Monday, October 16, 2017

Finished the Autumn Band Sampler

I was hoping to post yesterday but, I was having issues with Google Photo and my phone.
Since I downloaded the new Apple IOS 11, it has been working like crap!
I don't like the texting, the return button is too close to the space and what happened to the forward and back arrows?
It is also sucking my battery dry, I have to recharge at least daily. 
I use to charge it every two to three days.  
I think they do this so you need to get a new phone.  
And what's up with that?
An IPhone 7 is still $600......WOW!!!

I digress.
The picture is a little crooked but, its done!
I love this one so much, I decided to start the third one in the series, Thanksgiving Band Sampler.  
I have the frames that I plan on using interchangeably with other Prairie Schooler Samplers.
I really think that Prairie Schooler were some of the best designs.  
It is too bad she isn't designing other than the annual Santa's.  

Hope your week has started well!
Keep on Stitching 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why Do Things Have to be So Complicated or Do I Have a Story

Just when you think things are going okay, the gods just kick you in the butt.
I blogged about Katy's move to the big city.
She started her new job on October 2 and things were going just fine.
She got home from work on Wednesday and was home for about a half hour when she heard a commotion coming from the neighbors.
She looked out her back door and saw her car go peeling out of the parking lot.  

She called the police and they started the process but, she had to go to the station.
She called home in tears.  Nothing worse than having your kid call home in tears with the news her car had been stolen.  I called my sister and asked if she could take her to the police station and thankfully she did.  Katy filed a report.  Her car wasn't worth much because it was fifteen years old but, it still worked pretty good and had gotten a clean bill of health from the mechanic before she left.  We only had it insured for liability since it was so old.  

Bob started looking at used cars that night.  I went to stitching what else could I do and it was most therapeutic.  By the time I did get home I was angry with the a--hole who stole it.  I hope for karma!
When I woke up in the morning I told Bob we are thinking about this the wrong way.  Instead of getting her a used car that who knows what is up, we should give her my 2010 Escape and I should get a new car.   I spent all Thursday researching and test driving cars.  The money we would have used for a used car I used on a down payment on a 2016 Equinox that was a fleet car.   I really like the car but, I really didn't want to buy a new car just yet.  Oh well.  
On Friday, Bob got a call from a guy in a lousy neighborhood saying our car was behind his building.
Bob told him to call the police because it was reported stolen.  Who knows what this guy was going to shake us down for.  When Bob asked what kind of shape it was in, the guy said, "Oh its not that bad.  The doors are open and they were smoking pot in it."  When Katy called us at 6:30, after she talked to the police the police had a different story.  The car was totaled.  It had been crashed through two fences and into another car.  Today, I sent a notarized letter signed by both Bob and I and the title to the city tow lot relinquishing it to the city.  I don't want to see it.  It had been my car before the Escape.  

We brought the Escape to her this past weekend along with The Club to further secure her car.  I got one too for when we go to see her.  It isn't a bad neighborhood she is living in.  Apparently, juveniles are stealing cars all over the city and surrounding area.  Even the very best neighborhoods are not immune.  

Then my cable provider has moved Turner Classic Movies to a higher tier.  I am so over cable TV and cellular providers.  They are the new pirates.  I think cable and internet should be considered utilities now.  We live in an area where digital antennas won't work.  You have to have at least a 30 foot antenna and guess what...its against the city ordinance.  We are screwed!
I can live stream TCM from laptop to the TV with a HDMI burps once and a while but, I can get my old movie fix.  

Why do things have to be so flippin complicated....don't get me started on health insurance!  

Deep cleansing breath
Latest progress on Autumn Sampler.  
I hope I don't forget the leaves in the bottom corner before I frame it.  
I have been know to miss borders.  LOL
I am really hoping for a calm weekend and get my house back in order.  It still looks like a hurricane when through it.  I was going to get things back in order but, had to car shop instead. 

Hope your week is going well.  

Keep on stitching!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Busy, busy, busy

It has been very busy around here.  
The end of the week it was getting Katy ready for her move and looking for apartments on line.
That is a really hard thing to do. 
She and Bob left Friday morning and looked at places that afternoon.  
She settled on a small studio apartment.
I think you have to walk outside to be able to change your mind.
I will know more after next weekend when I go and check things out and bring the next load.

I made soup last night from The Taste of Home Soup book I picked up last weekend.  
I made the Bean and Squash soup.  
It really tastes better than my picture looks.  
It has butternut squash, onion, red pepper, corn, beans and Italian Sausage.  
So while everyone was gone and the dogs were hanging I had to take pictures.  
Buster spent much of his time looking out the window waiting for someone to come home. 
Buster and what we call his Build a Bear nose.  
I have been working when I can on my Autumn Sampler.  
I have been really busy.  
I had to see a post op patient Saturday and Sunday.  
Someone had given me too HUGE zucchini's.   
I made bread.....six loaves of zucchini bread.  
I sent one to my aunt along with some soup and got back a bag of cherry tomatoes and a homemade apple pie......SCORE!!!!
Hope you have had a great weekend.  

Keep on Stitching

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Business First

Trying to increase my chances of winning the new Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Sleepy Hollow II collection.  Here is the link to try and win some too.  Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe giveaway

I saw Halloween at Hawk Run and had to have it...don't know when I'm going to get to it but, love it.  
I think my favorite square is the one left of the main panel.
Its a sinking ship, mermaid and says "We are afraid"
I have made progress on Autumn Sampler.  
I can't wait to start along the side.  
I first saw this on Edgar's blog, Blacksheeps bit of the Web a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it.....I always fall in love with things!
These periodically surface on Ebay.
The last time I looked one went for $70, I got my for far less and am thrilled.  
It is an old pattern and I don't know why I like it so much but, I do.  
Now to the really big news!
My daughter finally got a job that she went to college for.  
She is going to be a Research Technologist  in a Medical School Lab.
It is happening very fast.  
She got the job offer yesterday and starts on Monday. 
She and Bob and headed there to look at a few apartments so please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that they find something quick.
My sister doesn't live too far but, Katy is ready to start adulting.  
Link to Katy's blog The Covert Knitter to keep up with her.  

So much happening, I'm dizzy!
Hope you are having a great week!!
Keep on Stitching.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Next Rainy Saturday.....Or Maybe More Likely the Next Hot Saturday

We live in an area where there isn't much retail especially since JCP closed.
This time of the year, Bob wants to bird hunt with Henry Ford.  
It is a short season and the fishing season wasn't very good because of all the rain, the streams were too high.  
Bob needed a new pair of shoes to wear to work and a little nicer for casual wear.  
He said, "The next rainy Saturday, let's go to Green Bay and shoe shop."  
My response was, "Or the next hot Saturday since you can't hunt the dog when it is too hot."
Yesterday, it was 90 it is only 87.  
We went shopping!  

Katy came too, and we planned a little side trip before the Bee at a Bakery I saw on FB.  
It is called Uncle Mike's Bakery Shoppe and let me tell you it is a wonderland!
We picked up a few cookies...chocolate chip for me because that is my measure of bakery.  
We also got some sugar cookies to bring to a little girl we know who just had surgery to correct tight Achilles tendon's 
Katy picked out six GF cupcakes and muffins and got one free because she was so excited.  
And....a Pecan Sea Salt Caramel Kringle voted the best in the Country.
Let me tell you it IS the best in the Country.  
You can mail order them.  
We got half a kringle and it was the size of a dinner plate.   
Went to Joann's because I needed some Mylar to finish the Acorn House Drum.
Not likely going to happen today but, maybe next weekend.
I wanted to get some floral rings to put around candles for fall (if we ever get it).
Looks nice on my Magnolia candle holder.  
The checker at Joann's was very excited about it.
Finally, I am working on the second Prairie Schooler Autumn Sampler.  
I have had the hardest time keeping the pattern oriented the right way.  
I don't know what is wrong with me but, I did an oak leaf that was suppose to be under the birch leaf where the maple leaf is now.  
A whole days work had to be ripped out.  :(
Think I have it right now.   
Suppose to start cooling off tomorrow, storms and a high of 72.
This heat is just too much.
I would like a few weeks where I didn't have the windows closed because of AC and then go right o having to have the heat on.  

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  
Are there any new TV shows you are waiting for?
I'm ready to Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  

Keep on Stitching.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pre-op for the Gary Bear

Henry Ford has a favorite toy:  Gary the Green Bear.  
He got it last Christmas and it is first toy he hasn't destroyed in ten minutes but,.....
He has had multiple surgerys usually, plastics.
Pre-op is on top of the refridgerator so he can dry slobber not alcohol.  
He should be dry and I can sew up the hole.  
It is a Kong Knots toy, awesome for the dog who tears everything up. 
It has a nylon strap skeleton so, the appendages can't be torn off.  
His ears are beat up and the face gets the brunt of the abuse.  
Finished Spooky Tree from Homespun Elegance.  
Just started it a week ago and it was fast and fun!
Needless to say it turns out super cute.  
Was going to work on Acorn House but, I need a bigger piece of mylar or something similar.
I'll get to it next weekend, maybe.  
I'm going to start the second Prairie Schooler Autumn band sampler started after I finish here.  

Lots of things going on around here this weekend.
We have had that devilish virus going around the house.
It started with Ed, then me, now Bob.
Thank heaven for Sudafed and Mucinex.  

The weather has been warm all week.
Could have possibly been the best week of the summer.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  
Series finally of The Strain, going to miss that show.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Monday, September 11, 2017

Acorn House

I finished the stitching part of Acorn House from Heartstring Samplery.
This is such a cute design and a very quick stitch.  
I downloaded the instructions to finish it in a pin drum of her blog.  
The side stitches line up to create a row of acorns.  
Close up of the house.  
I love the squirrel sitting on the "S".  
This is the top of the drum. 
The bottom has a coordinating fabric that came with the kit.  
There is also some overdyed mini pompom to stitch around the top.  
I was going to post yesterday but, got all wrapped up in laundry, making an apple crisp and watching hurricane coverage.  
My sister lives in Florida so there was an extra concern.  

Sandra Sullivan from Homespun Elegance has offered an amazing kit through her Etsy store.  
Spooky Tree came with the pattern, frame and brass charms.  
You need to provide the fabric and dmc thread.  
I'm starting that tonight.  
I got the fabric and floss ready yesterday while watching hurricane coverage.  

I guess that sums it up. 
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching