Sunday, September 18, 2016

Man Baking

My husband Bob is an Eagle Scout.  
For years he has been telling us how he can make all kinds of delectable delights with a cast iron dutch over.  
He is putting his money where his mouth is and ordered a dutch oven but, it is special.
To do this on a camp fire, the lid has to have about a one inch lip around the edge and be flat to put hot coals on top.  
Tonight he is making us Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  
 Adding the brown sugar to the melted butter.
 Cherries...just like mom use to make.  
 Mix up the cake batter and pour
 The coals on top with the flash.  
 Without the flash.  
Now just waiting 30 minutes until it is done.  
While we are waiting I will show my latest stitching.  
My friend Arttie is an excellent quilter, makes the samples for designers and magazines.  
She is planning on having a craft show at her house.  
Katy is making knitted things
Arttie's mom makes and machine embroiders fleece throws.
I thought I would whip up some pinkeeps from Prairie Schooler smalls like I did with the Hedgehog
Whatever I have done by this weekend will get stitched up as pinkeeps and hopefully will sell like hotcakes.  
If not guess what people are getting for Christmas.

 To get them to be the size I want, I stitched on 28 ct over one thread

Decided not to wait.  
 The final product and it smells great!

 It was a fun and busy weekend.  
Have a wonderful week.  
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop

On our trip home from Houghton Lake a few weeks ago we made a side stop in Grayling, MI.  
I have cross stitch as a passion and one of my husband Bob's passion is fly fishing.  
We made a stop at one of his favorite places, The Old Au Sable Fly Shop
He has a few shirts with this on it.  
The shop is on the Au Sable River. 
He filled my ears with all kinds of facts.  
I can't remember all of it but, the river had to be re-built for trout.
Logging had all but destroyed the habitate.  
By cutting all the trees down, the water temperature gets too warm for trout.  
Trees were planted, and things were done to make the river more hospitable to trout. 
Trout were replanted to and now it is one of the premier trout streams in Michigan.  
It is really beautiful there.  

I was partial to the trout fish carvings on the outside of the building.  
 I should have taken a picture of the whole shop.
It is very nice and full of some pretty wonderful fly fishing gear.  
Just saying, if you are interested and in the neighborhood, it is well worth the stop. 
I'm sure the trout angler could spend hours in there.  

We took a drive around downtown Grayling looking for coffee other than fast food or gas station.  
Took a couple of shots of the area and it is very cute.  

 Found what we were looking for at Thanks a Latte.
Great latte and charming place.  
Bob in the picture waiting for his Americano.  
 Back on our side of the Bridge, I think this maybe west of Manistique is this white bluff.  
Of course Bob knew what it was since he is a genuine Yooper.
It is sand that is used to make glass.  
Barges come right to it and load the sand for glass makers.  
Never knew that. 
 My favorite thing about going places is the side trips.  
Finished Honey Bee Hill.  
This was a great stitch and quick.  
I've been doing some knitting at the same time as working on this.  
I have a paper mache box I'm going to put it on.
I just have to decide what color to paint it before I put this on it.  
I was thinking either a light green or peach and then Briwax it.  
I may have to experiment before I decide.  

Hope you have had a great weekend.  
Have an awesome week. 
Keep on Stitching. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Project Day Finishes, Well Sort Of

Have been working on trying to wrap up some projects.  
I have turned the heel on a sock.  
I want to finish that pair because I got some self stripping yarn this weekend.  
Katy and I took a little road trip to Sturgeon Bay and The Spin.  
The Spin is a yarn store in an old bank building and she has some pretty amazing yarn.  
I picked up some skeins for Christmas presents.  
We had lunch and bummed around downtown.  
I really like Sturgeon Bay, kind of nautical.  

Then I have several projects that needed to be framed.  
I got them mounted and laced up the backs.  
The Summer Sampler from Prairie Schooler must have shifted in the process.  
Oh well, I do get things a little cattywampus. 
Next to it is Four Seasons Sampler 

Cinnamon Stars and Tarot Cards
Abigail Adams and La-D-Da from the Winter Edition of Prim Stitching and Punchneedle. 
Pineberry Lane I Bring Thee Joy and PS January
I finished my second little hedgehog from Prairie Schooler as a pin keep with walnut shells.  
I need something next to my chair.  
My lates on Honey Bee Hill.  
Buster has found a secret spot between the couch and an end table where Henry can't get at him.  
Don't know exactly when he decided to do this but, it works.  
It was a very productive weekend .  
Now I just have to straighten out the sewing room.  
It is sort of a disaster.  

Have a wonderful week. 
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Bridge, Baskets and Honey Bee Hill

Last weekend we went to visit some friends at Houghton Lake. 
To get there, we had to go over the Mackinac Bridge.  
I'm not overly fond of going over bridges and this one is a doozy!
Fortunately, my husband has no problem driving over it. 
I would be a hesistant drive....speaking of that, did you know that if you are a hesistant driver, there are people who will drive you vehicle over the bridge?
Way cool.  
Before we went over the bridge, we stopped at the viewing area.  
A bell that use to hang on the bridge to sound when there was fog.  
Now it is automated.  
Statue to commemorate the workers.
My grandfather operated a crane during the building of the bridge.  
It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect.

Just some pictures of the bridge as we were going over it.
I tried to take pictures of the water below but, you really don't get the full idea just how high up you are.
It is pretty amazing,  

Fort Michilimackinac on the down side of the bridge.
That fort is really cool.  
We took the kids there many years ago when they were about seven.
They do a lot of re-enactment geared to kids.  
They do a wedding in the chapel.  
When we were there, Ed didn't want to go into one of the building so we sat in on a bench next to the door and told him not to move.  
Being seven, he didn't listen and we couldn't find him.
We retraced our steps and still couldn't find him.
Finally, Katy yelled out, "Look, Mom, there he is, dancing with the bride."
Yep, he was dancing with the bride at the wedding.
He didn't listen so good but, was having a great time.  

Saturday wasn't as nice a weather day, it was rainy and yucky.  
We went to all the local junque and antique stores.  
I found some nice small Longerberger baskets and a small hand hewned trencher.
Also stopped at and arts and crafts store and found some yarn.  
Cleaned everything up.  
The little round basket in the back had flowers in it.  
It is too nice of a basket to throw out.  
They will make great display for smalls. 
My progress on Honeybee Hill.  
This is a great little stitch.  

That about wraps it up.  
Really looking forward to a three day weekend.  
Katy and I are taking a day trip to Sturgeon Bay and the yarn store The Spin.  
Hope you have a great weekend. 
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slowly Getting Back To Normal

Things are slowly getting back to normal.  
The funeral went well.  Nobody argued and the Priest did a great job.  
I was on vacation last week so I was able to get my part of the Thank You cards done.
I had meetings to start working on the financial end of things.  

Katy, Arttie and I took a road trip to the Stitching Bee last Saturday.  
We had that planned for at least a month.  
Here is what I picked up:  
Don't know why the picture has a blue tinge to it.  
I think these Little House ABC Samplers are very cute.  
 With Thy Needle and Thread/Brenda Gervais
In Santa Claus Land and Autumn Sampler of the Season.  
I have Spring and Summer.  
I think when I do these, I'm going to do them smaller.  
I saw them stitched up in the pattern size and didn't like them so big.  
and Jolly Happy Soul.  
 Some of the floss that I don't have to do some of these projects.  
 We did just got back today form visiting friends in Houghton Lake, MI this weekend.  
Another trip that had been in the planning for a while.  
I will have pictures to post in a few days.  

I am working on Black Bird Design Honey Bee Hill.
I don't think I'm ready to start fall projects.  
I should so they are done in time but, nope, not ready. 
I started it on the count on the pattern but, it was turning out too big for the box I plan to mount it on, so I went to a small count fabric.  
While in the car traveling I ripped out what I had already done on the 30 ct.  
I hate to waste fabric and just throw it out.   
I have also been working on framing and finishing projects.  
Need to take pictures of those.  

Have a good week.  
Like I started things are getting back to the new normal.  
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, August 11, 2016

They Are Together Again

My Mom passed away Tuesday.  
It has been a rough year and an even rougher month for her.  
She is with my Dad again.  
As Katy, my daughter said,  "Now, she's grandma again."

Hugs to everyone who has lost a parent.  

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Don't Explain Too Much To Crazy, It Doesn't End Well.

My blog title tells it all.  
If you have been following my saga with my mom, it is one day to the next.  
Sometimes you just don't know what to do with siblings.  
Mom is in a skilled nursing facility and that is the best place for her.  
She did not have a good day today.  
They had to use nitro tabs for chest pain.  
I had the care plan meeting today and I stopped to see her and she was sleeping.  
I tried to wake her a little, but she was sound asleep and looked terrible.  
I emailed my sisters.
I have one who works for as a volunteer coordinator for hospice in a much bigger city and her response is to consider hospice.
Maybe I am ignorant but, I really don't know that any ole hospice can come to a skilled nursing facility and start doing their hospice least not according to Medicare.  
I can't quite my job and bring her here for hospice and believe me the SNF is doing an excellent job.  
I wanted to respond alot more than I did, I listened to my son and responded, 
"She is staying where she is unless you want to deal with it. "

Hence another quote from Ed, "Don't Explain too much to crazy, it doesn't end well."

So onto other things.
I saw this outside a store on my college girls weekend.  
I thought this was the coolest idea, concrete blocks
 Been working on Prairie Schooler Summer Breeze.  
It seems like it taking a long time.  
Been kind of tired lately, (wonder why).  
I met my new doctor today.  My old one retired.  
She is adjusting my thyroid medication.
Hope it works. 

Have you seen on of the latest Brenda Gervais pattern?  HERE
I just adore I Rest Thy Needle.  
That box is just so going to happen!

Have a great week and thanks for letting me vent!
Keep on Stitching