Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mystery Sampler, Kumihimo and the Bear

Welcome new members!  And thank you every one for the wonderful comments.

From the other posts I've read today, it looks like just about everyone is doing laundry today.  So am I while I blog.  It's going to be lots of topics.  We have had lots of company in and out all weekend too.

Been a busy weekend catching up on things around the house like cleaning and ironing.   Yesterday, I tried  a new recipe for Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins for my daughter.  They turned out decent.  The secret is Xanthun Gum which helps things stick together, taking the place of gluten.  I got the recipe off the King Arthur flour website.  I used some of their gluten free flour.  She was happy with them, "Do you know how long its been since I had muffins."  I also got some bread flour that I may try this week.

I have been really enjoying the Mystery Sampler and it is turning out cute.  (The picture is a little shakey, sorry about that.) When you have the little motifs, it goes pretty fast. I can't wait for the second part to come.

 Then, I finished the Kumihimo bracelet.  I think that turned out really great!  The colors look even better in real life.  I used copper hardware and added a faceted garnet bead.  I am really happy with how that turned out.  It really goes fast.  I took longer for the glue to dry than it did to make the bracelet.
 Just another view.
If you are a animal rights activist, don't go any further!

Now, if you have been looking at my blog, you will have seen the recipe for bear bolognese sauce.
Since you don't get a bear tag easily or shoot a bear for that matter, you also need a trophy.  Bob had a rug made out of it.  It just came back from the taxidermist.  It turned out great.
 It really is beautiful.
 I even agreed to let him hang it on a wall.

Thanks for stopping.  Have a great week.  Keep on stitching.


  1. Wow, your bracelets are so pretty, and the hardware really finishes them beautifully. I am working on the Very Scary Mystery Sampler are making excellent progress :) Isn't it a fun stitch? It is hard for me to put it down because I like it so much *lol*


  2. Oh my goodness. For sure the Bear on the wall - it is beautiful. New to your blog - Will have to go back and read all about the bear. I had bear once, years back, my girlfriends brother got one. Love it.

  3. Love the LK piece and your bracelet is so pretty!
    No one in my family has ever been able to get a bear ~ we see them all the time thought t my parents house! The rug turned out beautiful!