Monday, November 19, 2018


It's been a week.
Deer season in Michigan, started on November 15th.  
The weekend before, Bob's brother came for a visit, to see their mom in assisted living.  
He left Tuesday morning and then Bob's friend got here that afternoon. 
Tom came to go to deer camp with him.  
The bed barely got cold.  
Let me tell you, hunting season really is pretty obnoxious.  
Men really start getting round up starting in September when bow season starts.  
My husband is no exception, buck fever has been running rampant.
I'm glad the ends is in sight.

Now we are hunting something new:  A MOUSE!
While the guys were gone, I started hearing  strange noises on Friday.  
I give the dogs a little snack around 10:30 and measure out Buster's food for following day.
I place the cup on the window sill in the laundry room.  
The next morning when I was feeding the dogs, half of the food was gone. 
I wondered if I was losing my mind.  
Then I noticed the little poops on the towel on the washer.  
Amazing the cup wasn't knocked over.  
I noticed a few days or a week earlier Buster's dental treats were going fast.  
I left one of the dental treats on the washer. 
When I got home from errands, it was still on the washer.  
Before I went to bed that night, I left a few more pieces of dog food out on the washer and the window sill.  
Sunday morning, all the food was gone.  
We put out the mouse traps last night but, haven't caught it yet.  
We have found evidence in the basement:  the bathroom vanity and the desk in Bob's office.
There wasn't anything on the desk a week ago.  
On the hunt again tonight.  
Hope we are successful!
Really couldn't happen at a worse time....just before Thanksgiving.  
I'm just going to wash stuff before I use it. 

I did finish the second piece of Farmhouse Christmas from Little House Needleworks 
Keep your fingers crossed we get that doggone mouse.  
He is driving poor Henry crazy.  
Buster is not so affected, he's lived through the first two mice.  
Hope you had a good weekend.  
Happy Thanksgiving.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Top Secret

Pictures are going to be slim until Christmas.
Top secret projects until then. 
I am working on a few things I can show.
I finally finished this pair of socks for Ed.  I love the self-striping yarn. 
I don’t exactly know why it took me so long to finish theses.
He has worn them already.

I have started the second in the Farmhouse Christmas series.
These I will continue to work on while working on Christmas presents.  
I downloaded this pattern last week from Ravelry.  
I'm just waiting for the needles to come from KnitPicks.  
Its called the Hitchhiker and uses a skein of sock yarn.  
I plan on using this yarn to make it  
The skein is a little less than the pattern but, I think I will have enough.  
Its an odd shaped scarf but, will be super cute with jeans, blues and greys.  
Had a productive weekend.  
It was been snowy for the last few days especially today.  
It was one of those pretty feathery snow.  
It was the perfect day to do a little stitching and watch Hallmark Christmas Movies.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Keep on Stitching 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Be Thankful on Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

  A wonderful giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe  
   Check it out and tell Nancy I sent you😀

Stitching Retreat

Got back last weekend from the Stitching Bee Retreat. 
It has been a busy week.  
I did take last Monday off but, was very busy with all kinds of things.  
It was at Rowley's Bay Resort in Ellison Bay.
The rooms were a little dated but, overall pretty comfortable.  
We were really in our room to sleep.  
The fireplace in the front lobby was really beautiful.
Had to take a picture of the stack
This explains were it came from  
Some of the murals by the restaurant quaint and old.

It kind of reminded us of Holiday Inn

This miniature was in Grandma's Bakery.  
The desserts came from the bakery at dinner:  bars and cookies.  
The bakery was amazing.  
Breakfast and Dinner buffets were included.  
Let me tell you, the Pecan rolls were to die for!
Got a little picture inside the school house.
The little boy is sitting on a stool and has a dunce cap on his head.  
The view of the bay. 
We were on the Lake Michigan side of Door Peninsula.  
It was rainy all weekend.
Saturday more drizzly than rain.  
So we got out and did a little shopping in Sister Bay and had lunch there.  

We stopped at the Tannebaum shop in Sister Bay and the mums on the the way in were spectacular!
Cocktails before dinner

The Room we had for stitching was great.
There was a lot of room to move around.
Natural lighting during the day and in general good lighting.  
I didn't need to use my Ott Light.  

The view from my chair at our table. 

Since it was close to Halloween a prankster placed this cling on the toilet seat in the bathroom.  
It was pretty comical  
If you didn't know what it was, it looked real.  

I was working on the first part of Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas.  
I'm now alternating between that and PS Santa's.  
It really was a wonderful weekend. 
It goes by way too fast.  
It is always good to see everyone.
I often head to the Bee and have Bob drop me off for a little free stitch and send him to Cabelas for an hour or two.  
I see some of the ladies there.

Hope you are having a good weekend 
It has been rainy, blustery and cold all day.  
I did all my errands and church yesterday, I didn't leave the house!

Have great week!
Keep on Stitching

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Having Technical Difficulties

I have just spent the last hour trying to get the pictures from my phone to go somewhere, anywhere.
I took a picture of Autumn at Hawk Run but, it won't go to my Google pictures.
Then I cleaned off some pictures, putting them in albums and figured I could delete them.  
Once I deleted them, they also were deleted from my album...WTF!
I am making good progress on Hawk Run but, may put it aside for a while  
I have the itch to work on other things.  

The Stitching Bee Retreat is next weekend.  
It is a few weeks earlier than the past years.
We are also going to be at a new venue in Door County
We will be at Beachside Resort in Ellison Bay.  
It will be a new adventure.  

I am getting excited about the retreat.  
It is always a lot of fun!
I don't know how much shopping we will do.  
We may just decide to stay and stitch all day Saturday.  
We will see. 

Finally able to post this because my picture since it made it  from my phone to Google Pictures!

Hope you are having a grand week!
Keep on Stitching

Monday, October 8, 2018

Beer Drinking on Saturday Morning

We went to see Katy this weekend in Milwaukee.  
We went to The History of Beer at some of the buildings left from the original Pabst Brewery
Many of the buildings and land have been sold off over the years.
These are some of the original building that were offices in the 1880's-1890's.
It was really entertaining tour talking about the early history of Pabst.   
Originally started by Jacob Best in 1844, the "B" on the label is hommage to him.
His daughter married Fredrick Pabst and the stockholders had the name changed to Pabst

A statue of Fredrick Pabst in the courtyard where the employees often drank after work
Until the 1980's the employees drank during work.  
Our tour started in here that once had been a school until Pabst pretty much took over all the land around the school.  
It was remodeled to look like an old Pub room in the 1940's
The fresco's around the walls were pretty amazing and explained the beer making process.  
Here is my group, drinking beer at 11 am at the bar.  
We were all drinking beer and it was pretty darn good!
King Gambrins when we first got to the tour.  
The patron saint of beer and brewing
One of the stained glass windows in the 1880's tap room.  
There were several German sayings around the room regarding beer and drinking.  

Some beer memorabilia from Schlitz, a competitor.  
Love this, even better than poker playing dogs.  

The tour was a lot of fun.  
We had a wonderful time in Milwaukee with Katy and her beau.  
The city has changed a lot since we moved away.  

My stitching pictures haven't moved to Google pictures so I didn't post any.  
Been working on Autumn at Hawk Run.  

Hope you had a great weekend.  
Rainy, rainy, rainy today but, the weather held up this weekend.  
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Stitcher of the Month and BOY! Is There a Story!!

Before you get too excited, I volunteered to be September Stitcher of the Month at the Stitching Bee.
Since September is nearly over, I figured I needed to go see it before it was October. 
And I took them all home.
She has Halloween pieced up too.  
I have posted all these on the blog.   
Threadwork Primitives Autumn Heart (don't know if thats the name)
and Painted Threads
Prairie Schooler Autumn Leaves
La-d-da Alone in the Garden
Stacy Nash Christmas at Winterberry Farm
BBD Tender Hearts 3 and 4.
The amazing thing, is I dyed the fabric myself using brown Rit Dye.  
If you only use a little bit, it comes out pink rather than brown.  
Prairie Schooler Autumn Band Samplers, Hocus Pocus.
Plum Street Samplers Cinnamon Stars (One of my all time favorites)
Lizzy Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler I think, the one with the pumpkin headed cat and a crazy looking jack o'lantern button,  
Bob is a bird hunter and Henry Ford is a bird dog.
It's bird season, so yesterday I went to Green Bay and they went hunting.  
They went to an area in Iron County where it is designated hunting in the National Forest.  
The Forestry Department and DNR advertise it that way on a map.  
There is a walking lane, couldn't drive a car down it and its grassy but, mowed.
They were getting close to a marshy area near a little lake when Bob noticed wolves.  
Henry was kind of oblivious but, would have gone up to them if he had seen them first.
He would have been their dinner. 
Bob grabbed him by the collar.
Usually he has a small leash in his vest pocket but, it was missing.  
There were five wolves, a pack and very menacing.  
They were after Henry Ford.  
Bob put his shot gun down and took out his pistol.  
He fired the ground just before them to try and scare them away.  
Three took off but, then backed around, two stood their ground threatening Bob and our dog.  
Bob had Henry by the collar bent over walking a half mile back to his truck.  
The wolves followed him all the way.  
Fortunately, Bob and Henry Ford made it home safe.  
Bob is still a little shook up.  
Not sure when they will go bird hunting today. 
He talked to a DNR officer today who referred to the wolves as the West Iron County pack.
Still just creeps me out!

Hope your weekend was wolf-free
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on Stitching!