Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  
I hope you had a very wonderful Thanksgiving.  
I'm sort of in a turkey coma right now.  
Not too terribly ambitious.  
One of my favorite Prairie Schooler Turkeys I did a few years ago.  
He is very handsome.  
I am nearly done with the greenery around the PSS Mary Sampler.  
I have that one last corner, then I can do the strawberries. 
I have been plodding along on the BH&G Lo, How a Rose.
I have been working on the Mary Sampler so I could blog about that too. 

The kids both made it home safe and sound.  
They have been a big help with the dinner and picking up my mom. 
Katy and I took my mom home.  We drove past Walmart at  7.
The place is nuts.
I don't get in to the black Friday madness. 
Finally, Katy was slipping Buster a little turkey. 
He's in a tryptophan slumber.  
Be careful black friday shopping. 
Have a great weekend.
Tomorrow, turkey sandwiches!
Thanks for stopping and all the wonderful comments. 
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Just Wasn't Happy

I have been working the Lo How a Rose from 2000 Better Homes and Garden Christmas.  
I was using the colors designed but, I think since 2000 the Weeks aren't exactly the same.  
I just wasn't happy with the way it was turning out.
The colors were too pastel and the antique white linen was too white.  
 I went back to the DMC colors and then matched some overdyes.  
I also just got some 36 count Light Exampler that I much prefer over the antique white.  
 The darker pinks and green looks a little more "Christmas-ie".  

 A little better idea of the contrast.  

Otherwise a busy weekend. 
I have been working on the room stairs and trying to clean out the craft closet I have down there.
I want Ed to clean out what little bit he has in his closet so I can restructure it for my sewing room.
He's never home more than a couple of days now anyway.  
All he has left in there is some hunting clothes and things that just need to be donated since he hasn't worn them in years.  
He can put things in the closet downstairs.  
In preparation for the holidays and potential guests we cleaned there.  
There is a full bath and a very good futon.  
I haven't stitched as much as I would have liked.  

Hope you had a productive weekend.
Thanks for the great comments.  
I love hearing from you.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Christmas Queue and Oh Yeah, a Finish

I think I'm starting with a finish. 
I finished my Heart in Hand Thanksgiving Blessing.  
I just have to lace up the back but, I wanted to blog about it.
I really love this pattern and it was a very fun stitch!
I'm done with it in time for Thanksgiving.  
I wanted to show you some of the things in my Christmas Queue.  
I doubt I will finish them all before Christmas but, hey you can hope.
This is Lo How a Rose Sampler in an old Better Homes and Garden  book, A Cross-Stitch Christmas.  I saw this on Of Needles, Pins and Stitching Things Here.
I ordered the book from Amazon for like to next to nothing.  
The shipping cost me more.  
I'm doing it in the over dyes and on 36 count antique white linen.  
Little closer.  
When I take pictures at night they either turn out yellowish or washed out.  
 The Stacy Nash I started last year:  Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  
I have a ways to go on this one.  
 This Threadwork Primitives shouldn't take very long.  
I love how it is finished in the picture. 
 The the Homespun Elegance Merry Merry Soul.
I forgot the other one in the Queue:  Merry Eweies.  
 Needed some more thread for this 
With Thy Needle and Thread Cozy in the Pines Sampler.  
I think I could work on this after Christmas since it doesn't scream Christmas.  
 This one however can't be anymore Christmas-ee with a Santa.
I needed to order some thread and fabric for these.  
Bought the Thanksgiving turkey today for 77 cents a pound.
Can't beat that.  
I have a few more things to pick up for dinner.  
Can't wait to see the kids. They should both be home on Wednesday.  
This weekend is suppose to be Artically cold.
Saturday high of 16 and Sunday a high of 19.  
That is way too cold!
That is like long underwear weather!!!
I guess I'm just going to have to stay home and stitch.  
Hope you have had a great week, a great Friday and a warmer weekend.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What a Weekend and Updates.

Bob is still at deer camp.  He left on Thursday and will be home tomorrow.  
He better have taken a shower before I get home.  
The place looks like a Meth Lab.  There is no electricity.  I'm not sure there is running water.
I kind of think there isn't because his buddy brought water.
Just as long as I don't have to go there....ever! 
I stayed home and did my usual weekend stuff:  clean, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, and bill paying.  I had dinner with my mom and stopped and saw my mother-in-law.  
I have been on the phone a lot.  
Katy has been having a crappy weekend so I called the her local Dominoes and sent her a Gluten-free pizza.  The weather was horrible:  pouring rain and she wasn't leaving her dorm.  
I have been working on some stitching in between all the activity and a nap today.
I have to fill in the background at the "M", stitch stems on the leaves, add the beads and the charms and it will be done.    
 The PSS Mary Sampler is caught up with the latest installment:  the cross and the crown.
One more week to go.  
 This is such a small piece. I think I have a small square frame. I plan on printing up the final installment of the second sampler on the darker fabric.

Speaking of frames, the only thing I didn't get to was taking an inventory of frames and sizes.  I move pieces in and out of frames.  It would be handy to have a list of the sizes and what goes in them.

A few more hours to stitch and then its back to work.  I am looking forward to the kids coming home for Thanksgiving.  Katy could use more than a couple of days off.  Since Thanksgiving is so late, winter break will only be a few weeks away.

Thank you for the great comments.  It makes blogging fun when you send me comments.
Hope you have a serene, productive week.  I hope I do.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Sea of Orange

Here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, November 15 is a holiday.  Schools are closed tomorrow for "Deer Day".  It is the opening day of Deer Season and people (mostly men but, some women hunt) go nuts.  Hunting season starts in September with Bow season.  November 15th is the opening of gun season.  A few weeks prior, guns get sited in and camps are made ready.  About a week before and up to the day before, supplies and provisions are laid in.  I hate grocery shopping during this week because the stores are a sea of orange.  They travel in packs of usually three.  The first cart is beer and other adult beverages, the remaining two carts are food mostly meat and potatoes.  The only vegetables, if any, is cabbage.  They also block the aisle of meat so you can't get through let alone try and buy a chicken.

On the local news tonight, they were interviewing a grocery store manager.  The sales at the grocery stores are up 15%.  The only other busier grocery week is the week of the 4th of July.

Anyway onto some picture updates....
My PSS Mary Sampler update:  I think I'm in the home stretch...maybe two more additions.  I look forward to the next installment.
 I am almost done with the words.  Have a few motifs and the giant M in the upper left hand corner.
I really love this pattern.
I started a sweater for Katy last winter but, still have to finish the sleeves.  It was yarn I had and I thought I had enough.  I'm afraid I'm going to run out.  I can order the same brand however the dyelot absolutely will not be the same.  I know there is a way to blend it so it isn't as noticeable but, I can't remember how to do it.  I will be able to research it.  If anyone out there knows please post a comment and save me the time.  

Yeah!  Tomorrow is Friday.  Bob is at his buddy's camp for the opener.  The weekend is mine!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!
I always appreciate comments!
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stitching Retreat Weekend

I was in Door County this weekend for the Stitching Bee Retreat Weekend.  It is a little different then the ones I usually see in Blogworld.  It is a group of patrons from the Stitching Bee in Green Bay who just get together for stitching, shopping and socializing.  The resort is great.  Check it out here.  I just went on line and this place gets booked during the "season".  They are condo's
There was about 40-50 women there, stitching up a storm.  There is always a couple who just hang out.  There was one class this weekend that you could sign up for on Peyote beading.  I wasn't interested in that.  I just like to sit back and listen to everyone and stitch like nuts.  Its great not to feel guilty about stitching.  When I'm home, I love to stitch but, always figure there is something more I should be doing.  I can just stitch.

My work requires a lot of talking.  Often, by the time I get home, I have used all my words for the day and I really don't want to talk.  I have to usually call my 86 y/o mom but, she does all the talking because she hasn't talked that much that day that she does all the talking.

 I didn't take a whole lot of pictures since they wouldn't be that different than last year.  I hung out with the same people who were so wonderful to me last year when I was a newbie.

Everyone gets a stitching project bag and it had some goodies.  I forgot the little Prairie Schooler pattern and the candy.  Well, I ate most of the candy over the weekend.

Some of my acquisitions.

Kendra had some really great cases.  The general consensus was this would make a really great case for double pointed knitting needles.  As you can guess I concurred.

 I was really hoping she had this latest pattern from Homespun Elegance Merry Eweies.  I love this and love the sheep.
 This is a sweet little kit from Chessie and Me:  Noel House.  Some of my neighbors picked this one up and I fell in love with it.  It came home with me.
 On Saturday night, there are usually some games with prizes.  This year it was  "Whats in your Stitching Bag.'  I won my prize for having a check book in my stitching bag.  Imagine that.  Here is what I won.  That is really apropo.
 I picked up a cute little Magnetic Needle Minder.  I have gotten a ruler from this company that one of the dogs chewed on and ruined and a thread detangler my sister got me.  This can sit on my metal board.  It wasn't too seasonal either.
 So I worked on my Heart in Hands Thanksgiving Blessings:  before 

 And after the weekend.
There is an acorn next to the chicken that there wasn't enough contrast between the cap and the acorn itself.  I will be changing it.  
I should be able to finish this before Thanksgiving.  YeeHa!
Small world alert.
Last year I met Chris who has a sister in the same town I live in.  
This year the sister, Cindy was at the retreat.
I had her son as a client when he had a hand injury and her in-laws live just a few yards from us next to my mother-in-law.  
Just amazing!

Hope you have had a great weekend and have a really great week.  
I had an awesome weekend!
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A Woman of a Certain Age

Disclaimer:  I will have another blog today that is stitchy

This could also be Musings in the Shower or maybe rantings.

On my way to my stitching retreat I did some shopping since shopping in the UP can be scarce.
I was armed with Joann Fabric and Younkers department store coupons.  I had a Clinique coupon for a free eye cream, one of the Clinique products I use on a consistent basis.  I was excited but apprehensive what the catch might be.  I had to check it out.

I got to the counter, which is being renovated.  Two clerks or consultants were chatting with each other.  I patiently waited while they finished their conversation.  The petite one came to answer my questions.  I inquired on what I needed to purchase to obtain this little treasure.  I really didn't need any skin care products. I have more than enough since some of the ones I have I really don't use since it makes my skin breakout.

Sidebar:  I have been battling acne since my teenage years and I'm now 54.  Maybe menopause will bring clear skin.  I'm still using acne wash!

Back to Clinique.  I inquired about eyeshadow.  "Noo, that's make up.  IT is ONLY skin care," she replied, her tone expressing irritation.   She repeated the "it's only for skin care" like I was senile.

"Well then," I said, "I guess I won't be getting any," and I walked away.

 Now as I was showering this morning I thought I could have a travel kit.  Then I thought, "hell with her and her skinny little ass!"   I suppose it doesn't matter to Clinique what I think.  They need to get more women behind the counter that understand a woman of a certain age.

So pardon the rantings.  Better eat some breakfast and hit the road.  Laundry is beckoning me.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Was Starting to Panic!

Wonderful drawing at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!  Check it out HERE

I'm getting ready for my stitching retreat and getting projects together.  
I knew I had picked up one of the new Homespun Elegance Christmas ornaments.
I looked all over:  my stitching basket by my chair, the chair in the sewing room, the project basket in the sewing room.
I knew I had bought it but couldn't find it.
Was it my imagination?
I was starting to panic.
I looked again on the chair and moved a picture frame.
I found it!
It calls for Indian Summer but, I am subbing Brick because I don't have enough Indian Summer.  
It will work just fine!
I really didn't know what to expect last year. 
There was a continental breakfast but, it wasn't worth the walk so I picked up things at the grocery store on my way home from work.  
I just need breakfast food since dinner is provided and its fun to go out for lunch
I need to do a little shopping on the way so I plan on Panera for lunch.
That also means some baked goods to take along. 
Got to have some chocolate!

I finished a freebie from With Thy Needle and Thread.
I saw this on another blog and fell in love with it.  
It tooks some wiggling with colors but, it turned out marvelous!
I started in Heart and Hand Thanksgiving Blessing
I will probably work on this this weekend.
I have other projects to take....more than I could do in a month!
I am really looking forward to this.  I have been working a lot.
By the time I get home at night I am pooped!

I may take some pictures of the weekend...don't know for sure.
I will bring my camera and there is always the cell phone.

Hope you have a great weekend. 
Thank you for the wonderful comments
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alpaca's, Adventures, Birthdays and Catch-Up

I was just kind of piddlin' around yesterday morning:  drinking coffee, stitching and catching up with The Witches of the East End, when my friend Arttie called me.  
She was going to the yarn store, the quilt store and then lunch with her nine year old step-daughter and called me to see if I wanted to join them.  
I really should have stayed home and cleaned but, that sounded a lot more fun.
I went with them.  
We did stop at a craft show before going to the other places.  
I didn't really see anything I couldn't live without.  
The only thing that I thought was a little different were the mittens made out of recycled sweaters.
They were $25 a pair.  I thought that was a little pricey until I saw a pair at the Hallmark store for $78.
I guess $25 was a deal.

Onward to Rainbow Yarns and Gifts where there is an Alpaca farm.  
I have blogged about these guys before.  
I just get a kick out of them.\ 
 There were several up by the parking lot checking everyone out.  
 The food dispenser wasn't working right so we couldn't get food to feed them.  
They will eat out of your hand.  
I love how they look like they are wearing bad toupee's.
I did pick up another skein of sock yarn, a book on scarves and some yarn to make a scarf.  
I picked up some fabric for finishing stitching projects. 
We let Karolyn pick lunch...chinese buffet.  
Fortunately, it was very busy so the food was fresh.  

Tomorrow is Bob's birthday.  
We had a lunch.  His mom got the cake.  
Can you tell it is a hunting theme.  
 We did lunch so he could hunt before dusk, his favorite time.
 This weeks addition to the PSS Mary's Sampler is the little shepherd.  
These pictures don't turn out very well.  
I think the dark fabric alternative turns out better.  
This isn't looking too bad.  
 I'm nearly done with the With Thy Needle and Thread freebie I saw on another blog.  
I really liked it and had to do it.  
Got another busy week.  
I also need to get ready for the Stitching Bee Retreat in Door County next weekend.  
I'm looking forward to it.
I had a very good time last year.  
I think I know what projects I'm bringing.  

Thanks for the great comments.  
I enjoy hearing from you.  
Hope you have a fabulous week.
Keep on Stitching