Thursday, April 20, 2017

Road Trip

Wednesday, Katy and I had to go to Milwaukee for her doctor's appointment......ROAD TRIP!
The appointment never lasts long.  
Since we are in a "big city-Milwaukee,"  there is lots more shopping options.  
First leg of the trip was Niagara, WI where we were stopped for road construction.
There was a paper mill there and a dam to harness the hydraulic power.
There has been a lot of rain and really upstream snow melt yet.
The gates on the dam were open and we could see it while we waited to go through the contruction zone.  
Please excuse the traffic but, I thought the water rush was pretty cool.  

After Katy's appointment, we head to Bay Shore for shopping (after lunch at Panera).
She likes to go to H&M for the latest and then we head to Trader Joe's to stock up.  
Bayshore is huge and spread out and we have about a 3 hour 40 minute ride home.  

The last time we were at the Stitching Bee, we talked about yarn stores.
Kendra had said she had been at a really nice yarn store in Bayside.
In reality it was in Fox Point, a suburb, where it just so happens I grew up.  
 When she showed me on line, I knew exactly where it was.  
We saved up some time and went to the Kneedle Knook.
It is an awesome yarn store!
They had an amazing assortment of yarn!
The staff was wonderful!
The lady who checked us out is actually from the UP....Iron River!
It really is a small world.
A couple of people in the back room knitting....including a sweet old guy!

Of course we walked out with a few bags of yarn.
I got two skeins of self stripping sock yarn and some gorgeous mohair with a free scarf pattern.
Waiting for me when I got home were the last two patterns from the Nashville Market.  
It was amazing!
I had just been thinking I needed to call Kendra and tell her to mail them to me on the trip down. 
OMG to I love this one with the Chinese proverb...
"God finds a low branch for the bird that cannot fly"
One of the new BBD, this is the first in a 9 part series.

There really were some great new patterns at market this year!

Now I have to stop with the projects...after the thread and fabric come in...LOL
Hope your week is going well. 
In the home stretch for the weekend. 
I am hoping to work on finishing some projects along with all the weekend chores. 
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Latest Stash

Ed and I went to Green Bay on Thursday. 
I wasn't so sure how my ankle was going to hold up but, I really didn't do all that much walking.  
He was on a mission to find a specific pair of Timberland boots so, we hit a bunch of shoe stores and didn't find them. 
We were in the Mall and checked Kohls and Macy's on-line.  
Macy's had them on-line, we called to see if they had them in the store but, they didn't.
After we got home, he ordered them from Macy's because they were on sale and he got another 25% off which was a huge savings.  
He still was a little disappointed he couldn't find them....I didn't think he would but, we had so much fun that day, talking, singing with the radio and lunch at Red Robin,...yummm!

I did get to stop at the Stitching Bee to see if some of the new patterns I ordered were in.
I needed some floss for projects.   
WTN&T Live Simply Sampler thread needs.  
Some of the new patterns from Market I had her order for me.  
I really try to support my local shop because I will really miss it when its gone.  
I just so love the Stacy Nash pinkeep.  The colors are soo pretty!
I didn't order this La-D-Da but, I just love the saying
"If all our troubles were hung on the line, you take yours and I take mine."

This Little House Needleworks floss in the kit were such gorgeous colors, it screamed for me to take it I did.  
Some fabric, two pieces I had cut for a project and two were just little remnants but, those do come in handy on occasion.  
The last pattern I had her order for me was the latest Scarlett House:  Martha Pudsey.
I have quite a collection of Adam and Eve samplers just waiting to be stitched.  
This also has some specialty stitches. 

Just cruisin' on Primrose Farm Sewing box, even though it doesn't look like it.  
The house is in Straw Bonnet and is nearly done, I think I have three rows left and then onto the roff.  I really like this piece and it will be really cute when it is completely finished.  
I figure it can then go on the table with my ort jar and scissors instead of a little basket I have.  

The ankle is getting better.  
It still grabs if I try to walk too fast but, I can move it better every day.  
I will have to start doing some strengthening this week.  

I also cleaned nose prints off the patio door and the front window from the boys. 
Hope you had a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Primrose Farm Sewing Basket

I have been on a roll...I started Stacy Nash's Primrose Farm Sewing Basket.
I had to order the oval paper mache box.
I looked at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's for them.  
I found a set at Joann's online.
I do have a while before I get to that point.
I think it will be a quick stitch.  
Finished the stitching on Springtime Messenger.  
I changed some of the colors because of the fabric I used for it.  
There wasn't enough contrast between Mountain Mist and Lexington Green on the bowl.  
I used Oatmeal instead and then used it for the lace work on the border.  
I have to sew buttons on but, will probably attach them after I sew on the fabric as a pinkeep.  
Time out for an absolutely adorable picture of how Buster was sleeping Saturday night.  
Both his front paws are under his chin.  
Working hard holding the pillow down on the couch.  
This was a super quick stitch:  Tisket, Tasket from Primitive Stitchin'
Changed some colors in this too but, they are some of the same colors I have used in the last two pieces so there is some cohesiveness.  
I think the rabbit is very handsome.  
I need to do some picture rearranging for spring.  
I noticed I still have some snowmen on the hall wall.  
March stuff needs to come down.  
The ankle is getting better by drips and drabs but, way not fast enough....😒
That about sums it up.  
Need to go and elevate and ice.  
Hooray for stitching!
Have a great week. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

My Poor Left Leg

I always seem to manage to injure my left leg.  
It was got me to a knee replacement fives years ago.
I did it again on Friday.
Katy had to be at work at 6:30 so, I texted her to see how the roads were.  
She said the roads were fine but, the driveway was a death trap." And she had gone down it sideways.  I figured I would salt before I finished getting ready for work.  
Everything started out fine and I was being super careful.  
Next thing I knew, I heard a crack, felt a snap and the next thing I knew I was on the ground.
I laid there for a minute thinking about what just happened and I was stupid.  
My left ankle had rolled and wondered how the hell was I going to get up.
I can't kneel on that left knee but, I managed to get up and hobble my way to the garage.
Bob opened the door, scolding me.
I told him to stop yelling at me, get me ice, the phone and my cane.  
After I iced it for a while, I figured I better go to the ED and get it xrayed to make sure nothing was broken.
Fortunately it wasn't broke.
Even more fortunate,I did break my arm...that would be devastation.
I iced and elevated all weekend and managed to go to work today.  
Lucky for me I work in the Rehab department and had some free treatment today and was done early. Tomorrow and Wednesday don't look too bad.
This is really going to take a while to recover from, it is really back and blue and huge.
I did get a lot of stitching done this weekend!

 I started WTNT Springtime messenger but had to change some of the colors since it didn't look good on the fabric or in the case of Mountain Mist and Lexington Green not enough contrast.
I also finished Spring Delivery.  I think this could go into a conventional ready made frame.  Yippee!!
That's about all the news from here.
I hope your weekend was uneventful and you had plenty of time stitching.
Have a great week!
Keep on stitching!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Really?! How Ridiculous

I decided to take a break from Autumn at Hawk Run even though I haven't been working on it that long.  
I started Spring Delivery from With Thy Needle and Thread.
He is a very handsome rabbit.  
I needed to do Spring or Easter pieces.  
This is extremely enjoyable.  
Speaking of With Thy Needle and Thread....I really wanted to get one of Ode to an Ort Basket.  
I missed out on one by one day.  
BUT.....How ridiculous is this.  
I wonder how many kits she actually made.  
Yep, personally I think it is ridiculous that it should be that limited.  
I really wanted the basket.
I saw that people were talking about wedding favors, I checked it out.  
I found a site that didn't charge an outrageous amount of shipping.  
I was worried I was going to have to order a ridiculous number of baskets.  
I didn't and it wasn't that expensive. 
I got six baskets for a total of $22.95 including shipping.  
I have plans for all six.  
 I think they are Totes Adorbs.
I heard the kits came with the pattern, fabric and finishing for $22
I am positive I can find something equally cute to put on the basket.  
BBD has lots of really cute motifs that will be awesome on it
 I really don't think it will be that difficult to finish the basket either.  
You can count on it that I will tell you how I finished the basket.  
So take that Brenda!
I do love your patterns but, come on get real....give us all a chance !!
 I had to see a cardiac electrophysiologist last week because I was having heart palpatations and had an irregular EKG.
No pain, no Shortness of breath so I wasn't worried.  
Everything was fine.  
Went again on Thursday with Bob and his mom.  She had to see the eye doctor for her macular degeneration.  
I had Bob drop me off at the Stitching Bee to hang out.  
There was a group stitching in the morning...usually there is one in the afternoon.
All the ladies in the morning are people I know from the retreat.  
It was great!
I got to catch up with everyone and had a blast.  
I had Kendra order me some new patterns from the Nashville Market.  

Today I also baked an Applesauce cake using Einkorn Flour.  Trying some of these ancient grains to see if Katy can eat them.  She actually did okay with the Emmer flour I used in bread.  
The cake is wonderful.  
She hasn't tried it yet. 
We will see.
Hope you have been having a wonderful weekend.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!

Monday, March 6, 2017

In Blogging Trouble

I finally got a gmail account because my kids have told me it is easier to manage pictures especially when blogging.  
Hope you can all follow this.
I while ago I did something and ended up having my daughter's gmail on my blog.  
Don't know how I did it.
Must have gotten button happy and pushed the wrong one.
Since, I now have my own gmail I figured I could take hers off and put mine on.  
Au contraire, mon frere.....
It just completely locked me out of my blog.  
I tried to fix it but, couldn't but was able to get recovery instructions from gmail and Katy was able to fix it this morning before she went to work.
Hooray for Katy!
Don't want to have to start a new blog....I just don't think I could come up with a title as much as I like the one I have.  

Getting the itch to do some Spring pieces. 
Went digging through the stash and found some that look awfully fun!
Was at the Stitching Bee this weekend and picked up the floss I needed, that I was missing.  
 The Primitive Stitcher Tisket Tasket is done in dmc but, I may decide to convert it to over dye floss.  
Will decide once I pull the thread and decide on the fabric.  
I have some gingham for the Springtime Messenger but, not the right color.  
I could change it up with some dye....may be worth the experiment.  

Have been working on Hawk Run.
I'm working on 36 count, over two with one thread.  
I am wondering if I should have used two but, have no intention of pulling it all our or going over it again.  
I think it should be fine, gives it a little softer look.  
Trying hard to remain a-political but, I am going to comment.....
Are they all nuts?!
Time to stop the shenanigans in all areas!!

Hope you had a good weekend and found time to stitch.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Busy Weekend

Pretty much was a home body all weekend.  
The weather and roads were bad since Friday.  
My daughter has a Gluten allergy but, after doing some research, some people aren't really gluten allergic but it is the way that wheat has been hybidized.
I decided to try some heirloom/ancient wheat flour.
I ordered Emmer and Eikorn flour from Bluebird Grain Farms.  
I got some that is more geared to cookies, muffins etc and one that loans itself to bread.  
I used a whole wheat recipe because I really didn't want to use conventional all purpose flour. 
I did use some GF flour to knead the bread.  
Here is what it looked like before raising.  
Future note to self, let the Kitchen-aid do more work.  

 I think it would have taken an act of god to get it to raise more. 
They kind of look like paving bricks but, they actually tasted pretty good.  
Katy has been eating small bites to see if she adversely reacts.  
So far, so good.  
 I finished my first square on Autumn at Hawk Run.
 Decided to do some more of the outlining as I go because it is soooo boring.  
If I do a little at a time, it isn't as bad.  

That about sums it up.  
Tuning into the Academy Awards.  
I am really rooting for La La Land. 
I am a movie girl and for that reason I loved La La Land!
Finally watched all of The Bold and the Beautiful with Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner today too, great to stitch by.  
Love, Love, Love old Movies!

Hope you have had a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching!