Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Would Someone Work on Something for Two Years? and an update

Welcome new members!  Glad you have joined me in my ramblings.
Stitching Group was at my house last night.  We recapped our road trip and were talking about the Stitching Bee. Shop owner, Kendra was working on Carriage House Samplings Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow. She made the comment she has been working on it for two years and only has the last two squares to finish. ( It is gorgeous and someday I may decide to do one Hawk Run Hollow pieces myself. )  One of the group members, was amazed that someone would work on something that long.  "Why would anyone want to work on something that big?"  She was amazed how much the silks for such a piece costs.  Obviously, she is not an obsessive cross stitcher.  We have threatened (not seriously) because for a long time she didn't have a project to work on.  Only within the last six months, she started knitting wash cloths.  I did explain that she hasn't been working on that project steady for two years and usually stitchers will intersperse smaller projects.

So what makes us so obsessive?  I have been this way since I was a kid.  I started by appropriating my mom's sewing thread.  I was introduced to floss when I thirteen/fourteen years old.  I have had of love affair with thread since then.  Its the thrill of finding a new pattern, buying thread "just because its pretty"  and then touching it.  It isn't that different than a first grader getting a new box of crayons.  It is a passion with me.  What I don't understand isn't spending $300+ dollars on silk floss for one of those projects but, not having something you are passionate about.  When life stinks, your job sucks, you can think about that next project you are going to kit up or how that small will be finished off or the next envelop that is coming with the overdyes you need for a project.

Okay, whew!!  Here is the latest update.  I have been finishing up some secret things so I haven't been working on Strawberry Hill.  I did get the L*K Mystery Sampler and started that last night. 

  It is a lot of fun and the floss colors are beautiful.  There is an extra project in each pattern that I will probably do as a small.  

I also like to do a little beading.  I recently learned how to do Kumihimo beading.  I have been working on that too this week.  I need to back up some beads since my daughter Katy says it may too long to put a toggle clasp on.  It should only take a couple minutes to do it.  I will post a pic once I have it off the form and the hardware on it.  This picture is a little shakey because the bobbins were still moving.  
 I love the colors of these beads:  blue, black, copper, silver and purple.  I'm going to use copper hardware to finish it off.
   Thanks, as always for the comments.  I love hearing from everyone.  Keep on stitching.  I know I will since I am obsessive and glad of it!



  1. Yes! Thank you! For my entire life I could never understand why some people never even make an effort to find something (constructive and positive) that they are passionate about. I do hear a lot of people that are passionate about complaining... BUUUUUT, I think they could find something better to do with their time? Get themselves out of the doom and gloom mission? lol! I've found so many wonderful needlearts to "get lost" in... and projects enough to keep me going until I'm 103! lol! The beading you are making is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more on the mystery sampler! So tempting to sign on for that.... ;-)

  2. Love your post - love the box of crayons comparison - I can't imagine not working on something crafty. Especially when stuff is falling apart on the outside, when I am in my crafty world, all is well. Thanks for this post...