Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Boys

The boys were so cute looking out the front window Friday morning I had to take a picture.  
Bob was out of town at a convention and I like to think they were watching for him.  
 This afternoon, Buster was on the back of the couch on my lap quilt.  
Bob was lying on the couch but, he wanted my quilt.  
He is so much my dog.  
Been working on hot pads for my mom to quilt.  
I had a table runner that she has been working on but, she has been complaining how hard it is too quilt.  I think what she means is that it is too big or she doesn't want to do it. 
She denied not wanting to do them but, said she liked the size of hot pads.  
I don't want to get too crazy making hot pads in case she really does mean she doesn't want to quilt anymore.    
 Front and the backs.  
The binding is the same as the center piece.  
A lot of this fabric I got last year at a quilt store sale.
I think I got 15 fat quarters for $10, can't go wrong.  
Some of the fabric is from whats left of her stash.  
 It doesn't look great but, I have a card table in my craft room which has really come in handy. 
I can cut fabric and not have to put everything away everyday.  

Finally, the Valentine freebie from  Threadwork Primitives.  
You do have to be a member of Prim Stitchers Society on FB and you can find it in the files.  
Oh my gosh, it took no time to stitch.  
While sewing the hot pads I burned the finish off on this.  
We may be on the tail end of the snow dump coming the next few days.  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great week
And, Keep on Stitching.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016


It is always a challenge to take pictures for the blog.
I don't have a great camera. I honestly get better pictures from my IPhone
I'm doing His Eye is on the Sparrow on 28 count like the pattern called.  
It is huge piece of fabric and let me tell you it sucks up the floss.
I got more Weeks Oscar used in the border this weekend.  
So trying to get a good photo is a challenge.  
I had a brilliant idea, at least I thought it was brilliant.
Use magnets and stick it to the refrigerator.  
 Close up with natural light
 Close up with the flash...well sort of a close up.  
To get really close you have to take pictures in sections.  
It has been a crappy week but, I won't get into that.
I texted my bestest buddy Arttie and asked if she could do a girls day out on Saturday.
Lucky for me her husband was on call at work so he had to stick close to home.
Road trip to the Stitching Bee.
I really needed some stash enhancement but, mostly needed to have some fun.
These pictures didn't turn out so hot either
Shepherds Bush Reach its a kit and Chessie and Me Queen Bee Stitch Book.

The kit is a ruler pouch:  fabric, thread, ruler and dodads.  
With Thy Needle and Thread Merry Noel and
Plum Street Samplers Jack's Bash 

Like I really need more stash....absolutely. 
I think part of it is acquisition.  
I really wanted to go to the Stitching Bee to see all the Prairie Schoolers that folks brought in.  
If you don't remember, I love Prairie Schooler and am devasted she is retiring.  
There were a few I don't have and may have to see about getting them before it is too late.  
I thought that I should do the annual Santas and at Christmas display them over my patio door.  
That may require having a shelf over the blinds.  

Watching the news and the storm results.
We live where it snows but, it has been a very long time since we had a snow like that.
I would love a heavy snow, we generally don't get the ice which is the worst.  
We get a storm of 6-10" and still can make it too work.  
Would dearly love a snow day...drink coffee, bake cookies and stitch.
Ahhh, Nirvana.

I do hope my friend in the storm zone are doing well, are safe and with heat and light.
Have great week.
Keep on Stitching

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas Is Finally Done

I finished my last Christmas piece for this season.  
Jingle All The Way from Notforgotten Farm.
I just love this little stitch.  
Now to frame it.  
I have a pile of things to frame but, that isn't the most fun part.  
I finally got some finishes done.  
This was a stitch a long on Prim Stitches but, didn't finish it time.
It was a freebie pattern from With Thy Needle and Thread
 I have some gold chenille to stitch around the edge but, decided that I liked it just the way it is .  
Didn't exactly get the felt a completely round circle.
Oh well.  
I'm back working on Heartstring Samplery His Eye is on the Sparrow.  

One day, last week, as I was walking out of work all these birds were in the tree, fluffed up staying warm.  The following day, they were in one of the crab apple trees eating the fruit.  
There were Cedar Waxwing and just so interesting.  
Hope everyone on the east coast is safe this weekend as the next snowstorm really pounds down. 
The place to be this weekend will probably be here.  
No snow, and in the upper 20's to low 30's.  
It even looks like the weather in Florida will be bad.  

Have a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Little Bit of Christmas Left

Decided I really hadn't had enough Christmas.
The tree and all the decorations are down.
I still flip the switch for the outdoor lights. 

I had been at the Stitching Bee when The Bee Company kits had come.
Bob was with me.
I was only going to buy one but, he said I should buy all three.
So, I did.  
They turned out so cute.
I finished them off today.  
I also have been working on Jingle All The Way by Notforgotten Farm.  
I really should be working on January by Prairie Schooler.  
I'm missing that one, October and December.  
I'll get to it.  
I think once I finish Jingle, I will return to His Eye is on the Sparrow.  
It is frigid here today and will be the whole week.
Winter has finally set in.  
The ski hill is open and met the guys last night for dinner.  
Not all the runs are open since snow has been sparse and charging full price. 
Night-time lift tickets are $10 that is more acceptable.  
My snow bunnies. 
Things are just settling down.
Hope you had a great weekend.

Have a wonderful week.
Keep on stitching.