Sunday, March 18, 2018

And So It Begins

Could not get the parts on had picked out with the Home Depot design.  
I went to the local one and the associate in that department couldn't do it either 
She called the online person who couldn't do it either.  
I was able to figure out an instore solution with Closet Maid parts that I will essentially get the same effect.  
The only difference is the closet wall will be the back and it was about $1000 cheaper.  
I got the closet cleaned out and Bob got the doors, track and trim off.  
The closet before anything will happen.  
I forgot to take a pic of all the stuff in the closet.  
I will have to check my other computer and see if I have an old pic.....I did blog about it years ago.
Moved everything into Katy's room
My husband and son can't believe it was all in that little closet.
Some was stacked up in my sewing room.
I have to get it all back in there.  
I am planning on going through stuff and purging as needed.  

Have the update of my Autumn at Hawk Hollo Run
    Since I took the pictures, I am nearly done with the bottom owl
I should be done this week.  
Trying to decide if I want to persist or switch to something else.  
I may switch          

We have a house guest for the next few days.  
A little girl dog who is trying to figure out these crazy boys of ours  
She is gradually settling in.  
She likes Bob. 
Buster won't let her get withing a foot of me.  

I did check out some online options at Ikea but, they didn't have what I was looking for and the style was a little too industrial for my taste. 
I also checked Overstock, and Wayfairer but, too hard to find all the parts. 
I think I'm going to be happy with the solution.  
More pictures to follow.

Hope you had a great weekend.  
Keep on Stitching 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dreaming of a Closet Organizer

I have decided I need organizational help.
I don't really want to purge my sewing room.
I am sure once I start the process, I will purge.  
I want to revamp my closet.  
I have gone on to the Home Depot website and designed a ClosetMaid solution. 
The process has not been that simple and when it came to ordering the parts, the website said there weren't enough parts and then there was a significant difference in the cost of the shopping list and the list when you selecting to add it to my cart  

I think I will just go to the store and see what I can work out with them.  
I printed up the plan with the list of parts so hopefully somewhere there can help me.  
But, here is what I want and let me tell you, this is not an inexpensive proposition.  
I think I will be happy with the results.  
Picked up Autumn at Hawk Run and been working on it some more.  
The floss doesn't exactly match the picture of the pattern.  
There are a few changes I wish I had made prior to where I am now. 
I am going to make changes as needed.  
The pig is one of them.  
The pattern floss key for the pigs body really didn't seem enough of a contrast from the outline of the pig, so I changed it and am very happy with the result.  

My car is getting fixed which I'm kind of surprised about.  
The estimate so far on the damage is $12,200.
I am very happy it is getting fixed.
I looked on line for similar vehicles.  
To get what I have, the mileage would be about 20,000 more miles and  $2000 more than what I paid for my car. 
I must have gotten a good deal when I bought it.  
I should have it back by the end of the month.  
In the meantime, I have a loaner, an Impala.  
I feel like I'm sitting on the road.  

Just been busy trying to re-organize spaces.

Hope you have had a good weekend.  
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Day Late and Ninety Nine Cents Short!

Here is the lucky penny I found at the end of the day yesterday 
Why didn't I find it at the beginning of the day?!

Picture of my car the day I got it.  
I really love this car.  
When the weather was below zero, I could start it remotely with my cell phone.  
It was a good car.  
My car at about 8:45 yesterday morning.  
To the right in the picture is a swamp.
The white blob under the passenger side mirror way back is the dead deer. 
I smacked the bugger going about 57 miles an hour.  
Pretty much hit it head one slightly to the passenger side.  
Couldn't open the passenger door all the way,  
Arttie and I were on our way to Green Bay to shop and have lunch with our daughters.  
Today was Ed and Katy's 25th birthday, so I was meeting her for that.  
We were only about ten minutes from home  
Fortunately, no one was hurt.  
The airbags didn't deploy which is disconcerting but, probably a blessing.  
I think we would have been hurt more.  
I have a bruise where the seat belt was.  
Had to call the insurance company for roadside assistance and got the ball rolling.  
Bob and Ed came to get us.  
There must have been at least five drivers stop to make sure we were okay.  
We got back home about 9:45, got into Arttie's car and went anyway.  
The husbands told us to.  
We met the girls at the Stitching Bee.  
Picked this up but also had a bag waiting for me.  
Got the threat and patterns for the Farmhouse Christmas series from Little House Needleworks. 
I want to do it on 32 count linen, just waiting for that to get in.  
Had Kendra order this for me when it was re-released  
Everyone is doing it on the Prairie Schooler FB page.  
Brenda Gervais pattern Bluebird out My Window.  
It was stitched up on the wall and so cute.  
I think it might just fit in a 5x7 frame.  
Been working on fifth part of Autumn at Hawk Run.  
I will for sure finish that part and may then move on to something else for awhile.  

I'm hoping to find out the fate of the Equinox tomorrow.  
If its repairable or totaled. 
The radiator is pretty far in there now and there maybe frame damage...who knows.  
It could have been a lot worse!
When it was all said and done, if you could ignore the wreck, we had a good day and we weren't hurt.

Hope your weekend was not catastrophic!
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finished! Prairie Schooler Winter Sampler

Finished and finished my Prairie Schooler  Winter Sampler.  
I am so happy with them. 
It is still very much winter here.
School was cancelled Monday because of snow and ice.
Two hour delay on Friday because of snow.
And about three inches last night but, 40 mph winds that blew everything around.  
It is suppose to warm up this week so just made it with my winter samplers.  
I really think these are some of the most unique Prairie Schooler pieces.  
No doubt, the deer, the sayings and the sun and moon are Prairie Schooler.  
My frames that are interchangeable with other PS Samplers.  
My husband is always amazed when the seasons and months change around the house.  
Some of my favorite photo subjects:  
And Henry Ford.  
Just was a usual weekend getting stuff done around the house and running errands.  
Been working on Autumn at Hawk Run.
I can only do a section at a time and then on to something else.  

Hope you had a great week and have a wonderful week.  
Thanks for stopping.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Vacation is Over

Haven't posted since I've been on vacation. 
We went to Florida to see my sister in Palmetto and had a great time.  
We did a lot of visiting and touring some pretty interested things.
We went to The Ringling in Sarasota.  
Did not expect what we was incredible.
We got a late start and really regretted it. 
We started in the Circus Museum where the model of the Howard Bros Circus it.  
This display has to be nearly a city block and is the beginning  when the circus entered a town to the end when the train was loaded again ready to move to the next city.  
It was an amazing thing to see. 
Under the big top 
The Midway
Some of the elephants.  
We got the full tour of the Ringling's winter home Ca' d'Zan
The grounds were absolutely gorgeous.  
Facade facing the Bay and Long Boat Key.
Where the Ringling's  parked their yacht.   
View of all the house elevations
Their train car and the decorative work above a window.  
Very William Morris style carpeting in the car
We ran out of time and steam and didn't make it to the art museum on the grounds.
We had an excellent lunch there.  

The view from the restaurant on Anna Marie Island.
We had wonderful weather the whole time, in the low 80's.  
The beaches were beautiful!
We also went to Historic Spanish Pointe on Little Sarasota Bay, Osprey Florida.   
Initially owned by the Webb Family who shipped produce, it was bought by Mrs. Bertha Palmer from Chicago (Palmer House) for a winter residence.  
The Sunken Garden
Sunken Garden and the Bay 

More flowers
Guptill House
We were able to take pictures in the Guptill House.  
Some interesting needlework

The quilts were beautiful.  

We also visited Gamble Mansion which is the only standing Antebellum mansion in Florida.  
The original owner Robert Gamble really had bad luck and failed to really make a success out of the plantation, bad growing seasons, hurricanes, and a drop in the sugar market, he abandoned it and returned to his home in north Florida to run the family plantation.  
The house sat deserted until the 1920's and slowly been restored.  
The project I worked on while on vacation The Scarlet House Find Comfort.  
I used Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe thread instead of the Classic Colorworks.  
They weren't as harsh.  
I left it with my sister as a little hospitality gift.  
Heading into the home stretch with the third Prairie Schooler Winter Sampler.  
Working on the snow behind the deer.  
We got back home on Tuesday evening.  
I had taken the rest of the week off to recover and get settle back home.  
There is always so much to do.  

I won't be able to take a vacation this summer since one of my co-workers will be on maternity leave.  It is also Bob's busy time of the year.  

Hope you a good couple of weeks.  
Thanks for stopping.  

Keep on Stitching

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winter Sampler Number Two

I finished my second Prairie Schooler Winter Sampler.
The faces on the sun and the moon show up better in the photo
I love this one!
I started on the third one and it appears to be going smoothly.  
These aren't really the typical Prairie Schooler, if you ask me.  
There are really cool and I'm glad they re-released them.  
I have heard that Hoffman is re-releasing Christmas Village.  
I am super excited about that and will be on my list to get.  

Last weekend Arttie and I took a short road trip to Joann Fabrics in Escanaba.  
Found this gorgeous fabric that will make great backing for pinkeeps and other little projects.  
I got a half yard of each and will come in handy, I sure!
I haven't watched the Super Bowl but, did tuned in just in time to see the half time show.  
I thought it was pretty good show compared to some in the past.  
No wardrobe malfunctions either!

Hope you had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week.  
Thanks for stopping!
Keep on Stitching!