Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lots to Catch Up On

There is lots to catch up on.  First, the Vera Bradley bag on won from Vicky at 2 Bags Full.  It is an East-West tote and a wonderful tote.  I had blogged about the perfect stitching bag and this was the style that I found to work great as a stitching bag.  I took it to the conference I went to this weekend.  It carried my markers, candy and the hand out packet from the conference.  Now, I think it will become my knitting bag or just because I need to carry stuff bag.  
 The conference was on the latest concepts of tendon repair and rehabilitation.  I went to a course on Anatomy, Arthrokinematics and Mobilization of the Wrist, Thumb and Digits.  One of the things we did was identify surface anatomy.  Here is my hand with the radial column side of the hand, the metacarpals and some carpal bones.  I'm a hand nerd, I think it is cool.  
 I started the June small project from Prairie Schooler, little baby birds.  
 I have finished bagging the GAST thread.  They are labeled but, need to be alphabetized under their letters.  I have them by letters but, not in exact order.  I will do that once I have all the thread bagged up.  I think it is working pretty good.  Mary, I'm not quite as OCD as you...haha, I won't be computerizing it too.  I should confess, I tried but, I didn't keep up with it.  I LOVED the comment!
 I have the brand written on it and the name.  It is amazing some of dye lot variance.  I will have to post a picture of the differences between the Sables I have.  
I did put a file card in each evelope to keep it from flopping over and that seems to be working well.

Back to the old grind tomorrow.  I am so glad we have a three day weekend coming up.  I need a three day weekend really bad!

Thank you for the great comments.  I really enjoy hearing from you.  It is a dinner time topic sometimes.  Hope you had a fun weekend and have a really stellar week.

Keep on Stitching


  1. A very pretty bag! Glad to know your markings were from a conference and not that you were being marked for surgery!!

  2. I'm a hoopless stitcher as well! That, along with handling my iPad and phone has led to noticeable pain/discomfort in my hands. Boo! Do you have any tips to share? How much of it can/should be attributed to the aging process? Happy stitching to you!