Thursday, May 23, 2013

Psychotic Red Wing Blackbird

Katy thinks this Red Wing Blackbird looks psychotic.  I have a penchant for psychotic looking creatures.  I think I have blogged about that before.  

 She is not quite done yet.  I think there is a beak and a worm yet, some leaves and the border.
It is not exactly done yet.  
My Rhododendron is blooming majestically.  I don't have any tulips or daffodils in the garden mostly because little critters will eat the bulbs.  This is always the first thing to bloom in my garden.
I absolutely love it.  My  rhubarb is doing very well and there should be a pie in the not too distant future.  I simply adore rhubarb in any way, shape or form
Then there is the stunning photo of me (NOT!!)  Katy took it while I was blogging Sunday night. 
 Buster looks especially cute.  It was really nice outside that night.  Not so much today.  
We are suppose to get a freeze tonight so that will mess up the Lilacs and Apple blossoms.  
We haven't had a good bunch of Lilacs in a couple of years because we get a frost that messes them up.  I really like them too.  I am not happy about this!
I am really hoping to get some things done this weekend - mostly relaxing.  The last few weekends have been crazy busy and I just want to put my feet up and stitch.  I want to work on my floss boxes and get them done.  I also need about 40 bags of bark mulch to put in my flower beds.  I didn't do any last year because of my knee surgery.  The summer before it didn't need to be done.  This year I'm in desperate need of mulch.  Bob is thrilled, yeah right!  Not sure it will get spread yet.

Hope you have a spectacular weekend and get to do what you really want.  
Thanks for the great comments and keep 'em coming!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Love the psychotic bird!! Your flowers are beautiful ~ such a pretty color. Hope your weekend is everything you expect it to be!

  2. Knock on wood we have not had a freeze to mess up our apple blossoms this year, the last couple of years have been hard on our trees.
    Happy Stitching

  3. Your bird is looking lovely and your rhododendron is looking stunning