Thursday, May 9, 2013

Courage and Other Things

I finished the LHN Virtues but, didn't get in it Katy's box.  She wanted me to send the box as soon as possible because it has been taking longer than anticipated for the boxes to get to her....almost a week.  I baked the chocolate chip bars on Monday night and packed up the box.  Bob shipped it via UPS from his office.  She got the box on Wednesday, in record breaking time.
Here's how it turned out.  I texted her a picture.  
 This was a freebie from Drawn Thread.  I had cut the fabric wrong.  I was going to fold it for the back but, I messed it up and didn't realize it until after I had stitched it.  I just used some pink fabric on the back.  I finally got around to finishing it after I found it while straightening up Ed's/sewing room.  I have had this gold cord for a while.  When I found it, I bought it all and I'm glad I did.  It is the best stuff.  I have never seen it again and I don't remember where I bought it.  I know I have had it for a long time....HOORAY FOR STASH!!!!
 After seeing the Ladies Prim Society at Dyeing to Stitch on Faye's blog the Carolina Stitcher and fell in love.  I absolutely adore GAST Mountain Mist.  I am starting with my name tag.  I stopped at the quilt store today and found some backing material, Moda Civil War line.  It is nearly perfect.  The blues may be a little different but, it will work.  I used it for the picture background.  
 I'm stitching it on 40 count, so it isn't too big.  
 This is the first official project of the Ladies Prim Society.  
 I have recently picked up more patterns from Threadwork Primitives.  
 The second project, a Black Bird Design.  Love these colors too!  I am a huge fan of BBD.  I have blogged projects, gift boxes.  The backing material for this are Moda too.  BBD also designs for quilt fabric for Moda.  
 A little closer look at the pattern.  
Got to get my shopping list done for a shopping trip with the Stitching girls.  I need some floss.  I have decided to reorganize my overdyes.  I think I'm going to get some floss away bags and photo storage boxes.  It would definitely make it easier to find floss and put it away.

While at the quilt shop today, there was a group of ladies who had road tripped it.  They all had huge bags of fabric and kits and were laughing and giggling about getting more stash. (It was some MAJOR acquisitions). I feel the same way about cross stitchy stuff.  I laughed with them and said when the lights go out because of disaster or the Zombi Apocalypse happens we all will have enough stuff to last us.

Keep on getting your stash just in case of that Zombi Apocalypse, I know I will!
And as always, thanks for the lovely comments.  I do so enjoy hearing from you and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Congrats on the finishes and the lovely new starts. Boy I wish I could go floss/stash shopping too ;) Have fun!

  2. Very nice finishes and great new starts. Always fun to go stash shopping.


  3. Thanks for giving me a reason to get more stash!! Your projects are looking wonderful!

  4. Lovely finishes - and new starts!
    Stash acquisition is always such fun!

  5. I love your finishes. And I love the way you think...LOL..."when the lights go out because of disaster or the Zombi Apocalypse happens we all will have enough stuff to last us."

  6. Your finishes are lovely, Monica. Yep,the stash pile always comes through. The cording is just what your DT needed.
    I love the BBD, I just might have to get that one.
    Stash shopping is always fun...don't just stop at the floss!!!

  7. Great projects!! Lol ~ preparing for the zombies!!