside of the bag since there are two pockets. 
 I used the red fabric for that.  
I did make a little beaded bling as a zipper pull in the colors of the fabric.  
Arttie said, "You even put in zippers."  
I told her, "I did take sewing in high school.  I even know how to make flat feld seams."  
Not that I use them very often.  
In my younger days, I did sew a few skirts with matching purse covers.  
I had one of the wooden purse handle with the covers that buttoned on. 
I really don't like to sew other than for things like this.
I don't like sitting at a sewing machine so I don't know that I ever would be a quilter.
The latest update on the LK Mystery Sampler.  
Don't know that it will be done by Christmas.  
That's okay
Katy got home yesterday and she'll be home to New Year's Eve.  We have errands to run today.  Buster is having a spa day so he'll be all buffed up for Christmas.  I don't know that you could buff up Henry Ford.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas and Distruction....Yikes

I have a good start on last years Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  Since it isn't a mystery I started in the center.  I prefer to start in the center.  It usually stays pretty even around the border.
I am nearly done with this panel.  
 We went Christmas shopping today.  Bob took the day off.  We decided we would get ourselves a big screen TV.  The TV in our living room still has a picture tube.  This one is WiFi and a smart TV.  My husband has a hard enough time trying to get the button for the cable box to work.  Hopefully he won't be reading this but, I doubt he will have this figured out at all.  Don't tell him I said this.

On the ride, because we had to travel, I nearly finished Bob's sock.  I worked on it while he wandered around Cabela's for a half hour.  Sat in a comfy chair by the fire place.  I just have to weave the toe and I'll be done.  I want to start on a pair for Ed.  He blew out the last pair I made him.  I had to repair it last year.  However, with Henry Ford being especially crazy lately, I don't anticipate it will be easy to knit.  The kids got me this a few years ago and I think it will be perfect to use with yarn it it.   I will just have to keep the needles safe from that crazy dog.
We had our Christmas Potluck at work this week.  I made this.  It is really good!!  I had to bring the recipe to work the following day.  

Squash with Applesauce Casserole
Serves 6-8

1 16 oz can Applesauce
1 ½ c. summer or acorn squash frozen or cooked (mash it)
½ c. brown sugar
½ tsp salt
½ c. evaporated milk
2 eggs beaten
¼ c. melted butter
1 ½ c. buttered bread crumbs (mix the bread crumbs with the ¼ c. melted butter)
½ tsp nutmeg
½ c. slivered almonds

Combine all the ingredients except the almonds.  Put into a buttered casserole and
Sprinkle with almonds.  Bake a 375 for 45 minutes

Speaking of crazy Henry Ford....he has been on the rampage this week killing his babies.  He destroyed another one tonight.   This week he has destroyed a pig, a loofah and tonight another don't know what to call it thing.  He is the picture of the dissimation of the Loofah Larry from early this week.  Buster helped a little 
 The white thing with the brown nose is what got destroyed tonight.  Guess what the boys are getting for Christmas.
That pretty much sums it up.  Been very busy these days getting ready for Christmas.  Last week I took my mom Christmas shopping and kept her on task.

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Keep on Stitching.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Conundrum

I got all the Christmas decorations out.  
I do have a few Christmas stitches framed.
I could have sworn I had another Prairie Schooler that fit into a frame.  
Do you think I can find it.
I have looked everywhere.
Maybe, I'm just losing my mind or maybe it will turn up after Christmas.  
Who knows?

I thought I had frame parts for Stacy Nashs' Christmas at Holly Berry Farm, but, I don't.
I have my don going to Ben Franklins over the weekend to get frame parts.
I gave him the dimensions and the color preferences.
I have also told him to get help and call me if he is unsure.  
Keep your fingers crossed.

I started the Lizzie Kate Mystery sampler from last year but, not enough progress to merit a picture.  
I'll post a picture when I have more to show.  
I did finish the Thankful Quaker
I even have a frame the right size for this.  

Glad it's Friday tomorrow.  I'm ready for the weekend and a day off.  Taking mom Christmas shopping on Saturday.  That always proves to be an experience!

Hope your week is going well.
Keep on Stitching