Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Need To Be An Octopus

I decided I need to be an octopus.
I could probably get all kinds of projects done if I had four sets of hands.
I went to the Stitching Bee this weekend and got part 1 and 2 of the Summer Schoolhouse Lessons in Abecerdarian and some fabric for it.  
She hadn't gotten the Mushroom Laguana in yet so I picked out another neutral color in 28 count and am just going to go for it.  
This was on the stack of patterns that had just come in.
The designer is Brenda Keyes, The Sampler Company you can click on that as a link.
I was not familar with her and fell in love with this pattern:  The Plymouth Sampler.  
Kendra always fall in love with patterns....I do.  
Picked another Loose Feathers Series pattern from Blackbird design.  
I would like to do these and then display them together.  
Not enough time, lol
I got my NASA approved eclipse viewers Friday, just in time but.....
It is suppose to rain tomorrow so I think that was money down the tubes.
There is another total eclipse for 2024 just don't know where so hand on to those viewers!

I'm thinking I like the nasal pillow mask rather than the nasal mask.  
I don't feel like I'm getting enough air and its uncomfortable.  
I will take that one back. 

I had a great weekend!
Hope you did too!!
Keep Stitching

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I am zipping through the Prairie Schooler Autumn Sampler.  
No one does suns and moons like Prairie Schooler!
I'm a good third of the way done and liking the Mocha linen alot!
I probably will never use lambswool again....well maybe will use what I have left.  
I just not fighting with the fabric on this as I did with the last one I did.  

I saw a post on facebook with this pattern link.  
Its a late summer early fall small with sunflowers and crows. 
Very cute and you can pick your own fibers.  
Here is the link: Freebie at Primitive Betty's.

Typically, I try to not be too controversial on my blog and keep it light.  
My heart is saddened by the events lately.  
My sympathy to the Heyer family and today the victims of Barcelona. 

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana 

Peace and Healing 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Start of Autumn Samplers From Prairie Schooler

I started the first of the Prairie Schooler Autumn Samplers that I have had for sometime....not a reprint.  
Over thinking....maybe I should have done it in overdyes rather than the DMC as designed. 
Too far into it, not going to change it now.  
It will turn out spectacular.  
I plan on doing the falling leaves one and maybe the Thanksgiving.  
I have frames for these and the others because they are the same size.  
I'm doing them in 32 count Mocha and not Lambswool.  
I couldn't get Lambswool and I'm not so sure I really like it.  
I have gone through many yards of it over the years and now I just feel it is too stiff and scratchy.  
The Mocha is just so much easier to work with.  

Started with a C-Pap machine and after three nights, I think I'm sleeping better.  
I have started with whats called nasal pillows but, I think I may try the nasal mask, not a full mask. 
I'm not a mouth breather so I don't have an issue keeping my mouth closed but, the nasal pillows I'm having to readjust every time I move.  

Rented videos this weekend. 
We watched The Circle last night with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks....average, should be a budget rental.  
Tonight we are watching The Arrival....I think this is going to be much better.  
I love Amy Adams and Aliens.  

Hope you have had a great weekend.  
I had a very good one...the weather was beautiful here.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Square Three Completed

I finished square three of Autumn in Hawk Run Hollow.  
I am a little disappointed in this one.  The colors are just way too similar
I'm not going to re-do anything but, if I run in to this more, I will change out colors for more contrast.  I may re-do a pumpkin because there just isn't enough contrast.  
The horses are cool.  
Been working on Christmas present.
Needless to say, can't show it now.  
I am going to put Hawk Run away and do another square later.
All the boys on one lone recliner or Bob covered in dogs. 
Henry sleeping with his favorite toy, Gary the Green Bear.
He got this for Christmas. 
He has ripped of the ears and I have had to do some cosmetic surgery on Gary's face,
It is a Kong toy I think and has a nylon strap skeleton so it is much harder to tear it apart.  
Henry generally kills the toys but, so far, this one is close to indestructible.  
I will look for another one this year.  
He really thinks it is his toy.  Buster only gets to play with it very briefly.  

For the most part we had a gorgeous weekend.  It was a little cooler than it has been
I'm not complaining.  I am not a fan of heat.  

Hope you had a great weekend!
Keep on Stitching. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Waiting For Grandchester To Come On

Waiting for Masterpiece Theater and Grandchester to come on, so I thought I would post.  
In between projects, a good time to work on Autumn in Hawk Run. 
I'm on square three.  
Made a mistake on the grass color but, decided not to rip it out since I actually think it is more of a fall grass color than the light greens the pattern shows.
I will just work with it since I really wasn't inclined to rip it all out.  
The nice thing about this project is it lots of smaller projects.  
I feel like it is going faster that way.  
I am starting to work on Christmas presents, can't show them.  
I do think I will be starting on some fall projects.  
Maybe a PS Autumn Sampler or two or three and frame them by the front door. 
That area needs a larger piece or grouping.  
Right now, I still have Stacy Nash Christmas at Winterberry Farm....I think that's the name.

So what is the fascination with Australian accents.
Have on some Alaska Show on PBS right now and the commentator sounds Australian.
Then there is the Trivago commercials and that woman sounds like she can't make up her mind if she is Australian or British.  
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Australian and British accents but, I'm wondering if these people are for real or just pretending....heavy sigh.  

Okey dokey, that sums it up.  
Hope you have had an amazing weekend, got lots of stitching done!
Have an amazing week.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Finally, His Eye is on the Sparrow  is back from the framers!
Happy dance!!
It did turn out well and frame up close is perfect.  
The wood looks old.  
I couldn't get a good picture of that.  

Up close and personal

It was a nail biter
She did a good job it just took a ridiculously long time.  
She did deducted $50 for the time it took.

I am working on Autumn at Hawk Run which when done I will have framed because that is a large piece but, I will consult with my LNS and see who she recommends. 

I think I will sleep soundly tonight!
Have a great weekend!
Keep on Stitching 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Crime Scene

I couldn't get one big picture of the crime scene so its in parts.  
We have had issues with deer jumping the fence and nibbling on my petunias, Katy's tomato and pepper plants.
I mixed up the sauce to spray on them but the garlic plugged up my spray bottle and broke it.  
So Bob came up with the crime scene tape and stakes.
It is working well keeping the varmints away.  
My petunias and impatiens are doing very well.  
The grass if very green because we have had a lot of heavy and consistent rain.
We haven't had to turn on the sprinkle system in the front yard.
Hooray, that saves me several hundred dollars this summer.  

I finished my Prairie Schooler Summer Sampler
I have frames that it will fit in.  
I got three matching at Michaels and have several of these Sampler projects that I can interchange them.  
If I haven't heard from that framer by tomorrow, I stopping in again on Thursday and plan on collecting it all up and taking it to a different framer.
I have been more that patient.

Bob and I saw Dunkirk this past weekend.  
I was excellent!
I really recommend it.

That about wraps it up.
I wanted to finish the sampler so I could post.

Hope you are having a stellar week!

Keep on Stitching