Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Next Rainy Saturday.....Or Maybe More Likely the Next Hot Saturday

We live in an area where there isn't much retail especially since JCP closed.
This time of the year, Bob wants to bird hunt with Henry Ford.  
It is a short season and the fishing season wasn't very good because of all the rain, the streams were too high.  
Bob needed a new pair of shoes to wear to work and a little nicer for casual wear.  
He said, "The next rainy Saturday, let's go to Green Bay and shoe shop."  
My response was, "Or the next hot Saturday since you can't hunt the dog when it is too hot."
Yesterday, it was 90 it is only 87.  
We went shopping!  

Katy came too, and we planned a little side trip before the Bee at a Bakery I saw on FB.  
It is called Uncle Mike's Bakery Shoppe and let me tell you it is a wonderland!
We picked up a few cookies...chocolate chip for me because that is my measure of bakery.  
We also got some sugar cookies to bring to a little girl we know who just had surgery to correct tight Achilles tendon's 
Katy picked out six GF cupcakes and muffins and got one free because she was so excited.  
And....a Pecan Sea Salt Caramel Kringle voted the best in the Country.
Let me tell you it IS the best in the Country.  
You can mail order them.  
We got half a kringle and it was the size of a dinner plate.   
Went to Joann's because I needed some Mylar to finish the Acorn House Drum.
Not likely going to happen today but, maybe next weekend.
I wanted to get some floral rings to put around candles for fall (if we ever get it).
Looks nice on my Magnolia candle holder.  
The checker at Joann's was very excited about it.
Finally, I am working on the second Prairie Schooler Autumn Sampler.  
I have had the hardest time keeping the pattern oriented the right way.  
I don't know what is wrong with me but, I did an oak leaf that was suppose to be under the birch leaf where the maple leaf is now.  
A whole days work had to be ripped out.  :(
Think I have it right now.   
Suppose to start cooling off tomorrow, storms and a high of 72.
This heat is just too much.
I would like a few weeks where I didn't have the windows closed because of AC and then go right o having to have the heat on.  

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  
Are there any new TV shows you are waiting for?
I'm ready to Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  

Keep on Stitching.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pre-op for the Gary Bear

Henry Ford has a favorite toy:  Gary the Green Bear.  
He got it last Christmas and it is first toy he hasn't destroyed in ten minutes but,.....
He has had multiple surgerys usually, plastics.
Pre-op is on top of the refridgerator so he can dry slobber not alcohol.  
He should be dry and I can sew up the hole.  
It is a Kong Knots toy, awesome for the dog who tears everything up. 
It has a nylon strap skeleton so, the appendages can't be torn off.  
His ears are beat up and the face gets the brunt of the abuse.  
Finished Spooky Tree from Homespun Elegance.  
Just started it a week ago and it was fast and fun!
Needless to say it turns out super cute.  
Was going to work on Acorn House but, I need a bigger piece of mylar or something similar.
I'll get to it next weekend, maybe.  
I'm going to start the second Prairie Schooler Autumn band sampler started after I finish here.  

Lots of things going on around here this weekend.
We have had that devilish virus going around the house.
It started with Ed, then me, now Bob.
Thank heaven for Sudafed and Mucinex.  

The weather has been warm all week.
Could have possibly been the best week of the summer.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  
Series finally of The Strain, going to miss that show.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Monday, September 11, 2017

Acorn House

I finished the stitching part of Acorn House from Heartstring Samplery.
This is such a cute design and a very quick stitch.  
I downloaded the instructions to finish it in a pin drum of her blog.  
The side stitches line up to create a row of acorns.  
Close up of the house.  
I love the squirrel sitting on the "S".  
This is the top of the drum. 
The bottom has a coordinating fabric that came with the kit.  
There is also some overdyed mini pompom to stitch around the top.  
I was going to post yesterday but, got all wrapped up in laundry, making an apple crisp and watching hurricane coverage.  
My sister lives in Florida so there was an extra concern.  

Sandra Sullivan from Homespun Elegance has offered an amazing kit through her Etsy store.  
Spooky Tree came with the pattern, frame and brass charms.  
You need to provide the fabric and dmc thread.  
I'm starting that tonight.  
I got the fabric and floss ready yesterday while watching hurricane coverage.  

I guess that sums it up. 
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fabric at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

Just saw that Nancy has a fantastic giveaway at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Check it out at:  Fabric at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe .

See you soon. Keep on Stitching

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Stash Struggle is Real

I was at the yarn store buying some yarn to go with the laceweight I got for a stole but, decided I didn't want to do something so fine and I want it warmer.  
I got another yarn to knit with it so now it is more of a fingering weight and will be more substantial.
Anyway, I saw this and knew it was meant to come home with me.  
I ordered more linen today just to have on hand if the world goes to hell in a hand
There is way too much crazy stuff happening out there!
I finished my Christmas stitching this week but, I can't show it.  
I did get started yesterday on the Acorn House Pin Drum.
I got this as part of the Prim Stitching Group and I really love this pattern.
A few members of the group have them done already....speed demons!
I think this has to be one of my favorites this year!
I am hoping this video turns out and will play.  
We have had a regular hummingbird visiting our pots.  
I think he is getting ready to migrate. 
I expect we won't be seeing him for much longer.

I had last week off and we did get a lot cleaned out.  
Besides the nine bags of books, we donated 4 bags of clothing and I have a little bag of eye glasses I will drop off at the eye doctor's when I pick up my glasses.  
We probably could have gotten rid of more but, ran out of time and energy.  
Hope you had a great Labor day weekend!
I really had a good week.

Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Brick and Mortar....Why I Love Them

While Arttie and I were on our last road trip, we started talking about brick and mortar stores.  
We were on our way to the Stitching Bee along with other stops.  
She had done some yarn shopping at the local yarn store the day before.  
We have a mutual friend who took a class there and brought yarn she had not gotten from the shop.  
The owner called her on it and ever since then, she avoids going there at all costs. 
Most shop owners offer classes very inexpensively to encourage you to shop their store. 
I get that.
You need to support your local shops otherwise they can't make it.  
I want the shop experience.  
It is part of why I stitch and knit.
I destination shop too.  
I love the different personality of each shop.  
When I go to my local yarn shop, its like walking into home.
It always smells good, you are greeted like a long lost family member, there's comfy chairs, nice music, chocolate on the table and then the yarn experience.  
I love to page through the books and feel the yarn.  
I do order on line mostly to get things I can't get easily:  large pieces of fabric or floss that I can't get at the Bee.  
It isn't just about making the project, its about the whole experience of seeing things I haven't seen before and fall in love with.  

Speaking of fall.  
I finished the first Autumn Sampler from Prairie Schooler
I have been lax about stitching my initials into completed pieces.  
I decided, I really need to start doing that again.  
I think I will work on some Christmas presents for a little while but, will start another postable project.  

I'm on stay-cation this week supervising the Purgathon.
With both kids back home for a while, it is time to purge old clothes, toys and books.
We started books last week and I took nine grocery bags full of books to St. Vinny's and the local hospital for the book cart.
One bag of obsolete books and two bags of magazines went to the local sheltered work shop for recycling.  
We have lots more to do!

Finally, since yesterday was National Dog Day, here are some of my favorite snoozey dogs.  
Henry went for a walk in the woods on Saturday and got nailed by burrs.  
So he looks particularly scruffy.  
I think Buster is getting too old for Henry's shenanigans.
I think he's nine and it is getting to be too much for him.  
He is starting to spend more time hiding under beds that Henry can't reach.  
Tomorrow is doctor appointments, dentist, eye doctor and consult with the cardiologist for the heart palpitations.  

Have a great week!
I am going to get some stitching done this week.  
I just have to bulldog the kids around.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Need To Be An Octopus

I decided I need to be an octopus.
I could probably get all kinds of projects done if I had four sets of hands.
I went to the Stitching Bee this weekend and got part 1 and 2 of the Summer Schoolhouse Lessons in Abecerdarian and some fabric for it.  
She hadn't gotten the Mushroom Laguana in yet so I picked out another neutral color in 28 count and am just going to go for it.  
This was on the stack of patterns that had just come in.
The designer is Brenda Keyes, The Sampler Company you can click on that as a link.
I was not familar with her and fell in love with this pattern:  The Plymouth Sampler.  
Kendra always fall in love with patterns....I do.  
Picked another Loose Feathers Series pattern from Blackbird design.  
I would like to do these and then display them together.  
Not enough time, lol
I got my NASA approved eclipse viewers Friday, just in time but.....
It is suppose to rain tomorrow so I think that was money down the tubes.
There is another total eclipse for 2024 just don't know where so hand on to those viewers!

I'm thinking I like the nasal pillow mask rather than the nasal mask.  
I don't feel like I'm getting enough air and its uncomfortable.  
I will take that one back. 

I had a great weekend!
Hope you did too!!
Keep Stitching